Episode: S02E02
Date: 31/01/2015

We begin with some grainy, old looking footage. It was definitely filmed before the new modern HD quality cameras, but it appears like it’s been recorded off a VHS tape. In the footage we see a young Lexy Chapel, no more than five or six years old, as she’s standing on the couch with her arms in the air. We hear her mother behind the Damien Adamscamera cheering her on. In front of her, on his knees and pretending like he’s been beaten up, is her dad.

“C’mon Alexandra, you can do this,” we hear her mother telling her. “You’ve got him down. You can’t stop now. You’ve almost got him beat.”

“Ugh, I don’t think I can go on,” her dad says. He’s dressed in his full wrestling gear as the legendary British wrestler Union Jack. “This is impossible, she’s so tough. I don’t think anyone can stop her.”

“Yeah, I’m going to beat you daddy,” the young Lexy says excitedly before looking toward the camera, “right mum?”

“Don’t look at me, I don’t know what’s going to happen,” her mother tells her playfully. “But you’ve got him down. Now go for your finisher...”

Lexy smiles all excitedly before running and jumping off the couch. Her dad quite obviously catches her, ensuring she comes to absolutely no harm, but then goes down in an exaggerated motion while holding her on top of him. “Argh, she got me,” he screams before lying flat out on the floor.

Lexy starts laughing and jumps back up to her feet. “Did you see that mum?” she asks excitedly. “I hit him. I got him with the diving elbow!”

“Don’t talk about it, beat him,” her mother says encouragingly. Lexy takes a moment before realising her dad is down and quickly jumps on top of him. We hear her dad grunt, as if he’s in pain, as she does, then we hear her mother counting. “One! Two! Three! She did it! She did it! She’s the World Champion!”

“I did it?” Lexy asks excitedly. “Did I beat him? Did I beat him mum?”

“You’re the World Champion,” her mum tells her excitedly. We see the camera wobbling as her mother gets closer to her and Lexy rushes over and hugs her mother excitedly. Her mum then hands her a title. It’s quite clearly made of cardboard, but it seems to have cardboard plates glued to the cardboard strap and the plates seem to be painted gold with a pattern on it and the words ‘World Champion’ written across it. Lexy celebrates with the title and jumps on the couch, jumping up and down before leaping in to her dad’s arms again as he dad hugs her. Her mother lets out a happy sigh at her daughter’s celebration. “It’ll be real one day Alexandra. You’re going to be the first one in this family to be a World Champion, I know it.”

Lexy looks up confused. “What about Damien and Harry?” Lexy asks innocently. “Damien is sooo good mum!”

“Yeah, but you’re our little star,” her mother tells her proudly. “Trust me Alexandra; one day the whole world is going to know your name, I just know it.”

The Chapel Show

We cut from the older clip to a far more modern one. The video switches to what appears to be the inside of a hotel room. There’s a Japanese flag in the background and we see Lexy Chapel in front of it with a smirk on her face. She’s dressed in a t-shirt that reads ‘I know KARATE (and some other Japanese words)’. “Ah-so, welcome to Tokyo,” she says before bowing to the camera and Lexy Chapelthen laughing and shaking her head. “Oh man, that’s probably super racist. Sorry Japanese people. Let’s try this again. What’s up fuckers? I’m Lexy Chapel, this is The Chapel Show, and here’s a fun fact: did you know that in Japan there are cat-cafés where you can order coffee and hang out with cats? It’s true, and they’re AWESOME! But Nate was highly, highly disappointed when the Japanese waitress asked if he wanted to see her pussy...”

She rolls her eyes and smiles at the camera. “But as much fun as it is we didn’t come to Tokyo this week to experience all the wonders that Japan has to offer. Quite frankly I’m still wondered-out after our last trip and the weird underwear machines. No, we came to Japan this week for one reason, we came to Japan this week because EXODUS Pro have given me the opportunity of a lifetime,” she explains. The smile on her face fades to a more serious, humble look as she nods her head at the camera. “Now here’s the truth you guys. I don’t even know how to go about beginning with this. First of all, I guess I need to say thank you. I don’t know who in the back decided that they wanted this match to take place here in Japan, I don’t know who in the back decided to give me another chance that quite frankly even I’m not sure that I deserve, but whoever it was I want them to know how much it means to me. I want them to know how honoured I am!”

