Episode: S01E10
Date: 10/05/2014

The video begins and we see the Chapel Show logo on the screen. The logo slowly fades away and we see the bedroom of the Chapel apartment in Las Vegas, Nevada, where we see everything is not quite as it normally is. The bed is in the centre of the picture, but off to the side of the bed where we’ve previously seen any number of random items that Nate or Lexy have left laying there is instead a cardboard box with the word ‘BEDROOM’ written across it. In the middle of the picture however, sitting on the bed in a t-shirt that reads ‘W.I.F.E.’ in large letters, with a list underneath it reading ‘Washing, Ironing, Fucking, Etc.’, sits Lexy Chapel with a smirk on her face as she looks down at the shirt and then back up at the camera. “What’s up fuckers? I’m Lexy Chapel and as you can see, I’m a WIFE, but I’m only really good in one of these areas and it’s not washing or ironing,” she says before grinning at the camera. “Welcome once again to the Chapel Show, and it’s the big one today. This is our tenth episode! We were going to throw a huge party in celebration of the milestone, but we already packed away the balloons. And as you can see from the boxes we’re currently preparing for another milestone of sorts. That’s right; we’re getting ready to relocate! Two weeks ago was a pretty big moment for me when the Director of EXODUS invited me in to his office – under false pretences, I’d like to point out – and presented me with a new contract. Now as you guys probably know from our first few videos Nate and I are second generation stars, both our dads are wrestlers back home in England and have done many tours of Europe and Japan over the years, but unfortunately their names weren’t exactly well known in the United States amongst the mainstream wrestling fans so getting a company to hire us was... a challenge, shall we say.”

She laughs and rolls her eyes at the camera. “Thankfully the guys at EXODUS Pro took pity on us, or something – I’d like to think they saw potential in two second generation stars but the reality is they were probably swayed by the boobs, most guys are,” she says before patting her own chest proudly and laughing about it. “But seriously, EXODUS Pro took pity on us and decided to give us a chance and give us our break in professional wrestling, and they signed us to short-term deals with a pretty basic appearance fee. We really loved it as well, and we’ve always been so incredibly thankful to Jonathan Collins and all the guys and girls in the offices who made the offer to us. But we kind of had an issue with signing for a company that does almost every show in California, and that’s that we were only on small appearance fees and we obviously live in Las Vegas, so when you considered the travelling costs, and even the cost of the cheapest motel you can imagine – one night I actually just slept in the bus station following the show waiting for the next morning – that meant most of the money disappeared, and, well, we gots to eat, not to mention pay rent. So before we were even offered the contracts I was working part time at a diner, and Nate had a part time job at a bar, and we were getting by like you do, you know? We were obviously trying to kick-start our wrestling careers though and that was the major focus, but we still had to work just to survive, and when Nate lost his job I’ll be honest, I began to doubt that things would ever happen for us. There was more than one night that I lay awake staring at the ceiling and wondering if I’d made a huge mistake in the decisions I made that led me to this point, in running away from my family, in choosing to follow my heart and not the voices in my head...”

She pauses for a moment, seemingly remembering before looking off in one direction for a few seconds. It’s more than likely that she’s looking off toward a photograph or perhaps even in the direction that Nate may be off camera. After a couple of seconds pause she just begins to smile again. “But through the hard times Nate and me only got closer together, and we only got more determined to make our dreams come true. We made promises to each other that we’d never let reality stop us from dreaming, and then we got the call from EXODUS Pro and honestly at that point money wasn’t even a big deal to us, we were just hungry for the opportunity. In truth though the contracts they offered us in the beginning were good. They were a foot in the door for two young British kids who needed an opportunity, and they also meant that there was no huge amount of pressure on us, no massive weight of expectation. We could just go in to our careers and try our best and hope things worked out, and considering nobody really knew us and most probably thought we were just another young pair of dreamers who’d fail we didn’t really have to worry about disappointing anyone, if we failed then all we’d do is prove those people right but if we didn’t... well, then we could start really dreaming. And everything that’s happened since then has seemed at times like a pretty wild dream,” she says with another smile. “Not all of it good of course, Nate’s injury was far from good, but even in my dreams I never imagined I’d be sitting here filming the tenth episode of the Chapel Show, that we’d have the kind of people watching that we do, that I’d have come even half as far in my career as I have, that I’d have been able to wrestle World Champions, and that I’d have a title belt of any kind, let alone this...”

She reaches over and picks up the International Championship from off-camera, holding it in her hand and just looking at it with a smile on her face. “The night I won this,” she says, still looking down at the title, “was the craziest, most emotional night of my life, and I know that’s a pretty big thing to say considering last year my wedding day was another one of those crazy, huge, emotional, life-changing days but the night I won this championship it was like I felt everything in my life start to change, that I felt so many different dreams all coming true at once, and I knew when they did that I never wanted to give up on this. But as much as things were changing, some things don’t ever change, and when I became champion, when all of this started happening, then I started making a little more money, sure. I got a bonus cheque from the company for being champion. I got a pay per view bonus appearance. Both were very nice, they both helped a huge amount in paying the bills, in letting us buy things that we needed to improve this show and just improve our lives, but every time we spent even a penny we both knew that it would still mean finding a way to pay the bills next month, it would mean finding a way to keep money coming in and we both struggled with that every single month. So when Jonathan handed over that contract and I saw the numbers... it wasn’t an ego thing with me, you know? I didn’t see dollar signs and start thinking about flashy cars or first class travel. Hell, I’m not sure we’ll ever make it THAT far in our careers, I’m not sure we’ll ever make it to the jet flying, limousine riding stage in our careers, and I never wanted a handout, I never wanted anyone to take pity on me, but... well, not to have to worry about rent was a big deal for me.”

