Episode: S01E08
Date: 05/04/2014

The video begins and we see The Chapel Show logo on the screen. The logo slowly fades away and we see the inside of the Chapel apartment in Las Vegas, Nevada, only the apartment looks different. The furniture remains the same but the walls, which have previously looked faded and old, have been painted and now appear much brighter. Other than that the apartment doesn’t look much different, but on the couch directly in front of the camera is something more valuable than everything else in the apartment combined, namely the EXODUS Pro International Championship. The camera begins to zoom in on the title, which seems to almost shine as we zoom in, possibly due to the reflection of the light against it but definitely giving the impression that the championship belt is almost supernaturally holy in nature, and we hear the voice of the star of our show behind the camera. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” Lexy asks happily before zooming the camera back out again and, moments later, stepping in front of the camera with her normal confident smile, tight-fitting jeans and a pink shirt with the words ‘SEX KITTEN’ on it. She grins at the camera. “What’s up fuckers? I’m Lexy Chapel, and when I say no it usually means yes, but when I say yes there’s all kinds of fun to be had,” she says before winking playfully at the camera. “Welcome to the Chapel Show! As always I will be your host, but not as always I will also be your brand spanking new EXODUS Pro International Champion! I love saying those words. I still haven’t gotten used to saying them either, because half the time when I do say them I’m absolutely convinced that the moment I’ve finished saying them I’m going to wake up in a hospital bed, Nate will be sitting next to me and the doctors will explain how I’ve been in a coma for the last two weeks and that I’ll never walk again after what happened to me when I was stupid enough to try and fight Jerry Matthews.”

She looks around, as though she’s almost anticipating that happening, and then pinches herself a little before shaking her head. “Nope, doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen this time either. So, this is either one HELL of a coma or it’s actually true and at Downfall of Us All I actually DID do the impossible, I actually DID overcome the preacher of Gods & Monsters, one of the toughest men to ever set foot in EXODUS Pro, and I actually walked away as the brand new International Champion. And if I did then that means that everything we’ve got for you on this edition of the Chapel Show actually happened as well, which is crazy when you think about it because I was absolutely convinced at least half of it was just a weird dream,” she says before shrugging her shoulders turning around, picking the International Championship up off the couch and unclipping the snaps at the back as she turns back to the camera and then slowly placing it down over her shoulder. She smiles and shivers a little before grinning at the camera again. “Ok guys, you know how I like to give you guys the inside scoop on stuff, right? Well, this is the first time I’ve ever been a champion – you guys know that already, but I’m just stating it just in case a few of you are new to the show and you’ve been, I don’t know, hiding under a rock or something – and there’s a few things about championship belts that you just don’t know until you hold one. Take, for example, the fact that this thing is REALLY FREAKING HEAVY! I mean I’ve watched my favourite wrestlers on TV all my life, I’ve watched so many of them carrying championship belts, throwing them around, lifting them up like they were nothing, and I always kind of assumed that they weighed something because, you know, huge plates and everything, but when you actually have one – and the night you win doesn’t count because you’re all like AHH ADRENALINE and everything – when you pick it up the first thing you do is go ‘goddamn, how the hell am I meant to travel with THIS in my bag?’”

She smirks at the camera before looking at the title and the smirk changes to a genuine, full smile. There’s a look in her eyes as she looks at the belt both of wonder and genuine happiness. She then looks back toward the camera again. “There’s more than just that though, just little things you don’t realise until you’ve got one in your hand, like how cold the leather and the clips are against your skin, how difficult it is to balance this thing on your shoulder when you’re just a hundred and fourteen pounds, and how absolutely incredible it feels just to hold it in your hands. Like I said, I keep wondering if this is all going to turn out to be some amazing dream, but if it is then it’s a dream that I hope never ends. Then again, I’ve said the same thing about my whole career in EXODUS Pro so far. This whole thing has been like one insanely long, absolutely life-changing dream and if it turns out that it is, it’s a dream I never want to wake up from,” she says happily and proudly. “But of course this championship wasn’t all I left San Diego with a couple of weeks ago, was it? In fact I left Downfall of Us All with more dreams having been fulfilled in one night that I could ever have imagined would be possible. Not only did I win my first championship in professional wrestling, not only did I beat one of the most intimidating men in professional wrestling to do that, but I was congratulated by an idol of mine and more than that I was given something that I’ve admired since I was just a little girl. If you guys didn’t see the show – and shame on you, SHAME ON YOU, if you didn’t – then you won’t know what happened after the match. You won’t have seen Jonathan Collins coming out to congratulate me on the win, and you won’t have seen the gift he had for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love when people give me presents, but this was...”

She trails off, like she’s unable to think of the right word to describe what it is she’s trying to say. She pauses for a moment, looking almost uncertain. “Um... you know, I’m not the best when it comes to words. Often times I wish that I was better at English when I was in school, or that I paid better attention when I had an opportunity to read books in Literature, you know? At the time I hated being there, I just wanted to get out of there and go and do something that I considered interesting. Reading Shakespeare, or reading books by George Orwell and then having to write huge essays about them and what they meant or what he was trying to say, it bored me. Looking back now though maybe I could have learned something from those authors, maybe I could have learned how to articulate the way I feel,” she says before letting out a sigh. “Do you guys want to know how I felt when Jonathan Collins walked out there? Overwhelmed would be a good start. Weirdly, just the fact that I admire him as much as I do, just the fact that I grew up watching him, was one of the reasons that Jerry Matthews wanted to hurt me. It was one of the reasons that he took my limp, near lifeless body after he’d already knocked me out with a chair and he put me through a table a few weeks ago. It was one of the reasons that he tried to hurt me at Downfall of Us All. Just admiring Jonathan Collins is the reason I spent a night in the hospital and that I could barely stand up straight for more than a week, so if only admiring him got me that, what’s going to happen next? Because, at Downfall of Us All, Jonathan didn’t just congratulate me, he came out and he gave me an old championship. Do you guys remember me telling you the story last time about the New Era Wrestling International Championship?”

