Episode: S01E15
Date: 19/07/2014

The video begins and we see the Chapel Show logo on the screen. The logo slowly fades away we see not our normal scene inside the Chapel apartment in Anaheim, California, but rather with a more grainy video that looks from its appearance like it’s been digitized from a VHS tape. There’s a date in the bottom corner which reads October 26th 1999 and the tape is of a middle-aged guy dressed in long tights that are styled like the British Union Flag competing against an Asian wrestler in front of a mostly Asian audience. The two are exchanging some of the roughest shots against one another. The British wrestler grabs the Asian one and whips him to the ropes before drilling him with a running knee. He attempts to lift the Asian on to his shoulders, but the Asian slips out and kicks the British wrestler in the head. The British wrestler looks like he’s about to drop, his eyes are glazed over, but the Asian grabs him to prevent him from falling. Out of nowhere the British wrestler drops the Asian with a reverse STO and we hear the Japanese commentators shouting the words ‘UNION JACK ATTACK’ loudly and in English. The British wrestler falls on top and the Asian referee counts one-two-three. The crowd cheers respectfully as the British wrestler gets back to his feet and is handed a championship title. We see a middle-aged woman rushing in to the ring and hugging him, along with a younger guy, wearing a t-shirt with the word ‘BRITANNIC’ across the front, a teenage boy and a young girl no more than five or six years old. The British wrestler raises the title before embracing the four in the ring with him, presumably his family. We see a Japanese person holding a microphone to him after saying something in Japanese, and he raises the title up and replies in English.

“This is the greatest honour of my career,” he explains, lowering the title again before smiling at it. He looks beaten up but is clearly proud. He then picks up the little girl and hugs her before putting her on his shoulders. “Today is my little girl’s birthday. This is Alexandra – Alexandra Adams – and tonight I was out here fighting for her. Tonight, here in Tokyo, Union Jack accomplished the impossible.”

He puts the little girl down again and hugs her tightly. She looks almost intimidated as the Japanese guy begins asking more questions. Union Jack however smiles at her. “What did he say dad?” the girl asks nervously.

“He wants to know if you’re proud of your dad,” Union Jack tells her.

“Of course I am,” she says happily, hugging him again. “My dad is my hero.”

The Chapel Show

We cut from the old, poor quality video to a clearly more modern scene, inside the Chapel apartment where we normally begin our videos. Sitting in the centre of the shot are two championship belts, the EXODUS Pro International Championship along with the New Era Wrestling International Championship belt, given to Lexy by its former holder, Jonathan Collins, when she captured the other title several weeks ago at the Downfall of Us All pay per view. We continue to focus on the championship belts for a moment before Lexy Chapel steps in front of them. She’s dressed in a lace kimono, denim shorts and a t-shirt that reads ‘I USED TO BE FUCKING STUPID... BUT WE BROKE UP’. She smirks at the camera and looks at the two title belts before looking back up at the camera. “What’s up fuckers? I’m Lexy Chapel, and smiling is only the fourth best thing I can do with my mouth,” she says before smiling and winking at the camera. “Welcome to the Chapel Show. It’s been a pretty crazy few months around here. When our little adventure began in January I wasn’t sure where it would take us or how long it would last, but we’ve reached July and so much has happened and none of it would have been possible without you guys, so at the risk of staring this off in the soppiest way possible, I just want to say thank you. Thanks for all the support, thanks for cheering, thanks for coming out to the events but most of all thanks for watching these videos. Oh, and since I didn’t mention it before – which is crazy when you consider how much it meant to be – a huge thanks for the Popular Wrestler award!”

She nods and smiles, putting her hands on her heart and looking genuinely thankful. “Ok, so while that may have started things off sounding like this is a finale or a goodbye I promise you that it’s not. It’s not even a season finale, because while this may still be Season 1 of the Chapel Show we don’t take a summer break and then return in the fall, we’re here all year long hoping to entertain you and we’re not going anywhere. Even despite the fact that the last six months have been some of the toughest of my life – from having to bust my ass to pay my rent back in Las Vegas, to having my husband injured and facing his own mortality, to regularly having the hell kicked out of me on national TV for all of you guys to witness – it’s also been the most wild, greatest adventure of my life by a long stretch. And while this might not even be close to a tear-filled goodbye, this past fortnight has certainly been one that’s tested just how committed I am to the life I have here, with you guys. You knows all know my story by now, don’t you?” she asks before looking at the camera, tilting her head a little and then putting her hand over her mouth like she’s stunned by the answer. “What’s that, some of you don’t? You mean there are more than two people who watch this show? Holy hell, if that’s true then I may need to start dressing more appropriately. Oh, who am I kidding, I almost wore a shirt that had a penis on it today, so this is more appropriately than I want to dress.”

She laughs, rolling her eyes. “Seriously though, for those of you who already know the story, you don’t mind a quick recap, do you? It’s important. Because this week on the Chapel Show, as you’ve likely already seen, it’s very much a case of facing the past, rather than embracing the future! Embracing the future has definitely been a reoccurring theme around here lately though. From our initial start in the wrestling business and embracing the future that we hoped we’d have as a tag team, the Chapel Show seems to have never stopped evolving as the weeks have gone on. We’ve gotten new equipment, new furniture, and even a new apartment. We’ve embraced the change of lifestyle, the fight just to get by and the sheer fun we can have when we’re goofing around. From our tag team beginnings though I’ve done everything I can to embrace the change and ride the wave of crazy momentum that I managed to get behind me, including becoming friends with and even teaming with the guy I used to idolise in this business as I was growing up. But this week, for the first real time, it’s about dealing with the past, and that’s something new for us,” she says, pausing for a moment before taking a deep breath and letting it out as a little sigh. “Yeah, so, you guys who don’t know the story, Nate and me came to America looking for an opportunity, but not in the normal ‘American dream’ kind of way. We didn’t come here looking to steal your ‘jerbs’, we came here looking for somewhere that we could honestly just be together, because that’s something that we weren’t allowed to have back home.”

She laughs and stops for a moment, walking out of picture for a moment before returning again with a series of photos. As she holds up each of them we see a close-up of it on the screen as well in greater detail than we can see just from the picture in her hand. The first of those pictures is a picture of a slightly older looking man from before, ‘Union Jack’, along with slightly older versions of the whole family in the ring, and if the little girl from before didn’t look enough like a younger version of Lexy, the picture she’s holding up features a girl who very much looks like a younger version of Lexy. “Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we come from some warzone, I’m not going to pretend that we’ve been through anything near as much as people who’ve come here looking to escape poverty, war and famine in their own countries. What we actually came here to escape was our families, because that was what was preventing us from being together. This is my family right here. This is my dad, obviously,” she says, pointing at the older man in the middle of the photograph before running through each of the others in turn. “This is my mum. Some of you guys may recognise them both; they were both wrestlers in the UK and in Europe. These other two guys some of you may recognise as well. This first one is Damien, my oldest brother who wrestles in England under the name ‘Britannic’, and this other goofier looking one is my other brother Harry, who wrestles as ‘The British Lion’. They’re my family and I love them, but... well, they just don’t ‘get’ me.”