 She smiles again, putting the EXODUS Pro International Championship across her shoulder. “But this didn’t just mean that either,” she says with a happy smile. “You see we were already talking about the possibility of moving out to California, of being closer to San Diego and the RIMAC Arena, it’s a lot of travel and a lot of expense to go through every time we need to travel out there and being in California would allow other opportunities. There’s some fantastic training facilities out there, Jonathan has offered to let me train with him and the biggest obstacles to that – you know, other than the fact that I turn in to a tongue-tied moron every time I’m around him, but I’ll talk more about that particular subject later – are the distance, the time and the money, and moving out to California would change all three. Moving to California at this stage in my career is honestly what’s best for my career, and while it’s something we’ve seriously talked about it was also something that until two weeks ago was just a dream. It was a long-term goal, and unless we could both find jobs in California then there was no way we could ever do it, but now? Well, now it’s not just a possibility, it’s an actual reality. And that’s why you see the boxes. It’s not going to be easy leaving Las Vegas, I mean we got married in this city and everything we’ve done as a married couple has been right here, but we have an incredible opportunity ahead of us, and that’s what the show this week is all about. I said last time that it wasn’t ever about reaching the top of the mountain; I like to think that the Chapel Show is more about the climb and the adventure along the way. So this week we bring you our adventure in growing up, including the kind of love you get when you tell someone that you’re a wrestler... Enjoy the show guys!”

The Chapel Show

We cut from the Chapel apartment to a sunny street where the camera seems to take a few seconds to adjust to the bright light. We see Nate and Lexy Chapel walking down a street together both wearing sunglasses; Nate dressed in a tank top while Lexy is wearing a pink t-shirt. Lexy is the one holding the camera and filming the duo as they walk down in the bright sunshine. “Good morning guys! So, as you can see we’re in California – wait, can you see that?” she asks before looking around to try and see if there’s anything behind them that obviously screams California and then shrugging her shoulders. “Whatever, we’re in California this morning and it’s day one of the hunt for a new apartment. It’s been a long time coming I think, ever since we got hired in December we’ve talked about it as a possibility, we’ve discussed it in recent episodes of the Chapel Show as even more of a possibility and with what hapNathan Chapelpened on Monday and my new contract now we can potentially turn possibility in to reality. So, we’re going to see a few places today.”

“Yep, got on the phone to the agents last night, they’ve got a few places available immediately, a couple of places that will be available in the next month,” Nate explains as the couple continue to walk. “The big question I’ve got though is where exactly do we focus the search? I mean we’re focusing around the Los Angeles kind of, err... what’s this area called exactly? I don’t know, but this is kind of where we’re looking today. We’ve already ruled out a lot of places since we couldn’t even afford a box to live in outside a building in some of those areas.”

Lexy just looks at him and smiles. “Well, you’re not wrong,” she says with a laugh. “Right now we’re in Anaheim and we’ve got two places to look at here. We’ve got one in Santa Ana later today, one in Newport Beach after we’re done there, so we’re kind of all over the place today. We’re not really a hundred percent sure where we want to live; we’ve both got different ideas. The thought of being just an hour’s drive from San Diego and the RIMAC Arena is fantastic though.”

“Yeah, no doubt! And I’ve got to admit that California is starting to grow on me. I’m still not sure about Anaheim though,” he says with a shake of his head, “I hear some shady people live here!”

Lexy lets out a loud laugh followed by a snort that she then covers her mouth in embarrassment over. “Oh wow, don’t sugar coat it babes, tell us how you REALLY feel,” she says, trying to stop herself from laughing any further. “In case you guys don’t know, Nate has this little problem right now with our wonderful boss – who I’d like to remind you is the reason that we’re even in California right now and I’m not working a double-shift today in order to make the money we need to pay our rent, so before you say anything too mean you should think about that.”

“Oh I’ve thought about it,” Nate says with a nod. “What I’ve thought about is trying to figure out his angle. I know he’s got one, I just need to figure out what it is...”

“Maybe he’s just being nice?” Lexy suggests and Nate gives her a look like she’s overly naive.

“Yeah, sure, because THAT’S what defines wrestling promoters, how NICE they are,” Nate replies overly sarcastically before shaking his head. “Seriously, I’m going to figure out his angle, and when I do he and I are going to have words.”

“I’m glad you didn’t say you were going to give him a piece of your mind, I’m not sure you have too much to spare,” she says jokingly and he squeezes her hard enough to lift her off her feet, almost causing her to drop the camera. She struggles to hold on to it for a moment and it almost bounces out of her hands, but she catches it and looks up at him in relief. “That was close!”