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I finally saw the announcement of the show this week. I had a pretty busy week after Dead in Hollywood, I needed a few days to reflect on it all, a few days to deal with the fact that I gave everything I had on that night and it wasn’t enough. When I finally came to looking for the next match, for my next opponent, I was stunned to silence. I was just stunned beyond words. And I think I expressed my amazement pretty well on Twitter, but a lot of people have been asking me about that,” she explains before laughing a little. “They wanted to know why I was shocked. They wanted to know why I couldn’t believe it. Well, let me tell you a little story. I come from a wrestling family. You guys know that. My dad, my mum, and my brothers have all had a ton of matches. They’ve all achieved success. My dad is a former multi-time British Heavyweight Champion. He’s had chances at the top belts in Europe. But throughout his entire career nobody ever gave him even a shot at a legitimate World Championship...”

“That’s actually the same for my dad,” Nate says from behind the camera. Lexy looks up at him as he walks in front of the camera and stands alongside her. “I mean my family were pretty famous. My dad was a European Champion. My dad won some of the top belts here in Japan. But he was never THE MAN, you know? He was never THE GUY! And he wanted to be.”

Lexy nods in agreement. “My dad did to,” she says, smiling at her husband. “I mean, who doesn’t want to be, right?”

Nate nods. “Everyone wants to be, but there are only so many who can be,” he says before looking at Lexy proudly, “and this week babe, you’re one of those few. I know you were shocked when you were given this opportunity. For kids like us, growing up in the shadows of our parents, growing up being known as ‘Victor Vicious’ son’ and ‘Union Jack’s daughter’ and knowing when we got in to wrestling that we’d be compared to them, that every match we had would be compared to matches they had, it was never going to be easy. But we both grew up with respect for this business. We both grew up appreciating this business in a way you don’t see out of everyone.”

Lexy laughs and nods in agreement. “Yeah, when your parents are stars and you see everything they go through, you see the hardships, you see how hard they work, and you spend your life in locker rooms meeting giants, meeting technical masters, meeting legends of this sport and the best who have EVER done it, you don’t then come in to this business thinking you’re the best that’s ever lived,” she says before grinning at Nate. “Well, I didn’t. You I’m not so sure about sometimes. But you also come in to this business with a huge amount of respect for what it means to be recognised, because my dad never was.”

Nate smiles at her proudly. “And you have been recognised babe,” he tells her, turning more toward her than the camera now and taking her hand. “You get those people standing every single week. You get them cheering and chanting your name. You connect with them. They respect you. They believe in you, even when sometimes you don’t believe in yourself. And you know what? I believe in you as well. I know you’ve got a few doubts about this week, I know you’re nervous, I know you’re questioning if you deserve this but let me tell you, and I know I’m biased but dammit it doesn’t make it untrue, you have EARNED this!”

“I—” Lexy begins to object but Nate puts a finger on her lips and smiles at her again.

“No, don’t tell me I’m wrong because I’m not. You’ve busted your ass. You’ve come a long, long way. You’ve shown determination and commitment. You were incredible with the International Championship, and no matter what those egotistical assholes say about you not being good enough you’re not seriously listening to their shit, are you?” he asks, shaking his head to imply that she shouldn’t be. “This week you’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime and I believe in you babe. I believe that on Monday night I’m looking at the next EXODUS Pro World Champion.”

She smiles and kisses him. He picks her up off her feet as he holds her and holds her up as they continue to kiss before lowering her back down again. She has a silly grin on her face as she turns back to the camera. “Ok, well I’m not really sure what to say to that so we’re going to take a quick break, but while I’m collecting my thoughts my adorable husband isn’t the only person this week who apparently believes in me or has taken notice of me,” she says with a more serious look. “Yeah, this one is a little weird; it happened late last week and... well, check it out. We’ll be back after.”

She turns to Nate and smiles at him again as he kisses her once again and we cut out.

The Chapel Show

We cut from the Japanese hotel room with our happy couple to their apartment in Anaheim, California. It seems to be early in the day and we hear the sound of Nate breathing and muttering behind the camera as the camera pans from the kitchen to the bedroom door. He starts walking toward the bedroom door. “Is this on? I think so. It better be. Right, so, today is the big day. Today is the beginning of our adventure. Let’s go wake her up, shall we?” he says before opening the bedroom door. We see Lexy still asleep in the bed and she rolls over and looks up at him. “C’mon babe, wakey-wakey, no time to sleep in, you’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime to prepare for and I’m going to be there every step of the way.”

“What have you got against sleep?” Lexy asks, rolling over and pulling the duvet up over her head. “Seriously, you’re like the sleep Nazi.”