She laughs and changes photographs, and like before we see a close up version of this one as well, although this one only has two figures in it, one of whom is obviously a younger version of Nate standing alongside another older guy. “And this is Nate’s family – well, his dad anyway. It’s surprisingly hard to find pictures of their whole family; it’s seriously like they’re afraid of family photographs or something. His name is Victor Chapel, better known as Victor Vicious, and... well, everyone has problems with their in-laws, but this is a guy who’s ACTUALLY been trying to wipe out my family for years, so... seriously, whatever issues you’ve got with your in-laws, I win,” she says before laughing again. She clears her throat and tries to get more serious. “But anyway, the reason that we came here was to get away from these negative influences in our lives who told us that because Nate was a Chapel I couldn’t go near him, and because I’m an Adams then Nate couldn’t go anywhere near me. In a way we’re kind of like Romeo and Juliet, if they’d actually had some kind of grown up plan and decided to be together, rather than just killing themselves. But yeah, we came to America originally just to be together. Our families have been at war with each other for years, so when I tell you that I know a thing or two about how personal this business can be then believe me I really do know a thing or two about how personal this business can be. I know how it feels to have people hate you for no reason other than something your parents did before you were even an idea, let alone before you were born.”

“So Nate and I came here to get away from them and to finally be together, and you guys have taken us in, you’ve shared our lives, you’ve shared our love, and honestly I feel more at home in America than I ever felt back in London, which is crazy when you think about it. In a lot of ways though, that’s why I want to show you what we’ve got to show you this week, because like I said before we didn’t really have deep conversations with our families when we decided we’d come to America, we pretty much just picked up a few things from our university dorms one night and met at the airport and got on a plane together. Now some of you might consider that cowardly, but honestly it was anything but. It was the single bravest thing I’ve ever done in my life, to leave everything behind in the way I did, and not to completely fall apart when we had to work our way up with nothing,” she says before looking around her. “We may have started out with nothing though, but I like to think we have a few things now, huh? And unlike the string of millionaires in the wrestling business, we’re different. We’re not overpaid hypocrites who can’t relate to what it’s like to be one of you, we ARE you! I’m the biggest wrestling fan in the world. My drawers are filled with shirts from my favourite wrestlers. Whenever a new one comes out I’m on the computer that night ordering it. We’re not better than you guys, we are you and everything we have is because of you. But these past two weeks we’ve faced a hell of a test to all of that. I’ll see you guys after. Get the popcorn ready and the Kleenex – for your eyes, you dirty minded people – and enjoy the show!”

The Chapel Show

We cut from the Chapel apartment to another clip that doesn’t seem like it was filmed recently at all. The clip is of the gates to a large home. There’s a British Union Flag flying on a pole that the camera focuses on for a moment before panning down to focus on the man and woman standing by the gates. The man is once again recognisable as Union Jack, Lexy’s father Damien Adams, and the woman is the same one who climbed in to the ring with him, the same one from the photograph, the British wrestler known as Panther, Helen Brooke-Adams. Lexy’s father smiles at the camera. “Hello UK, I’m Union Jack, professional wrestler and former multi-time British Heavyweight Champion. You guys all know that nothing is off-limits in professional wrestling, so with that in mind I want to give you a truly unlimited experience. Welcome to my home, welcome to the lives of me and my family.”

We see a video montage then of clips along with the names of those involved – Union Jack, Panther, Damien Adams, Harry Adams and a slightly younger looking Lexy Chapel, billed under her maiden name and looking very much like a maiden, Alexandra Adams, and of course still blonde. The intro ends and we’re taken inside the house where Damien, Harry and Lexy are all sat with Union Jack standing up in front of them. Both of the sons look excited, but Lexy just looks upset.

“So, for the next several months they’re going to be here, they’re going to be filming everything we do, and this is a real opportunity for all of us,” Lexy’s father explains. The sons continue to look excited. Lexy lets out a long sigh. Her father looks at her and rolls his eyes. “Have you got something you’d like to say Alex?”

“Only that I don’t want strangers filming everything I do,” she says, looking up at the camera and then back at her father. “Seriously dad, I get that you’re dying for one last moment in the spotlight or something, but do you really need to drag me in to this? I’ve seen shows like this. I’ve seen desperate old people trying to get one more minute when their fifteen minutes are up. I don’t want to be part of it.”

“Don’t talk to your father that way,” her mother says as she walks in to the shot. “He’s not just doing this for him; he’s doing this for you. This is going to help us all Alex, this is going to be an opportunity for all of us.”

“Nothing is off limits in professional wrestling kid, I thought you knew that already,” Union Jack says to her with a smile. “These cameras go everywhere that we go, they get to show people what it’s really like, they get full access to everything.”

“Yeah, great, because that’s what I need, millions of people focusing on me whenever I get a spot or criticising me for not wearing enough makeup, or too much makeup, or not being slutty enough, or being too damn slutty, and ugh,” she says, rolling her eyes and throwing her hands up in the air. “Seriously dad, when I said that one day I was going to have my own show, I was thinking YOUTUBE!”

“Yeah, because people really watch that,” her father mutters, shaking his head.

“More people will watch that than watch this,” Lexy shoots back before pointing at one of the cameramen, who’s filmed by another cameraman as she does so. “Seriously, this is not the answer to anyone’s problem. This is just going to cause more harm than do good.”

“Nothing’s off limits in pro wrestling kiddo,” her father says again.

“Yeah, you said that already,” Lexy complains, folding her arms up and sulking.

The Chapel Show

We cut from the opening clip of the Adams’ UK documentary series back to modern days where Lexy Chapel, with her modern-day dyed red hair, sits on a bench somewhere in Anaheim with her head in her hands. She looks nervous, perhaps even scared. It’s obviously Nate who’s filming her sitting there however, and it’s his voice we hear. “You realise you don’t need to actually do this if you’re not ready,” he says supportively. “Nobody’s forcing you to do this babe, we can just turn around and go hoNathan Chapelme right now and you can send him a text or something and tell him that you couldn’t make it. Tell him that... err... fuck it, tell him the dog had to go to the vets.”

“Yeah, because going to the vets with Captain Woofers is more important than seeing him?” Lexy asks before beginning to laugh a little. “Actually, you know what? If Captain Woofers really had to go to the vets then yeah, it probably would be. I mean there’s no way we could live without him, right?”

“He is a special dog,” Nate says before laughing along with her. “And when I say ‘special’, I’m thinking about that thing he did where he chased his tail and went around and around so many times before he almost knocked himself out when he smacked in to the wall. Seriously, I thought THAT was going to land him in the vets for sure.”