“Hmm, we almost had to put up a photograph this week saying there’s no Chapel Show because you broke the camera,” Nate says with a laugh.

“Hey, I only lost my grip because of you,” she says defensively. “At least could it be WE broke the camera?”

“I’ll consider it,” Nate says jokingly. “So, what were we talking about?”

“You beginning to like California?” Lexy suggests as an alternate topic to the real one.

“Ah yes, Jonathan Collins’ secret agenda,” Nate announces, having clearly remembered from that clue. “I don’t know what it is, but mark my words, I’m on the case!”

Lexy laughs and shakes her head toward the camera. “And the criminals of the world shake in fear,” she says jokingly. “Anyway, conspiracy theories about my boss being a decent guy aside, we’re in California and we’re looking at places. We’re sure to keep you informed, so wish us luck.”

“New location for the Chapel Show, new love nest for me and the missus, new excitement for new adventure, who knows where we’ll end up,” Nate says excitedly. “Just think, we could end up living in a skull shaped mountain! MOUNT CHAPEL! Ooh, are we looking at any skull-shaped mountains today?”

Lexy just shakes her head and looks down in embarrassment. “I don’t know what to say...” she says with another laugh. “I have no words!”

“Stay tuned folks,” Nate says, lowering his sunglasses to wink at the camera. “It’s going to happen! Mount Chapel is on its way...”

The Chapel Show

We cut to another location, inside an empty apartment. The camera pans around the main room of the apartment, which is currently completely unfurnished. There are a few unpainted blotches on the walls where presumably the previous owners filled in small dents and holes from screws and nails with filler and didn’t repaint the walls. The room itself is a decent size though, seemingly bigger than their current living room in their Las Vegas apartment. Lexy walks in front of the camera happily after a few seconds, implying its Nate holding it.

“Ok, so I’m thinking we could put the couch about here,” she says, motioning with her hands, before spinning around and pointing over to one of the corners. “And then you could have that corner for your desk and your laptop. What do you think?”

“That could work,” Nate agrees happily from behind the camera. “The bedroom’s a little small, but this room is definitely bigger than we’ve got. Besides, all we really need in the bedroom is room for the bed, a few wardrobes and a stripper pole.”

“What if they won’t let us have a stripper pole in this apartment?” Lexy asks playfully.

“Oh, no stripper pole, no sale,” Nate proclaims sternly. “We need that stripper pole; it’s been incredibly good for my health ever since we got it.”

“It’s been good for your health?” Lexy asks in confusion. “You don’t even use it.”

“Yeah, but watching you twirl around on it makes me feel alive,” Nate says happily.

She laughs and actually blushes a little. There are footsteps heard behind the camera and Nate turns to film a middle-aged man with a clipboard walking in to the empty apartment and looking around with a smile. “So, what do you guys think? Like I said, the apartment is available immediately, the rent is very reasonable and the owner is very flexible on most details,” he says, looking over the clipboard in his hand. “And from what I can see of your requirements here, this definitely seems to match almost everything you wanted. The bathroom is just recently refitted as well, absolutely stunning redesign, don’t you think?”

“Oh, stunning,” Nate says, almost mocking the guy.

Lexy shoots him a look behind the back of the real estate agent and then smiles sweetly at him when he turns to look at her. “And the apartment is available immediately? Well I think we’re definitely interested, don’t you agree babes?”

“Well, that depends on the stripper pole situation,” Nate says, causing Lexy some obvious embarrassment. “You see sir, my wife very much enjoys dancing like a stripper and, well, I very much enjoy her doing it too. Ever since we’ve fitted a pole in our current apartment things have just been magical, and there are few sights more beautiful to me in this world than my naked wife twirling on a pole. So, are there any restrictions on fitting such a wonderful object in the boudoir?”

Lexy goes a deep colour of red and covers her face. “Ok, it’s not like he makes it sound,” she says, unable to look at the guy. “It’s mostly a fitness thing, and I’m not normally naked...”

“I don’t, err, think that the owners would object to minor modifications,” the rental agent says with a shrug. “So, can I just ask a few questions before I approach the owners with your interest? I can see your financial information here, seems to be in order, but it doesn’t list employment...”

“I’m recovering from an injury right now so it’s my wife who’d bringing in the dough, and she’s a wrestler,” Nate says happily.

“A wrestler? Hmm...”

We cut from there to the outside of the apartment building where we find Lexy sitting on a wall filming herself. She looks far from amused. “So, here’s a funny story,” she says, using the word funny sarcastically, clearly annoyed from the expression on her face. “Apparently we’re ‘not the kind of clientele that the owners are looking for’. We WERE the kind of clientele this morning, everything was fine until the agent found out what I do for a living, and then apparently we’re no longer the kind of people who can live in a nice building. I’m sorry, how bullshit is that? Pardon my language but I’m pissed off right now! I mean, what the fuck difference does it make? We’ve got insurance, if I get hurt it’s not like we won’t be able to pay our rent – in fact if I got hurt sometimes I think that we’d be better off than we are right now, but that’s not the point. The point is that we’re ‘not the clientele’ they’re interested in presumably because they think that we’ll attack the neighbours or... what, exactly?”