She smiles again, biting her bottom lip a little nervously as she continues to talk. “Well, I remember watching Jonathan defend that title when I was younger. For me, he represented everything that International Champions should be. He never backed down from anyone, he was willing to fight any challenge, willing to put that title on the line in any situation, and I remember watching him doing it so many times, whether it was ladder matches or anything else. I also told the story about begging my dad to buy me a replica championship when I saw it in a store. I was only young, my pocket money would never have even come close to covering the cost of it, but I wanted it so badly. I wanted to pretend to be just like him. That’s all it was though, it was pretend. It was fantasy. Then again, what part of my life isn’t fantasy right now? My life has basically become about me LIVING my fantasies! First, I get a professional wrestling contract. Then I get to meet one of the people I admire most in the world. Next I’m competing in a championship tournament, and before I know it I’m whisked in to another match for an even more prestigious championship – not that I’m saying the San Diego Bay Championship isn’t prestigious. Truth is I had my heart set on that title, and right now I may be on the ride of my life for this championship but don’t think for a moment that I wouldn’t jump at the chance when this ride is over to go and get what I never got before, to compete for the San Diego Bay championship, and to take another step in the story that is almost too good to be true. Seriously, if you heard my life right now as a plot of a movie you’d shake your head and say ‘pssh, that’d never happen in real life’, and yet here I am, actually living the plot of the most unrealistic movie ever written – and finally I’m holding championship gold, I’m an actual legitimate real life champion. It’s madness. But Jonathan found a way to make it even madder!”

She laughs again. “Is ‘madder’ even a word? I don’t know. But it was definitely mad beyond words when he presented me with the actual NEW International Championship. At the time I’d just been through a hell of a match, I was still overwhelmed by the fact that I even won and I didn’t expect it and I didn’t know what to say, and I think I might have cried,” she says with a laugh. “If I didn’t cry then, I definitely cried when I got backstage. But, see, the thing about it is that as emotional a moment as it was, as beautiful a moment as it was for me, it was also something I couldn’t deal with. I mean, I literally couldn’t deal with it. I’m not used to people being nice to me, and Jon has already been nicer to me than anyone else, but this was going one step too far, you know? I remember what he used to go through to prove himself worthy of that title, and simply put I’m just not in that league. So, this week on the Chapel Show is pretty much all about championships, and I want to start by showing you a clip from the day after Downfall of Us All. I was meant to go home after the show, obviously. I wanted to celebrate. Hell, I wanted to buy a freaking lottery ticket because I figured if I was lucky enough to be in the position I was in then I had to be lucky enough to win that as well... but I forgot. But one thing I didn’t forget about was a detour the morning after Downfall of Us All, and rather than heading straight back to Las Vegas to go back to my normal life I took a detour instead to Anaheim because there was something I needed to do. Enjoy the show guys; I’ll talk to you more in a little bit.”

The Chapel Show

We cut from the Chapel apartment in Las Vegas to a car, presumably in the aforementioned Anaheim. As the clip begins we see the camera spinning around in the car where Lexy is obviously still just setting things up. We also see the EXPRO International Championship on the front seat of the car, and on Lexy’s lap we see the NEW International Championship. “Ok, so, this is it,” she says quietly, more as though she’s talking to herself than talking to the camera. We hear the sound of the car door opening and she climbs out. We hear the sound of the wind in the microphone as there’s a little more than just a breeze in the air and hear the sound of the car door slamming shut behind her as we then begin to move down the street before Lexy turns the camera around and we see her. She’s got her hair tied back in a pony tail and she’s looking a little beaten up. “So, I don’t know if I’m going to use this clip for the show or not, I guess it all depends on what happens when I get there, but it’s Tuesday morning, I’m here in Anaheim and I’m on my way to confront Jonathan Collins over what happened last night. This is kind of crazy scary for me as well, I’m not really sure exactly what I’m going to say yet but I know that I’ve basically got to say something. I mean, after what he did last night... I guess it’s still sinking in really what happened last night, but I can’t just accept what he did last night. He went way, way, way too far. I mean... how am I even supposed to accept this?!”

As she asks the question she holds up the NEW International title with her free hand and points the camera at it before pointing it back at herself. “It’s a hell of a gesture, no doubt about that, but it’s too much, you know?” she asks before letting out a long sigh. “The thing about it though is that it’s so amazing, but... I just can’t accept it. Am I being ungrateful? Should I just accept it with grace? Am I doing the wrong thing by even showing up here today? I mean, I don’t want him to think that I’m some ungrateful bitch who doesn’t even realise the significance of the gesture he made. What if he thinks that? But then, if I do accept it, how can I even live with myself? I barely even slept last night, and admittedly that was partly because of the adrenaline and the excitement, partly because being thrown around by Jerry Matthews REALLY hurts – seriously, I have a bruise on my back that is going to be sore for about a month I think, which is why if I’m walking funny it’s because of that and not because I had some crazy, kinky sex last night. I’m planning the crazy, kinky sex for tonight, so I’ll let you guys know how that goes,” she explains with a laugh before refocusing. “But seriously, it was also partly because I kept thinking about this. I mean, I don’t deserve it. There’s no way I deserve THIS kind of honour! I’m just some stupid little girl who’s gotten lucky a few times, and this is... I mean, the history, the prestige, everything that went in to this title... sure, I’d love to work toward that with the EXPRO International title, if I can give even HALF as much of myself to that that Jon gave to this then I’ll consider my title reign a success no matter how long it lasts, but... I just can’t accept this.”

She takes a deep breath and continues walking down the street. A few seconds later she reaches a break in the wall she’s walking along and turns the camera to show the house in front of her, which is recognisable immediately as the home of Jonathan Collins. She actually pauses for a long moment before letting out another little sigh. “Wow, this place is awesome,” she says softly before making her way up the path toward the house and knocking on the door. She then looks at the camera as though she’s trying to decide if this is one of those private moments that she shouldn’t be filming or not. “Um... turn this off or keep it on? Turn it off or keep it on? Turn it off or...”

“Keep it on,” says a voice on the other side of the door as the door opens to reveal Jonathan Collins standing there, dressed in a shirt that reads ‘SAINT OF VIOLENCE’ and a pair of black jeans. “Although this is the second time I’ll have guest starred on your show, so I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t get some kind of additional credit, or at least a cut of the profits.”

“Oh you can have a cut of the profits,” Lexy tells him immediately, her voice now very noticeably British next to the accent of Jonathan Collins. “By the way, what percentage of ZERO would you like? I think they all amount to about the same...”

