Episode: S01E04
Date: 06/02/2014

The video begins and we see The Chapel Show logo on the screen. After a few seconds it fades out and we see Nate Chapel standing in the lounge of the apartment shared by the Chapel couple in Las Vegas, Nevada. Behind him we see a window that’s wide open and Nate seems excited as he holds in his hand a small bouncy ball. The dog that Nate bought for Lexy for Christmas, who’s been officially named Captain Woofers by the couple now, also seems excited, standing by Nate wagging his tail excitedly, although that’s possibly more to do with the fact that Nate is holding a ball than the fact that the dog is just genuinely as excited by the same thing as the male star of our show. After a couple of seconds the camera spins around and we see Lexy is the one holding it and recording the scene.

“What’s up fuckers?” she asks with a level of exuberance and confidence that exceeds even her normal video openings. “I’m Lexy Chapel, and Kleenex should offer me some kind of sponsorship deal, because I’ve heard a lot of their product gets used during these videos,” she explains, before smirking wildly at the camera. “Ok, down to business. I’m here with the wonderful Mr Nathan Chapel. Say hi Nate.”

She spins the camNathan Chapelera around and Nate grins, with Captain Woofers still running excitedly around in the background. “Hi Nate...”

She turns the camera back on herself, pointing down to reveal she’s still dressed in her blouse and apron from her latest shift as a waitress. “And as you can see, I’ve just got back from work but it sounds like Nate had an amazing day, you know, while I was busting my ass. He’s got some big news, apparently. So, Mr Chapel, the floor is yours,” she says as she turns the camera back around to film Nate again. He tosses the ball from one hand to another, looking excited as he’s doing it, and Captain Woofers jumps up and down, getting even more excited. “Let me guess, you’ve found new ways to torture the dog?”

“Oh, tons of ways,” he says with a laugh before shaking his head. “Although here at the Chapel Show we don’t in any way condone cruelty to animals, and remember a dog is for life, not just for Christmas! And, err... get your pets spayed and neutered? Right, that’s enough for pet-related public service announcements. The good news is kind of related to him actually. I got really fucking bored today and I was playing with my balls—”

“Nothing new there,” Lexy sniggers behind the camera.

“–and the dog was driving me crazy,” Nate continues, no-selling her interruption, “so I decided I’d get some space from the damn thing and I went up to the roof. Seriously, it’s like he’s crazy for balls!”

Lexy just turns the camera back around on herself before grinning and shaking her head. “Nah, I’ll leave that one,” she says before turning it back on her husband again. “Sorry, you were saying?”

“He’s crazy for balls, but you know you’re crazy for meat,” Nate tells her, pointing at his groin and nodding happily.

“I’ve never denied it, I’m a big fan of sausage,” Lexy confirms almost proudly. “I just don’t approve when you spend all day playing with your balls...”

“Anyway,” Nate continues, trying to put the interruption behind him, “I went up to the roof and I was bouncing this sucker around and just thinking. You know, I’ve started to think of different ideas for Catman’s origin. I started thinking about the possibility that he could get bitten by a radioactive cat. You know, because with great purr comes great responsibility.” We can hear the sound of Lexy face-palming behind the camera but that doesn’t stop her husband from continuing with his story. “And anyway, I bounced this one extra high and when it came back down I guess it bounced off an uneven tile or something, and the next thing I know it’s bounced clear off the roof. I know what you’re thinking though hon! You’re wondering, if the ball bounced off the roof, how is it that I still have it? Well, that’s where the story gets incredible! You see I looked over the roof just in time to see the ball bounce off the floor and straight up and THROUGH OUR WINDOW! I know! I was amazed as well...”

“Wow hon, that’s... um...” Lexy says, trying to think of the right words to support her clearly incredibly bored husband while not accusing him of being a complete idiot. “That’s really something.”

“I know,” Nate says excitedly. “So, now you’re back, I was thinking that we could do it again and we could film it this time. I swear that kind of amazing trick shot is what’s going to get me famous all throughout the ball bouncing community.”

“There’s a ball bouncing community?!” Lexy asks in disbelief. “Goddamn, the Internet really does have everything...”