Nate walks up behind her and starts rubbing her shoulders supportively. “It’s ok babe, I thought you’d be used to this by now,” he says supportively before kissing her cheek. “People normally aren’t exactly blown away in excitement when they find out what we do. I guess it’s a perception thing. When guys and girls are tweeting about ripping out hearts and shit I guess it gives us all a bad name.”

“Yeah, well it’s bullshit,” Lexy says again, shaking her head angrily. “I liked that place. It’s the first place we’ve seen that I really liked and it’s such complete bullshit that we can’t have it because of what we do. It’s like they think we’re circus freaks or something.”

“Nah, circus freaks can rent places,” Nate says jokingly.

“You’re not helping babes,” she says, looking up at him before shaking her head again and looking back at the camera. “So, as you can probably tell the search for a new place isn’t going that well. This is the fourth place we’ve seen today, I think the only one that we both liked, and now it’s not going to happen. I mean, does everyone else go through this? Does everyone else get this kind of second-class treatment because of what we do? Look, I know being a wrestler isn’t as noble as, like, being a nurse or a doctor or something, but that does not mean that we deserve... ARGH! I’d throw the camera down right now if I thought I could afford to buy a new one to replace it...”

Nate quickly grabs it off her, weirdly being the calmer one of the two, and jumps up on the wall to sit beside her, putting one arm around her supportively while holding the camera with the other one. “Just so you guys know, this isn’t the first time that something like this has happened,” he begins explaining to the camera. “We tried talking to a mortgage guy a few days ago but were told we’d be rejected a mortgage application, and while they didn’t say explicitly it was because of what we did for a living they kind of implied it in strong terms. It’s becoming kind of a theme for us.”

“It really is,” Lexy says angrily. “I mean, we don’t have a whole bunch of money, we’re not on billion dollar contracts, we don’t have a lot of cash spare every month and we can’t get financing, or a loan, or even a freaking new APARTMENT, because we’re wrestlers and that apparently means we’re dirty scum that don’t deserve to live amongst the civilised people. What, are we not civilised?” She lets out a long sigh. “So, what are we going to do now?”

“Well, we keep looking,” Nate says encouragingly. “Those other places didn’t reject us for that reason. Eventually we’re going to find a landlord who isn’t a dick. And we do have two more places to look at today.”

“Yeah, that’s true,” she says with a sigh. “It’s just... it’s not fair, you know? Like it isn’t already hard enough, I seriously didn’t imagine being discriminated against because of what we did. I mean, is it like this for everyone? Does every wrestler get treated like they’re second class nobodies, or is it something special they save just for us? Seriously, we don’t deserve the same things as other people? Ugh, bullshit!”

“In fairness babe, I’m not sure ‘civilised’ people say ‘bullshit’ as much as you have in the last few minutes,” Nate says jokingly and she punches his arm and smiles at him. “Oh sure, and now you beat me up! Geez, you know I’m starting to wonder if I even want to live with you...”

She laughs before leaning over and they kiss. “You know you couldn’t live without me!”

“Actually that’s probably right, who would do the ironing?” he asks jokingly and again she laughs and hits him. He just smiles at her happily. “Feeling better? Ready to get on with the hunt for a new place?”

She nods slowly. “Ok, I’m ready...”

They both jump off the wall and the scene fades.

The Chapel Show

We cut from there back to the lounge of the Chapel apartment in Las Vegas, Nevada where we see a wide shot of the lounge and Lexy is laying on the couch with her feet tucked underneath her and a stack of sheets of paper in her hand which she seems to be looking through. A few feet away, Nate is sat in front of a small desk on his laptop tapping away furiously. After a few moments spins around on his computer chair to face her, but the way he pushes off from the desk is so dramatic that he spins too far and then kicks the ground to spin a full five hundred and forty degrees before finally coming to a stop, also letting out a little squeal of excitement as he does it that makes Lexy look up at him and start laughing. “You are such a goof,” she says with a laugh before taking one of the sheets of paper and showing him. “Ok, I know you didn’t really like the layout, but I think the second one we saw really had potential. The bedroom was a good size, the lounge was fantastic and there was plenty of places we could use for filming.”

“Is that the one with the kitchen that only one person could fit in at a time, and that was so small that I’m not even sure you could open the oven door while actually standing in front of it?” Nate asks before shaking his head dismissively. “Nah, that’ll never work. I mean, how are you going to cook me my dinner if you can’t even open the oven?”

Lexy just looks up at him and smirks again, ignoring his chauvinistic dismissal of the apartment with a shake of her head. “You know if you keep saying that I’m never going to cook you dinner again,” she mutters before looking at the sheet of paper, which is clearly the details on the apartments they were looking at, and lets out a long sigh. “You are right about the kitchen though, I mean it was laughably small and it’s not like we’re going to be able to order takeout on a regular basis at that kind of price. Even if we budget everything really, really carefully one thing goes wrong and... Ok, maybe not that one.”