“Nah, Captain Woofers takes after you babes, he’s a survivor,” she says, smiling up at him. For a moment she seems like her normal self again before she throws her hands up – very much in the same style as she did when she was younger – and sighs. “Ugh, god! Why did he have to come here? Seriously, why did he have to show up? It was so much easier before...”

Nate’s tone softens even more. “He’s your dad Lexy,” he says sympathetically. “I mean, I know you guys haven’t talked since... well, since we left, but don’t you think it’s time? Don’t you think it’s time that you had that talk? I can understand why you didn’t want to talk to him last week. Him showing up out of nowhere was... unexpected.”

“‘Unexpected’?” she asks before shaking her head. “No, it wasn’t just ‘unexpected’ babes; it was totally out of line. What, he couldn’t call first? Ok, I guess technically he doesn’t have our numbers, but seriously he couldn’t have tweeted me or something? He couldn’t have emailed? He couldn’t have done anything to get hold of me rather than just showing up out of nowhere and then demanding to talk to me, like he actually gets to make demands of me anymore. No, I was totally right not to talk to him last week.”

“Yeah, you were, we agree on that,” Nate tells her before reaching out and putting a hand on her shoulder supportively. “But babe, you’re the one who said you’d meet him today, remember? Now I don’t know what his situation is, where he’s staying, how long he’s actually in the country for or if he had to extend his stay already or what – I mean, I assume he’s been here the whole time anyway and he didn’t fly home and come back especially, although we have been to Japan and back since so who knows, maybe he has – but you’re the one who agreed to this meeting, and if you’re not up to it you need to let him know, because right now he’s probably in there wondering where you are.”

She lets out a sigh and nods her head slowly. “I guess...” she says in little more than a soft mutter before smiling up at him and then frowning a little. “Since when were you on his side, anyway?”

“Oh, I’m not on his side,” Nate assures her. “After what you said he said about me last week I’m definitely not on his side. I’m on your side babe, and I only want what’s best for you, so if you really don’t want to talk to him today then we can get out of here right now, but I don’t think you really do. I think you want to deal with this.”

Lexy lets out another sigh before nodding her head. “Yeah, I guess I do,” she says, smiling up at him again, this time a little jokingly. “Since when were you good at knowing what I want?”

“Babe I always know what you want,” he says proudly. “Like, right now for example. I mean sure, you want to go deal with your father, you want to know why he came all this way because it’s bugging you – and it’s bugging me as well – but what you really want right now is for me to take you back to the apartment, for you to strip off and... make me a sandwich.”

Lexy tries not to smile; you can see how hard she’s fighting it, before she finally manages to glare at him. “You know that’s never going to work, right?” she says, shaking her head. “Seriously, it doesn’t matter how you phrase it, I’m not doing the Naked Chef thing for you, and I’m definitely not doing the ‘bitch, make me a sandwich’ thing either.”

“But, but... sandwich,” he mutters, and his facial expressions, which we can’t see since he’s the one holding the camera, clearly make her laugh.

She jumps up to her feet and kisses him before nodding at the camera. “You always know how to make me laugh and cheer me up,” she says lovingly. “Ok, I’ve put this off long enough, let’s go.”

“You want me to put the camera away?” he asks as he follows her acroDamien Adamsss the street to a fancy looking restaurant.

“Nah, keep it going, I want this documented,” she says before walking in to the restaurant. She pushes past the guy who steps out to welcome her to the restaurant, getting a laugh from Nate behind the camera, and walks down a few steps and across to where her father is sitting. He has a beer on the table in front of him that he’s putting back from taking a sip from as he looks up and sees her. He gets up and extends his arms, but Lexy just shakes her head. “Seriously, you thought we were going to hug?”

“You’re my daughter,” he says before shaking his head. “Fine, if you’re not ready for a hug for your old man then another time perhaps. What’s he doing here? And why’s he filming this?”

“‘He’ is my husband dad,” Lexy reminds him in a defiant tone. “And why shouldn’t he be filming this? In case you didn’t notice, that’s kind of a thing with us. I mean I thought you of all people would understand that, after all ‘nothing is off limits in pro wrestling’, right dad? You only told me that about ninety THOUSAND times before!”

“Some things are,” he says, looking straight in to the camera. “I don’t need your ‘viewers’ watching this. Hell, he doesn’t even need to be watching this. This is between you and me. This is between me and my daughter. You’re still my daughter Alex, no matter how far you run away from me.”

“Lexy,” she says softly.

“Excuse me?” her father asks, in a tone that implies that he genuinely didn’t hear what she muttered rather than the fact that he was particularly against it.

“I said ‘Lexy’,” she says more proudly. “It’s Lexy dad. Lexy Chapel, remember? I always hated the name Alex. You only called me that because you wished I’d been another son.”

“That’s ridiculous,” he says, shaking his head. “Although if you had been you’d probably be a damn sight more respectful to me! You know I thought it was just a phase that you’d eventually grow out of, the rebellious daughter everyone always warned me about. This is beyond ‘rebellious’ now though. This is just damn disrespectful and I’m sick of it.”

“Oh no,” she says, mockingly. It’s clear from his reaction that he’s considerably unimpressed with that reaction. “Look, I didn’t come here to fight with you. I came here to get answers. What do you want dad? Why did you come all this way, unannounced?”

“Turn the camera off,” he barks at Nate.

“Leave it running,” Lexy instructs in a similar tone before looking over her shoulder and smiling at Nate, as opposed to the angry glare that he’s getting from her father. “Whatever you’ve got to say to me you can say on camera. That’s always the way it was with you, right daddy? I’d have thought you’d love another chance to play up to the cameras.”

He scoffs before letting out another sigh. “If that’s the way you want to play it then fine,” he mutters angrily. “If you really want to know why I came here, I came to bring you home. This petulant runaway thing has gone on long enough. Your mother thought you’d be back within the month, she told me last year to give you time to work out your ‘issues’, that you’d soon realise you left everything behind and you’d come back. I wanted to come and find you and drag you back home. We all know that this bullshit relationship of yours isn’t going to last. Then we found out that you MARRIED the little fuck? Not only that, not only did you MARRY him but you’re USING HIS NAME? You’re not a Chapel, Alex. You’re a damn Adams!”

Lexy,” she shouts at him, getting more than a few people in the restaurant to turn to look at her. “I’m not going to tell you again dad, it’s not ‘Alex’ anymore. I’m not ‘Alex’ anymore. And yeah, I’m married. I’m married to Nate. Do you know why? Because he’s the love of my life!”

“Aw,” Nate says from behind the camera.

She turns to look at him. “You are babes,” she says, smiling at him before turning back to her dad again. “He is dad. It’s not about his name, it’s not about his family, if you’d actually bother to look PAST his fucking name then you’d see him for who he really is and you’d realise he’s my world!”