“Oh yeah, it’s a difficult community to really get accepted in as well,” Nate explains with a look of complete seriousness. “There are a lot of amateurs out there who think they can pull of amazing stunts, you know? But there’s a real art to it. It’s something I’ve always appreciated, but today I just saw my way in babe. So, here’s what I’m thinking. You come up to the roof with me and I’ll bounce the ball and you can leave a camera set up down here and then take one up to the roof, and we can mix the videos together to show it coming off the roof and back in through the window. What do you say?”

“I say...” Lexy begins before letting out a sigh, “...that I wish I had something better to suggest. If this doesn’t go well though it’s not going to be something you obsess over again, is it? I mean you had that thing with the M&M that you flicked off the ceiling and in to your mouth and you spent two weeks trying to do it again. You hit me in the face with like nine of those things!”

“I promise babe, I won’t obsess over this,” he says with a very convincing nod. “And besides, I won’t need to. I mean this is the kind of sweet trick shot that nothing can possibly go wrong with!”

The video cuts from the apartment up to the roof. Nate is looking pissed off, and exhausted as though he’s been doing a lot of running. The impression we get from the video, and from the bored tone in Lexy’s voice, is that this is far from the first attempt they’ve had at this and Lexy is bored while Nate has gone up and down the stairs way too many times. “Seriously, this has to be the last time,” Lexy says with a long sigh. “I’m hungry, and I completely believe you did it before babe but you said yourself that it was an accident. Maybe it was just a fluke.”

“I’ve got skills,” Nate tells her defensively. “The world is going to see my skills babe! I will NOT be upstaged again!”

“Is this because I keep getting the pins?” she asks nervously. “Because we talked about that hon. and you said you were ok with it! I was worried that it would affect your masculinity or something and you said that it wouldn’t. I mean, we’re a team! We win as a team, right? It totally doesn’t matter which one of us actually gets the pin!”

“No,” Nate says before shaking his head adamantly. “No! This has nothing to do with that babe, I swear! I’m totally fine about it. In fact if anything I’m proud of you. I was the first one on Twitter praising you, remember? In fact if anything this isn’t about wrestling, this is about... well, you know our contracts don’t exactly pay a huge amount, and you’ve got to work this stupid job as a waitress and I... if this works out, I’m just saying that we won’t have financial problems anymore, that’s all.”

“Aw baby, do you think that I’ve got a problem with our situation?” Lexy says supportively. “I’ve not got any problem with it! I knew it was going to be tough babes, we both did. I mean we came out here with NO money, and you’re right our contracts aren’t great NOW but they will be! We’re going to get established, and EXPRO are going to giving us all kinds of benefits and payoffs. I mean when we win championships we’ll be LAUGHING about these days!”

“Yeah, we will,” Nate says with a determined nod, “but maybe I don’t want to wait for that. Maybe I don’t want to have to sit around twiddling my thumbs doing nothing while we wait for our chance. Maybe I want to find some way – ANY way – to MAKE an opportunity for us. And... Look, I know it was probably a fluke before but I KNOW I can do this hon! Ok, so I’ve got a better idea. Last time I was so close to it going in the window, I mean if I’d been IN the apartment I could have just reached out and grabbed it. So, here’s what we’re going to do. I’ve put a marker on the ground down there of where the ball needs it hit, right? So you throw it and film it, and I’ll go downstairs and when it bounces past the window I’ll reach out and grab it and BOOM, trick shot!”

“O... k...” Lexy says hesitantly. “And then we can get food?”

“Then we can get food,” Nate says excitedly. “Ok, so, stand right over here and I’ll call up from the apartment when I’m ready.”