“Zero?” he asks with a raised eyebrow. “I find that hard to believe.”

“Yeah, well, YouTube don’t pay you anything when you’ve only got two viewers,” she tells him with a laugh. “In fact I don’t think they pay you that much when you’ve got a million. I think the only way to make serious money from YouTube is to sing a song in Korean. That seems to be pretty popular.”

“Well, that or become Justin Beiber,” Jon suggests with a smirk.

“Eh, I’d rather stay poor,” she mutters in response, causing him to laugh.

“Says the girl who claimed she’d give him conjugal visits?” Jon asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, right, I forgot you were one of the two people who watch regularly,” she replies, pointing the camera more at him than at herself now to save her blushes. “Just for the record, I was joking about that. I mean, mostly. He’s not even on my list.”

“List?” he asks curiously.

“Yeah, my list of people I could sleep with if I got the opportunity. Nate’s got one too. He put way too much thought in to his, and keeps asking if he can change it every time he hears about a wrestling event that’s going to be in Las Vegas,” she says before letting out a sigh. “This is the second time though, which is weird. There have got to be other people who actually want to be a part of the Chapel Show, rather than me just constantly filming my weird, awkward interactions with you.”

“You think they’re awkward?” he asks with a smirk spreading across his face.

“They feel awkward,” she replies honestly. “You know that I’ve basically been in love with you since the moment I first started developing weird hot feelings and changed the posters on my walls from posters of ponies to posters of guys, right? So, yeah, mega awkward,” she says before blushing again at the smirk growing even wider on his face. “Oh fuck, I should so not have said that...”

“You know I always wondered who it was who special ordered all those posters,” he says jokingly.

“Oh, you think it’s a joke? I was serious, I think my mum was worried I had a serious problem considering how much I loved you,” she admits before letting out another sigh. “Actually, that’s kind of why I’m here. Well, not because I love you. I mean, err... can I start again?”

Jon just starts laughing and nods his head. “I’ll even help out,” he tells her with a supportive grin. “So, Lexy, what brings you here?”

“That’s actually pretty convincing, I could even just edit that first bit out,” she mutters before shaking her head and letting out a sigh. “Actually, I came because I think you and me need to have a talk after last night about, um... this.”

She holds up the NEW International title, almost like she’s trying to hand it over to him. He just steps back and to the side, almost welcoming her in to the house. She steps inside, clearly nervous, and her reflection can be seen in the mirror behind Jonathan as she keeps the camera focused on him. We see she’s looking around and looks clearly out of her element. “There’s no need to be nervous,” he tells her with a smile. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“I’m fine,” she mutters quietly, almost like she’s afraid. Jon just smiles again and holds out an arm, leading her toward the lounge area. They step in to the lounge and he looks at her again, his arms cupped in front of him. “So, um... maybe I should turn the camera off after all.”

“Maybe putting it down would be a good idea, but you can keep filming,” he tells her with a smile. “I wouldn’t want to deny your other viewer any part of your life.”

“That’s very considerate. My other viewer will be thrilled,” she says half-jokingly before looking around and finding a place to at least put the camera down. She places it down on a table a few feet away before stepping back in front of it again, still carrying the NEW International title, and attempts for the second time to hand it over to him. “Look, I came because I wanted to say thank you for last night. Thank you for your amazing gift, but I can’t accept it.”

“It’s not the kind of gift you can return to the store and ask to exchange,” he tells her with a smile.

“I’m not trying to exchange it, I’m trying to give it back,” she tells him honestly. “Look, I know what you were trying to do and it was amazing that you’d even think of me enough to do it. It’s by a long way the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, not just in the wrestling business but quite possibly ever in my life, but I can’t accept it. I’m sorry.”

She tries to hand it over to him again and he takes his hands and puts them behind his back, stepping back from her and shaking his head slowly. “I’m not taking it back,” he tells her sternly. She steps forward, trying to hand it over again and he just starts laughing. “Lexy, it’s yours. I brought it with me last night and I gave it to you for a reason. I want you to have it.”

“I can’t,” she says with another shake of her head.

“Yes, you can,” he assures her. “Here’s what you do. You say ‘thank you Jon’ and you take that title and you take it home with you.”

“Thank you Jon,” she begins softly, “but I can’t accept this. I don’t deserve it. This title... I mean, when I was younger this is all I wanted to be. This championship represented everything in the world that I wanted to be. Whenever I hear any company has an ‘International Championship’ now all I think about is this title and everything that you used to do with it. This championship was the most prestigious thing in the world to me, even holding a replica of it would have been a fantasy for me but the real thing is just... I can’t take it. It’s too much. I don’t deserve it. Please, just take it back.”

She holds it out to him again and he reaches out and cups his hands around hers, pushing her hands back in to her chest so that she’s clutching the championship belt against her body again and shakes his head. “I’m not taking it back,” he tells her softly and sweetly. “I gave it to you for a reason. And yeah, part of that reason was because I heard the story you told, but mostly it was because despite the fact that you think you haven’t earned it the truth is you have.”

“I haven’t,” she insists again. “I’ve not even come close to—”

“You have,” he tells her, cutting her off before she can even finish her thought. “Since the moment you walked through the doors all you’ve done is put your heart in to this. Those people who fill the arenas every week are beginning to love you, the men and women in the back stop what they’re doing during your matches to watch because they’re beginning to love you, and the truth is that I do go out of my way to make sure that I’m free to watch as well because what you do in that ring, the things you’re capable of, are incredible but what’s even more incredible is your heart. You didn’t come in to EXODUS like a lot of other people, bragging about the success they’ve had around the world. You didn’t come in making demands. You came in looking to prove yourself, and when you stepped up against Jerry Matthews and you took the fight to him that’s exactly what you did. You showed more heart and more courage the last few weeks than a lot of people do in a lifetime, and I for one wanted to reward that. I’m not taking the belt back Lexy, it was a gift to you.”

“I’m not worthy of it,” she says with a shake of her head.

