Episode: S01E19
Date: 18/10/2014

The video begins and we see the inside of the Chapel apartment in Anaheim, California, and immediately we notice a large amount of mail directly in front of the camera. The mail contains various envelopes, packages and boxes. There seems to be an unreasonably large amount of it as well. Lexy steps in to the camera shot with a smirk on her face wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that reads ‘DON’T PET THE REDHEAD’. She smirks at the camera and looks down at the shirt before grinning. “What’s up fuckers? I’m Lexy Chapel, and I like my men like I like my soda: sweet with the ability to keep me up all night,” she says before winking playfully at the camera. “Welcome back to the Chapel Show, and I know what you’re thinking, and not for the first time either. You’re right; we missed a show, didn’t we? Ok, about that, we had a show for you all prepared but... well, we had technical issues. You can still call it ‘technical issues’ when you accidentally spill coffee on your laptop and it dies a horrible death, right? I’m sure there was a technical reason that it stopped working after all. It wasn’t exactly our proudest moment for sure. But these things happen – they seem to happen way too frequently to us, but that’s beside Lexy Chapelthe point – so before we move forward with THIS week’s show let me just apologise, and agree that we should all just move on. The good news is that we’re back this week and we COULD have just posted last week’s show again, but that felt kind of like cheating. Plus you may have noticed all of that...”

She nods toward the large collection of mail and begins to laugh. “Ok, so I’m not one hundred percent sure whether I should give you the normal talk, about the last few weeks, or if I should explain the mail. What do you guys think?” she asks the camera before shrugging her shoulders. “Ok, I’ll explain the mail. See, a few weeks ago someone posted a comment to one of our videos telling us that they’d drawn a picture of us, and asking if we had a postal address to send it to. Well, like you do, we both thought that was really sweet – well, I did. I won’t tell you what Nate actually said – and we were going to reply with our address but then we thought about how weird that might be, so we went out the next day and we got a PO Box and we posted the address of the PO Box and didn’t really think much more about it. About a week later we got a phone call telling us to come and collect our mail. We didn’t know you had to collect it that frequently, in fact when we were signing up I actually asked about that and the woman told me that we could leave stuff there for months if we wanted to without collecting it, so we just planned to do that, kind of. So we went down to collect our mail and... um... well, how can I put this? YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!! Seriously, I’ve never seen so much mail in my life, and our post office actually got MAD at us for letting it build up so much, even though we had NO IDEA that you guys would send us as much as you did. I thought we’d get the picture and maybe one or two other bits, but you guys...”

She says the final two words almost playfully and bashfully, waving at the camera like she’s dismissing a compliment. “Seriously though, you guys have sent us WAY TOO MUCH STUFF! And we were going to write back to all of you and say thank you – especially since some of you sent us some REALLY FREAKING COOL STUFF – but we thought that that was kind of impersonal and mean, and you guys went to all the effort of sending us some cool stuff so I thought the least we should do is give you a more personal kind of thanks, right? And that was last week. Today we went BACK to the post office and... err... YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!! I mean honestly, look at this stuff,” she says, grabbing a handful of the envelopes and waving them around at the camera before pointing at the packages, including a rather large one that she looks at for a moment before looking back at the camera, then at the package, then at the camera again. “Ok, I’m DYING to know what THAT one is. But all of THIS is going to have to wait for another day, because we’ve already filmed the very first ever CHAPEL MAIL video. And I know, that sounds weirdly like stuff you’d send to your local church or something, so we’ll try and work on a catchier title for when we get to all of THIS stuff, but in the meantime I don’t even have time for the normal intro because... well, you guys have seriously blown me away with the insane levels of kindness and generosity and... yeah. So, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the first edition of CHAPEL MAIL! Enjoy...”

The Chapel Show

We cut from the apartment back to... the apartment again. It’s earlier in the week and the apartment is empty save for Lexy grabbing the camera and turning it on. “Hey guys. So, we just got a call from the post office to go check our mail. They didn’t tell us WHY, they just seemed mad at us and we were like ‘uh oh, foreign people probably shouldn’t piss off the US mail carriers’, you know? So we drove down to the post office, and... err...” she says before beginning to walk toward the door. “Seriously, you’re not going to believe this. Or maybe you will, but I sure as heck don’t believe this! And yes, I did say ‘heck’. I’m being a good girl.”

She opens the door and we see Nate stepping off the elevator pulling behind him two large sacks. He looks at the camera and laughs. “Ho, ho, ho, merry October,” he says, rubbing his beard jokingly. “Hmm, I feel like this should be white. Nathan ChapelAnd I feel like I should have reindeer to do the heavy pulling for me. Seriously, I have no idea how Santa got so fat having to pull this stuff. Unless that’s WHY he’s fat, like he throws his weight in to it.”