Nate hands Lexy the ball and rushes to the door. Lexy films him leaving before sitting down on the edge of the roof and turning the camera back around, filming herself again. “Ok, so I know what you’re probably thinking, and he is right, you know? When we said we were going to come here and break in to the wrestling business we didn’t really think it would work out like this, you know?” she asks before letting out another sigh. “I mean, I’m so grateful to EXODUS Pro for giving us our break, but we’re really not making much money, and we’re having trouble getting other bookings right now I guess because we’ve not really featured much and this month... Well, going to Japan was AMAZING! It was so great going out there and wrestling that match, but it was a pre-show match and it meant we didn’t get any kind of bonus for working the pay per view or anything, and we really could have done with the money. I’ve had to pick up a few extra shifts at the restaurant, and we were talking on the flight back about other ways we could make money and... It’s tough. It’s really tough. And I guess with all of Nate’s goofing off I didn’t really think this was affecting him as much as it’s affecting me. I guess sometimes I just think—”

She gets cut off from her thought by Nate shouting her name. “Lexy? Babe? I’m ready!”

“To be continued,” she tells the camera before standing up and turning the camera back around to film the edge of the roof. We see Nate half-hanging out of the window, giving the thumbs up to say he’s ready. “Oh shit baby, are you ok hanging like that? Be careful, ok?”

“I’m fine babe,” he says happily. “Just throw the ball!”

We hear Lexy take a deep breath before dropping the ball down. We watch the ball falling, hitting its target and bouncing back up again. It bounces up right in front of their apartment window and we cut to the camera view from inside the apartment where we see Nate is positioned, hanging out the window with one hand holding on to the window frame and the other reaching out, ready to catch the ball. The shot flicks back to the one from the roof again as we see Nate reach out and grab the ball, and both the Chapels let out a cry of ‘yes’ in delight that it finally worked! We flick back to the shot from inside the apartment where Nate is hanging out the window still with the ball in his hand and he fist-pumps in delight. “Hell yeah, you see that baby? We did it,” he says, hanging out the window a little further to blow a kiss up toward the roof. “We did it baby!”

We then see the dog excitedly leaping on top of Nate, trying to get the ball out of his hand. He tries to hold on but the nudging from the dog topples him forward and he lets out a scream. We switch to the view from the roof from Lexy’s handheld camera just as from the apartment camera we see Nate falling out of the window, and in the handheld camera we see Nate tumbling out of the window and beginning to fall. “OH SHIT,” Lexy screams and the view suddenly goes dark.

The Chapel Show

The scene switches and begins again and we see a tired looking Lexy sitting in what looks like a hospital waiting room. She looks like she’s not slept in a considerable amount of time, but it’s hard to tell what time of day it is given that there is only artificial light in the waiting room area that Lexy seems to be in. “Ok guys, I’ve got an update for you,” she tells the camera before taking a deep breath. “Nate’s out of surgery. The doctors say he’s gotten through the hard part, so that’s a major relief. Um... I don’t really know where the video kept recording to, I didn’t get a chance to look yet, but basically what happened is that he lost his balance and he fell out the window. I mean thank god he landed in the dumpster because if he’d hit the concrete then I don’t think I’d be giving good news about his surgery right now. But he landed hard, he’s got all kinds of injuries and the doctors aren’t that sure on how well his back is going to hold up. When the paramedics got to him, before he passed out, they were doing tests and he said he couldn’t really feel his legs, so... I’m just holding out hope, you know?”

“It’ll be ok sweetheart,” an American voice says, putting a hand on Lexy’s shoulder supportively. We don’t see anything more of the person however before they walk off again.

“That’s my friend Chantal,” Lexy explains softly. “We work together at the diner. Now probably isn’t the best time to introduce her to you guys, maybe another time, right? Right now I’m just so thankful that Nate is going to be ok. I was so scared earlier. I don’t think I’ve ever been that scared. I mean this was NOT supposed to happen. Things like this just don’t happen to real people, you know? They happen on TV; on TV shows and to people you read about in magazines when they’ve made their triumphant return and learned to walk again or conquered Mount Everest in a wheelchair or something. They just don’t happen to real people! And the truth is guys I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about it. I mean, I couldn’t even take care of my pet hamster when I was younger. Looking after the dog is about as responsible as I can get, and I’m not exactly dog owner of the year with that either! I don’t even know how I WILL take care of Nate if he’s injured for a long time. I mean, I’m not sure I’m even capable of... and then there’s the money? I mean ok, Nate wasn’t earning a huge amount but we won’t even have that, and we’re going to have doctors bills and... Oh god, today has just been a bad day. I’m gonna talk to you guys tomorrow. I’m not sure I can handle doing this today, sorry guys.”

