Episode: S01E22
Date: 13/12/2014

The video begins and we see the Chapel apartment in Anaheim, California, notably already decorated for Christmas. There’s a large tree in the background, although it’s a plastic one and not a real one. It is fully decorated though, perhaps overly so, with various objects, tinsel and what looks like small wrapped chocolates hanging from it. There is also fake snow on the window behind the tree to give the apartment a more wintery feel despite the mild California temperatures outside. In the middle of the picture however, surrounded by all the Christmas decorations, sits Lexy Chapel, dressed in a t-shirt which reads ‘BE NAUGHTY – Save Santa a Trip’. She smiles at the camera. “What’s up fuckers? I’m Lexy Chapel and I’m crazy about spit roasts,” she says confidently before looking in to the camera with another smile. “There’s just nothing that beats a nice bit of chicken. What did you think I meant? Welcome to the Chapel Show, and today despite everything is our twenty-second episode; it’s also our one year anniversary, and really who thought we’d actually make it to a year when this crazy train first pulled out of the station? I know there were people who didn’t think we’d make it to five episodes before we’d suck so much that we’d have to give up and get ‘real’ jobs. I resent that comment, by the way. I know this is going Lexy Chapeloff on a bit of a tangent to start things off, and I apologise for that, but that’s a comment that’s left a lot in the comments section about getting a ‘real’ job. For the first several months of this I HAD a real job. So, you know, screw you Internet trolls. Those who can, teach. Those who can’t, troll!”

She shakes her head at the camera before pausing a moment for the smile to return. “Anyway, moving on, and we’ve been discussing this week things we could do to make the one year anniversary show a little special. One idea was a Christmas Special. See, the thing about Christmas Specials is that they normally air before Christmas, but we don’t actually get to experience Christmas until Christmas, so we’d need to have a whole fake Christmas before Christmas to film for a Christmas Special, and that just felt wrong,” she says before laughing a little to herself. “I also may have said Christmas way too many times in a short time then, but that’s not the point. So, we decided against a Christmas Special to celebrate with. Then we thought about how other great shows of the past have celebrated anniversaries, like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or the Simpsons, the kinds of shows that we looked up to when we were younger, and they normally celebrated big things with clip shows. So we thought that yeah, we could do a ‘best of’ style clip show, but how do we decide which clips were the best? How do we even qualify? Was being lost in the woods – god that was an awful idea to begin with – funnier than, say, Nate eating too many naughty cookies? Was being trapped in the back of the moving van funnier than Nate flashing a pizza delivery guy? How do we pick our funniest moments, especially when most of them still make me want to face-palm at all the crazy stuff that’s happened to us? In the end we couldn’t decide, so there won’t be a clip show special.”

“In fact the show we’ve got planned for you this week is back to our normal format, after a few weeks that have been anything but normal. I want to say that I’m sorry about that as well. I know you guys tune in every week expecting a certain thing. The fact that you guys have tuned in to so many of these shows, the fact that you guys have shown so much support for the Chapel Show that we’ve been able to get twenty-two episodes out of it, means so much to us and it really makes us want to deliver for you guys every time we can. I know the last few weeks have been... odd, in relation to that. What happened was... difficult, as I’m sure most of you can imagine. But I also want to take this moment and just say thank you. Thank you to everyone who’s shown love and support. Thank you to everyone who’s sent cards and gifts and kind wishes. Thank you to everyone who’s helped restore some kind of faith in humanity in to me over the last few weeks. Just thank you guys, and for all of you its back to normal this week... well, kind of,” she says with a grin. “You’ll see. But before we get to the clips this week I want to talk about something else, and that’s what happened on December 1st. Because yeah, I was having a hard time that week as well – I’ve been having a hard time a lot lately – and I went in to December 1st with everything to prove to myself. I lost the International title without even putting up a fight. I got absolutely beaten down and humiliated in losing that belt, and I had to listen to an arena full of people singing when I lost, and it made me doubt myself more than I ever have in my life.”

She pauses and takes a deep breath. She looks into the camera with less confidence and with more of that doubt having returned. “I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I’m the most confident person in the world. You guys know that I have some confidence in myself but honestly a lot of the stuff you see on the show – the t-shirts, the jokey opening lines – is the kind of stuff I do because it’s a webshow. If I had an audience in front of me I couldn’t do the same kind of stuff. I couldn’t make jokes about spit-roasts or flash my underwear to a live audience because I don’t have that kind of confidence. There have been times in my life when I’ve been plagued with doubt as well, like the doubt I had of moving here in the first place, the doubt I had when it came to leaving everything behind, the doubt I had over starting my career in the wrestling business, but throughout all of that I also had some little voice telling me that it was all going to be ok as well, you know?” she asks before shrugging her shoulders. “After what happened at Autumn Effect – the biggest pay per view of the year featuring me in a match where I barely did anything – it rocked my confidence down to a level it’s never been. I didn’t know how I was supposed to get into the ring again. But I did. I got in there against Zack Lifer, one of the premier stars of the company, one of the guys who was right up there being considered as a championship contender when I was having dark matches on pay per view events. And I was told I had nothing to prove to you guys but I had everything to prove to myself.”