Nate nods in agreement before leaning forward curiously. “You know, there is another option in all of this,” he says almost with an air of mystery to his tone. “I mean, there’s one major idea that we’ve not considered at all, and one that will definitely mean we’ll have plenty more money.”

“I know you think Secret Diary of a Call Girl was ‘exotic’ babes but if I really started whoring myself out to guys you know that would mean I’d have no energy left to sleep with you, right?” she says jokingly. “Besides, you might be many things but you’re no Ben.”

“Pssh, as if you’d want me to be a Ben,” he says, waving the idea away dismissively before realising what he’s said and pausing as she begins to laugh. “Um, what I meant to say is ‘what are you talking about, you know I never watched that chick crap’.”

“Oh my god you SO watched it, I KNEW it,” Lexy says, laughing happily until Nate grabs one of the cushions from the sofa and throws it at her. She bats it away and just keeps laughing. “Oh wow, you know this opens up SO many new conversations for us! Like, what did you think about Poppy? You were probably in love with her, weren’t you? And what did you think of the ending? I almost cried, I swear!”

Nate just sits there with his arms crossed, shaking his head slowly. “I watched like one episode,” he mutters, “and that was only because I saw ‘call girl’ and figured it had to be a hoot.”

“I bet you watched every single one, and I bet you never stopped thinking of her as Rose Tyler either,” Lexy says, continuing to laugh. “I can so imagine you writing some weird fan-fiction mix between Secret Diary and Doctor Who as well!”

“Oh sure, laugh it up,” Nate says, shaking his head again before grabbing her legs. She tries to kick him off but he pulls her off the couch and she lands on the floor, still laughing as he falls on top of her and jokingly tries to cover her mouth to stop her laughing. She fights him off though, although she clearly isn’t trying very hard to do so, and after a few seconds he pins her wrists down and starts kissing her. They stop after a few seconds when she’s finally stopped laughing at him and he looks at her with a curious look on his face. “So, I was thinking about a tent.”

“I’m sure you were,” Lexy says with a smile, nodding down toward his pants. “If you weren’t thinking of at least some kind of tent right now I’d be upset and think I’m losing my touch.”

“No, not like that,” he says with a shake of his head before looking down and then back up again and nodding, “although in fairness, that too! And you know you’re never going to lose your touch babe. But no, I was thinking about an alternative to an apartment. I mean how many did we have to eliminate that we couldn’t afford with just one income? And even if I get a job somewhere for a bit until my back is healed up properly it’s not going to be easy finding something. So I was thinking, what if we got a tent and we went in to the wilderness...”

She laughs again, sitting up and grabbing the papers she dropped when he pulled her off the couch. “And then what? The big scary animals steal all my clothes and the only way to keep me warm is for you to get close to me?” she asks with a laugh. “I swear that’s the beginning of one of your movie scripts. I said I wouldn’t film it, now you want me to live it instead?”

“Ok, two things. First off, it wasn’t ‘scary animals’, it was mischievous racoons,” Nate says before shaking his head, “and that isn’t even the point. You don’t think I’m serious right now? It could be one of the greatest adventures of our lives. We wouldn’t be tied down anywhere, we wouldn’t have any annoying neighbours and if we got bored of one place we could just pack up and move somewhere else. Plus you know I’ve always wanted to experience the wilderness, to embrace nature like that. You know Bear Grylls has nothing on me!”

“He has nothing on you?” Lexy asks with a smile. “Do you remember Christmas last year? You said you were going to start a fire. You tried rubbing sticks together for twenty five minutes before you gave up and used a lighter!”

“Pssh, like starting fires is that important anyway,” he says dismissively, and just as she’s about to say something in response he shakes his head. “No, don’t say it! Whatever you’re thinking, keep it to yourself.”

“My lips are sealed,” she says with a smile, pretending to pull an imaginary zip across her mouth.

“But seriously, you don’t like that idea? It would save money, and it would just be an incredible adventure. Think of how much we’d learn; think of how incredible it could be to experience that kind of lifestyle. And we’d open up the Chapel Show to a whole new audience,” he says in a dreamy tone, as though he’s trying to sell her on the romance of the idea. “It’d be just you and me against the world. You and me fighting for survival in a wild world.”

“When we got married my brother said that marrying you would have me end up on the street,” Lexy says with a sigh. “I never quite imagined that he’d be right and you’d be putting me there on purpose...”

“It wouldn’t be on the street,” Nate replies with a shake of his head, “it’d be in the wild! We’d live in the woods.”

“We’d still be homeless,” she says with a smirk.

“What do you call the tent then?” he asks, almost offended before letting out a sigh. “Ok, you’re clear don’t love this idea as much as me. Can we at least go camping one weekend? Who knows, you might find you fall in love with it.”

“Bugs, wild animals, rain and no bathroom facilities,” she says with a sigh. “What’s not to love?”

He looks depressed for a moment but suddenly perks up again. “Ooh, what about an RV?”

“An RV?” she asks, pausing for a moment to at least consider that one. “Hmm, that’s slightly more reasonable. At least there are walls. You’ve been watching the Discovery Channel again, haven’t you babes? I swear every time you start watching that channel it warps your perspective. Remember the time you wanted to adopt a Cheetah because you thought they looked helpless in the wild?”