The Chapel Show

The scene changes from the waiting room, abruptly ending in that location, to a far better lit room where we see Nate Chapel dressed in a hospital gown but sitting up in his hospital bed. “Guess who’s up,” Lexy says happily, filming Nate as he gives a thumbs up to the camera. “That’s right, apparently even a five-storey fall isn’t enough to make me a widow... just give me a broken shell of a husband instead.”

She says it with a humorous tone in her voice, and Nate clearly takes it that way as he laughs about it. “See babe, I told you that you wouldn’t get rid of me that easily,” Nate tells her with a grin. “I mean it was a genius tactic to get the DOG to push me out of the window. That was so cunning, no jury would ever convict Captain Woofers, he’s just SO DAMN CUTE! But yeah, if you watched the earlier part of this video – since I’m pretty sure Lexy’s spent so much time at the hospital the last few days that she won’t have posted anything yet – and you thought that she was back on the market because her husband just died then back of suckers, this bitch is still MINE!”

Lexy can be heard laughing behind the camera. “Well that may be true baby, but you better get better quickly because you know I omitted the bit in my vows about ‘in sickness and in health’, so if you don’t get back to the sweet loving soon I may have to look elsewhere,” she says playfully, causing Nate to pretend to be worried. “You know I’ve got needs...”

He glares at his legs, faking anger and frustration. “Damn you legs, why don’t you work? You’re letting the team down here, we’re going to lose her,” he says before lifting up the sheets and then putting them down again and wiping his forehead, faking relief. “Phew, well the old leg may not be doing much but I’ve got some good news. The soldier is still reporting for duty, and he’s practically standing tall with you in that skirt!”

“Ooh, I’ve never had sex with a cripple before,” Lexy jokes playfully.

“Oh you’ll love it,” Nate says with a proud nod. “Seriously, I spoke to the doctor and while he denies it, I’m pretty sure the way it works is because my legs aren’t working right now my cock now has SUPER POWERS!”

“It was pretty powerful before,” Lexy says playfully.

“Oh, I know babe, I was the one listening to you screaming,” he tells her with a huge grin, “but just imagine what it’ll be like now? We’re talking loving so good it’ll probably be classified as illegal in 47 States! And I know what you’re thinking babe, I know. A guy like me with a super powered cock? Just imagine the trouble I could get in. But don’t worry, because I know that with great cock power comes great cocksponsibility, and I hereby vow to only ever use my powers for pleasure! Mostly yours... sometimes maybe mine, on those long days when you’re not home... but I think about you, honest!”

She just laughs and puts the camera down beside the bed. It continues filming as she kisses him happily before grabbing a seat and sitting down next to him. “You know, I really thought falling out of a window would ruin your confidence,” she says with a smile. “I should have known that even gravity couldn’t best the undeniable sexual appetite of Nathan Chapel. And more seriously, I’m so glad you’re ok baby. I was freaking the fuck out last night.”

“I know, and I’m sorry,” Nate tells her with a reassuring smile. “But I’ve got some more news for you. Before you got here I was talking with one of the doctors and they want me to spend another night or two here, but then I get to come home. I need to get used to the wheelchair first, but once I’m up on my, err, wheels then I promise you’ll never know the difference! I’m going to do everything around the apartment, and I’ll get it done twice as quickly because... you know... I’ll be able to roll about like a boss.”

“You know the lift’s broken again, right?” Lexy asks before looking over at the camera. “Elevator. Whatever, you take our language and then change bits of it? Seriously, you people suck, I don’t know why I try to Americanize my language for your benefit...”

“It is?” Nate asks with his confidence draining slowly away. “Ok, that... err... puts a dampener on a few things. I’m sure they’ll have it fixed in a couple of days though. I’ll call the super, explain the situation. There has to be some kind of rule about them not letting the elevator break down while their star resident is in a wheelchair, right? Just think of the outcry they’ll get online. Our fan will be so angry!”

“Hey, that’s ‘fans’ now,” Lexy corrects with a laugh. “I think we actually had two different people watch the last video.”