She scoffs and rolls her eyes. “Well, the good news for anyone who wants to look on the bright side is that I did get back some of my confidence. I got in the ring and this time I didn’t become a human doll to be thrown around by another opponent. I got into the ring and this time I didn’t get obliterated by another guy who put himself way above me. I got into the ring and I fought and I got a little lucky I’ll grant you, but I managed to knock Zack down way quicker than anyone expected, I got the win quicker than anyone expected, and in a weird kind of way I proved that I wasn’t some pushover who can’t handle herself by pushing over someone else way too quickly, and I feel a little bad about that. I would apologise to Zack, if not for the fact that as soon as the match was over and while I was still celebrating Zack attacked me from behind,” she says with an angry tone to her voice. “Now I know that there are people in this business who are bad losers. I know there are people in this business who are petty, small and spiteful. I know that there are assholes in this business but I didn’t think Zack was one of them, and low and behold he drops me from behind and then proceeds to kick the hell out of me. Now you guys, you saw what happened. Let me tell you the bit you didn’t see. During the commercial break you didn’t see the medics coming out and checking on me and Adrien Cochrane. You didn’t see them helping us both to the back. You didn’t see the hours I spent getting checked over, with them assessing the damage done to my back and my ribs to make sure that he hadn’t broken anything.”

She shakes her head slowly. “You didn’t see that part because that’s the part that you guys don’t see,” she says softly. She lets out a bit of a sigh before shaking her head again slowly. “You guys don’t see the pain. You don’t see the after match suffering. You don’t see how fucking hard it is for a woman of my size to compete against men twice her size. You don’t see that and for good reason because if I ever tried to make a documentary about it most of it you’d just see me sitting in ice baths, me getting checked over by medics, me having to hold ice packs against various parts of my body after every match because of the beating I just took. You don’t see how hard it is. But that’s in the matches. That’s what I signed up for. That’s what I knew I’d have to go through, and coming from a wrestling family believe me it’s what I knew I was getting into. But there’s a difference between IN the matches and AFTER the matches. There’s a difference between being prepared for someone to drop you on your head and being dropped on your head BY SURPRISE AFTER THE FUCKING MATCH IS OVER! And what Zack did to me is unforgiveable to me. What Zack did to me shows me what a cowardly little boy he is. What Zack did to me left me hurt, left me needing medical advice and left me angry. It took me most of the week to let go of that anger as well, at least temporarily. I promise you this though, Zack Lifer is going to pay for what he did, and if I can’t do it myself then I’m sure as hell going to be cheering on Adrien if he gets the chance.”

She shakes her head again angrily. “But last week I knew I had something to prove to myself and after what happened, after beating Zack Lifer, after surviving that attack, it gave me all the motivation I needed to go in to this match this week no matter who my opponent was going to be. It lit a fire in me, a fire that I can’t promise will last forever given everything that’s happened but a fire that right now is burning nonetheless, and so I was motivated and ready for this week, with something else to prove, and then I saw the card, I saw the match I’ve been given, I saw the opportunity ahead of me and... well, let’s just say I wouldn’t have needed too much motivation in the first place if I’d just seen that card, but to have the motivation as well... it’s driving me to do something important this week,” she explains before putting her hands together, her fingers interlocked, and then stretching them out in front of herself and cracking her knuckles. “So, this week I have the biggest match of my career. This week I have a second chance to make what has been an amazingly rubbish month of my life end on a good note. This week I’m facing a man I admire, a man I respect, a man that I’m proud to call the current reigning EXODUS Pro World Heavyweight Champion, and this week I have everything to gain and nothing to lose. That’s the attitude I’m going in with. That’s the excitement I have right now. That’s what I have in front of me, and that’s what I intend to talk about in a little bit. But first, I promised you guys a show, right? Well don’t say I don’t deliver. Enjoy the show guys, I’ll talk to you in a bit.”

The Chapel Show

We cut from Lexy winking at the camera back to a room that we’ve seen before in episode twenty, the inside of Lexy Chapel’s childhood bedroom at her family home in England. Lexy is dressed completely in black and looks highly emotional and sad. There are a few marks on her cheeks where she’s obviously been crying and her makeup is far from perfect. On the bed next to her is a black jacket seemingly belonging to Nate. She sits there in silence for a moment before we hear Nate’s voice from behind the Nathan Chapelcamera. “How you feeling now?” he asks softly. “You definitely look like you need a hug.”

“I could use a hug,” she says softly before looking up at him and tilting her head to the side, obviously surprised to see him holding the camera. “Are you filming this? Babes I’m not sure I really want to be filmed right now.”

“I thought it would help,” he explains before putting the camera down so that it’s still pointed at Lexy and then walking in front of it and sitting down next to her on the bed. He moves his jacket aside and she cuddles up next to him, putting her head against him as he holds her close. “I know you’ve had a rough day but it was a beautiful service. I can’t believe how many people showed up as well. It just shows how much your mum meant to everyone. She was an amazing person.”

Lexy nods her head sadly. “Yeah, she really, really was,” she says softly. “Not completely sure how talking about the funeral needs filming though...”

“Because I wanted to give you something that you could look back on in the future,” he explains lovingly. “How many times have we looked back at old tapes and remembered those moments and then looked around and felt better about what we had right then? Remember when we looked at the videos of you almost passed out after working a double-shift, and remember how much better that made you feel about how much it hurt after that match? I think we forget sometimes. I think we forget how situations really are, and I think sometimes it helps if we look back at them and we remember them and we say ‘oh yeah, damn that was like that, and now it’s like this and it’s so much better’. I wanted to give you that moment in the future, to remember that no matter what happens you’ll see this video and you’ll remember how you felt right then.”

Lexy lets out a little laugh. “So you want me to remember how it feels to be a complete loser whose mum is probably ashamed of her?” Lexy asks before sighing loudly. “I don’t think I need a video to remind me of that babes.”

“Your mum wouldn’t be ashamed of you,” he tells her confidently. “You gave it your best shot. Ok, so you didn’t do as well as you hoped. You got your butt kicked. But your mum had her butt kicked so many times, remember? She’d know that you put the effort in. She’d remember that you tried your best. She’d know how much you wanted to win it for her, and she’d still be proud of you for that regardless of what actually happened.”