“I just assumed he was fat because he’s jolly,” Lexy says from behind the camera. “Isn’t that what they say about fat people?”

“Yeah, that’s what they say but it’s a big old dirty lie,” Nate says, shaking his head. “Seriously, when have you ever met a jolly fat person? Fat people aren’t jolly, they’re normally angry and mean and they say hurtful things about my beard...”

Lexy turns the camera to herself. “A fat guy told him his beard made him look like he should live on a mountain,” she says to the camera, “and then told him to go find a mountain and die on it. I didn’t see what he did to piss the guy off...”

“I swear I did NOTHING,” Nate says defensively. “I was just being my normal self, all like doo-doo-doo-doo, I’m normal, and then BOOM this fat dude starts insulting me for no reason whatsoever. I swear, if Santa was real I bet he’s a moody jackass. Then again he lives in a toy factory... I’d be pretty contented if I lived in a toy factory, with unlimited access to toys. Yeah, that would be pretty awesome... um, babe? Can we move to a t—?”

“No,” Lexy says before he’s even finished and he pouts.

“God, you don’t want to do anything fun,” he complains before beginning to drag the two large sacks in to the apartment. When he’s done he collapses on to the couch. “God, what is in those things? Did people send us concrete blocks?!”

Lexy puts the camera down and grabs one of the bags and begins to open it. “Holy hell, have you seen how much is in here?” she asks in disbelief, looking up toward Nate. “What the hell did you put in that post?”

“Err, I think I just put something like ‘sure, you can write to us and send us whatever you like’ or something,” Nate replies, looking up from the couch with an uncertain look. “Oh, one guy asked about whether we’d sign something and return it, and I think I told him that we’d only return stuff if they sent us an addressed envelope. And another guy said something that was all mistyped and made no sense, and I said... err... some joke about sending us presents, I think. I don’t remember. I didn’t think they WOULD send us presents!”

Lexy pulls a few larger enveloped packages out of the bag. “Well babes, I think it’s safe to say they sent us presents,” she says nervously. “What... um... what do we do with them?”

“What, you mean like how do we check they’re not filled with anthrax or explosives?” he asks.

Lexy just looks at the bag with concern and steps back slowly. “Nobody would send us anthrax,” she says before looking less certain. “...right? I mean, nobody would actually send us anthrax! That’s crazy. People don’t really do that... right?”

“Do you see any in there that look like they were written by children?” he asks. “Because there’s a strong chance that your buddy Henrik would probably send us anthrax with added anthrax, maybe because he wants to kill me off or maybe so he can get his little fingers on that belt of yours, and I’m ninety nine percent sure his handwriting probably looks like he’s about six.”

“Henrik would not try and kill me with anthrax,” she replies, shaking her head before considering it for a moment and then shaking her head again. “No, he wouldn’t.”

“You never know what these guys are capable of until you’re struggling for your life,” Nate informs her before getting up off the couch and walking over to the bags. Lexy steps back toward them and begins pulling a few things out, trying to find some way of organising the insane amount of mail they’ve gotten. “Ok... where do we start?”

“You know what? I have no freaking idea,” Lexy tells him honestly. “I can’t even figure out how to organise this stuff at the moment. I honestly don’t even know where to put it all...”

“Well, err... let’s put the letters over here and... oooh,” he says excitedly as he pulls out a larger box and shakes it gently. “Ooh, it’s addressed to you. What do you think it is?”

“Is this what you’re like at Christmas?” she asks him before laughing. “Last year there weren’t exactly many things for you to pick up and shake.”

He puts the box down. “I don’t know what you mean,” he says, shaking his head and trying to look mature, and then grinning like a mischievous kid and picking the box up again and shaking it a little. “Ooh, open it, open it, open it!”

We can see Lexy is trying hard not to laugh, but she lets it slip a little.

The Chapel Show

We cut to later in the day. The overhead lights are now on in the apartment and the blinds that were letting the light in earlier are now closed. Lexy and Nate both sit in amongst a large pile of organised mail, looking around at it all and grinning. They look back at the camera, now neatly positioned to film them both as they open the mail, rather than being positioned before just roughly pointed at a scene that was clearly less planned out. “Ok, so we’ve had a chance to organise,” Lexy says, looking at all the mail. “You guys know we’re NEVER going to get through all of this, right? Seriously, we’ll be filming stuff ALL WEEK just to try and open it all. You’re all crazy. First things first, let me say THANK YOU! Second thing’s second, let me remind you that you guys did NOT need to do this. Like, not AT ALL! The sheer amount of stuff you sent us, and some of the kind stuff you’ve said in the letters we’ve opened and read so far, is just too much. There’s no way you guys should have sent us even half of this.”