“He’s a Chapel,” her father barks angrily. “He’s one of them! After everything we’ve been through with them over the years, after everything that Victor tried to do to us, I can’t believe that you’d do this to us. We’re your family Alex. We’re your family, not this... this... this... what the hell is he anyway? He’s not a wrestler. He’s not... anything.”

“My husband,” she tells her father proudly. “He’s my husband, I love him and that should be enough.”

Her father shakes his head. “He’s a Chapel,” he says stubbornly. “They’re all the same Alex. I don’t know what this one did to you, I don’t know how he managed to trick you in to all of this, but they’re all the fucking same. You can’t trust them. They’re all out for themselves. None of them give a damn about us. Do you know what his brother almost did to your brother recently? It’s time to end this charade. Do you want to know why I came here? I came to rescue you. You’re my daughter; I won’t let them use you anymore.”

“They’re not ‘using’ me,” Lexy tells him in disbelief. “In fact there is no ‘them’, it’s just us. Me and Nate, nobody else! Well, ok, technically me, Nate and Captain Woofers, but—”

“Captain Wo—you think this is a goddamn JOKE?” her father asks angrily. “I’m going to give you one last chance before—”

She shakes her head. “No, dad, you’re not,” she says defiantly. “You’re not Union Jack here dad. You’re not Union Jack at all anymore. You’re not a larger than life hero who has super villains he has to fight and damsels in distress he needs to save. You’re a bitter old man with a grudge against another bitter old man that you’ve let completely take over your life, and you sucked me in to all that bullshit for nineteen years but I’m not a part of it anymore dad. I’m done with it, can’t you get that? We left the fucking country just to get away from you and Victor and this crazy rivalry you’ve had. Neither one of us wants anything to do with it. We’re not part of your grudge anymore. We’re not part of your conspiracy theories. We’re forming our own story dad, and it’s a story that I’m really enjoying being part of.”

“Me too, babe,” Nate says supportively and she turns to smile at him again.

“They’re all the same Alex,” her father says again, beginning to sound more and more like the crazy, bitter old man that she just described him as. “What did they do to you? What did they do to my little girl?”

“They didn’t do anything to me dad, you did,” she says, letting out a sigh. You’re the reason I ran away. You’re the reason all of this happened dad, not some crazy theory about the Chapels being evil. Ok, I’m not going to say that I actually like any of the others, but I love Nate, and that’s not going to change. So if that’s all you came here for, if you came here to ‘save’ me, then I don’t need you to save me daddy. I grew up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m a modern girl and we don’t need our fathers to save us from the evil boys, we can save ourselves.”

She turns and begins walking back toward where Nate is filming all of this from. We hear her father shout out her name – or rather, shout out ‘Alex’ and ‘Alexandra’, but not Lexy – as she walks off, but she doesn’t turn.

The Chapel Show

We cut from the restaurant to a different video, this one featuring Lexy holding the camera very much like she does when she’s filming herself as part of the Chapel Show, but there’s something different about this clip. She has blonde hair again, implying that it’s not freshly filmed. The way she looks though, the way she has her hair and just the look about her, says that this video is old. Her hair is different, slightly shorter even than it was in the first Chapel Show episode. The video seems to be from mid-to-late 2013.

“You know how sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and you ask yourself what the hell you’ve done?” she asks the camera before chuckling a little. “No, I guess you don’t. That’s cool, I didn’t know how it felt until recently either, and now it keeps happening over and over. Sometimes I wake up and I wonder if I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life. What if I have? What if coming here was the worst thing I ever did? What if...?”

 She looks filled with doubt and so incredibly conflicted. She pauses then, almost unable to continue, and lets out a long sigh before looking down at her hand and then holding it up to the camera. “So, I’m getting married tomorrow,” she says, showing the ring on her finger. “At least, I’m supposed to get married tomorrow, but... I want to, ok? I do. But... oh god, why am I even recording this? Seriously, who am I even recording this for? Nate, babes, if you’re watching this then it probably means I couldn’t go through with it and I’m trying to make this tape to justify running away. I want you to know three things. I love you, I’m sorry, and... I’m scared.”

“I figured they’d be here, you know? My family, I mean. I figured they’d be here. I mean, doesn’t everyone think that they’ll have their family around them on the day they get married? Only I won’t...” she says, trailing off. “And the thing about it is, I’m not sure that I can go through with this without them. I’m not sure I’m strong enough without them. I’m not sure if—”

“Lexy?” asks Nate’s voice.

The camera quickly moves somewhere, presumably out of sight of Nate, and all we can see is black as we continue to listen to the rest. “Yeah babes?”

“Where’d you go?” he asks with concern in his voice.

“I just... um... I couldn’t sleep,” she admits.

“I thought I heard you talking,” he says. “Who are you talking to at this time of night?”

“Just... myself,” she replies before letting out another sigh. “Babes, do you ever think that maybe we’re making a huge mistake?”

There’s a reasonable pause, like Nate’s really thinking about it, and then a very short answer. “No.”

“No?” she asks with surprise. “That’s it? That’s your whole answer? Just ‘no’?”

“Just ‘no’,” he confirms and we hear the sound of them kissing. “What is there to doubt? Tomorrow I’m marrying the love of my life.”

“But what if—?”

She’s not able to finish her question before Nate interrupts her. “No, there’s no ‘but’,” he tells her sweetly. “There’s no ‘but’, there’s no ‘maybe’, there no ‘perhaps’, there’s none of that. I know you’re scared babe, but remember why we did this. Remember why we’re doing this. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want the entire world to know how much I love you. I want to be able to say that Lexy Adams is my wife. I love you, so for me there’s no ‘what if’. Is there really one for you?”

This time it’s her turn to take a pause before she replies in the same way he did. “No,” she says sweetly. “No, there’s not. You’re right. I’m just spazzing out over nothing, I guess. Oh, and I’ve got something I meant to tell you. I got the paperwork today. I still need to send it off and everything, but as of tomorrow it’s going to be official, Lexy Adams won’t exist anymore. I’m going to be Lexy Chapel. Wow, that sounds weird...”

“No it doesn’t,” Nate tells her excitedly. “That sounds fucking perfect!”

The Chapel Show

We never get to see anything more in the video; instead it just ends there with Lexy shutting off the camera without ever taking it from its hiding place. We cut from there to the outside of the Chapel apartment building in Anaheim, California, where our stars are clearly returning home. Nate is strutting as he walks along and Lexy, who’s obviously behind the camera again, is laughing hysterically. He’s walking along, randomly pointing and nodding his head as he does so, before he stops and slides before pointing back at the camera and winking. Lexy almost drops the camera from laughing so much. “Oh good god, I think I’m about to wet myself,” she says, continuing to laugh as Nate then throws his hands up and starts almost twerking, shaking his hands about as he does so and once again Lexy almost drops the camera from laughing. “Ok, ok, you win, you win. Spider-Man 3 is officially the worst superhero movie they’ve done yet.”