“The fact that you say that proves that you are,” he tells her with another reassuring smile. “There aren’t many left in the world like you Lexy. Take, for example, this issue with your contract right now. I don’t think its right that anyone trying to make their way in the wrestling business should have to worry about things like working shifts as a waitress just to pay their rent. I want to help with that and—”

“No, you can’t,” she says, cutting him off this time. “Look, I didn’t tell anyone about that because I was trying to get sympathy or trying to get more money. If I’d known that’s what would happen then I’d never have said anything. I’m not looking for a handout!”

He nods his head proudly. “And that’s exactly why you’re worthy of this,” he tells her with another smile. “Like I said, there aren’t many people like you around anymore. There’s a reason I offered to help with your training, there’s a reason I offered you more money and there’s a reason I gave you that title belt. You’re special Lexy. You’re part of a dying breed, and I want to reward that. So, I’m not taking back the title, and whether you like it or not there will eventually come a day when you can’t deny me looking at your contract and seeing what I can do about that either because one of these days you’re going to start believing in yourself.”

“I do believe in myself,” she says with a nod, which just causing Jon to smile more. “Don’t look at me like that, I do believe in myself, ok? But I’ve been around the wrestling business for a long time. I’ve seen some incredible wrestlers, some really amazingly talented men and women, and I’ve seen how much they struggled with injuries, or struggled for money, or struggled to get anyone to recognise them, and I’m not even half as good as some of them were, let alone a fraction as good as you. You’re... I mean, you’re my hero. And I know that sounds dramatic and girly and everything else, but you are. You always have been. And when I look at you, and I think about the things I’ve done... I’ve just not earned this.”

He looks at her like he’s trying to figure her out. “And this is the way you really feel?”

She nods her head in absolute confirmation. “Yes, it’s how I really feel, absolutely,” she says, holding out the title to him again. “Please, just take it. I’m not worth it.”

He smiles at her and shakes his head again. “No,” he says softly, pushing the title belt back toward her again. “But I’ll make you a deal. You don’t think you’re worthy of this title, and I do. So, you’re going to keep the title and you’re going to put it somewhere that you can see it every day. Then, every morning you’re going to look at it and think about this conversation, and it’ll inspire you to live up to everything you know it means. And, if the day comes that you feel worthy of it, and you feel worthy of considering yourself on the same level as the people you used to admire, and you still want to give it back to me then, assuming I believe you, I’ll take it back. But, until then, it’s yours.”

She laughs and turns away from him for a moment and we can see she’s got tears in her eyes. “You’re unbelievable,” she says softly before he looks a little worried and puts a hand on her shoulder. She turns back and hugs him again, just as she did when they first finally met in person. He seems a little shocked for a moment before beginning to hug her back. After a few seconds she shifts her feet awkwardly. “You know, I’m starting to think this hug may not be the best idea. I mean, I did kind of admit that I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember, and I’m standing in your house, and I have no idea what your wife would think about you hugging weird English girls.”

“I’ll take my chances,” he says with a laugh. She finally pulls away from the hug and he looks at her confidently. “There, feel better?”

“I still don’t think I’m worthy of it,” she says softly, “but I am beginning to suspect that you might actually be the greatest person in the universe.”

He just smirks at her as she shifts awkwardly, still holding the NEW International title tightly.

The Chapel Show

We cut from there back to the Chapel apartment where we see Lexy Chapel, still just as at the beginning of the video, with a smirk on her face. She now holds the NEW International title in her hands again but we’re now relocated to the Chapel bedroom and behind Lexy we see her dresser, which she steps aside slightly to reveal more of. “So, I decided that I’d take his advice,” she explains, taking the NEW International title and placing it proudly on her dresser. “I’ve found a place for it for now. I’m not completely sure this is where it’s going to stay permanently, but this is where it’s going to stay for the time being. And it has motivated me. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to be capable of living up to the legacy that this championship belt has behind it, of all the incredible names who claimed it at one stage or another, but I do know that I’m more determined than I’ve ever been now to work harder than ever to try and earn it. And yeah, I did kind of make an idiot of myself, but I’m actually starting to get used to that feeling around Jon now. I’m starting to think that hey, I’m never going to get used to the fact that not only have I MET him but he’s actually sort of, maybe, my friend. Is friend too big of a word? I don’t know what to call him. He’s noticed me though, and I’m determined to prove I’m worthy not just of the championship but of that notice. But obviously that’s not all that’s happened the last few weeks, and I’m not the only one who’s been enjoying myself since I’ve become EXPRO International Champion.”

The smirk on her face says more about what’s about to come next than any words she could say ever could. “So, before I show you the next two clips let me explain something. I found out this amazing fact that I kind of knew already, but it was still amazing to find out. Did you know that when you win a pay per view match you get a bonus? Well, my first ever pay per view match ended in a bonus, and we got the cheque in the mail and we had no idea what to do with it until we also got an email from Google about an enquiry we’d made months earlier. It turns out that someone there had seen the Chapel Show and responded to our application, so we used at least part of the bonus money on a special gift,” she says with a smirk. “You guys know we’re hardly rolling in money, but it’s something that we both agreed at the time was a great idea and something that would help the show moving forward. Unfortunately since it arrived I’ve not actually had a huge amount of time to play with it, mostly because Nate’s been the one who’s been doing most of the playing. For anyone watching from back home let me just tell you that this isn’t available in the UK yet because apparently Google are bastards who only want American residents to be testing their products – she says, about the company that owns the site that she posts her videos on. See, this is probably why we don’t get money from them! Anyway, if you can’t figure out what I’m talking about then take a look at these two clips.”

The Chapel Show

We change scenes agNathan Chapelain from her bedroom to the Chapel living room. We see a sealed brown cardboard box in front of the camera and we see Nate standing on one side of it and Lexy standing on the other side. In between them there’s a knife sitting on the counter.

“So, are we going to do this again when I finally get my PS4?” Nate asks excitedly. “I’ve got to say, this definitely makes the anticipation way higher.”

“Yeah, he wanted to just open it as soon as it arrived this morning but I wanted to wait, to share this moment with all of you guys, especially considering it’s a pretty big moment for us. It’s not like we often get to spend money on insanely cool stuff, but I’m really hoping that that’s what this will be,” Lexy explains as she picks up the knife and carefully begins to open the box. Nate seems to be almost shaking like a kid on Christmas morning who can’t wait to tear the wrapping paper off his presents and Lexy looks at him and seems to slow down just to spite him. He tries moving her hand faster and she just laughs, finally cutting open the box and Nate then grabs the sides of the box and opens it up proudly, revealing a white box inside with the words GOOGLE GLASS on it. “That’s right ladies and gentlemen... well, gentlemen... well, two people who watch. Whatever! The point is, we’re going high tech!”