“Yeah, but we appreciate the fact you did, and we were going to reply to all of you – and those of you who’ve sent us stuff asking us to sign it, that’s exactly what we’ll do – but for the rest of you we’re going to try and film a few videos just to get through some of this stuff and say thank you, and read some letters and... yeah. So, where do we start?” he asks before picking up a few of the opened letters. “Oh, and by the way, there’s no logic to opening these. Lexy pretty much just opened the ones with the pretty envelopes.”

“Some of them had glitter on them,” she says sheepishly. “They were pretty. I wanted to see what was inside...”

Nate just laughs. “Yeah, just a quick heads up to you guys, if you want to get her attention put glitter and sparkles on the envelopes. I’m not kidding, she’ll go nuts for it,” he says before smiling at her. “Honestly I wish we’d been filming earlier when you opened the one with the stars stuck on it. That was just funny...”

“The one with all the little stars inside?” she asks before looking at her outfit and picking a few bits of glittery stars off herself. “Yeah, I got a little excited. I can’t help it, whenever I see glitter I want to throw it in the air and dance under it. It’s the primary reason why I could never have a career as a stripper. I’d end up making out with the other strippers who used glitter...”

“Note to self, buy glitter and convince hot girl in to glitter-filled threesome,” Nate mutters and Lexy just stares at him for a moment and then laughs.

“Sad thing is that might work,” she says, almost ashamed.

“Oh that is so happening,” Nate tells her with a wink before looking back at the camera. “Ok, so... you want to start?”

“Yeah, sure, I can start. Welcome to the first edition of CHAPEL MAIL! And we start today with a letter from Jonathan. He writes ‘Dear Nate and Lexy, my name is Jonathan and I’m from New York. I watch the Chapel Show all the time’. Why thank you Jonathan, that’s very sweet,” she says before looking back down at the letter. “He continues, ‘I would like to ask just one question. If you could pick one dream match in all of wrestling, what would it be?’ Now that’s a good question. What do you think?”

“Dream match?” Nate asks, pondering it for a moment. “Well, my dream match would be one on one with one of two people. It would either be against Jonathan Collins, so that I can beat his ass and you’ll finally see that he’s not as great as you think he is, or it would be one on one with Andreas Lasiewicz.”

Lexy just laughs and shakes her head. “Oh my god, are you STILL mad about that?” she asks before rolling her eyes and looking at the camera. “Ok, so Nate has a thing against Andreas because I said he was beautiful and I could watch him all day and all night.”

“Oh, you said more than that,” Nate tells her before snarling at the camera. “Seriously Andreas, if you’re watching this then just know that one day I’m going to find you, and when I do I’ll teach you for being so damn beautiful!”

Lexy just laughs. “You’ll teach him for being beautiful?” she asks in disbelief. “How is that going to work exactly?”

“Oh, he’ll find out,” Nate says threateningly. “Trust me, he’ll find out!”

She just laughs and rolls her eyes. “Ok, my dream match would be Madison Square Garden – just because all my life I’ve heard such incredible things about that building – and it would be the main event of a pay per view against Chrisum Furor,” she explains before pausing and thinking about it for a moment. “And this isn’t one of those ‘it’d be a World title match’ kind of things; it’s more just that ever since I started my career he’s been the man. For as long as there’s been Lexy Chapel there’s been this unstoppable force of nature, and you know what? I’d like to be the one who stepped up to stop him. Or, you know, at least tried to...”

“You could be joining a long queue there babe,” Nate tells her before grabbing another letter. “Ok, next one, and it says ‘Dear Chapel Show, I’m a huge fan. Lexy’s boobs are the best.”

Lexy begins laughing. “What’s it really say?”

“That’s what it really says,” Nate tells her before turning to show it to the camera. “No name, nothing else, just that he’s a big fan and he loves your boobs. He’s even drawn a picture of them, see? How do you want to handle this one babe? You want to show them to him to thank him?”

“Um, how about no?” Lexy says, shaking her head. “Let’s see another one. ‘Dear Chapel Show, I really liked your most recent episode. Will Cookie be making another appearance on the show? She has the best body I’ve ever seen. If Nate isn’t really having an affair with her then he should’. No, he shouldn’t. Thank you David from Texas, but no he shouldn’t.”

“She does have an amazing body though,” Nate informs them with a nod.