“NO SLEEP FOR YOU,” Nate shouts at her, mimicking the character from the infamous episode of Seinfeld who became Nathan Chapelknown as the Soup Nazi. He laughs at his own impression and even from under the duvet we hear Lexy gigglea little. “Seriously babes, you’ve got to get up. There are only a couple of days until we’re going to Japan and there’s so much to do before then. We’ve got to make sure you’re in tip-top fighting form, we’ve got to get some training done, we’ve got to work on your agility and your athleticism, and let’s not forget we’ve got to find you the perfect outfit.”

Lexy pokes her head up from under the duvet. “Wait, we?” she asks in surprise. “Don’t get me wrong babes, I love that you want to help, but... you don’t normally help. Aren’t you busy? I swear you said you were busy. Aren’t you filming with Cookie today?”

“Do you think I’d seriously go filming with Cookie and leave you all alone? Of course I wouldn’t,” he says trying to sound committed and inspired to help his wife. The look she gives him however casts doubt on whether or not she believes that. “This is your big week, and I’m going to be there every step of the way to give you support and encouragement.”

“That’s really sweet,” she says with a smile before looking at him suspiciously. “But... why?”

“Why?” he asks, apparently insulted. “Because I love you, obviously. Because you’re my wife and I want to be there for you! Because I know what this week means to you, I know what an opportunity this is for you, and I want to do everything I can to help.”

She smiles again. “Aww, babes,” she says happily before the suspiciousness returns. “What’s the real reason?”

“That IS the real reason,” he insists. “I’m insulted that you’d think otherwise. I’m insulted that you’d think that—ah, fuck it. Ok, you want the truth? I can’t film with Cookie this week. The movie’s on hold for a few weeks since she got hurt. So I figured if I couldn’t do that I’d use my time more creatively instead, and that means creating a different masterpiece. We’re going to make a documentary about you!”

“Oh god, I don’t like the sound of this,” Lexy groans before pulling the duvet back up over her head. “What kind of documentary?”

“Well that’s simple. I mean, with the Chapel Show we tend to focus on the funnier bits of our lives, but I want to take people behind the scenes, I want to show them how hard you work. I want to show them the early morning training you do. I want to show them the workouts you put yourself through. I want to show them the commitment you have to being in the most incredible shape,” he explains proudly. “I want to take them on a journey of discovery to show them how hard you really work at being the best, and show them that it’s not just some accident. We’ll give them training montages. We’ll show them the work that goes in to being a professional wrestler at the top levels. We’ll show them there’s more to our lives than comedy. And we’ll call it, Lexy Chapel: Rise of a Champion. No, wait, Lexy Chapel: Road to the World Title. Or, or, Lexy Chapel: Beyond the Sexy!”

“Beyond the s—?” she asks before letting out a sigh. “Ugh, I’ve got a bad feeling about this. So, what happened to Cookie?”

“Oh, she called me this morning, told me that she’s hurt,” he says with a sigh. “I told her that I’ll do anything I can to help her heal faster, obviously.”

“Hurt how?” Lexy asks curiously. “What happened?”

“She broke her boob,” Nate tells his wife, who once again pokes her head out from underneath the duvet and looks at him in disbelief. “What?”

“That’s not a real thing, you know that, right?” she asks with concern. “You can’t break them!”

“Pssh, how would you know?” Nate says dismissively. “That’s what she told me. She’s got a doctor’s note and everything.”

“How would I know?” Lexy asks before laughing. “Oh, I don’t know, I’ve had mine for a while now; I’ve gotten to know them pretty well. I promise you babes, you can’t break them. There’s nothing to break!”

“Maybe you can’t break yours,” Nate says dismissively, “but your way tougher than she is. You know Cookie, she’s not like you babe, she’s delicate. Her boobs are soft and tender.”

Lexy just stares at him again. “I’m concerned how you know that...”

“I, err...” he says sheepishly before changing the subject. “You’re changing the subject. You’re not getting off that easy! C’mon, get up, today is the beginning of our documentary and it’s going to be the biggest documentary in professional wrestling. We’re really going to take people behind the scenes. They’re going to have a new appreciation for Lexy Chapel.”

Lexy lets out a long sigh as Nate leaves the room. He walks in to the lounge area as we hear Lexy getting out of bed. He puts the camera down in the lounge and looks at it curiously before shrugging; apparently thinking that it’s turned off. We then hear the sound of ‘Sexyback’ by Justin Timberlake and Nate walks across the room and grabs the source, which seems to be his cell phone.