Lexy wipes a tear from her eye again before nodding. “Maybe...”

“There’s no ‘maybe’,” Nate tells her confidently once again. “That’s a fact. A stone cold fact right there! But ok, maybe you need time to really realise that. You know what you should do right now? You should get in the bath. You should run yourself a nice hot bath and relax and when you get out I promise things will be better.”

Lexy looks up at him uncertainly. “You think?”

“Have I ever been wrong before?” he asks with a grin before putting a finger to her lips to shush her before she replies. “Whoa, wait, don’t give me a list of all the times I’ve been wrong before, I remember them.”

She laughs now and the two of them kiss. The video is interrupted then for a moment without a fade or an actual closing of a scene, it just seems to skip forward and we see Lexy sitting on the bed again from a different angle and drying her hair with the hairdryer. She looks a little better. She’s no longer wearing any makeup and is wrapped in a towel, but she looks like she’s feeling a little better. Then she looks up and a huge smile comes across her face. She turns the hairdryer off and just stares at something that we can’t yet see in disbelief. “Oh my freaking god,” she mutters softly, still unable to stop smiling. “What the HELL are you wearing?!”

“Well, I promised I’d make it better, didn’t I?” Nate asks confidently from off-camera. “I told you that after a bath things would seem better, and I thought ‘hmm, how can I keep this promise’. I know you’re feeling low right now but I just thought that if there was ever a time to make you laugh then this was it. So I found this and I thought ‘you know what’ll make her laugh’ and bam, here I am...”

She’s clearly still smiling and perhaps even fighting not to laugh. “I, um...” she says softly. “I don’t even know where to begin with this.”

“Ok, well, I’m not stopping until you start laughing, so I guess I’ll have to step it up a little,” Nate says. He then walks out in front of the camera and we see what he’s dressed in and why Lexy is amused by it despite everything. He’s dressed in black stockings and a suspender along with a frilly black piece of lingerie and even a black collar to go along with it. The one-piece lingerie he’s wearing looks stretched around his large form and only just comes up to cover his pecs, which look ridiculous in the outfit. He steps in front of the camera and walks around to the side of the bed where there’s clearly more room toward the door though and strikes a pose. He puts one leg on the bed and poses there, the bulge in the bottom of the lingerie more than evident. Lexy smiles more, shaking her head in disbelief but still not laughing. “What do you think? I know I joked about this being your new ring-gear but dammit babe, do I not look good in it? Hell, maybe this should be MY ring-gear. I mean, it’s about time I returned to wrestling and who wouldn’t want to see me competing in this?”

Lexy covers her mouth and we hear her beginning to laugh. “I don’t know babes, I’m pretty sure you’d have people turning channels thinking that they’ve accidentally stumbled on a horror movie,” she says, unable to stop watching him. “God, you know what you need to top that off? A wig. Then again I’m not sure anything could make you look more feminine with the giant beard...”

“I think you’ll find there are bearded ladies in circuses all over the world right now who WISH they looked like this,” Nate says, beginning to gyrate a little and causing Lexy to begin to laugh a little more. He looks at her with his sexiest expression. “Oh yeah, you like that don’t you? Oh yeah, I know you do. You’re looking at the bulge, aren’t you? Look at the bulge. See how it bulges for YOU!”

He thrusts in her direction and she starts laughing some more. “Oh my god,” she mutters before shaking her head a little. “Oh wow, how wrong is it that I’m actually a little turned on right now?”

“It’s the bulge,” Nate says, pointing at his crotch. “You can’t resist its bulgy properties. You know it’s bulging for you, you know it’s hoping for your touch. Go ahead, go ahead and give it what it wants...”

He thrusts toward her again and she backs away a little while still laughing. “No way am I touching that, I’m a little worried it might burst through the lingerie in some weird Alien-like moment,” she says before beginning to laugh some more. “And don’t you DARE say that gives you an idea for a movie scene!”

“It does,” he says with a nod. “But I think the scene needs to start with a little of this.”

He lowers his leg from the bed and jumps to the floor before turning toward the door and bending forward slightly... and then he starts to twerk. Lexy stops even trying not to laugh now and starts outright laughing, but that only inspires her insane husband to continue to twerk even more. He turns around and starts doing his best ‘erotic’ dancing, bending his knees and shaking his booty as he bends down and back up again, thrusting toward Lexy occasionally as he does so. She continues to laugh. The door behind Nate then opens and Lexy’s eyes go wide. Nate doesn’t stop dancing though. Behind Nate stands Lexy’s father, Damien Adams. He takes one look at Nate in disbelief before shaking his head and closing the door again. That only makes Lexy laugh even more, and Nate seems to think that she’s laughing even harder because of his dancing and ups the dancing even more. Damien takes one last look before shaking his head and shutting the door. Nate obviously hears the door shut, even if he didn’t hear it open, and looks behind him.

“What was that?” he asks curiously before turning back to Lexy. “I swear I heard something.”

“It was nothing,” Lexy says, still laughing and shaking her head, trying to play innocent. “Must have just been the wind I guess.”

“Ah, yeah, well it is pretty windy,” Nate says before turning back to his wife. “But you know what the cure for a windy day is?”

“More twerking?” she asks before laughing again. “Oh god, if Miley Cyrus could see what she inspired right now it would probably scare her in to going straight again and looking normal.”

“Damn right it would, because she’d see that finally there’s someone who makes it look GOOD,” Nate proclaims proudly before turning and beginning to shake his butt toward Lexy again, who leans forward and slaps his ass before laughing some more. Nate only gets more encouraged by this and turns and leaps on her while still gyrating as she screams and continues laughing.