“ promised me you’d stop saying that,” Lexy says insecurely.

Nate laughs. “Oh c’mon, you’ve got nothing to worry about, I promise. She may be hot but my interest in her is purely professional. From a professional standpoint I want to film her half-naked body so that we can make beautiful films together,” he says with a nod. “Honestly, I don’t see why you’re so insecure about it. All that’s happening is that she gets mostly naked and thrusts and moves and I film her doing it...”

“Yeah, I’m jealous for nothing,” Lexy says, rolling her eyes. Nate agrees with a nod, then looks less certain that she actually meant that. “Moving on, and... this one I cannot read out loud. Oh, god, Nathan from Rhode Island, you’re... oh, god, why would you write this?! WHY!?!?”

Nate leans over and grabs the letter. He starts reading it as Lexy grabs one of the packages that are addressed to her. Nate starts giggling as he’s reading. “Heh, I’ve actually done that to her,” he says with pride before looking up at the camera and nodding. Lexy goes slightly red and tries to hide her face and Nate continues reading. “Ok, that was definitely a good read. Thank you Nathan from Rhode Island. And rest assured in answer to your question... yes, she’s DAMN good at it, why do you think I married her?”

Lexy looks away again before clearing her throat and shaking her head. “I’d hope it’s because you love me and not just what I can do with... never mind, let’s move on,” she says, ripping open the package. She gets excited, letting out a high pitched squeal as she realises what’s inside. She quickly pulls it out and shows the camera. It’s an Arsenal shirt, and as she turns it around it’s customised with ‘L. CHAPEL’ across the back with the number 69. “Oh my god, that is too awesome. Not so sure on the choice of number, but that is too awesome!”

“That is a good number for you,” Nate tells her. She snarls at him and he laughs as she pulls the shirt on and starts blowing kisses to the camera. “Who’s it from?”

“There’s... no name,” she says in confusion. “Oh, well thank you anonymous Arsenal fan, your contribution will be loved and worn every week while I’m watching the games. And rest assured that we may have not had the best start to the season, but the best is yet to come! Now I want to open another one...”

“I’ll grab another letter,” Nate says and picks one up and starts reading. “‘Dear Nate and Lexy, I think you two are the best. I watch your show every time and I always like all of them on YouTube’. Well, that’s the spirit, err, Paul! If you’re watching this right now and you’re enjoying what you see you should like it now! Anyway, on with the letter! ‘I have something that I want to ask. When you were hanging out with Cookie...’, err... yeah, I better not finish this one. But yes I did, and yes, they are as great as you imagine!”

Lexy looks up and Nate holds his hands up defensively. “Her kicks... they were as great as he imagines they would be...” Nate says. Lexy reaches out for the letter and Nate pulls it away. “Honestly, it’s like you don’t believe me and you think our new friend Paul would be asking me about something else! Paul wouldn’t do that, would you Paul?”

“Oh I know exactly what Paul was thinking about,” she says, glaring at the camera before looking at Nate again whose grinning and nodding. “You shouldn’t be thinking about her ‘kicks’ or ‘talents’ or anything else!”

“Yeah, well, I like yours too,” Nate tells her with a look like a sad puppy. “Don’t be mad at me...”

“Stop lusting after Lil’ Miss Giant Bazongas then,” Lexy tells him before opening another package and screaming happily again. “Oh my god, REAL COKE!! I mean, like BRITISH Coke!! Oh wow, that’s awesome...”

Nate grabs the letter that came with the package. “He sent you Coke? ‘Dear Lexy, I saw in your comment to one of the questions lately that you said you miss British Coke, so I thought I’d send you this bottle’,” he says before smirking. “No wonder that bag was so damn heavy. Thanks Dave from Newcastle. I wonder if anyone else had the same idea...”

“God I hope so,” Lexy says excitedly. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that American Coke is particularly BAD, it’s just... different, and I really miss the one from back home, so when they asked in the comments and I replied and... THANK YOU!!”

“It’s not fair you get to open all the cool stuff,” Nate says, reaching over and grabbing another package and then opening it and bursting out laughing. “Oh man, this one is DEFINITELY for you...”

He hands it to Lexy who takes it cautiously and looks inside before frowning and pulling out a dildo and holding it up to the camera. She then takes the note out that goes with it. “‘Dear Lexy, I heard that sometimes Nate doesn’t go to the shows with you, and if he’s going to start making movies you’ll probably get really lonely, so I thought I’d get you something to help keep you happy when he’s not around. I also included a photograph for your pleasure’,” she says before looking inside the envelope and pulling out the photo and then nodding. “That’s... kind of weird and gross, but very impressive!”