“Yeah, and I STILL say we could have trained it to get our slippers and get the newspaper, but you know, really fucking fast, not like a dog all slow and shit,” Nate says with a proud nod. “But no, turns out stupid laws mean you can’t keep a Cheetah as a pet. Fucking government always ruining my great ideas...”

She just shakes her head slowly and laughs. “Sometimes I can’t tell when you’re joking and when you’re serious,” she tells him with a worried look. “Seriously, sometimes you say something and I seriously begin to question if you’re being serious or not.”

“Mexico,” he says excitedly.

“Oh god...” she mutters softly.

“No, hear me out. If we lived in Mexico then we COULD adopt a Cheetah,” he says happily and she face palms and sighs. “No? Ok, WE COULD BUY A SUBMARINE!”

“A submar—” she begins to say in disbelief and the moment she looks up he kisses her again and starts laughing proudly. She just looks at him and shakes her head slowly. “You are kidding! Because I was about to seriously start questioning our marriage if you were serious about a submarine...”

He just laughs happily. “Yeah, I’m fucking with you. But you know I would look great as Captain Nemo,” he says proudly. “Ooh, that gives me an idea for another movie. A young girl falls in love with a captain and they get lost under the sea in his submarine...”

“Have you been drinking the bad milk again?” she asks jokingly.

He gets up from the floor and helps her up as well before kissing her happily. “And just for the record, I am serious about the RV,” he says with a smile. “I knew you’d never go for it without the thought of living in the woods first though. And that WOULD be awesome, seriously Bear Grylls thinks he’s so manly but I’d show him up within a week. None of that shit is even that hard...”

“Sure you would babes,” Lexy says with a nod.

“What? I would,” he proclaims proudly and she nods and makes agreeing noises. “You don’t believe me, do you? I’m telling you, it would happen! I just need to think up some awesome nickname. I mean c’mon, ‘Bear’? What kind of nickname is that? Oh my god, I could be Cheetah! CHEETAH CHAPEL!”

She starts laughing again and puts her head in her hands as he rushes over to the computer. “What are you doing?”

“I want to get the copyright on that name before someone else does,” he says excitedly and she just collapses on to the couch in disbelief as he begins typing furiously again.

The Chapel Show

We cut back to the bedroom again where Lexy is sitting on the bed once more, still wearing her ‘W.I.F.E.’ shirt and with the EXODUS Pro International Championship resting in her lap. She looks down at the title and then up at the camera. “So, I’ve already talked to you about the big news in my career from last week, but there are two more things from last week that do need to be addressed. First of all, I’d like to talk briefly about my experience teaming with Jonathan Collins. There is absolutely no doubt in the world that I was excited about that chance. I wanted to fight with him at my side. I wanted to take it to the Tag Team Champions. I wanted to show the world what I could do against the very best tag team walking the halls in EXODUS today. And ok, when it came to the match it’s true that we all had a little fun, I mean it’s not like we went out there as the most bitter of enemies. Jonathan introduced me to the guys before the match while we were all in the back, I respect both of them, I respect everything they’ve done and there was no way I was going out there with anger, but I did go out there determined, and not for the first time in my EXODUS career I feel robbed,” she says with a sigh. “I waLexy Chapelnted to show Jonathan everything I could do, but the way the match ended, having those guys come down and interfere, costing me an opportunity and costing the fans the chance to witness a little bit of history... it was wrong. This week though, this week Jonathan gets a chance to put that right. This week he gets a chance to show the world what HE can do, defending his own tag team championship, and I for one will be in the back cheering every move, just like the old days. In fact I may even try and find an old Jonathan Collins t-shirt just to really bring back memories.”

She smiles at the camera. “I’ve told you guys about being in the crowd when I was a little girl and cheering him on at the top of my lungs. I’ve told you guys about sneaking down in the middle of the night when my parents had gone to bed to tune in to the wrestling live from the United States just to watch Jonathan compete. He’s my role model. He’s an icon. And teaming with him last week was a dream come true. But that’s not to say that I’m completely done with Trouble either. I wasn’t happy with the way that my match ended against Johnny Cannon and mark my words I WILL get another match with him. I don’t care about the title being on the line, I’ll even put my title on the line if that’s what it takes, but I want to see if I can BEAT Johnny Cannon in front of the world, and after last week now I’ve got the same itch to take on Trouble again,” she says with a nod of her head. “I can’t promise them a title shot or anything, I don’t have anything in fact that I can actually offer a tag team, nor do I even have a tag team partner right now with Nate being injured, but that doesn’t mean I’m not itching for another chance to face them. So guys, if you’re listening to this, consider this a challenge. Lexy Chapel and a partner of my choosing against Trouble, some time, some place! I don’t know where, I don’t know when, but I do know that I don’t give up on a challenge or an opportunity, and facing you guys again would be an honour.  But that brings me to the other bit of news from last week, and that’s that my first title defence is signed. Everyone now knows who Lexy Chapel is going up against first... and it’s my tag team partner from last week, my idol, the guy who’s helped further my career more than anyone else and the guy who’s helped make my life better in every possible way, Jonathan Collins.”