“Whoa babe, whoa,” Nate says, stopping his dance and holding up both his hands like he’s trying to stop her. “Don’t go too far, I mean it’s fucking terrible, and the way they randomly put Sandman in to his origin story for absolutely no reason was just fucking ridiculous, but... I mean, it might be the worst Marvel film, if you ignore Electra which honestly most people did anyway, but... Catwoman?”

“Ok, fair point, but—” she begins and immediately stops. Nate seems confused as to why she stopped and the camera lingers on him for a moment as he looks in the direction that she’s presumably looking and that the camera isn’t facing. After a few moments she turns to reveal her father standing in the doorway to the building. “What are you doing here dad? Why are you even still in the country? I thought we said everything that needed to be said.”

“I wanted to talk,” he says in a different tone than before. His body language is different to before as well. “Is there somewhere we can go?”

“Here’s just fine,” she says.

“I’d rather do this somewhere more personal,” he tells her. The scene cuts from there to the apartment where Nate is now clearly the one filming once again and Lexy is standing several feet away from her father who’s looking at some of the various things around the apartment. He picks up a photograph and looks at it before looking over at her. “You know I remember when this was taken...”

“Yeah, me too, but you didn’t come here to talk memories, right?” she asks, shaking her head. “What do you want dad? I thought you’d have gone home by now.”

“I’m leaving tomorrow morning,” he tells her before letting out a sigh. “Truth is I needed to stay a few more days, because I needed to arrange a few things before I left. I’m booked on a direct flight home tomorrow morning, and I’m still hoping you’re going to be coming with me.”

“Not happening dad,” she says defiantly before motioning toward the door. “Still, it was good seeing you, have a good flight, say hi to mum for me...”

“It’s not that easy,” he tells her, shaking his head now. “Look, I want to apologise for before. I said some things I didn’t mean...”

“No you didn’t,” Lexy tells him.

“No, I didn’t,” he agrees before letting out a sigh. “Even so, I’ve had some time to think and... I was wrong to say what I said. I remember when I was younger and I married your mother, people didn’t understand that either. It never stopped us though. So, I want you to know that I’m sorry, but I still want you to come home with me. I want both of you to come home with me.”

Lexy stares in disbelief. “Excuse me?” she asks, completely dumbfounded for a second. “If you’re not here to break us up then why...?”

“I got what I was waiting for this morning. I’ve been making some calls, talking with some friends, and... You remember my friend Mike? He’s taking his company to the next level. He wants you to be a part of it,” he tells her, reaching in to his pocket and removing what seems to be a folded up contract before stepping closer to her and handing it to her while she continues to look shocked. “He’s seen what you’ve done in the little promotion you’re part of here, he wants you to step up to the bigger stage...”

“Little promotion?” she asks before looking at the contract and her mouth drops open a little. “Holy shit, that’s a lot of money...”

“Well, he’s my friend and he knows you’ve got potential,” her father tells her. “That’s not all. As difficult as this is for me to say, he’s willing to offer your husband a contract as well, when he’s fit and ready to compete again. And I spoke to your mother; she’s going to help him with his rehab. You’ll both be in that ring sooner than you think. This is an opportunity Alex. This is a real chance for you. Within six months you’ll be a genuine contender. Within a year, if you work at it, you’ll be a World title contender. You can be the first Adams to ever hold a World title. You’ve definitely got the potential to do that, if your brother doesn’t beat you to it. I spent a lot of time negotiating with Mike on your behalf though; the contract has everything you could want. It’s a golden ticket. All you’ve got to do to cash it in is come home with me.”

She looks at the contract and we can see she’s clearly reading parts of it as she flicks through it. “Dad, this is amazing,” she says before holding it out to him again and shaking her head, “but no.”

“No?” he asks in disbelief.

“No,” she confirms, nodding her head this time. “Thank you for the offer, but I’m happy where I am.”

“You’re happy where you are?” he repeats.

“Is there an echo?” Nate asks, a little jokingly. Lexy’s father shoots him the evilest look we’ve ever seen from anyone on the Chapel Show, so evil looking that it seems like it may have genuinely hurt Nate. “Err... I’ll be quiet.”

“Yes dad, I’m happy where I am,” she confirms, looking at Nate supportively for a second before turning back to her father. “It was scary at first, and it was hard, and the money wasn’t great originally, but I’m a part of EXODUS right now and I like it there. Plus, you know, I’m also kind of a champion there...”

Her father just scoffs. “Right, you’re a ‘champion’,” he says, even doing the air quotes as he says the word. “What is it, the International title? It’s a good little belt, don’t get me wrong. I was proud of you when you won it. But how bright is your future really going to be Alex? You’re only going to be champion until your ‘friend’, your ‘hero’ Jonathan Collins, decides he’d rather put another one of his friends in that position. Hell, it’s already happening with this Kerry Windsor asshole. What’s he done to earn a title opportunity? Absolutely fucking nothing! Then again he didn’t need to do anything to potentially be a World title contender either, but he’s Jonathan Collins’ friend and there’s nothing that that man knows better than nepotism.”

“He’s not like that,” Lexy begins, trying to defend her friend.

“Oh please,” her father says with a roll of his eyes. “I’ve been in this business for forty years Alex, I know nepotism and cronyism when I see them and your ‘friend’ Jonathan is more than responsible for both. He manages to get his buddies to sign for his company and all he does is reward them at every opportunity. He makes absolutely sure his wife has everything she could want. And right now he considers you a friend, but how long until that changes Alex? That company is toxic. Your whole career depends on you never saying no to him. If you come home with me, I can guarantee you that that won’t be the case.”

“Says the guy who’s offering me a contract his friend drew up,” Lexy mutters.

Her father nods. “Yes, my friend wants to hire you, but so does every other promotion in Europe,” he tells her, “it’s just that I made damn sure Mike worked for it, because he is my friend. Once you sign on this line though that’s it, you don’t need to kiss ass in order to get opportunities, you’ll earn them in the ring. You don’t have to stay awake at night wondering who the next friend of your boss to get a shot at you will be, and you don’t have to worry about how many of his enemies will randomly try to make an example of you. Let’s face it, your ‘friend’ isn’t exactly popular, and for good reason. And right now you’re already struggling with it, aren’t you? But rather than putting himself in harm’s way he keeps throwing you in the ring with all these people who want to hurt you just to send a message to him.”

“That’s not how it is,” Lexy says defensively.

“Oh please Alex, that’s exactly how it is,” her father tells her in a demeaning tone. “But it’s ok. You only signed with the company because they were the only ones who’d give you a chance, and you’ve gotten your break now. Your name is out there. Now you can cash in on it, you can take advantage of the fact that others want to employ you. It’s time to cash in honey. All you’ve got to do is—”

“—become a complete sell out,” she finishes for him. That was clearly not what he was going to say though based on his reaction. “Thanks dad, but no thanks.”