Nate grabs it and scoffs. “Pssh, mine is bigger.”

“Thank you Michael from Boston,” Lexy says, putting the dildo down cautiously before grabbing another package. She opens it and laughs before removing a few toy action figures and showing them to Nate. “Check it, they’re sending me Power Rangers! I love these people... well, some of them... What are you doing?!”

“I’m looking for any letters that are addressed to me that might have photos inside,” he says excitedly. Lexy rolls her eyes and Nate shrugs his shoulders. “What, it’s not like I’d DO anything with them. I just figure if random guys are going to send you photos of their junk then it PROBABLY means that girls might send me naked selfies and... well, I never say no to a naked selfie. Just for ALL of your information, I NEVER say no to a naked selfie... as long as you’re a girl. Guys, send them to Lexy. She enjoys that.”

“No I don’t,” she proclaims defensively, “and seriously the LAST thing I want is for you to start telling people to send me pictures! I get enough creepy stuff on Twitter already without naked dick pics.”

“She loves it,” Nate whispers to the camera as Lexy throws the bottle of Coke at him.

She rolls her eyes and grabs another letter. “Ok, let’s move on. This is from Phil from Georgia, and... I’m not reading it out loud because Phil is a bit disgusting. And yes Phil, many, many times, but only with my husband,” she says before Nate grabs the letter off her as she opens another one. Nate scoffs and nods in agreement as Lexy begins another one. “And this one is from Alan in Utah and... it’s disgusting as well. Seriously guys? You’re really writing this to me?”

Nate takes the letter and starts reading. “Hmm, actually what she prefers is when you use your fingers and...” he begins before seeing Lexy glaring at him. “I’ll tell you later.”

“No you won’t,” she says angrily. “Seriously, are all these people just writing to me telling me things they want to do to me? Aren’t there any normal people out there? Ok, this one’s cute. This is from Damien, who’s eleven years old. He’s drawn a picture of us. See, THIS is cute. THIS is the kind of stuff I don’t mind showing on a video MY MOM WATCHES!”

She turns the picture around. It’s a drawing of her and Nate in their wrestling gear from back before Nate got injured. She holds it up to the camera for a few moments as Nate opens another letter and starts laughing and hands something to Lexy. “Ok, this one is from Mike, who’s also from Utah, and his picture is... less cute,” Nate says before laughing. “That IS the best thing she does with her mouth though...”

Lexy just looks at the picture and rolls her eyes before shrugging. “Hey, what the hell, I AM good at it I guess,” she says before sighing at the camera. “Hi mom! Sorry but yes, I’m great at sucking dick and apparently Zack drew a picture of it...”

Nate is laughing pretty hard as he grabs another package and opens it, and then starts laughing even more and hands it to Lexy. “Oh god, this is too funny... oh shit, I may need to stop opening stuff before I die...”

Lexy looks in the package and doesn’t even lift out the contents before shaking her head and pulling out the accompanying letter. “Thank you Jake from New Hampshire,” she says before rolling her eyes again. “And god, I thought a dildo was embarrassing...”

“You know we could probably use the dildo AND that tonight,” Nate says, continuing to laugh.

“I’ll use it on YOU if you continue,” she shoots back before looking around at all the other letters and the few remaining packages. “Ok, I’m officially too paranoid to open any more of these now. So we’ll open the rest and we’ll maybe show the best ones next time. To everyone who sent stuff, THANK YOU, but... yeah, we may need to tone down on the sex stuff.”

“Or keep going, and we can make an official promise that we’ll use EVERY toy they send,” Nate says with a wink. “Keep them coming guys; just IMAGINE the fun she’s going to have...”

“I hate you sometimes,” Lexy tells him before letting out a long sigh.

Nate clearly can’t stop laughing and Lexy lets out a long sigh before getting up from where she’s sitting and walking off.

The Chapel Show

We see Lexy, back in the same outfit from the beginning of the video, with a smirk on her face. “And yes, ladies and gentlemen, there was a LOT of sex stuff in there, and I mean a LOT, but there were also some really sweet, really cute, really AMAZING gifts you guys sent too. And I know I’ve said it already but you guys DID NOT need to do that. It’s WAY too generous, but I’m so thankful to all of you who did send stuff and I promise that I’ll try and do something nice for you guys who sent the best letters and pictures and poems. And... I’ll probably do something less nice for all the topless pics Nate got. As you can imagine, he enjoyed them,” she says, rolling her eyes again. “But I could talk about that all day, and I actually have other things to address. I feel like I need to talk about Long Way Down, and what an insanely INCREDIBLE night that was up against Kerry. Truly, it was a fantastic match and one that I’m going to remember for the rest of my life against arguably one of the best wrestlers in the world, and to Kerry I want to say thank you. I know we exchanged some words before the match, and at the time I did mean a lot of what I said, I won’t lie, but I truly do believe that you’re one of the best the world has ever known and I know that you’re going to do amazing things in the future. I can’t wait to see what those Lexy Chapelamazing things end up being. I also feel like I need to spend a little time talking about last week, my chance in the main event and the fact that it was... well, kind of ruined.”