Nate quickly begins opening the box and we cut from there to a clip of Nate sitting on the couch with the glasses on, playing around with them and adjusting the settings. He looks up at Lexy excitedly. “Fuck, I feel like Tony Start wearing this stuff,” he says with a grin. “Seriously, if Google make Iron Man suits next can we be the first in line to get one?”

“I can’t trust you not to get hurt playing with BOUNCY BALLS,” she says with a laugh, “you really think I’d trust you with a mechanical flying suit of armour?”

“Yeah, but if I fell out of a window wearing an Iron Man suit I wouldn’t even feel it, probably,” he says with a shrug. “Doesn’t he like fall out of the sky and crash in to shit in the movies and just kind of bounce off and get up like ‘pssh, that didn’t even hurt’? Plus c’mon, if the world was ever in danger who would be better than me to save it?”

“Yeah, like you’d save the world, you’d spend the whole day trying to impress the women on your list in to sleeping with you,” Lexy says with another laugh.

“Yeah, but while I was sleeping with them then you could borrow the suit and go and get the guys on your list, and we could have some kind of crazy, sexy orgy,” Nate suggests before shrugging his shoulders and quickly looking away obviously based on her reaction. “Ok, so crazy sexy Iron Man suit-inspired orgy is a no. Will you at least wear one of those slutty Iron Man dancer costumes from the second movie if I buy you one?”

“That I’ll do,” she replies with a laugh.

“Sweet, then all I need to do is figure out where to get one,” he says excitedly. We switch from there to this view now and we see him looking back at Lexy, who’s holding the camera casually and filming him. “Ooh, shit, I think its working. Oh this is freaking sweet!”

“What’s it like?” she asks excitedly.

“Take your shirt off and I’ll show you,” he tells her happily.

“What was the FIRST thing I said when we ordered these?” she asks with a roll of her eyes.

“That I’m not allowed to use them to film point of view sex videos,” he says with a sigh. “I’m not saying we’d RELEASE the videos to the world, but c’mon, don’t you want to see what I see when I’m looking at you?”

 “Yeah, no,” she says with a shake of her head. “Besides, knowing my luck we’d film one just for a joke and somehow my mum would end up with it. My dad is already freaked over the fact that I married you, the last thing I think we should be doing is letting them see point of view footage of us having sex.”

“Ok, well how’s about we film it regularly?” he suggests playfully, and she gives him a stern look. “What, you said the last thing they should see is my point of view, but c’mon, this now means that by comparison the shot from the normal camera wouldn’t be so bad, so I can then officially comfort you with the phrase ‘it could be worse’ and you’ll know I’m right!”

She just rolls her eyes. “Why whenever we buy something new do you immediately want to use it for sex?”

“Have you SEEN you?” he asks playfully. “Baby, if you could see you right now then you’d be just thinking about having sex with you as well!”

She tries to glare at him and just ends up smiling and then laughing. “Goddamn it, I can’t stay mad at you when you say stuff like that,” she says, blushing a little. He raises his hand and she immediately shakes her head. “Still no, I’m not having sex with you while you’re wearing the glasses.”

“Well how’s about if YOU wear the glasses?” he asks proudly. “The world deserves to see me in action anyway, and they can’t see me wrestling. The Chapel Show viewers demand to see it baby.”

“Babes, our viewers are probably all guys, and if we posted a video of your dick from my point of view we’d not have any viewers left,” she says with another roll of her eyes before laughing. “I do want to play with the glasses though, when’s it my turn?”

“I’m, err... not done configuring them yet,” he says, obviously lying.

“Bullshit, take them off,” she says with a pout.

“Take your shirt off,” he counters. She just rolls her eyes and starts laughing.

The Chapel Show

We cut from there to another scene from within the Chapel apartment. We see the apartment from the point of view of Nate. It seems to be mid-afternoon based on the light within the apartment, but we can’t tell exactly what day it is. All we do know however is that Lexy doesn’t seem to be in the apartment from the fact that Nate is walking around, clearly once again wearing the Google Glasses.

“Ok, this shit is officially bad-ass,” he mutters happily to himself. “Seriously, why would I ever use a keyboard again when I can just say shit and the glasses show me? This is the greatest thing since Siri, although with Siri I keep feeling that she’s judging me when I ask her some of the questions I do. That or Apple are going to knock on my door one day and ask me why I asked all those questions about monkey’s penis sizes.”

He laughs happily to himself, walking in front of a mirror and stopping for a moment. We can see from the brief clip of him walking that while he is now back on his feet again after his accident he’s still walking with a limp. He stops to look at his reflection though, turning to his side and checking out his reflection like that before running his hand over his back. After a few seconds of looking at himself in the mirror he quickly takes his shirt off. The glasses seem to get caught up in the shirt and he fishes them out and puts them back on again and our view returns. We then see him looking at his back again. It actually appears as though he’s forgotten that he’s left the glasses recording, or at the very least as though he’s not planning on using the footage for anything. He looks at his back in the mirror and we can see scars on his back that seem to be healed from the operations he had after his accident. He lets out a sigh and walks away from the mirror, and then looks at the clock. We see its 4:12pm.

“Hmm, Lexy’s not home for another fifty minutes, I’ve already done the housework, what else is left to do? I think I’ve actually done all the chores. Hmm, what do I want for dinner? Ok glass, Google pizza delivery,” he says before letting out a sigh and walking over to his laptop. “Meh, this is probably one of those things Lexy would tell me I should just do with a keyboard,” he says and we see the clip fast forward now as he seems to be clicking through the menu options on the website and placing his order, and then we see in super speed footage of him walking around the apartment again, putting out a pair of plates on the table and then stopping in front of the mirror again. The video returns to normal speed and we see footage of him flexing in front of the camera. Any female viewers wouldn’t be disappointed by his physique, despite his injury. He poses a little more before beginning to laugh to himself. We see the footage continue as he walks in to the bedroom and picks up the EXPRO International Championship, admiring it for a second before beginning to laugh again. He puts the title belt down on the bed again and the footage cuts out a little bit and we then see him standing back in front of the mirror again, now completely naked and with only the EXPRO International Championship hanging down between his legs to hide his modesty.