“Hello?” he asks as he puts it to his ear. “Oh, hey Cookie. I was just telling Lexy about your accident. Yeah, I know, it’s a tragedy. Boobs like yours just shouldn’t be treated so harshly. Hmm, yeah, I guess I can pick up something for you. I can’t risk my star. Ok, yeah, I can get that. Ok, and that. Sure, and that too, why not? I’ll go right now. Yeah, I won’t be long. Nah, Lexy won’t mind, she’s only just getting up. I’ll see you soon.”

He hangs up the phone and grabs a pen and paper and we hear him muttering to himself as he writes the list down. He seems to be saying the items that he’s got to buy.

“Hey babe, I’m just going to the store, ok?” he shouts as he grabs his jacket and heads toward the door. “Cookie just called. She needs me to pick up some stuff for her. I won’t be long, then we’ll start on the documentary.”

“If you’re going to the store could you pick up some—” Lexy begins but Nate just goes out the front door, perhaps not hearing her, perhaps wrapped up in his own thoughts. We see the front door shut as we hear the bedroom door open just seconds later. “—pads? No, you’ve gone already. Never mind then, I’ll get them myself later. Probably for the best...”

She lets out a sigh and walks out in to the lounge. We see her brushing her hair before she puts the brush down and looks over toward the camera.

“Did he leave the camera on again?” she asks and begins to walk over toward it when she stops as there’s a knock on the door and she turns and laughs. “Babes, did you forget your keys again? I swear to god you’d forget your own head if it wasn’t attach—”

She stops mid-word as she opens the door and we can see from the angle of the camera that it’s not her seemingly forgetful husband on the other side of the door but rather a rather unexpected blonde. Lexy’s entire body language changes immediately as she just seem to stare in disbelief at her visitor, none other than the brand new (R)Evolution Wrestling World Champion and member of the notorious Frost family, Jaina Frost. Jaina smiles at Lexy before pouting a little. “Aw, were you expecting someone else?” she asks before leaning against the doorframe. We can see in her left hand she Jaina Frostseems to be carrying the (R)Evolution Wrestling World title. She stands there for a moment as Lexy continues to stare in disbelief. “What, you’re not going to invite me in?”

“Do you need an invite?” Lexy asks suspiciously. “Is that like some vampire thing? Wait, I mean, what are you even doing here? How do you even know where I live? Why are you...?”

“I’m not a vampire silly,” Jaina says with a laugh before tilting her head to the side and looking at Lexy with a terrifying look that seems to send a shiver down the back of the young Brit. “I’m much, much worse than that. Now are you going to invite me in or not?”

“I, um... what happens if I don’t?” Lexy asks with concern before shaking her head. “I mean sure, come in, but only if you tell me what you’re doing here. You can’t just show up at my place for no reason. You can’t just...”

The look on Jaina’s face turns back to the sweet, almost naive-looking one again as she smiles at Lexy again. “I’m here to help you,” she informs the young Brit before walking in to the apartment. Lexy almost nervously shuts the door and briefly glimpses over toward the camera. It looks like she’s making sure it’s actually turned on, like she wants to document what’s about to happen just in case her obviously uninvited guest gets out of hand. Jaina looks around the apartment before giggling. “Wow, so this is where it all happens? This is where the excitement takes place!”

Lexy looks too confused to even form a cohesive sentence as Jaina starts walking around her apartment, touching all number of different things. She picks up a clock from the table near the window and Lexy quickly takes it out of her hands. “Can you not touch that? That was a gift from my mum,” she says before putting it back down again. “And I don’t know what you want Jaina but if you’re here to offer me ‘help’ then I don’t need any, ok? You think I don’t watch the shows? You think I don’t see the kind of ‘help’ you can offer? You think I don’t know all about your family? Look, I appreciate the offer but I’m not inter—”

“You watch my shows?” Jaina asks, seemingly excited. “I watch your shows too! And I’ve watched you recently. Psssh, has anyone told you that you suck now?”

“Um, gee, thanks for that,” Lexy says sarcastically. “Is that why you’re here? Did you come all the way here, find my address and decide to drop by unexpectedly to tell me that I suck? Because seriously I get that enough from every opponent I face, I don’t really need people dropping by to tell me the same thing...”

“I know,” Jaina says with a nod. Lexy looks set to respond but it seems like Jaina is talking to someone else rather than to her. “I know, I’m getting to that. Well she’s not exactly excited to see me, is she? Would you give me a minute?”