She lets out a long sigh. “I won’t lie to you guys, I was really psyched about last week. It was a huge opportunity and with that opportunity came a ton of pressure, obviously, but it was the best kind of pressure, you know? And the match itself was an amazing experience. I don’t get that high up on the cards very often, it’s actually kind of giving me something of an inferiority complex right now, but last week, in the biggest match on the show, in the main event, with the most people watching and... it was incredible. It was absolutely amazing and I wish to god that I could experience that kind of crazy adrenaline more often because not only was I pumped up but EVERYONE was pumped up, you know?” she says with a sigh. “Unfortunately however what was my moment, what was my opportunity to main event only my second show was kind of ruined by mayhem and chaos and I’m not going to lie to you guys, I am REALLY disappointed by that. Is this what happens when you get to the big matches, they turn in to brawls and clusterfucks and mayhem? I know we’ve seen our fair share of mayhem and chaos in main event matches before, so maybe I’m just naive for thinking that MAYBE mine could be different, but evidently I’d be dead wrong on that. But is that right? Should I just accept it? Should I just be one of the people who goes ‘oh well, that’s life’? Because if that’s what I’m meant to do then I’ve got to tell you right now I’m doing a freaking TERRIBLE job of it.”

“Now maybe it’s selfish to say this, maybe I’m being selfish by saying this, but I felt robbed last week. You see I’m always treated in a particular way, and that’s not necessarily a BAD thing,” she says before stepping off camera for a moment and returning with the EXODUS Pro International Championship title. “You see this belt? This belt is always treated a certain way, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. But you see I get it. I get why you guys think and say the things you say about me. I get that you all want to bring it hard against me, because I’m little Lexy Chapel, because I don’t belong in the same ring as whoever else, and because I’m just the International Champion, right? And you guys want to know something? That’s how it’s starting to feel. It’s starting to feel like so many of you look at me as JUST the International Champion, and that’s offensive to me but more than that it’s offensive to THIS TITLE! This title has a history, this title has a legacy, this belt MEANS something, it STANDS for something, and every week when I’m in that ring I’m trying to be the best that I can be, I’m trying to go harder than everyone else, to go further than everyone else, to do things that nobody else can do and entertain people and... and... and... and some weeks I just want to stand and SCREAM because it gets so damn frustrating. But is it just me? Is it only me who feels this way? Is it only me who wonders why stuff like this keeps happening? It can’t be. I can’t be the only one who looked at the main event last week and wanted to cry.”

She lets out a long and frustrated sigh. “Do you know how frustrating it is to put your heart and your soul in to something only to feel like you’ve made no difference?” she asks before letting out another frustrated sigh. “That’s kind of how I feel right now. I feel like I’m battling against the current to try and stay in the same place. I feel like I’m judged really harshly for everything I do, and I feel like... ugh, god, I can’t even explain it. I can’t explain it without sounding like an ungrateful bitch, but I’m not ungrateful, that’s just it. For every single opportunity I’ve gotten, for every fan who’s cheered me on, for every moment I’ve gotten to stand in front of the world and say that yes, I’m part of something, I’m representing EXODUS Pro, I’m doing this and I’m proud of it, I’m SO grateful. But the problem is that I feel like I’m getting dragged in to other people’s dramas, and I feel like there’s an expectation on me to be something I’m not. Look, I don’t like Gods & Monsters. I may respect everyone in that group for that ability and their class but I’m not a fan of the attitude of any one of them. But I’m not a soldier who can be picked up and thrown away again whenever is deemed necessary. I’m not a faceless warrior who fights what she’s told to fight and stands for what she’s told to stand for. And while I’m told that I’m one of the ‘good guys’ in the war, that I’m one of the Sekigun, but I don’t feel like I’m truly part of something. I feel like I’m dragged in when it’s convenient for them, and I’m kicked out again when it’s not. I feel like I’m the outsider looking in, and I hate that feeling.”