“Aw shit, for real? That’s what I’m talking about,” he says jokingly, waving at the camera. “Hi you two! Thanks for watching!”

Lexy laughs playfully before taking his hand and squeezing it as he looks at her supportively. “We’re gonna be ok,” she tells him with a reassuring nod. “I mean the guys at the diner were completely supportive of everything. Chantal said it ‘sounds so like you’ to fall out of a window, so she knows you pretty well. And we’re gonna figure this all out. I mean, if the elevator becomes a problem then maybe we can look for somewhere else, on a ground floor maybe? You know I’m not crazy about our current apartment so I wouldn’t object to moving, and I mean it’ll probably cost more but we can make it work.”

“I could just ask my dad for some money,” Nate suggests, before shrugging defensively at Lexy’s less than enthusiastic response. “What? C’mon, I’m going to have to tell him about this. I can’t just let him find out about it on freaking YouTube! No offence to YouTube, but I’m pretty sure my dad isn’t one of our two viewers, and if he finds out from someone else... well, I guess he can’t really disown me any more than the current amount he’s disowned me. So maybe I won’t tell him... but then we could use the money.”

“We don’t need money that badly,” Lexy says with a shake of her head. “There is absolutely no way that we’re running to your parents or my parents for support. That’s practically like giving up, and remember what we said when we moved out here? We said that we were never going to give up, that we were going to succeed at this on our own no matter what else happens, and I know I meant it, so I hope you did too.”

“Sure, but we also said that you’d sell your body on street corners and I’d start a career as a pimp,” Nate reminds her with a laugh. “It was just talk babe. We were being unrealistic and stupid about it all. Sometimes you just gotta take a step back and say ‘fuck it, we tried but now it’s time to ask for help’.”

“No, we’re not asking for help,” she says with a shake of her head. He goes to respond and she cuts him off with another shake of her head. “No, it’s not happening. I’m not running to my dad and asking for help, and if you ask yours then I... won’t accept it! They didn’t want to support us babe. They didn’t want to support us and they wanted nothing to do with us and... If that’s the way they want to behave then fuck them, we don’t need them! We’re going to get through this and we’re going to do it on our terms and on our own, and while I’d obviously prefer that the whole prostitute thing was a joke – especially considering I’m not sure how effective you’d make as a pimp in a wheelchair...”

“I could still wear the pimp hat, and I figure that’s the most important part,” Nate says with a nod. “Pimpin’ ain’t easy... but damn, do the pimp hats look good!”

“...I mean, I’d prefer it was a joke but there are other ways we can make money baby,” Lexy tells him with a nod. “We’ll be ok on our own.”

“I definitely don’t like the way you said that,” Nate says with a worried look. “What do you mean there are ‘other ways’? You know we were joking baby. It was one of the stupid things we say and don’t mean, like how I’m going to grow the world’s longest beard and make my own band.”

“Yeah, AA-Top so you’d appear first alphabetically, I remember,” Lexy says with a laugh.

“Yeah, and we all know that beards are the most important part of being in a band,” Nate says with a laugh. “Seriously, whatever you’re thinking about, don’t do it, ok? We’ll think of something. The Chapel Show will go on, no matter what! I mean I’d suggest we reach out to our fans in our time of need, but... I’m not really sure that the two quarters and a nickel they would send us would really help a great deal.”

Lexy laughs again and kisses him again before letting out a sigh. “Ok, fine. You say we’re going to be ok then we’re going to be ok.”

“We’re going to be better than ok,” Nate says with a reassuring nod. “I mean, have you looked in a mirror lately? You’re Lexy fucking Chapel! You’ve done what our fathers couldn’t do in their entire careers and come to America and wowed the Americans and actually won some matches. And we both know you were totally carrying the team anyway.”

“I was not,” Lexy says in outrage. “I mean, you were—”

“–the useless dude who kicked a guy in the dick the first week so you could get the pin, yeah I remember,” Nate says with a smile. “C’mon babes, you’re the talent. I’m just the hot one that all the ladies want to get naked with. And they can still want to get naked with me. Hell, they can get naked and then push me around; because I’ll be honest I’m a little worried that my arms are going to get tired...”