The Chapel Show

We cut from the bedroom to sometime later. We’re no longer in Lexy’s bedroom, or even in her house. Instead it seems that we’re in a public place based on the background noise and the amount of people walking around in the background. The camera moves slightly and we see people with luggage walking past, implying that we’re perhaps at the airport in London. In front of the camera we see Damien Adams again along with his daughter and they’re embracing one another with a hug. “And you’re definitely sure you need to go home now?” Damien asks his only daughter, holding her by the shoulders and smiling at her again. “You know that they’ll wait for you, right? This company of yours would be crazy Damien Adamsnot to.”

“I know they will dad,” Lexy agrees with a nod of her head. “I don’t doubt that even after some of the stuff that’s happened lately if I were to call and tell them that I needed another week or two that they’d give it to me. But you know, I think I’m ready to go back home anyway. The last few weeks have been amazing. It’s been really great catching up and... Thanks daddy.”

“You got nothing to thank me for,” her father tells her with a shake of his head. “If anything, I should be thanking you. I know it wasn’t easy for you to come back, I know that none of this has been easy for you...”

“Dad, stop right there,” Lexy says, holding up a hand to him. “You know I would have come home in a heartbeat if mum had said what was really going on. I’m just sorry that I couldn’t have been here longer, that I couldn’t have said more, that I couldn’t have done more...”

He nods his head slowly. “I know, but you know how your mum was,” he says before letting out a sigh. “She didn’t want people to know. The important thing is that you were there for her when it mattered. And she’d be proud of you kiddo.”

“Yeah, well I don’t think—” Lexy begins only to be cut off.

“She would be,” her father assures her. “You don’t know how proud of you she really was. You know when you first left I couldn’t even think about you, I was so angry. I imagined that you’d run off to join them, that they’d somehow corrupted you, but your mother never believed that. Your mother was the one who kept telling me that you knew what you were doing, that you were more responsible than I knew, and I think somehow she knew about you and Nate. I don’t know how she did it, but I think she knew.”

Lexy laughs and nods her head. “Yeah, I think she might have too...”

“But she told me something that I’m going to tell you right now. She told me that you had to be free, that you had to be free to go your own route, to find your own path in life and that you had to be allowed to make mistakes because it was those mistakes that you’d learn from. She made a lot of mistakes as well in her life Alexandra, we both did, but no matter what happened we always found our way in the end. I know you’ve felt lost sometimes, that you’ve felt confused, but trust me kiddo, you’re going to find your way just like we did,” he tells her, putting his hands on her shoulders and looking at her very fatherly. “And I know I may not have approved of your husband there, but... well, let’s just say the last few weeks have had me thinking that over a lot.”

“Thank you sir,” Nate says from behind the camera.

“Now he’s a little weird – actually, now that I think about it sometimes I wonder if he’s not a few sandwiches short of a picnic,” her father continues and Nate lets out a sigh from behind the camera, clearly deflated after a moment of feeling good about himself, “but you’d have to be a complete fool not to see how much the two of you care for each other. Your mother knew that as well. I don’t know how she knew it, but she did. And I made her a promise that I would do everything I could to support this decision now, so that’s what I’m going to do. The two of you are welcome back here any time, and I’ll do whatever I can for the both of you.”

“Thanks daddy,” Lexy says lovingly.

“Thank you sir, that means a lot,” Nate says proudly.

“And I mean that too, no matter what kind of crazy shit you two are in to,” Damien says with a worried look over toward the camera.

“Dad there’s something you should know,” Lexy tries to say to interrupt but he won’t let her.

“No, no it’s fine, I’m not judging either of you,” Damien says with a sigh. “I know that you kids are in to some weird stuff these days, and I’m respecting that for your mother. I’m not going to judge; just promise me that you’ll keep it out of my house in the future?”

Lexy tries not to laugh and nods her head slowly. “I don’t think that’ll be a problem dad.”

He shakes his head slowly. “I’m glad you think this is funny,” her dad tells her. “I just hope he’s not making you do anything you don’t want to.”

Lexy tries again not to laugh. “He’s not dad, I promise,” she says, covering her face for a moment so that she doesn’t burst out laughing. “He always gets my consent first...”

Her father nods. “Well, that’s good, because you can always say no,” he says. Lexy once again tries hard not to laugh. Damien turns toward Nate and the camera. “And you son, you’re...”

“I know what you think sir...” Nate begins.

“I don’t think you do...” Lexy says quietly, only just loudly enough for the camera to pick it up.

“...but I love your daughter and I don’t know exactly what you think is happening between us but I promise that I wouldn’t ever let anything come between that love,” he tells his father in law in a strong and proud speech. “And sir, I know you’ve got some doubts about me and the, err, things that I’m in to...”

“Nate, no, you don’t understand, he’s not talking about your movies, he’s—” Lexy tries to tell him but he cuts her off.

“...but sir, I want you to know that I’m very serious about what I do. I take it very seriously and I’m one hundred percent committed to it, and I think that one day you’ll see that. In fact I think one day you’ll want to be in the front row for it. I think one day it’ll sell out theatres and everyone will want to come and see,” Nate explains. Meanwhile, in the background, Lexy has both hands over her mouth and is going red from trying not to laugh as her father is giving Nate the most worried look ever.

“No offence son but I don’t think I’ll ever want to see that kind of thing,” her father says, shaking his head.

“Give me a chance to convince you sir,” Nate says confidently. “I could give you a private viewing...”