“Who are you talking to?” Lexy asks, looking around.

“People are so rude, aren’t they?” Jaina asks Lexy before shaking her head. “They won’t even give me a moment to explain. It’s just want-want-want.”

“Um... ok...” Lexy says softly, clearly with a lot of concern on her face.

“You know not everyone who watches you thinks that you suck, some think that you have potential,” Jaina tells her before smiling at her. “But they think that you need some help, they think that you need a little encouragement to bring that potential out. That’s why they sent someone to talk to you, but even though he tried really hard to be nice you never even called him back.”

Lexy seems confused again for a moment before she figures it out. “Wait, you’re the one who sent that talent agent to follow me?” she asks, confused but also a little angry. “I haven’t called him back yet because I’ve been busy. Now I’m kind of glad I didn’t. I don’t want your kind of help Jaina.”

“You don’t want it,” Jaina says before turning to nobody. “She says she doesn’t want it. I know, she doesn’t realise yet how much she needs it, but she will.”

“Who are you talking to?” Lexy asks almost angrily. “Ok, look, if you came here to offer me help then I appreciate the offer but I’m not interested. Yeah I’ve suffered a few losses lately but that doesn’t mean I need help, especially not from the kind of people that you’re associated with. I think it’s time that you leave. I shouldn’t have even invited you in.”

“You were curious,” Jaina tells her with a smile. “You know what they say about curiosity? Well some cats don’t like to be killed. Some cats claw and scratch their way back! You don’t think you need our help? Oh, you silly little girl, you don’t understand how much you need it. Don’t pretend like you haven’t been looking at this...”

Jaina lifts up the (R)Evolution Wrestling World title and smiles at Lexy. “Yeah, well it’s hard not to look at...”

“You want one, don’t you?” Jaina asks her before smiling. “I know you do. It’s your life dream. It’s what you’ve wanted ever since you were five years old and mommy and daddy used to let you play with your brothers in the yard.”

“Wait, how do you know about—?” Lexy asks in shock.

“I know everything about you, silly,” Jaina tells her before smiling that innocent, freaky smile at her again which has the same effect on Lexy it had before. “I know what you want. I know what it means to you. I’d give you this one but you don’t want this one. This one is lame. It doesn’t even match my eyes...”

Almost completely unexpectedly Jaina just turns and throws the title belt toward the window. Lexy tries to catch it but she’s standing too far away and the title goes out the window. Jaina just laughs like she doesn’t care at all and Lexy rushes to the window and stares down at the alleyway below before turning back to Jaina. “What the hell? What did you do?” she asks in disbelief. “It’s ok; I don’t think it’s damaged. It landed down in the alley. You should go and get it before—”

“Someone will find it,” Jaina says dismissively. “People look after me. They can look after you as well. They want to. They like you. They think you’re something special. I think so too. But you can’t do it on your own, can you? You can’t do it on your own at all. You need help. We all need help sometimes; it’s nothing to be ashamed about.”

“I told you already, I don’t n—” Lexy begins before Jaina cuts her off again.

“Do you want to hear the poem I wrote for you?” the blonde asks her with a grin.

Lexy just stares uncertainly. “Poem?”

“I wrote it for you,” Jaina tells her before smiling. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ve got a World title, on Monday will you?”

“I don’t need your help,” Lexy tells her again in a more determined tone this time.

Jaina just smiles and shakes her head. “Oh, that’s what they all say, at first,” she says before walking up to Lexy and hugging her. We can just about pick up her whispering in to Lexy’s ears. “You and I are going to be like sisters...”

She gives Lexy a kiss before Lexy steps away from her. “Ok, I think it’s time you go!”

“You don’t want me here?” Jaina asks with a pout. “Ok, that’s ok, I understand. You’re scared. They’re all scared, at first. But you’ll see. You’ll see how much they want to help you. You’ll see how much difference they’ll make. They’re going to make you in to a star Lexy, and you won’t even have to thank us...”

Jaina smiles at her again before heading to the door. She disappears out the front door, shutting it behind her as Lexy takes a deep breath and looks visibly shaken by the experience with the almost creepy blonde. She looks over at the camera again before walking over and shutting it off and the scene cuts.