“Now guys I’ve struggled with that announcement all week. I’ve been trying to figure out if he was joking last time out, if he was really serious, if he’s ACTUALLY going to step in to the ring with me on pay per view and try and wrestle my International title away from me, and I’ve come to one conclusion – I don’t know! I can’t imagine facing him. I can’t imagine trying to fight him. I honestly don’t know what I’d do in a match against him. I’ll want to win, clearly. I want to retain my title. But against the experience of Jonathan Collins? Against the knowledge, the savvy, and just the incredible ability that he possesses what kind of chance do I even stand?” she asks before looking down at the title again and picking it up, putting it over her shoulder. “Jonathan, I want to be straight with you. I have admired you for as long as I can remember. I grew up with your poster on my wall, looking down on me and with me literally looking up to you in every possible sense. When I broke in to this business I made no secret of that fact, I made no secret of the fact that it was a dream come true when you first even acknowledged me on Twitter, let alone all the help you’ve given me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. For that I can never repay you, I can never make up for the kindness you’ve given me, but that is not to say that I’m going to go down to the Saint of Violence at Absent Are the Saints. I admire you, I might even go so far as to say I love you – not in a romantic ‘I want to sleep with you’ way – but on pay per view one Saint won’t be absent, but there will be an absence of championship gold on his shoulder. You want me to prove to you that I’m ready? You want me to prove to MYSELF that I deserve everything you’ve given me? I need to beat you on pay per view to prove it to us both!”

 “But hey, let’s not jump too far ahead of ourselves because before then I’m thrust in to a triple threat match at EXPRO on FX #16, and I definitely don’t have an easy challenge ahead of me. My opponents, two newcomers and both incredible talents looking to make their marks here! I can respect that more than anyone else on this roster. I know how it feels to be new, I know how it feels to look at the other names on the roster and think that you can’t compare, that you don’t get the kind of respect that they do, I know how it feels to go in to that ring and want with all your heart to make the kind of impact that gets you notice by everyone in the building, including those in the back. This week you both have that opportunity, and it feels CRAZY for me to be thinking that that opportunity is against ME! I mean, I myself am new here. I still haven’t met everyone in the locker room. There are people I’ve looked at from down the hallway nervously without having the guts to approach them because I’m afraid I’ll squeal nervously and ask for an autograph like a little fan,” she says with a laugh. “I’m the last person anyone would consider a pro, I’m the last person anyone would consider a target. I mean I’m about as unassuming as a wrestler can be, and I like to think I don’t have an ego. I don’t go on Twitter rants talking about how I’m the next big thing in pro wrestling; I don’t fill these videos with egotistical bullcrap about how I’m a future World Champion. In fact whenever anyone even MENTIONS my future I tend to get tongue-tied and blush. And yet this week I have two coming for me, two looking to make their name by beating me, two looking to secure a bright future... and more than a bright future too, because this week one of you could secure an International title match in the future.”

“That’s how this works, and who am I to deny you that chance considering that’s exactly how I got mine. Neither of you were around then, so let’s go for a little recap. I won a match that qualified me to fight for the vacant San Diego Bay Championship. I was excited about it as well. It was my first ever title opportunity, my first ever chance in wrestling to make something of myself, to really put my name in the history books, and I went in to a match against Jerry Matthews thinking that it was a huge opportunity to see what facing a champion was really like, to see what kind of challenge I could potentially have when I stepped in to the ring to compete for the San Diego Bay championship. I didn’t go in to that match thinking I’d win; I just went in wanting to give a good account of myself. In the end I took Jerry to the floor and he lost his temper. I was too quick for him, I was fighting with passion and I had the entire crowd behind me. He hit me with a chair. He put me through a table. He laid me out in the ring. The first thing I really remember was being on a stretcher in the back wondering what the hell happened. I didn’t consider it a win, but the powers that be did. As a result, they gave me another chance. They changed my scheduled San Diego Bay championship match to an International Championship match and the second time around I wasn’t so naive, I wasn’t so foolish as to take it to Jerry in the same way, and I walked out of Downfall Of Us All as the new International Champion. So believe me, I know what lays ahead for you guys. I know how crazy nights like this can be. And I know better than anyone that you beat a champion – it doesn’t matter how, but you get your name on the winning side, all that matters is that you do it – and you put yourself in line, in contendership, for a shot at the gold.”

“So, which one of you wants it more?” she asks playfully before taking the International title and holding it up with a smile. “This title changed my life. This title put my name in the mouths of people I never thought would say it in a million years. This title could change YOUR lives as well. You both want respect, don’t you? That’s the whole point in your competing this week, unless I’m wrong. You both want recognition. You both want the suits to care about you. You both want everyone to know your name. One win this week and you could get your shot at making that happen. One win this week and you could get your shot at making history, at becoming a champion, at changing your lives forever, and maybe that’s what you both want. I mean, I’ve heard what people say about you both. I’ve heard what you say about each other. You guys are hardly friendly when it comes to the outlook you take. With Devilkiller, well I guess it’s in the name right there, isn’t it? He craves the souls of victims. Sounds brutal! And then there’s Ambrosia, a sweet name to hide a psychotic mind. Named after the food of the God, the ultimate delicacy I’d imagine. And you probably consider yourself somewhat of an ultimate delicacy as well, don’t you? You don’t like me much, that’s for sure. Am I not on your level Ambrosia? Or is it just that you mistake my playful nature for what, slutiness? You’re not the first girl in wrestling to accuse everyone else of being whores. Hell, you’re not the first person in history to accuse any woman who gets any success of getting it solely by laying on her back. Frankly though I find the whole approach to be childish because if you knew me at all, if you bothered to find out a single thing about me before seeing the championship and then assuming I liked to fuck my way to success, you’d know I don’t like spending ANY time on my back in that ring!”