“What, from the wheelchair?” Lexy asks with a shake of her head. “Well then you’ll just have to stop masturbating so much and save your strength.”

“Hey now, you’re not the one who should be making masturbation jokes,” Nate reminds her, causing Lexy to grin a little at the memories from home. “But, I will admit, for the first time in our relationship I am a little relieved that your dad caught you playing with yourself, because it takes the pressure off me a little knowing that if the super powers theory doesn’t work out right away then you’ve always got plan B.”

“Aw, I love you too,” Lexy says sarcastically.

“Hey, if you really don’t want to do it yourself then you could always just position me in the wheelchair at the end of the bed and put the brakes on,” he suggestions, sticking out his tongue and wiggling it about a little until she hits him playfully. “You know my dad always said that my mouth was going to get me in trouble, but if you lay on the bed in the right position this way my mouth can totally get me out of it!”

Both of them just laugh before Lexy kisses him again. “I love you baby,” he tells him lovingly. “You do know that, right?”

“Of course I know it,” he says with a nod before smiling back at her. “What’s important is that you know that I love you way more!”

The Chapel Show

The scene changes again and we see Nate Chapel back in the Chapel’s apartment in Las Vegas dressed in a green cheerleaders outfit with a large L on the front. He’s sat in a wheelchair and he has a pom-pom in either hand. Behind the camera we can hear Lexy laughing as Nate throws one hand in the air and one out to the side.

“Give me an L,” he says loudly before looking at his own arms and then looking at Lexy curiously. “Hmm, should it be this way around? Am I spelling it so I can understand it or so someone who’s looking at me can understand it?”

“I can see there’s lots of deep thought going in to this,” Lexy says with a laugh. “So, while you figure out the finer points of cheerleading, I’m going to go in the other room and talk about the match. You gonna be ok while I’m gone?”

“What, like I can’t survive ten minutes without you?” he asks with a defiant laugh, and the moment she begins to walk away his tone changes to a little whimper. “Oh no, you’re really leaving? I’m scared...”

“You are SUCH a girl,” Lexy tells him with a laugh.

“Yeah, well YOU’RE such a girl,” he shoots back before laughing to himself. “Damn, I married a fine ass girl...”

“So did I,” Lexy tells him playfully before shutting the door. We see the inside of the Chapel bedroom for a moment before she puts the camera down and jumps on to the bed, looking in to it and taking a deep breath, letting it out as a long sigh. “Ok, so, it’s been a crazy few weeks. Everything that’s going on with Nate has definitely thrown me a bit and I’ll be completely honest, my head hasn’t exactly been super focused on wrestling the last couple of weeks. In fact if I’m being really honest it’s been kind of all over the place. I’ve got some good news though; we may have solved some of our money issues. I’ll tell you more about that in the next video though, I was going to include it in this one but then I got worried that we’d be throwing so much stuff at you and we needed to keep the pace up a little bit. WLexy Chapelell, Nate says we need to keep the pace up a bit. He’s, you know, the supposed ‘director’ of this whole thing, so I just had to bow to his vision for this episode. Plus, I think he mostly just wanted all the attention on himself. Then again if I fell out of a window I’d probably want some attention on me too!”

She laughs and rolls her eyes a little before looking back at the camera. “So, I’m not really in the place I wanted to be before I made my debut as a singles wrestler on EXPRO on FX. I always figured before I made my singles debut in the company that I’d be amazing prepared, that I’d have spent the weeks before training like crazy to get in the absolute best condition I could be in, but the last few weeks have been a complete whirlwind of crazy happenings and training has been more problematic during that time. I’ve got some done, I’m in pretty good shape, but you know it’s not the place I really want to be. See, there’s something you guys need to know about me. I don’t do things half way. You know, I don’t start doing something and then settle for being ‘ok’ at it. If I’m going to work at something and I’m going to put effort in to it then I’m going to commit to it completely, and just being ‘acceptable’ at something isn’t good enough for me. So I thought before I made my singles debut that I’d be completely up for this, I’d be completely focused and I’d be absolutely committed but I’m not about to use any of this as an excuse. This week I am making my singles debut, despite all the crazy, and while I may not be one hundred percent where I want to be I’m not going to let that stop me. I’m not going to go in to that ring and just put on an ‘acceptable’ performance. I’m not going to go out there and come back with a loss and a smile and say ‘well, I tried’ because as far as I’m concerned ‘trying’ in this situation isn’t good enough. I don’t want to go out there and ‘try’. I don’t want to go out there and be ‘acceptable’. I don’t want to go out there and have people say ‘well, she had a good match’, I want them go say ‘goddamn, she had an amazing match’. But that’s who I am. I’m competitive in everything I do, and in everything I’m passionate about I want to be the best at, and I’m incredibly passionate about this business.”