At this point Lexy almost falls over from laughing so much before getting between the two of them and shaking her head. “No, no, no, no, no, I think my dad will be fine without one babes,” she says with tears in her eyes. “I just really think you two need to talk about something else...”

“Yes, well, no matter what you two are in to in the future, you’ll always have my support Alexandra, I promise you that,” her father says before looking oddly at the camera again. “And you, son... I can only assume that your upbringing had something to do with it. I guess we’re just lucky being raised by your father you didn’t turn out any worse.”

“I’m telling you sir, if you just give me a chance I know I can impress you,” Nate says again. “I think if you take a close look you’ll see how big things could really get...”

“Ok, that’s enough, time to get on the plane,” Lexy says, interrupting and ushering her father away. “Thanks dad. We’ll see you soon, yeah?”

“Absolutely,” her father says with a nod. “Like I said, just promise me that... well, not in my house, ok? I don’t ever want to see anything like that again in my house.”

“Not in your house, dad,” Lexy says with a nod. She hugs her father again who then walks away as Lexy turns back to Nate and the camera, trying to remain calm.

“Wow, he’s really judgemental,” Nate says with a sigh. “I didn’t even know he’d seen a clip...”

“You know my dad babes,” Lexy says, trying not to laugh again. “And just for the record, he saw more than just a clip...”

“He did?” Nate asks curiously. “Well damn.”

The Chapel Show

Lexy tries not to laugh again. We cut from there to the Chapel apartment in Anaheim, California, but not yet back to the present day. Instead we’re now watching the Christmas decorations as they’re just being put up. Nate has some in his hands, as though he’s currently decorating, but he’s looking out the window at something. We hear Lexy’s voice from the bedroom calling out to him. “Would you stop looking out the bloody window?” she asks with a sigh. “It’s just a moving van babes. It’s not that exciting.”

“I know, but I just want to know who it is,” Nate says, looking out there curiously again. “They’ve got a lot of stuff as well. You think they’re moving in to the apartment across the hall? I think they must be. Damn, that place was only vacant for a couple of days. Someone must have snapped that up right away.”

“Well it’s a nice building, nice location, nice people,” Lexy says, still from the bedroom. “It doesn’t surprise me someone wanted the place.”

“I hope it’s not some asshole,” Nate says, sneaking a look out the window again having only just stepped away from it. “You know we never saw the last neighbours. They were perfect. I don’t know if they were like shut-ins or something but I swear I didn’t have to make small talk, I didn’t have to invite them places, they were the most fantastic neighbours you could ask for. I bet you this new person is over here all the time asking to borrow stuff. God, what if I’m like Flanders to them?”

“You don’t have much that they’d want to borrow babes,” Lexy assures him.

“That’s not true, I’ve got tons of cool stuff,” Nate says defensively. “What about my Batman collector’s statue?”

“Nobody would ever want to borrow that,” Lexy says with a sigh.

“Not true. What if they were trying to impress a girl?” Nate asks proudly.

“Then they’d DEFINITELY not borrow it,” Lexy replies with another laugh. “Would you stop looking out the window and just come in here a second?”

Nate looks out the window once more before sighing and walking over to the camera, grabbing it up. “What are you doing in there anyway?” he asks curiously. “I know you said you wanted to get the apartment ready for Christmas so I assume you’re decorating, but how long can it take to decorate the bedroom? I mean sure, I’m excited about having decorations in my bedroom, who wouldn’t be? But I mean damn, you’ve been in here for hours!”

“It has not been hours,” Lexy tells him. Nate walks in and stops dead as the camera focuses on Lexy standing on the other side of the room. She’s dressed up in a new version of the lingerie that we saw Nate in earlier and looking very, very seductive with her makeup done just perfectly, her lips looking big, red and so very luscious and black boots complimenting the outfit, whereas Nate only had black stockings. “So, what do you think?”

“It’s... err...” Nate says in disbelief. “Damn, is it Christmas already?”

“Not quite,” she says with a smile. “But you’ve been so incredible the last few weeks, so understanding, so loving, and you’ve supported me and helped me and gotten me through so much dark stuff that I wanted to show you how much I appreciated it. And I know you loved this outfit. I know how much you wanted to see me wear it properly. So why don’t you turn the camera off and I’ll show you how much I appreciate everything? I’ll even touch the bulge; see if I can’t make it bulge a little more. And hey, since it’s your night maybe I’ll touch it with something other than my fingers...”

She licks her lips seductively and Nate giggles from behind the camera. “Oh damn, well I have been really understanding and supportive,” he says excitedly. “I mean damn, there’s not many guys who’d be as understanding or supportive as I’ve been, right? I definitely think I deserve a treat. But you know what would be even better? If I didn’t turn the camera off...”

Lexy makes a faux-shocked face and puts a hand to her mouth. “Oh Mr Chapel, what kind of girl do you think I am?” she asks in a sultry tone. “That would be terribly naughty of me if I did something like that...”

“Sometimes it’s good being naughty,” Nate says playfully. “And, you know, that’s the kind of video that would go in our personal library, never to be seen by anyone...”

“You’ve always wanted to make a sex-tape, huh?” Lexy asks seductively again, pushing out her chest as she does so. “Well, I guess since it is a special night, and you’ve been such a special husband, how could I say no?”

“Are you serious?” Nate asks excitedly. “Oh man, this is going to be awesome...”

She walks over to him and looks in to the camera. “Is that a bulge in your pants, Mr Chapel?” she asks before reaching down and touching his groin. We hear him laughing from behind the camera as Lexy looks in to it again. “I think I need to do something about this, huh?”