“Ok glass, take a picture,” he says proudly and we hear the sound of the photo being taken. He starts giggling to himself. “Ok glass, send a message to Lexy. ‘Hi babe, I’ve got a special treat for you waiting when you get home’. Heh, yeah, she’s going to love this. Ah shit, err... stop with the message. How do you delete words? Fuck, err... ok glass, delete the message. Send a message to Lexy. ‘Hi babe, I’ve got a special treat for you waiting when you get home’. Stop message. Attach photograph. Heh, yeah, this is going to be awesome. Ok glass, send the message.”

He then begins to pose in front of the mirror, with the title belt still the only thing making the video even slightly within the YouTube viewing rules. After a few poses he takes the title belt strap and puts it in his teeth, holding the title belt with his teeth while continuing to pose, seeming proud of himself as he does so. There’s a knock on the door which distracts him and he walks away from the mirror luckily before removing the title belt from his mouth, otherwise we would have been able to see more than we should have. He walks over to the door and opens it up and we see the pizza guy standing there with a shocked look on his face.

“Oh, damn, that was fast,” Nate says happily. “You guys really do deliver in thirty minutes or less over here, huh? They say that back home but they don’t give you the pizza free if they take longer, and those bastards always take longer.”

“Err, yeah...” the pizza guy says slowly, clearly weirded out. “So, err... that’ll be nineteen fifty?”

“Yeah, no problem,” Nate says casually. We see him look down and we see a Chapel Show logo appear as he does so, covering up the inappropriate content. It seems like he only just then realises that he’s not wearing pants when we hear him patting down his own legs. “Heh, I guess I left my wallet in my pants. Here, bro, hold on to this while I go find it, ok?”

He puts the title belt on top of the pizza boxes the guy is holding and walks off toward the bedroom before the guy can stop him. We hear him grunting as he begins to look around the bedroom, trying to figure out what he did with his pants. “Ok you sir?” the pizza delivery guy calls out.

“Yeah, just trying to figure out what happened to my pants,” he calls back. “Hmm, maybe I put them in the laundry when I moved the rope and the handcuffs.”

We see him continuing to look, and walking through to the bathroom where we see the laundry basket. He reaches in and pulls out his jeans, pulling his wallet out of the back pocket and walking back in to the bedroom. He pulls out a pair of underwear from one of the drawers and slips them on and the Chapel Show logo now disappears from his view when he looks down. A few seconds later we see him walking back out again in to the living room and the front door is still open but the pizza boxes and the International title are now both on the floor and the pizza guy is nowhere to be seen. “Err, hello?” Nate asks, clearly confused. He looks out the door but the pizza guy is definitely nowhere to be found. He then seems confused but grabs the title belt and the pizza boxes, putting the pizza boxes down on the table in the lounge before returning the title belt to where it was. As he walks back in to the living room we see the front door opening again and Lexy walks in wearing her waitressing uniform and looks at him with a smirk. “Oh, hey baby, welcome home.”

“Hey babes, have you been wearing those glasses all day?” she asks with a roll of her eyes.

“Well, I needed to give them a proper field test,” he says proudly. “Did you see my message?”

“Yeah, you could say that,” she replies with a laugh.

“Well, I’ve got some great news. I may have figured out how to get free pizza,” he says proudly, nodding over toward the pizza boxes.

“Oh my god, how long have they been there?” she asks nervously. “As I walked in there was this pizza guy practically running back to his bike muttering to himself, something about never delivering to this block again! What did you do to him?”

“Hey, I did nothing,” Nate says defensively. “Personally I think he was just intimidated...”

The Chapel Show

We cut for the third time to the Chapel apartment, this time the bedroom where Lexy Chapel, still in her ‘SEX KITTEN’ shirt, sits in front of the camera with a smirk on her face. “Well, if anyone’s interested we’ve got an unedited version of the last clip for your viewing pleasure. Nate’s very proud of it, and if you leave a comment in the comments section he might just send you a download link. He did want to film nudity, I’m just not sure his own was what he had originally planned,” she says with a huge grin on her face. “And to everyone who’s worried about holding the International Championship now, I promise he didn’t do anything to it, and it’s been through some far naughtier experiences than that since I won it. A few nights after I won it I put it on while we were... yeah, you should probably stock up on sanitizLexy Chapeler if you’re planning on facing me for it because I can’t promise it won’t have seen an adventure or two while it’s in my possession.”

She starts laughing to herself happily before reaching behind her and picking up the EXODUS Pro International title, proudly admiring it for a moment before putting it across her shoulder. The moment she does so the smirk on her face changes from a cheeky, playful one to a very proud one. “So, all joking and all fun aside I just want to send out a heartfelt thank you to every single person who’s helped me on my journey in the last few months. This adventure started in January with EXPRO and I’ll be honest, when it started I never imagined even for half a second that it might lead to this. At Downfall of Us All I fulfilled about ten dreams on the same night. It was my first proper pay per view match, and to make it there after being so close on the pre-show in Japan was the most exciting, most exhilarating, most heart-pounding night of my life, and it wouldn’t have happened without everyone who’s helped me. I know I tweeted it already but I want to say it again here, officially, because without each and every one of you none of this would have happened. And you might not think you did a great, huge thing, you might not think that you helped at all but to everyone who even wished me luck all I can say is thank you. Like I said, it was my first proper pay per view match, which achieved that dream for me. It was my first ever championship match, something that part of me wondered if I’d ever be in a position to receive. And I know that I jumped ahead of so many of you, I know that there are dozens of contenders for this championship who are probably feeling aggrieved that it was me who jumped in to title consideration and not one of you, and for that I’m genuinely sorry.”