“I mean you guys know I was basically born in to this business,” she says with a smile. “You guys know who my dad was, you know who my mum is, you know who my brother’s are, you know how much this business is in my blood and therefore I hope you’ve got just some small idea about how much this kind of opportunity means to me. I wanted the Chapel Show to be the best possible tag team we could be, and I’m not going to go crazy or anything here but I feel like we were on the right path. I feel like we were making the right kinds of impressions. Going over to Japan was a fantastic opportunity and an amazing experience and we had an amazing time over there in Japan, but I’ll be honest with you, there was something bugging me the whole time I was over there. I mean I got to experience the atmosphere, I got to experience the excitement and the energy, and I mean you could feel the energy in the air before the show. It was like this tangible thing that you could really just reach out and touch, it was that intense over there. But there was a problem. See I... I don’t want to sound ungrateful because I’m really not. I’m tremendously grateful for the opportunity to go over there and compete on the pre-show and everything else, but I’m also just kind of upset by it. I mean I was so close to those guys, I was so close to the whole pay per view atmosphere and yet I wasn’t a PART of it. I could see it, I could feel it, I felt like I could reach out and actually TOUCH it, but being that close to it and yet NOT being part of it was worse than not even being any part of it at all. I’ve never been on pay per view, and the pre-show was a fantastic opportunity, I know it was, but yet I can’t help but wish I could have had more!”

“Does that make me selfish? Does that make me ungrateful?” she asks before sighing and shrugging her shoulders. “I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s made me hungry. See, I wanted the Chapel Show to be the best tag team that it could be, but the Chapel Show is unfortunately taking a little break from tag team competition. The good news in that regard however is that the show must go on, and the show WILL go on! If I can’t be one half of the greatest tag team, then I’ll just have to bust my ass and try to be the best singles competitor I can be. And who knows, maybe next time I won’t just be on the pre-show, close enough to feel it but not close enough to be a part of it. And maybe the time after that, or sooner, I’ll get an opportunity to really make an impact as a singles competitor. Maybe I’ll get the opportunity to fight for a championship, or contendership, or... something. Anything! All I’m looking for is that one opportunity to get it done and I’ll be all over it, but I know that my opponent this week Blake Jones is looking for exactly that as well. Blake wasn’t denied in Japan, he was not only a part of the big show but he was a HUGE part of the big show. He went out there in the middle of the ring and he fought and he won and he set the record straight from before. He got his revenge over a guy who’d denied him an opportunity previously, and now Blake is set to start chasing those opportunities again. Blake is set to start firing himself through the roster, to start putting his name out there in the big lights, and I’m excited for him. I’m excited for him because everything I’ve seen of Blake Jones makes me like the guy. I want to hear ‘Light Up The Sky’ playing loud, I want to see him hit the Equalizer on everyone who gets in his way, but this week I’m a little conflicted because I’m the one who’s in his way.”