She laughs and puts the International title back over her shoulder. “You’re both incredible talents, I can’t deny that for a moment. Both of you have bright futures ahead of you, both of you will prove in time that you’ve got everything you need in that ring, I have absolute faith in that. I’ve watched Ambrosia especially in action, I’ve seen the things she can do and I’m impressed. I’d like to think that with a positive attitude she could be someone, but then she’s no different really to so many others in that regard. Everyone talks down about everyone else. They think the only way to make their name is to claim that they’re the best and everyone else sucks, but tell me, how much does it hurt you when you get beaten in the middle of the ring by the girl who ‘fucked her way to the top’?” Lexy asks before smirking. “What does it say about you when you stand toe to toe with someone you disrespect, someone you look down on, someone you think you can brush under the rug with little effort at all, and you lose? What happens when you can’t claim their soul? What happens when it’s YOU who ends up on your back, looking up at the bright lights as the referee counts one-two-three?  What happens when you ego gets the best of you? Because guys, that’s what might happen this week. Of course I could be wrong. You could prove you’re dominant. You could destroy me. You could prove I’m nothing at all and feed on my soul and break my body and leave me in a wheelchair. My husband recently had an experience with that, so it’s not something that I’m intending on going through any time soon, but I can’t deny that it’s possible. I could be over my head. I could be out of my league. I might have no chance in hell of even getting some momentum here... but what if you’re wrong?”

She smiles again and pats the International title. “Do you know how many others said I couldn’t get the job done?” she asks, smiling even more and looking at the title for a moment before looking back at the camera. “Do you think Jerry Matthews thought the same thing before I fought him? Do you think Jerry thought that I was just a little girl with no talent and no hope? Do you think he saw me as nothing but a sex object, nothing but a little fuck toy for the amusement of the big men of the world? I’m sure he did. I know he saw me as inferior because of my association, my respect and my admiration for Jonathan Collins. He told me it would lead me in to my doom. This title is on my shoulder now. Do you still think he had a point? And people have questioned that ever since it happened. People have also questioned if it was a fluke. Maybe it was. Jerry’s entitled to a rematch, I actually can’t WAIT for the day he returns to lay claim to that rematch because when he does I’ll be the first one out there to that ring telling him that it’s on, because I intend to prove that I’m no fluke. But you guys, you’re not the first two to doubt me. You’re not the first two to look down on me. You’re not the first two to assume that you’ll run over the competition. Your names are already on that list, and if I get my way this week your names will be on another list as well, the list of names that stepped up to fight me and I overcame! That is what’s driving me this week. I have an opportunity to prove myself in a triple threat match, an opportunity to show WHY I’m wearing this title belt, and it’s an opportunity I want more than anything. So guys, have you really given any thought to what you’ll say next week if it’s my music playing at the end and the fans chanting my name after the bell rings?”

“I wish you both luck. I know that probably sounds insincere coming from the girl who you both think will need all the luck in the world to beat you both, but I do. I don’t wish you luck in beating me of course, what kind of person would wish their opponents had better fortune than they did? But I wish you luck in the competition this week. At EXPRO on FX #14 I won by count out. At EXPRO on FX #15 the match ended as a result of outside interference. At EXPRO on FX #16 I have a point to prove, I have a match to win and I have two doubters to silence, and that’s exactly what I intend to do. This week a man is coming to kill a devil, and a woman is coming to beat a whore. What they’ll find in the middle of that ring is neither devil nor whore, what they’ll find in the middle of that ring is the EXODUS Pro International Champion, and a girl looking to prove without doubt that she can overcome setbacks, overcome controversy and overcome the big challenges to show the world why she is where she is. And you want to know the really scary thing guys?” she asks before leaning toward the camera and almost whispering. “I’m still only learning!” She sits up and grins at the camera again happily before smiling again. “Right, so, did you like what you saw today, or do you think I belong in the kitchen like a good wife should be? Let us know in the comments below. And as always guys we love each and every one of you who watched the video, and you can love us back by clicking the subscribe button! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, you know, because you want to and because you know you can’t say no to this face! Thanks guys, as always I’ve been Lexy Chapel, and this has been another episode of the Chapel Show. Until next time, fuckers!”

She winks at the camera before taking the International Championship off her shoulder and kissing it proudly as the video fades and the Chapel Show logo once again comes up on the screen. After a few seconds the video ends and the replay button flashes up.

The Chapel Show

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