“I think you do,” he says. She begins to get down on her knees and she kneels there in front of him, looking up in to the camera and begins undoing his pants when there’s a knock on the door and Lexy smiles. Nate seems less amused. “Son of a bitch! I bet you that’s the neighbour. I bet you that they’re all like ‘oh hi, I just moved in and I don’t have sugar’. Fuck ‘em, they can go without sugar!”

Lexy laughs. “You seriously don’t want to see who it is?”

“I...” Nate says as she looks up at him before licking her lips again.

“I’ll be waiting for you when you get back,” she Cookie Dreamspromises.

“Don’t even MOVE,” he says before handing her the camera. We see her turn it in time for him to disappear out the door. We hear the sound of his voice and then the sound of someone else’s, andthen a girlish scream of excitement.

Lexy turns the camera around to face herself. “Ok, what the...?” she asks before getting up and walking to the door. She points the camera toward the door where we see Nate being hugged by a familiar face from the past that has Lexy letting out a sigh. “Oh you’ve got to be shitting me with this...”

“Ooh, I LOVE the outfit. But guess who your new neighbour is?” the girl known professionally as Cooke Dreams squeals with excitement as she rushes in and almost knocks the camera out of Lexy’s hands in her excitement. “We are going to be the BEST of friends! WE COULD HAVE SLUMBER PARTIES!! Oh yeah, this is going to be amazing! Are you excited? I’m excited!”

“Yeah, I’m... so... excited...” Lexy says before letting out a sigh.

The Chapel Show

We cut from that moment back to Lexy in the fully decorated apartment. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head. “So, you’ve met my new neighbour, right? She’s a little special, crazily flirty, has giant breasts and my husband has the hots for her. Don’t you just love when things like this happen?” she asks before rolling her eyes. “Oh, and for the record you’ll be happy to hear that Nate did eventually find out what my dad was talking about, but I swear I laughed about that for like a week afterwards. So, that’s been our adventures over the last few weeks, some of which I was going to show you last time out but, you know, travelling and everything. Better late than never though, am I right? And now we have the final part of the show this week, and there’s really only one thing that I need to address with this and that’s the same thing that I started to talk about earlier. Throughout all the madness, throughout all the insanity, throughout the severe career-based problems that I had following Autumn Effect, I wondered if there was ever going to come another chance for me. It’s like I spoke about last time, I could go out and ask for a rematch but do I really want to? Can I even hope to accomplish even half of what I accomplished before? My fear is if I try again and I fail then people are going to compare that first run to Lexy Chapeleverything I do in the future now, and it’ll be like Carly Rae Jepson releasing a new single, or Psy releasing another single, and how good they are or how many they sell people are always going to compare them to the success of ‘Call Me Maybe’ and ‘Gangnam Style’, right?”

She shrugs her shoulders and sighs a little. “That’s the problem when you have that level of success, no matter what you try to do in order to follow it up unless you manage to equal or even surpass the success you had before people are going to look at it as a failure. They’re going to compare it to what you did before and they’re going to think that it doesn’t measure up. So that’s how I’m feeling about the International title right now. What if I can’t do it again? What if they forever judge me as a one-hit wonder? It’s not made much easier by this idea that I’m being called the greatest International Champion either. Don’t get me wrong, that kind of compliment doesn’t happen often in this business and it’s one of those compliments that you just want to hold on to, but at the same time it’s added pressure,” she explains before laughing a little. “Then again the pressure of that is nothing compared to the pressure of this week, is it? Because this week is the week! And as the Chapel Show gets ready to celebrate it’s one year anniversary this week after one year in this business, one year of fighting, one year of scrapping, one year of busting my butt this week I get something that I’ve never had before, and I might never have again. This week the pressure is back on me to perform because not only am I facing the World Heavyweight Champion this week, but I’m doing so in the main event at EXPRO on FX. Now I’ve been in the main event match before, but always with a proviso. That’s been fine with me as well. I’ve been one member of a three person team. I’ve been partnered with someone else. This week I have no partner. This week it’s just me out there by myself.”

She smiles at the camera and nods her head. The excitement in her eyes is evident. “When I first came to this company, when EXODUS Pro gave me that first big break, I told you guys a story. I told you guys the story of my dad. I told you how hard he worked. I told you of all the different people he fought. I told you about the legend of Union Jack and I told you one thing that always bothered my father. No matter how good he was, no matter what he did back home, no matter who he fought in Europe, no matter who he wrestled in Japan, there was one thing he never did. He never got the call up in the United States. He never got that call he wanted. And in the wrestling business it’s well established that there are a lot of markets for wrestling and you can be really, really good if you’re in Japan, you can be really, really good if you work in Mexico, you can be a well known figure, you can be an icon within your market, but to be one of the greats you’ve got to make it in the United States,” she says with a nod. “That’s why you see guys giving up their lives in Japan and coming here. It’s why you see men and women giving up their lives in Europe and relocating. It’s why you see the very best names from Mexico try and make the transition. This market is where the money is. This market is where the brightest lights in the world shine. And my dad couldn’t ever make it in the United States but I did, and that’s something I’m incredibly proud of. I’m proud to be the first member of my family to make it here, but yet I wanted more.”