“It’s not selling out Alex, it’s cashing in,” he tells her.

“No, it’s selling out,” she replies angrily, “and I’m not about to do that. Look, thanks for the offer, thanks for... everything, even the kind of backhanded compliments, but I’m not looking to ‘cash in’ right now. I like where I am. I like the company I work for. I like the fans, I like a lot of the guys in the locker room, I like the competition. I’ve worked hard there. I’ve worked my way up. I’m not about to turn my back on that, no matter how good the money is.”

“That’s what the business is about,” her father tells her sternly. “Make no mistake about it Alex, this is a business and opportunities like this don’t come along very often. You’ve got a chance here to become one of the biggest European stars who ever—”

She laughs. “Yeah, I’ve heard all this before,” she says, shaking her head. “I’ve heard how evil Jon is. I’ve heard what the business is really about. I didn’t believe any of it when they said it; I don’t believe it now you’re saying it either. And dad, it is totally selling out and I’m not a sell out. Maybe I don’t know what Jonathan has planned for me next, maybe I don’t know if it’ll be another of his friends or not, maybe I don’t have any guarantees about my future, but you know what? It’s my future. This whole thing, everything I’ve done up to this point, is mine. I’ve earned this dad. I’ve fought my way up from dark matches. I’ve busted my butt to get where I am. I’m not about to throw it all away now.”

“Alex listen to me,” her father begins. “I know you. I know you’re a dreamer. I know you’ve always had your head in the clouds. But it’s time you start making smart decisions!”

“I have,” she tells him proudly. “Every decision I’ve made has been a smart one dad. Leaving home was the smart thing to do. Marrying Nate was the smart thing to do. Joining EXPRO was the smart thing to do. It was all smart because it’s all led me to where I am, and you know what dad? I like where I am! I like everything about my life, and sure maybe it’s not easy, and maybe I could get opportunities somewhere else, but they wouldn’t mean anything if I just walked in to them. Everything I have right now I’ve earned. I thought you’d have understood that, but you don’t. You know you were my hero when I was young, right daddy? And as I grew up a little, Jonathan became my hero. But you know who my hero is now?”

“If you say your husband I swear I’m going to—” he says angrily.

“No, I am,” she says with a laugh. “It’s like I said before dad, I’m not a princess who needs saving. I don’t need to wait for anyone to come along and save me, I save myself. So thanks, but no thanks. I’m staying where I am.”

“You’re making a mistake,” her father began as she walked over to him and began ushering him toward the door, handing the contract back to her. “You’ve got to reconsider this Alex. This could be the only opportunity you get that’s this good.”

“Maybe it’s the only opportunity I’ll get where the money’s that good, but I’m not doing this for money,” she tells him proudly. “I worked a second job to pay the bills because it’s who I am, not because there wasn’t an easier option. I’ve busted my butt to get where I am because it’s who I am, not because there wasn’t an easier option. There is. There are easier options! I could sell out and become just like Christum Furor with all his bullshit. I could run to Jon and ask for everything to get handed to me. I could become that person who uses her looks or her friends to get what she wants. But that’s not who I am daddy. Thanks for the offer but I don’t want to ‘cash in’ right now. Right now I’m where I want to be and I have everything I want to have.”

“No,” her father shouts angrily. “This is not the way this is happening. You’re not doing this. You’re not throwing away even more of your life. You’re an Adams dammit!”

“No dad, I’m not,” she says with a shake of her head. “I’m not an Adams, I’m not a Chapel. I’m Lexy Chapel.”

With that she slams the door shut and turns back to the camera, looking hesitant and nervous. She looks up at Nate who laughs. “I am so fucking turned on right now,” he tells her, causing her to laugh again. His tone becomes more serious though as he steps closer to her. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I think I am,” she says softly. “Or, at least I will be...”

He puts a hand on her shoulder supportively and she smiles at him. “I know what you’re thinking,” he says softly. “You’re thinking maybe—”

She cuts him off. “There’s no ‘but’, there’s no ‘maybe’, there no ‘perhaps’, there’s none of that,” she says, repeating what he said to her the night before they got married. He laughs and puts the camera down behind him. We can see them hugging as Lexy reaches up and wipes a tear from her eye and we fade out.

The Chapel Show

We cut back to the Chapel apartment and Lexy in the same shirt she was wearing in the beginning part of the video. She has the International Championship over her shoulder now and is sitting on the couch with a smile on her face. “So, tough few weeks, right?” she says before nodding her head. “The last few weeks I’ve dealt with a lot, from my past to a potentially entirely different future, and I know that there are probably some people watching this right now who are thinking that I should have taken the offer, right? There are people who are just like my dad, people who view the wrestling business in the same way. They see it as a business, with the objective being making money. They think that he’s right about everything he said, about Jonathan favouring his friends and his family over everyone else, about seizing the opportunity to ‘move up’ to a bigger company, there are people who probably even think that I made mistakes in my life that I had a chance to change this past week. I won’t lie; I had a few moments where I wavered a little. I had a few moments where I doubted myself. But I pulled through them one way, by being true to myself. You see, I told you there was a reason I told you that storLexy Chapely earlier about how I started off, and this is it: when this whole thing started I was scared, I didn’t know what the future held and I was afraid that it was all going to go wrong. Hell, there have been periods where I’ve gotten scared and I’ve doubted what I’m even doing here. But as scared as I’ve gotten, I’ve always stayed true to myself.”

“My dad said this thing to me. He said that I was an ‘Adams’,” she says, nodding her head slowly. It’s evident just how much that line has affected her by the look in her eyes, and clearly what that name still means to her despite the fact that she no longer uses it. “The truth is that I was born an Adams. I’ll always be an Adams. And I love my family. I know these clips for this episode may not show that, but I do. I love my family more than I can express. But I’m not my family. That’s something that I want to make very clear right now, because it’s something that matters a great deal to me. As much as I respect my father for everything he’s done, I’m not like him. I don’t view the world the same way that he does. My father used to pretend to be super human because he thought that that’s what this business needed. He used to pretend to be larger than life because he thought that that was the only way that wrestlers could be. He said things, and he did things that played in to that belief. He wasn’t just Damien Adams, he was Union Jack, he was a showman, he was a master at playing up to the cameras and saying the right thing at the right time to get the right reaction, and just as importantly as the reaction he was a master at saying the right thing at the right time to get the right amount of money. That mattered to him. Why wouldn’t it? He had a family to support after all, right? But as much as that may be true, it wasn’t just about supporting his family. It was about his ego as well. His ego needed the big paycheques. Mine doesn’t.”