She puts her hand on her heart. “From the bottom of my heart I didn’t mean to upset anyone, I didn’t come here looking to take opportunities away from anyone, but I am so thankful to everyone at EXODUS Pro for giving me the opportunity, and I’m thankful to everyone who wished me luck along the way or on the night. More than that though, Downfall of Us All marked my first ever championship win. Now I grew up in a wrestling family, and I saw my father with a lot of championship belts but as good as she was my mum only managed one championship reign in her whole career. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to get a championship title, and I also know the responsibility that comes with it. People do work their whole lives for this kind of opportunity, and there’s absolutely no way that I’m taking it for granted for a moment. I’m so incredible thankful, and I’m going to make you all a promise right here, right now. I’m going to be a fighting champion. I’m not going to shy away from a challenge. I’m not going to hide from anyone. I know that I jumped the line, I know how many of you on the roster probably want a shot at this championship and all I can say to each and every one of you is that if you can earn it, if you can convince the company to give you the opportunity then I’ll put my heart and my soul on the line in a match and I won’t ever rely on excuses, ‘championship advantage’ or anything else. I want to prove to the world what this championship means to me, and I want to prove to all of you, prove to Jon but most of all prove to myself that I’m deserving of this,” she says with a lot of heart and a lot of emotion. “And I know who the first one at the head of the line will be when the time comes for my first championship defence, and to Jerry Matthews I can say only this – I promised you that I’d put my heart in to winning this championship, but if you think that I won’t dig even deeper, if you think I won’t reach down to depths I didn’t even know were POSSIBLE in order to RETAIN this championship then you don’t know anything about me at all.”

“Everything I said about our first match is still true in the rematch,” she says with a nod. “You’re still bigger than me. You’re still stronger than me. And you proved to the world at Downfall of Us All that you’re one of the toughest, fiercest competitors in the entire world. Everything you did hurt. You had my fear before that match, you have my respect after it without doubt and I only hope that I’ve earned your respect as well. If you want your rematch, and I’m willing to bet that you do, then just name the time and the place and I promise you that I’ll be there, ready and willing to go yet again. You’re an incredible competitor, and I may not like you as a man and I may not like the things you stand for in Gods & Monsters but I damn sure respect you as one of the best in this company. But just remember Jerry, the next time we go at it then the advantage is with me. If you want to swing a steel chair you’ll cost yourself the championship. If you want to drive me through another table then you’ll get disqualified from the match and forfeit your opportunity to get this back. I know you don’t need to do that again though. You proved your point, and I think I proved mine. If you want your rematch, come find me and I’ll be waiting. I’m not hard to find either; I’ll be the little girl in the ring who’s fighting to prove herself amongst the best in the world. That’s what I’ll look to do in a rematch against you, and that’s exactly what I’ll look to do every other week, and it starts this week. My dream may have been fulfilled at Downfall of Us All but like I said, I grew up in a wrestling family and I know that winning the championship is only the beginning of the story, not the end of it. That’s why I’m excited about this week. That’s why I’m excited about my first match as a champion. And that’s why I get Goosebumps all over my body just at the thought of being able to say that this week, on EXPRO on FX #14; I’m going one on one with Mr EXODUS himself, Johnny Cannon.”

She pauses, adjusting the International Championship on her shoulder which she’s clearly having trouble keeping in place with her small frame and the enormous size of the championship in comparison. “Now Johnny, I’ve heard a lot about you. Just the name Johnny Cannon is spoken about in certain circles with reverence and respect, and why wouldn’t it be? You only need to take the briefest of looks at your career to see the talent that you’ve got. A former International Champion, and a man who knows all about the difficulties I just went through with Jerry Matthews because of it, and a man who’s already claimed the very championship I came here to lay my hands on, the EXODUS Pro Tag Team Championships. And when I was doing my research on you Johnny that was something I paid very close attention to, not because I thought it would help my chances this week but just because as a part of a tag team that ended due to injury you and I have a lot in common. You guys got further than we did, the Short Change Heroes proved themselves to the world while the Chapel Show only got to prove ourselves in a few short matches before Nate’s near death experience. Still having been out there, having gone through the transition from tag team competitor to singles competitor, I can’t help but find something in you that I admire. Knowing you’ve been through all of this has actually been something of an inspiration to me, if I’m honest,” she says in a respectful tone. “I’ve been doing a lot of research on you Johnny, trying to figure out exactly what I’m up against this week, and do you want to know what I’ve figured out? I’m out of my league! You don’t need to tell me that I’m out of my league, I’ve watched you in the ring, I watched in amazement at Downfall of Us All as you competed on the winning side in the Brightest Day Cybernetico, and I watched as each and every person in that match stepped up to you and you eliminated them.”

She nods in respect again. “I’ve been in the ring with Blake Jones as well, I know what an incredible competitor he is, and when you eliminated him at the Cybernetico I’ll admit that I was a little surprised. I know how tough he was to face, I know that he pushed me to my limits when we went against one another and to know that you’re the one who ended his night at Downfall of Us All means that I know you’re more than capable of ending my night, and my undefeated streak, on Monday night at EXPRO on FX #14. And I’ve got to admit that twice now I was thinking that that undefeated run would be ended by the far bigger, far scarier Jerry Matthews, but at six foot three, two hundred and forty pounds you’re almost as big, and just as scary in your own way. I mean, you’ve been around this company a while, haven’t you? You were practically one of the first people in the door, you know the fans, you know the officials, you know everything about this company that I can only begin to guess at. In two years in this company you’ve accomplished so much, and the Cannon Comeback may not have had the night it wanted at Downfall of Us All but it’s hardly been derailed. Your name is one of those considered for the EXODUS Pro World Championship, the biggest prize in this company, and that means I’ve gone from competing on the undercard, to fighting my way toward the San Diego Championship, to being thrust unexpectedly in to the International title scene and now going all the way and going up against a World Championship contender,” she says with a smile on her face, but also a look of intimidation. “That’s a hell of a rise. That’s pretty scary as well. When I think about it like that I’m both incredibly proud but also worried. I can’t help but be worried as well, because people already think I’m out of my depth – hell, I think I’m out of my depth – so what happens if this week I finally am?”