She pauses for a moment and laughs a little. “Isn’t that always the way?” she asks before looking away a little ashamed. “No matter how much you get, no matter what dreams you get the opportunity to fulfil, you always want more. It’s the human condition I guess. I wanted just to make it in the United States, I wanted to compete on a US televised show, to compete on a US pay per view event, to be seen all around the world, and I got that and I was so proud. Then, after what happened to Nate, after my dreams of being one half of a tag team faded away, I got a new dream. I wanted to be San Diego Bay Champion. That was the epitome for me. I thought if I could make it with that title it’d be a dream come true. Then I got included in the tournament and I was on cloud nine. I really imagined myself with the belt and thought that if I could do that I’d have made it without doubt. Flash forward just a week after I qualify for a San Diego Bay Championship match and I’m being put in the ring for an International title match instead after technically defeating the International Champion, albeit it was by disqualification when I got hit with a chair, put through a table and then broken in half. Not my proudest moment. But my proudest moment came when I won that title and I rose it over my head and I lived a dream and I knew in that moment that I’d truly made it. I thought there was no possible way that I could ever want more. And then I did. Then I started to see how many people I’d fought got the main event matches that I couldn’t get, and I got jealous.”

She laughs again. She looks away again as though she’s ashamed of that comment as well before shrugging and looking back in to the camera. “What can I say, despite the fact that I tried to be above it I guess I succumbed to the basic urges. I wanted more. I wanted the big matches. I wanted the spotlight on me. I wanted the chance to prove myself in the biggest match. But I could never get it. I defended the International title and it was a match that was thrown on in the middle of the show. I fought former World Champions and I did so in the middle of the show. I hold wins over former World Champions, contenders and more... and yet every one of them was in the middle of the show. What started out as an impossible dream started to become more and more like an obsession! I wanted the main event match more than I could put in to words. I wanted the chance to compete above the others that I got so jealous of, and yeah if you’re wondering I have been jealous of Fiona Collins for a long time now,” she says, nodding her head sadly. “I respect her. I love watching her. But things for her seem to come so easy, and it made me jealous. I wanted that. It began to get to me that I couldn’t have it. It began to get to me that no matter how hard I tried or how hard I worked I couldn’t get the shot I dreamt about. But this week I have it, don’t I? The biggest match of my life is this week. My first honest to god main event match against the current reigning EXODUS Pro World Heavyweight Champion! There’s only one way it gets bigger than that and that’s pay per view with the belt on the line, and I don’t think I’m quite there on either count yet.”

She shakes her head slowly. “I’d love to say I was. I’d love to have the confidence to say ‘yeah, I deserve that, I’ve earned it’ and all that stuff you see people saying or tweeting, but after Autumn Effect I’ve never had more doubt over my own ability in my life. This week though, one on one with Chris Strike, I get a chance to really see where I am. All the hype in the world around me means nothing when I fail to deliver to such epic degrees as I failed to deliver at Autumn Effect. All the hype in the world just seems like empty words when you get beaten the way I got beaten. So I’m not going to hype myself up, I’m not going to hype my accomplishments, I’m not going to make all these grand statements, but what I am going to do is make a promise that I’m going to try harder than I’ve ever tried before, I’m going to work harder than I’ve ever worked before, and I’m going to give everything,” she says, nodding her head. “I’m going to have to, because my opponent is one of the best in the world and he’s in the form of his life right now. And more than that, he knows what this feeling is like. For him, the main event spotlight isn’t anything new or exciting, because when you’re Chris Strike, when you’re the current reigning World Champion, the main event is just where you’re used to being, right? I mean damn Chris, I can imagine you listening to what I’m saying right now and laughing about it. I can imagine so many people in this company just chuckling away that Lexy Chapel considers the main event a big deal, when for someone like Chris Strike it was Autumn Effect in the main event, then EXPRO on FX 26 in the main event, and now 27...”

She sits back before shaking her head. “You must feel like you’re dealing with a little kid right now, huh? You must look at me and think ‘this poor little English girl, what is she thinking? She’s never been in a main event before? What an idiot’. I don’t blame you if that’s the way you feel. I also don’t blame you for coming in to this match with confidence, the kind of confidence you’ve displayed over and over. The kind of confidence you had when you looked Christum Furor, arguably the greatest EXODUS Pro World Champion in history, right in his eyes and you told him that you’d make a better champion than him,” she says, nodding her head in approval. “I loved that speech, Chris. You had such passion, such commitment, and you seemed fearless. You seemed fearless, man! You looked straight at the camera and you told the guy who’s broken so many dreams that you were going to break his, that you were going to free all of us from his reign, that you were going to be the champion we could all be proud of and that there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it, and then you went out there and you showed without doubt that there wasn’t a damn thing he could do to beat you. Not on that night. On that night the great Christum Furor was made to look a lot less great. You did it, Chris. You did the impossible and I would have cheered you on, I would have squealed in happiness, but at that moment I was in the trainer’s room getting myself checked out and even as you were fighting Christum I probably still had tears in my eyes.”

“It was one of the biggest nights of your life at Autumn Effect, wasn’t it? It was your night without doubt. Chris Strike wins his fourth World title. Four World titles! That’s incredible. Hell, you’re incredible. Thirteen years in this business and what haven’t you done, Chris? You’ve got armies of people who follow you to events, who cheer you, who chant your name, who admire you, who look up to you, and I’ll be honest with you, I admire you and I look up to you as well. Why wouldn’t I? I’m just Lexy Chapel; I’m just a little fan-girl. I’m not even just the International Champion anymore because on your night, the victory you’ve called the greatest of your career, I was broken, beaten and humiliated. And that title you’ve got right now, the one you’re so proud of, it’s the most important thing to you right now, right? The International title was the most important thing to me, and I couldn’t even do it justice. So yeah, while you won that belt, while you proved to the world how good you were, while you lived up to the whole thing about your opponents being able to do nothing about what you say, I was probably in the back with my head in my hands crying my eyes out. That was the difference between us on that night,” she says, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. “You were the man Chris. You are the man. And on that night I was nothing. And last week I tried to come back strong and I got beaten down again, this time after the match, because I’m just Lexy Chapel, I’m just a little fan-girl, and I’m not in your league, am I?”