She laughs and lets out a long sigh before looking at the International title on her shoulder. “There are a lot of things my dad said that have stuck with me this week. The whole thing about the Chapels against the Adams’ has definitely stuck with me. You know I’m actually still kind of surprised that he was willing to bring Nate back with me, even if I don’t believe that that was his real intention. It wasn’t, was it dad? I know you’re watching this. I know you’ve just watched everything play back before your eyes and you’re probably shaking your head at the way we ‘portrayed’ you in this video, because what you said and did in this video isn’t the way it ‘really’ happened, right dad? Except that it is. We didn’t edit the clips. Hell, we even left some stuff in there that we could possibly have cut out – that we would have cut out on a different day, in order to keep the video shorter – for one reason and that’s because we didn’t want to edit things. We wanted them to appear as they really happened,” she says, letting out a long sigh. “What you saw in these videos, and in the little ones we managed to find in other places, was real. It wasn’t played up for the cameras. It wasn’t rehearsed. It wasn’t scripted. It wasn’t planned. It was real. That’s what the Chapel Show is all about. And that’s what I’m all about. And that’s something that’s important to me, especially this week going in to Tokyo, where my dad won a championship all those years ago. It’s important to me that you know this isn’t just a game for me, this is real.”

“This isn’t just a job. This isn’t just something you say to the cameras. This is real. This is my fucking life, and this championship I have right here, this is my life as well. I want to thank Channel 4 again for letting us use the clip from the TV show, because that clip really said everything it needed to say. What you should take away from that isn’t the fact that my dad needed the TV show, what you should take away from that is the fact that he claimed that he claimed that nothing is off-limits in this business, but he was lying. What he did in front of the cameras, that wasn’t real. He played up for them. He said the right things. He did what he needed to do to play the character he wanted to play, but I don’t play a character,” she says before nodding her head confidently. “That’s something I’m proud of. The girl you see on the Chapel Show is the real me. I’m not someone else ‘behind the scenes’. I don’t hide what I really feel. I don’t say the right thing, or tell people what they want to hear. I talk the truth. I say how I feel. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and sometimes that leads to me getting hurt but you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t want to play a character. I don’t want to be someone, or something, that I’m not. I want to be honest. And that’s kind of how I got in to this situation I’m in right now, isn’t it? Because I was honest and so I’ve made enemies with people I could have easily lied to. I could have said the things that Gods & Monsters wanted me to say. I could have played the game. But that’s not who I am.”

“Going in to this week in Tokyo as well, I’m going to be honest again. I’m going to be honest about three things. I’m going to be honest about what the International title means to me. I’m going to be honest about what I think about Kerry Windsor and everything that’s led to this point. And I’m going to be honest about my chances and what I really think. So, shall we start with the first one?” she asks, taking the International title off her shoulder and holding it up to the camera before smiling as she looks at it, then looking back to the camera. “You guys remember me talking about this title before, right? I’ve already told you in the past what this belt means to me. I’m going to tell you again. Because I know what people think about this title, ok? I’m not stupid. I know that there’s a whole bunch of people who see it as the consolation prize. They see it as the second place medal. And nobody heads to the Olympics planning to win silver, do they? They want gold. Everyone does, it’s only natural. We’re winners. We want to win. And that means that the end goal should always be the World Heavyweight Championship, right? And it’s not just this title that’s that way either. The San Diego Bay Championship is just the same, right? That’s not even silver though, that’s bronze, and nobody wants bronze either, right? I mean, the San Diego Bay Championship was even vacated not long ago by Fiona Collins for that exact reason. She wanted to be World Champion; she didn’t want to be San Diego Bay Champion. She didn’t want to be second or third...”

Lexy looks at the title and laughs. “You guys have no idea,” she says, smiling at the camera. “I know that’s the way you all feel, but it’s not the way I feel because to me this title is a consolation prize, this isn’t a runners up reward, being the International Champion isn’t just something I’m doing until I can get a chance at being World Champion, being International Champion is the greatest honour of my entire life and you know what? I NEVER want it to end! You hear me? Once upon a time Jonathan held this title – well, the NEW International title, this title’s ancestor – and he gave it up to become World Champion, just the same way Fiona gave up the San Diego Bay championship. As much as I respect both of them, I’m not like them. If someone walked up to me tomorrow and told me that I could be facing the winner of Christum Furor and Fiona Collins in two weeks on EXPRO on FX #20 with the World title on the line and that ‘all I’ve have to do’ is give up the International title, I’d tell them ‘no’. And it’s not that I don’t want to be World Champion, of course I do, but it’s because this championship, being International champion, representing the company and representing everything that this title is about, isn’t just something I’m doing to kill time, it means everything to me! I wear this title with pride. I raise it over my head with so much pride. I could happily go for the rest of my career and never ‘move on’ from this title because to me there is nothing to ‘move on’ to. And it’s not that I’m content with being ‘second place’, it’s because to me being International Champion is so much more than that.”

She takes the title and looks at it again before proudly putting it back over her shoulder. “When this started I wanted to be San Diego Bay Champion. I couldn’t have dreamt of anything more than that. But that didn’t happen, and instead I found myself fighting for this title, the title they said was ‘cursed’. Yeah, it’s not. The title isn’t cursed. It’s the champions who were cursed. Now I’m not going to question their commitment or what this title meant to them, maybe some of them really did want to be International Champion, maybe for some of them it genuinely was an honour for them, but when it really came down to it, when it came down to putting everything on the line for this title, how many of them can say they did that? How many of them can say they fought everything including themselves to retain this title? I did. I fought against myself in the worst way at Absent Are the Saints when I took on Jonathan, because god knows I didn’t want that match, but I did want to be International Champion. It would have been easy for me to crumble and then claim that the pressure was too much or that facing Jonathan was too much. It would have been easy for me to fail and then make an excuse. But I didn’t. I didn’t want an excuse, I wanted to continue to be champion,” she says proudly. “I wanted to continue to give this title the respect that it deserves. I wanted to continue on my journey. And my journey is way more than an undefeated run and a title reign, my journey is a never-ending adventure but it’s made to mean even more with this title.”

She pats the title on her shoulder. “What’s this title mean to you, Kerry?” she asks, raising an eyebrow curiously. “I mean really, what does this belt really mean to you? You’ve been a champion before, right? You’re well known. You’re famous, even. You’ve been all over the world. You’ve even held the very biggest prizes before, right? So what does the International title mean to you? I’ll tell you what I think it means. I think it means you’re killing time. I think it means that you failed in the Crucible and you didn’t have any real chance of getting what you came here for, so you figured you’d do something else. That’s about right, isn’t it? My dad was less... politically correct... when he expressed similar views, and I apologise for that, but he wasn’t wrong. You came to EXODUS not as a guy who’s fought for his place on this roster but as an outsider who’s been there and done it all before, and you have. You’ve been a fantastic champion all over the world, and you came here to win the Crucible and become World Champion, but you failed. You put on a hell of a match. You were one of the best I’ve ever seen in that ring. But in the end Fiona was better. In the end Fiona got what she was working for, and you didn’t get what you came here for. So now, you’re challenging me. Are you worthy of an International title match? Of course you are! But do you really deserve this opportunity, and more importantly do you really want this opportunity? No, I don’t believe you are and I don’t believe you do,” she says, shaking her head.