“The worst part about feeling the way I do is I feel guilty for feeling it,” she confesses before letting out a sigh. “I mean, it’s not like I don’t respect them. It’s not like I don’t love them, and that I don’t want to see them succeed, but it’s not MY fight, you know? They’re beating the hell out of each other, they’re hurting each other, they’re going to war with each other, and there may have been a few threats thrown my way, threats I tried to return in kind when it came to my husband, but that doesn’t make it MY fight. So I think that, I feel like I’m being used by these people, I feel like they only care about me when it happens to be convenient for them, and then I feel guilty for thinking that. I feel like the worst person alive. I feel like I’m letting people down. So I don’t know what to do. Do I stand with them, despite the fact that I feel like I’d be standing in their shadows and I’d never be anything more than another name on a team sheet and never truly part of the team, or do I stand aside from them and try to make my own bits of history, all the while feeling like the biggest bitch in the universe because I’m selfishly pursuing my own dreams and not helping them? I don’t know what to do, but the truth is that it’s starting to get to me trying to figure it out. What do you guys think? What should I do? Who should I be? Should I stand for something that I don’t necessarily believe, against people I have a huge amount of respect for professionally, or should I stand alone... with the downside of that being that I already feel alone, even when I’m surrounded by people?”

She lets out another sigh. “Ok, so that’s kind of how I’m feeling right now, but you guys don’t want to hear me whine, do you? You don’t want to know what my problems are, you want to hear me talk about this week, you want to know my opinions on Abby Park and Justin Brooks, you want to hear me talk about this triple threat match and what it means and how important it is. Do you want to know something I find a little bit worrying though? I heard what Justin Brooks had to say this week and... I... kind of found myself agreeing with most of it. I’m frustrated right now, and I’m frustrated for a lot of the same reasons that Justin is. He wants a seat at the table, right? He wants an opportunity. He wants a chance. Believe me Justin; I get that more than you know. You think I’ve got that?” she asks, shaking her head and holding up the International title. “You think that THIS gives me that, or that it’ll give YOU that? I hate to break it to you but you might just be going about this all wrong if you do. Because this title, it gives you a platform sure, but that platform isn’t on the kind of level you seem to think it is. That platform is somewhere far below the Jonathan Collins’ of the world, it’s somewhere far below the Fiona Collins’ of the world, it’s somewhere far below the Steve Lenton’s or... well, pretty much everyone. Holding this title gives you an inferiority complex – or it’s given me one anyway – and it makes you feel inferior to every single one of those names and more. Do you think you’re the only one who looked at Kerry Windsor coming at you a second time and asked yourself why?”

She pauses for a moment and looks at the International title, smiling at it happily before looking back up in to the camera with the smile fading. “We know why, don’t we? You said it yourself. We know why. And do you want to know what scares me, Justin? It scares me that the reason that I’M holding this title might be the same. It scares me that the reason that I was moved in to contendership for it after I beat Jerry Matthews wasn’t BECAUSE I beat Jerry Matthews, albeit by disqualification, but because I happen to be a fan of Jonathan Collins. It scares me that the reason that I’ve had the reign I’ve had might not be because I DESERVE this reign but because when I was a kid I used to wear his t-shirts, and as an adult I get nervous and tongue-tied and excited around him like a fan-girl. It scares me that every problem you’ve got with Kerry Windsor or anyone else could be the same thing I’M going through, could be part of the reason I’m frustrated, could be part of the reason I’m so uncertain of myself and my place right now, because I’ve done the things I’ve done with this title but maybe, just maybe, I didn’t DESERVE the chance to begin with,” she says before looking at the belt again. “You won’t believe how many times I’ve told myself that that’s not true. You won’t believe how many times I’ve told myself that it’s not about that. Yet here I am, still having the same thoughts, listening to your anger and your resentment and wondering if some of it shouldn’t be directed at me.”

“You don’t think Abby Park should have gotten an opportunity to earn a title match?” she asks, shaking her head. “On that we’re going to have to disagree. You see I look at Abby Park and I see a hell of a talented competitor. I see a woman I WAS willing to fight for after what Johnny Cannon did to her, and by god after what he did to her it fired me up enough to be dying to kick his ass the following week. Now you think she doesn’t deserve another chance to earn her shot? Again, we’re going to have to disagree because I think if Abby can win this match, if she can beat you AND me in the same match, if she can get a win over the International Champion then there’s NOBODY who DESERVES it more than she does. Abby is a HELL of a competitor, no matter what you think about her. She’s got guts and determination like few others. She’s accomplished incredible things that even fewer can claim. She’s proven that she’s not just one half of a great tag team but an INCREDIBLE competitor in her own right. And yet you think because she doesn’t get the wins, because she’s not beating the entire roster every week, that she doesn’t deserve an opportunity? You’re SO wrong Justin, the fact is that EVERYONE deserves an opportunity, and I’m PROUD to give that kind of chance to her. I’m PROUD to fight a competitor like her. I’ll be proud to get in the ring with her and even prouder still to go toe to toe with her, and you, this week. But I get that you’re frustrated, and for that I really can’t blame you. I can tell you the solution though, if you’re interested. Don’t TALK about winning this match, just go out there and WIN it!”