“I’ve got to admit though Johnny, if someone has to be the one to give me my first loss in this company, the first loss in my career, then I think if it’s you who does it then I could be pretty honoured by that. I mean, I remember watching you on the big screens when I was younger. I don’t remember the movie, I wish I could think of it but I can’t, but I remember going to the cinema with my mum when I was only ten years old – it would have been 2003, maybe 2004 – and I remember seeing you up there on the big screen and I remember I asked my mum ‘who’s that mum?’ and she told me ‘that’s Johnny Cannon, and he’s going to be huge’. When I got to secondary school I’m pretty sure everyone had a crush on you,” she says before beginning to laugh and looking a little embarrassed. “Oh god, you probably don’t even remember this but in year seven, so, um, that would have been maybe 2005, they released these cups for a movie you were in and every girl in my school – I’m not even kidding but EVERY SINGLE ONE – wanted the one with you on it. And I remember you were promoting another movie one time and me and my friend went down there to see if we could meet you and get your signature but the queue was so long we didn’t even get half way there before they called you away, and all we could do was watch you wave at us as you walked away,” she says before smiling again. “You know it’s so crazy to think that on Monday not only do I get to fulfil our dream from back then and meet you but I’m also going to fight you. I’m going to fight Johnny Cannon, Mr EXODUS! That’s crazy. And Johnny, I know how tough you are. I know what you’re looking to prove. I know that you’re on a quest to become the EXODUS Pro Champion, and there’s this huge part of me that wants you to succeed as well... but at EXPRO on FX #14 I’m going to try and stop you.”

“You’re an icon to a generation, an idol to millions, you’re one of a kind, you’re Johnny fucking Cannon. You’re the star, and in truth I’m surprised you’re not the star of the show every single week, and I’m fully aware that as you continue your quest to prove yourself as a contender for the World title you need to brush aside every challenge that comes your way... but I also know that I won’t let myself be just brushed aside. I don’t know that I can compete with you, for all I know I’m going to get in to that ring with you and you’re going to destroy me, and just like the guys you eliminated from the Cybernetico I’m going to find myself on the end of a Roundhouse Kick and my night will be over and you’ll be moving on with a smile. But Johnny, I am going to try and stop that from happening. I am going to give everything I have in this match. My undefeated run has to end eventually, I know that better than anyone, and while I’d be almost honoured if it was you who ended it, I’d be even more honoured to be able to stand in the middle of that ring and know that I beat you,” she says honestly. “Like I said, you’re an icon. You were one of the brightest names in Britain at one point, I remember my brother telling me every time we went past it – which wasn’t often, I’ll admit – that the mansion that we passed belonged to you. You’re an icon. You’re a superstar. You’re an actual, legitimate movie star. And that makes you the biggest name I’ve ever fought, and if I can beat you it makes you the biggest scalp I’ve claimed yet. You see I know what people like you think when you look at me, and I don’t blame you for that. It’s the same reason that there are thousands of people who, when they’re doing predictions, think you’ll steamroll over me. They see me as the little girl, the little upstart, the little blonde girl whose luck is going to run out, and they know everything you’re capable of. Tell me Johnny, do you think the same?”

She smiles at the camera, adjusting the International Championship on her shoulder again. “Seriously, look at me sitting right here, look at me with the International Champion, think about everything you’ve heard – or not heard – about the little blonde girl who’s husband fell out a window, who’s got a little show on YouTube, who’s just starting out in her career and at twenty years old has no idea what she’s even doing with her life, or her career, or anything else. It’s all true. I’m inexperienced. I’m naive. I’m trusting. I’m experiencing the dizzying high of my career right now with no idea what it really feels like to be kicked in the face and have her shoulders pinned to the mat. This week could be the reality check the world has been waiting for me to receive, so that things can return to order. Is that what you think when you look at me Johnny? And don’t give me the answer you think you should, don’t give the answer that you think the world wants you to give, don’t give me the answer that the politicians of this business want to hear, tell me the truth. Is that what you think? Do you think I’m just some naive kid waiting for someone to put her in her place?” she asks before nodding her head. “Because if you do, I agree with you! I am naive. I am inexperienced. I have no idea what I’m getting myself in to going up against you, and that’s the truth Johnny, and that scares me... but it also gives me something that others don’t have because I AM too naive to know better when it comes to guys like you, so I’m going to go in to this match and give EVERYTHING I have. I’m not the kind to hold back, thinking about the next match. I’m not the kind who goes in to the ring and thinks about saving herself for the future, for Jerry Matthews or whoever steps up to take this title off my shoulder, instead I’m the kind who gives EVERYTHING in that ring, no matter what. That’s what I’m going to do against you Johnny.”

Her voice is full of passion and excitement now, that unique blend that gives Lexy her unique outlook on wrestling and every word she speaks seems to come from the fire inside her that’s burning brighter than ever. “At EXPRO on FX #14 I’m going to go all in, I’m going to leave my heart and soul in that ring and no matter what happens Johnny – NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS – I’m going to leave that ring with a smile on my face. This is yet another dream come true for me, my first ever match as a champion against a legitimate star not just of the wrestling world but a star of the media world, a guy who’s experienced the red carpet lifestyle, a guy who’s looking to prove himself as the very best, and that gives me a chance to prove that I can be even better,” she says excitedly. “Maybe I am naive. Maybe I am stupid. Realistically, maybe I am going to get my head kicked off my shoulders on Monday night. But what if I don’t? There are going to be thousands of people chanting your name, but I hope they’ll also be chanting mine. ‘Cynics and Critics’ is going to hit the PA system and I’m going to walk out there, raise the International Championship high above my head, and I’m going to get the biggest rush of adrenaline I’ve ever had in my life. This week is my chance for this little internet darling, this little YouTube star, this little wannabe to step up another level, to stand tall, to stand proud and to prove what she can do and Johnny, I’m sorry. If I beat you this week I’ll actually be sorry, because I’d love to see you as a contender, I’d love to see you fulfil your dream and become EXODUS Pro World Champion, but on Monday night the lights are going to be on bright, and I’m going to try and turn EXPRO on FX #14 in to another edition of The Chapel Show,” she says before laughing. “Oh god, I so need to work on an awesome way to end these things. That one I think sounded better in my head. So, before I forget, check the links below for links to our new merchandise, don’t forget to rate the video, comment, subscribe, tweet about us, post about us on Facebook, basically just go nuts! For now though, I’ve been Lexy Chapel, and this has been The Chapel Show. Until next time, fuckers!”

She smiles at the camera again and the Chapel Show logo comes up on the screen as the video finally comes to an end and the replay button appears.

The Chapel Show

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