She lets out a sigh. “I think you’d do what Fiona did,” she says, nodding her head softly. “I think if given the choice between being International Champion and having a shot at the World title you’d throw this title down in a heartbeat. And that’s not because you’re a bad person, it’s not because there’s anything particularly wrong with you, but it’s because you have your ambitions and they are NOT to be International Champion. And you know what that means Kerry? That means that this week, when we step in to the ring, I don’t think you’re going to give EVERYTHING you have. I could be wrong of course. I hope I am. I hope you give every bit of energy, every bit of commitment, I hope you push every muscle in your body to its limits because I know damn well that I will. But I don’t think you will. I think you’ll hold back. I think you’ll keep something in reserve. I think you’ll keep something back for the next match, because who knows how important that next match could be, and some matches are just more important, aren’t they Kerry?” she asks before laughing. “No, they’re not. There’s nothing more important than this match to me. There’s no opportunity I could be given next week that could make up how I felt if I lost this match. Losing this match would destroy me. Losing this match to someone like you would hurt me more than I can express, and it’s not because you’re not incredibly talented because you’re one of the best there has ever been, but you don’t really WANT this!”

“That’s going to be the difference between us this week Kerry,” she explains in a determine tone. “This week I’m not going to hold anything back. This week I’m going to give everything I have. This week I’m going to put everything on the line, from my body to my heart, and I’m going to fight and fight and fight until I have no fight left in me. If you’re going to beat me this week Kerry you’re not going to beat Lexy Chapel at sixty percent, you’re not going to beat an International Champion with ambitions of being more, if you’re going to beat me this week you’re going to have to beat me giving everything I have. And you could. I know you could, I’m not stupid. I’m not deluding myself in to thinking even for a second that I’m the favourite to win this, that this is my match to lose, that everything is going to go my way, because I know damn well that it won’t. You’re the favourite. You’re the bigger wrestler, the more accomplished wrestler, the one with ten times my experience and the one who knows every trick there is in the ring, right? On paper you’ve got everything you need to win this match, but matches aren’t fought on paper and there’s nothing that can be put on paper to take in to account my biggest strength and that is my heart. I’m definitely out matched this week, but every time you slam me to that mat Kerry I’m going to be forcing my way back up. I want you to know that, ok? Every time you drop me to that mat I’m going to dig down deep and I’m going to start getting up. Every time you hurt me I’m going to dig down deep and I’m going to find a way to handle that pain. As you try to lock in me Cold Zero or knock me out with Self Made, I’m going to keep fighting against you.”

“At the last event you went up against Sally, the first person who beat me, and you beat her. That’s just another reason that makes you the favourite. You beat the person who beat me, so I don’t have a chance, right? Wrong. Because once again that’s not the way that wrestling works. Sally and I had a hell of a match. She had a hell of a match with you as well. She had to cheat to beat me in the end, and I’m never going to forget that that happened, but this week you probably think that because you beat her you’re going to beat me in the middle of the ring, right?” she asks, shaking her head. “No. No, it’s not going to happen like that. I’m not going to go down to you just because you’re Kerry Windsor. I mean shit, I stood up to Christum Furor a few weeks ago, remember? I stood up to Gods & Monsters. I defiantly looked them in the eyes and I fought against them, against impossible odds, so I know what it means to stand up to people Kerry, and this week I’m going to stand up to you. Every time you knock me down I’m going to dig deeper and deeper and if you want to beat me the only way you’re going to do that is to take everything I have. Can you do that Kerry? Can you beat me and take everything that I have? I don’t know if you can, maybe you can. I don’t know if I can beat you either. I really don’t know. I don’t know if I’m capable of going to that place that means that I find something inside of me good enough to beat a man who could be World Champion one day, but I’m sure as hell going to find out.”

“You’re pretty confident going in to this match as well, aren’t you? You’re sure you can beat me. You’re already planning the celebration party. You’re already wondering whether you should introduce yourself as the International Champion Kerry Windsor or Kerry Windsor, the International Champion. You’ve got that confidence. You’ve got that belief. What happens to that belief though if you give me your best shot and I dig deep and I keep going through it? What happens to that belief if you try to put me down, but I keep coming back? What happens to that belief then Kerry? Will doubt enter your mind? Doubt can’t enter my mind, it’s already in there! I don’t know if I can beat you, but you’re sure you can beat me, right? But what if you can’t? What if the longer this match goes on the more and more you just can’t finish me off?” she asks, looking curiously at the camera. “Let me tell you something about myself Kerry. I have crazy doubts all the time. I always doubt whether what I’m doing is right, whether I’m making the right choices, whether I’m making the right moves. I doubt myself two or three times a minute. Even now I doubt whether I should be telling you how often I doubt myself. But there’s something else you should know. Despite that insecurity, despite that doubt, I don’t ever give up. And I won’t give up this week either. I know all about the curse of the International Champions, I know that history says that I’m going to lose this match, I know that it’s entirely possible I might, but despite all the doubt I’m not giving up. I’m here to stay.”

“This week I’m fighting for something more than myself,” she says, taking the International title off her shoulder again. “This week I’m fighting for this. This week I’m fighting for my legacy. This week I’m fighting to prove to everyone I made the right choices. I have doubt. I’ll always have doubt. But this week Kerry, this week I plan to put that doubt behind me, to rise to another challenge, and to retain my International championship in front of the Tokyo fans I remember so well. My father won in Tokyo when I was just a little girl, at Ascendency I plan to follow in his footsteps because I may not be that much like my father, but on pay per view I’m planning to Ascend to greatness. Maybe I will. Maybe you’ll beat me. One thing’s for sure though, you’ve had it pretty easy so far, you’ve been included in the Crucible and gifted this opportunity, but I’m going to give you a hell of a fight either way this week, and if you do beat me I’m going to make you EARN this title, just like I did,” she says confidently. “So, this week I’ve already faced my past, and now it’s time for me to face my future. But as always if you’ve liked what you’ve seen there’s a way you can face your future as well: subscribe to our channel and secure your future as a fan of the Chapel Show! Like, leave a comment, check out our Twitter accounts in the comments, and have a great weekend guys. Ascendency in a few days, don’t miss it! I hope you enjoyed the show. As always, I’ve been Lexy Chapel and this has been another episode of The Chapel Show. Until next time, fuckers!”

She winks at the camera and raises the International title up once more. The Chapel Show logo flashes up on the screen then and the video fades out, and after a few seconds it ends and the replay button flashes up on the screen.

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