“I’m in your way, aren’t I Blake? We both know it. This is your chance to follow up what happened in Japan, to follow up and make your statement and say to the world that yeah, the Philly Young Gun is here and he’s making statements and he’s putting his name in to title consideration, and I’m excited for that for you. I’m excited to watch it happen. You’re an incredible competitor. But see, if I’m in your way then that means this week you’re going to roll over me, and I can’t just let that happen. I mean, I’m not going to go on the official record as saying I think I can beat you Blake. I’m not that stupid. I mean, look at me, right? I’m a rookie. I’m an unknown. There’s a lot you’ve seen from me to be impressed with, but have you seen enough to think that I could beat a Blake Jones? No, you haven’t. What you’ve seen is enough to say that a guy like Blake is going to roll over me,” she says with a shrug of her shoulders, “but like I said before, I don’t like just being ‘adequate’. I could go out there this week and I could watch them say that yeah, you know what? EXPRO on FX #11, Lexy Chapel put on a good performance. I could listen to them tell me that I did well against a top competitor. That I fought a good fight against a true star! But I don’t want just a ‘good fight’. I don’t want to just have ‘done well’. I want to go out there this week and WIN! I want to be the one with my hand raised. I don’t want ‘Light Up The Sky’ to play, I want ‘Cynics and Critics’ to play. And when it comes to the rest of the week I don’t want to get people tweeting me telling me I did well, I want them tweeting me telling me that I amazed them, that I was breathtaking, that I stepped up and I shocked them and I stole the show and that maybe, just maybe, Lexy Chapel will be the one in line for the San Diego Bay Championship matches in the future!”

“Do I honestly believe in the core of my being that that can happen?” she asks before looking down at herself a little nervously and then looking up and shrugging. “I don’t know. I don’t know if I can really take it to you Blake. I don’t know if I can really beat you. I don’t know if I can live up to everything I want to be, I don’t know if I can actually put my name out there as a legitimate contender for any singles championships, but you know what? I’m damn sure going to try! I mean you’re an incredible competitor. You’re one of the top ranked guys in the company, one of the hottest prospects for the future of the company, and I’ll be honest it’s a little daunting knowing that YOU’RE my first ever singles opponent, but it’s also a challenge and I’ve never met a challenge in my life I didn’t step up to and try to knock out of the park. That’s what I’m intending to do this week Blake. I want to take the top prospect in EXODUS Pro and I want to knock this match out of the park, and I want this match to be the one that every single person out there is talking about. I want this match to be the one that Fiona Rouke is asked about when it’s over, because I want my name to be in contention for that championship when it’s over. Can I do it? Knowing you, and your record, with your abilities, maybe not! I’m ambitious but I’m not delusional after all. I know I have limits. I know I’m inexperienced on this kind of stage. But I’m not going to let you just roll over me Blake. I can’t make this easy. So this week, I’m going to give you a fight. Maybe not as much of a fight as other guys you’ve faced, maybe not the toughest fight of YOUR life but damn sure the toughest fight of MY life! I’m going to get in that ring and I’m going to leave everything there. It’s the only thing I can do so that when I wake up the next morning I can look myself in the mirror.”

“Opportunities don’t come along often. You know that better than most. You’ve struggled to find your opportunities Blake; I know this because I’ve watched it. If you had more you’d be in the position that Fiona is right now, or you’d be even higher up than that. You’d be one of the star attractions, and you wouldn’t be stuck with bedding in the rookie in her first singles match. And you had some very nice things to say to me on Twitter, and you have no idea how much I appreciated that. I appreciated you being nice, I appreciated you trying to be humble, but we both know that going in to this week you’re the one who’s supposed to win. You’re the star, and I’m the nobody! But coming out of this week, who knows. Maybe I’ll just be the girl who ‘did a good job’ before she got beat, or maybe I’ll be the one who beat Blake Jones, who set back HIS dreams for the future and set her own ON FIRE! And maybe I’ll get beaten and have to pick myself up and go in to the future with uncertainty, or maybe the next time we’re on pay per view I’ll be in the position you were before, competing against one of the best on the roster with an opportunity to really make my name on the big stage. That’s what I want Blake. That’s what I’m longing for. And like I said, I’m not expecting a miracle. I’m not going to promise a win or guarantee anything, but I’m going to go in to that ring and I’m going to show you that there’s more fight in me than you could ever have realised. I’m going to go out there and I’m going to give this everything I have, and I wish you all the best Blake... but the truth is, I wish myself a little more,” she says before smiling. “So, did you like what you saw? Don’t forget to subscribe and rate the video. I’ve been Lexy Chapel, and this has been the Chapel Show. Until next time fuckers!”

She smiles at the camera and the Chapel Show logo comes up on the screen as the video ends and the replay button appears.

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