“You see when I’m not doubting myself, when I’m not second guessing everything, when I’m not wondering if I really DESERVE this spot and whether indeed I can ever get any higher by being ME, by being LEXY CHAPEL and not by being a soldier who’s told what to do, I can’t help but feel like maybe I DO deserve this because of the things I’ve done. I was like you, Justin. I was feeling a little lost, a little confused, and I had dreams. I had dreams I wanted to make a reality and I went out and I busted my ass and I MADE them come true. That’s what you need to do as well Justin, but I’ll tell you this, making big threats isn’t the way to go about it,” she says, shaking her head slowly. “Honestly, do you really think you can knock Abby off the tracks? I think your ego might be writing cheques that your body can’t cash right now. I think you HUGELY underestimate everything that she’s got, and this week during the triple threat I’m going to enjoy the bit where she kicks your ass and shows you that. I’m not saying she’s going to beat you – she has the talent though, even if you aren’t willing to see it – but I will say that I think there’s going to come a time in this one where she whips you around, and I’m going to laugh. You think you’ve got everything to prove this week, and you’re not wrong you do, and you think Abby has got everything to prove as well, that she deserves what you think she doesn’t, but you forgot one thing. You forgot me. And BOTH of you forgot that this week I have more to prove than ANYONE else!”

“I’ve proven them before though, right? I’ve done things that nobody else has done. I’ve beaten people that they didn’t think I’d beat. I’ve retained this title more than anyone else in history. So why do I feel so goddamn inferior right now?” she asks honestly before putting the title on her shoulder. “This belt means the world to me. It means EVERYTHING to me, and to see former World Champions thinking of it as less than the belt they REALLY want hurts me. When Christian Kane comes at me I’m going to give him EVERYTHING I’ve got because I need to beat him too, I need to prove something to him just as much as all the others, but this week Justin I need to prove something to you, to Abby Park, but most of all to MYSELF! You see I need to prove to MYSELF that I deserve this title. I need to prove to MYSELF that I can be good enough for it. I need to prove to MYSELF that I can be the Lexy Chapel who’s simply that, who’s simply Lexy Chapel, and who isn’t part of something or in the shadow of anyone else. I need to show I can be Lexy Chapel, the best damn International Champion she can be and maybe, one day, Lexy Chapel, a legitimate main event star in her own right. They tell me I have the potential. They tell me I have the skill. They tell me that the pieces are there and one day that’s what they’ll add up to. But do they just tell me that because they want to keep me on their good side? Do they just tell me that because they think they can keep me happy and I’ll do whatever they tell me to do? Do they tell me that because I’m a stupid kid who doesn’t know any better, or do they tell me that because it’s true?”

She looks at the International Championship again before letting out another sigh. “I don’t know the answer to that one Justin, but I know how to find out. To find out I’ve got to step in the ring with you and Abby this week. To find out I’ve got to go toe to toe with two of the divisions hottest prospects, its biggest stars, and I’ve got to dig down deep and I’ve got to find a way to beat you. I’ve got to do that not because the belt is on the line, not because losing to either one of you complicates my future, and not because I don’t think either one of you deserve a chance at this title because I think you BOTH do, but I need to beat you this week to prove to MYSELF that I’m good enough to be here, that I’m good enough to be me, and that Lexy Chapel IS the star that people tell me I am. I’m already developing an inferiority complex, and I’m sorry Justin because I know how much a victory this week would mean to you in getting over your own feelings of inferiority – or at least the feeling that you deserve more than you’ve got, which is pretty standard in the wrestling world – but this week I NEED to deny you that, I need to stand in that ring and I need to hear those people cheering my name, and I need to remember that I AM good enough to be here,” she says before smiling and kissing the International title. “So what do you guys think? Am I good enough? Do I deserve this belt? Am I just feeling frustrated for nothing? Let me know in the comments section. And as always, if you liked the video you know what to do about it, right? Subscribe, like, comment and love! As always I’ve been Lexy Chapel and this has been another episode of the Chapel Show. Until next time, fuckers!”

She winks at the camera and then raises the International title up. The Chapel Show logo flashes up on the screen as the video fades out and comes to its ending with the replay button appearing.

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