She laughs a little. “Don’t worry, you can say it,” she insists softly. “I won’t hold it against you. I won’t blame you for saying it. I’m not in Chris Strike’s league. I’m not a World title contender. Don’t be ridiculous, I’m not even close. I’m not Fiona Collins, right? I’m not a main event player. I’m the girl they sing the opponents themes when she loses. And on that night that you were celebrating Chris, I still remember those people singing. I broke me. It shattered whatever confidence I have. I lost my mum, I lost my title, I lost my confidence, I lost my mojo... and then there’s Chris Strike, on top of the world, untouchable by anyone, and he knows it, and he knows there’s nothing that anyone can do about it. But what if you’re wrong, Chris? What if you’re wrong about there being nothing that I can do? What if I can do something? You see I’m not stupid enough to say I will. I’m not stupid enough to think that I’ll win this match easily. I’m not even stupid enough to bet money on myself, if I’m honest. It’s Christmas time; I don’t exactly have a whole lot of spare money, especially with the flights to and from England lately. I mean, do I look like Christian Kane? I’m not exactly well paid for this. And that’s the truth. I don’t have the big money contract, the years of experience, the thousands of fans behind me, the confidence or the momentum. This is my first main event and I have nothing going for me. Anyone with any sense right now is picking Chris Strike to win this even more easily than Christian beat me. So what can I say to change your minds?”

She laughs again and shrugs her shoulders. “What can I say? I’m going to get my ass whooped and there’s nothing I can do about it, just ask Chris. But here’s the thing you should know about Lexy Chapel – even when I’m set to get my ass whooped that doesn’t mean I ever give up. Even when I’m sure I’m doomed I still don’t lie down, curl in to a ball and think the world is against me. Hell, even when the world IS against me I STILL don’t give up! THAT’S the message I have for you this week Chris. Because sure you may beat me into the mat just like Christian did and this match may be over without me even getting one pin-fall attempt this time. Or, and I know this is unlikely but go with me here, I could give you the kind of fight I’ve given guys like Johnny Cannon and Kerry Windsor. Kerry had confidence against me as well. He was as confident in fact as you are all the time, Chris. He thought he had everything going for him, and god knows he kicked my ass, and god knows I couldn’t walk after the match, but I still found a way to beat him,” she says more positively. “So what if I do that, Chris? What if your big thing about ‘you won’t be able to do a damned thing about it’ turns out that not only can I do something about it but what if I actually DO something about it? What then? Well, then my confidence issues may get a little better. Then I get my first ever main event and my first ever main event victory. And I want that, Chris. I want that a whole lot. Because I’ve worked really hard for this opportunity, and I’ve got something to prove to the world this week.”

“You’re the favourite without doubt. You’re the champion. Nobody can take that away from you. But I like being the underdog, if I’m being honest. I like fighting against the odds, because if I’m able to do the unthinkable, if I’m able to beat you Chris, then nobody will see it coming. When I’m the favourite things sometimes don’t go my way and I feel like I’ve let everyone down. I have to lose when I’m the favourite. This week though I have nothing to lose. This week I have everything to gain. This week if I beat you I’ll show the world how good I can be. This week if I beat you I’ll prove to myself that I am capable of being what my father could never be! I want to be one of the GREATS Chris. I’m happy being good, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve already made it in the United States when I was told I never would, I’ve already reigned as the International Champion and upset people who thought for sure that I never would, and this week I get a chance to fight in my first all out legitimate main event match and if I beat you Chris then it’ll put me somewhere that nobody in my family, nobody in Nate’s family, nobody that someone like me, has EVER been before,” she says excitedly. “Here’s a fact: people like me aren’t meant to win these matches. We’re here to make people like you look good, right Chris? We’re here so that you can look great and you can go on to the next pay per view and you can be the STAR at Dead in Hollywood. But I don’t want to be the fodder you step on to build your name. I want to build my own.”

“This week it’s entirely possible I’m going to get my ass handed to me for the second time in three matches, and for the third show in a row. This week it’s possible that being dropped on the back of my head by Zack Lifer and then having the crap kicked out of me will be a happy experience next to what Chris Strike is capable of doing to me. But right now we’re in the season of miracles, and maybe just maybe I’m going to pull off a miracle this week. Maybe, just maybe, I’m going to upset the world this week. Maybe, just maybe, there is something I can do about Chris Strike being unbeatable because maybe, just maybe, I can beat him in the middle of the ring, I can earn my place, I can prove something to the world and I can show that the hype that I’ve had as International Champion, the hype I feel humiliated me when I got beaten so easily, is maybe justified after all. This week Chris Strike I need you to know something. I need you to know that I’m going to give you EVERYTHING that I have because I want to be one of the greats Chris, but I want to be more than just one of them, I want to be the greatest, and to do that I need to win matches like this so one day I can dream of holding that belt that you’ve got right now,” she says softly before taking another deep breath. “What do you guys think? Does Lexy Chapel have a chance, or is she getting her butt whooped? Leave a comment, tell me what you think. And if you think that maybe I have a chance then hit that like button, show me some love, subscribe to the channel, show me even more love, and help me dream. I have so much to prove and my first main event to prove it in guys, and I’m hopeful. Wish me luck. Oh, and before I forget, I have a little announcement to make... but I’ll save that for the show on Monday. So until then I’ve been Lexy Chapel and this has been another episode of the Chapel Show. Until next time, fuckers!”

She gives thumbs up to the camera before laughing. The Chapel Show logo flashes up on the screen as the video fades out and comes to its ending with the replay button flashing up.

The Chapel Show

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