The Chapel Show

We return to the inside of the Japanese hotel room where Lexy is now sitting cross-legged on the bed and Nate is sitting next to her. “So, as you can see, I’ve got a fan, apparently,” Lexy begins, looking uncertain. “That whole thing happened a week ago and I still haven’t figured out how to react to it. I’m not sure how she found where we live, or what she was doing. I don’t know if she’s just trying to mess with my head or... all I know is that I can’t deal with that right now. I’ve got to focus on the task at hand, and that’s Monday night, that’s the biggest opportunity of my life, that’s the biggest Lexy Chapelopportunity of my career against a woman I have nothing but respect and admiration for. And that’s true as well, because Abby, you know how much I admire you, right? I watched you as part of a great tag team, and considering I initially signed for this company wanting to be part of a great tag team myself you better believe that I’ve watched every match that the tag division has to offer just in the hope that Nate would get better and we’d get an opportunity to fight for those belts one day. I watched you and Johnny and I knew you two were special.”

She laughs a little and shakes her head. “Then I watched as he turned his back on you and he thought that it would lead him to fame and glory. He thought you were a dead weight that he needed to cast aside, and when his ‘reward’ for doing that, when his ‘reward’ for being a complete asshole like that was a match against me, a match for the International Championship, then I had double the reason to beat him on that night. Well, really I had triple, I mean the first time he rolled out of the ring and walked away and that never sat well with me, then there was what he did to you on top of the fact that it was an International title match, and I didn’t think someone who’d do that to a friend DESERVED to call themselves the International Champion,” Lexy explains. “But Johnny, he thought he was going to be the star, right? He thought he was going to be the new big thing in EXODUS Pro. He thought he’d use you as a stepping stone to get what he wanted. And all that did was give you the kind of opportunity you’ve deserved for a long time.”

“So before I say anything else to you Abby the very first thing I want to say is simply this. Congratulations! Congratulations on making it to the biggest stage. Congratulations on winning the biggest prize. Congratulations on proving yourself in front of the world. Congratulations on becoming the top competitor in this company, the new standard bearer, because if ANYONE deserves it then it’s you. Congratulations,” Lexy tells her humbly. “But, that being said, this week they’ve given me a chance I never thought I’d have, a chance that I’m not even sure I deserve, and a chance that I know I may NEVER get again. That means as much as I respect you, as much as I want to see you go on to become one of the greatest World Champions this company has ever known, as only the third woman in history to hold that title, as much as I want to see you achieve the heights of success that Fiona hit when she held that title, a woman you know, a woman you challenged, there’s one thing that I want more than that, and that’s to take it, raise it over my head, and make history!”

“I’ve been thinking a lot about history this week,” she explains, nodding her head softly. “I’ve been thinking about the opportunities I’ve been given, the successes I’ve achieved and the failures that I’ve come through, and I’ve been thinking about those because I’ve been trying to figure out why they gave me this opportunity. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out why they decided out of everyone on the roster, out of some of the most deserving people here, why they’d pick little Lexy Chapel to get a chance like this and it made me go back to some of the things Christian had to say to me about me being favoured, about them picking easy opponents for me, and part of me got this horrible feeling like maybe he wasn’t wrong. I’ve got a connection with the fans almost from the moment I walked in through the door, every time I hear them chanting my name it only drives me on to get bigger, to work harder, to push myself to my limits and beyond. When they chant my name I feel like I’m seven feet tall and nothing can stop me. But the reality is that I’m not. The reality is that I’m five foot four, I’m a lost little girl, and I’m not sure that I deserve this.”

“Ok, stop right there,” Nate tells her, cutting her off. “You’re being insane. You’re not sure you deserve this? Babe, have you SEEN you? Look at all the things you’ve done. You beat veterans. You stepped up against former World Champions and BEAT them. You’ve fought against some of the most accomplished names in the business and you’ve BEAT them! And fuck Christian Kane, fuck every goddamn word that arrogant asshole has to say; because he thinks he’s the greatest International Champion ever? Hell no, the greatest International Champion in history is RIGHT HERE! And now it’s time for you to leave that behind and go up to the next level.”

Lexy nods her head in agreement. “It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.”

“It’s just the first of many,” Nate promises her before turning to the camera. “Ok, so there’s something you guys need to know about my wife. She’s a fan. Now that’s not a bad thing, I know a lot of guys and girls in this business got in to it because they were fans growing up, but Lexy still is. She watches every show. She watches every match. She admires people on this roster. She doesn’t see them as equals. She doesn’t see them as peers. She’s still locked in that mindset she’s always had where she looks at them with admiration and wishes she could be half as good as they are, not realising that she’s TWICE as good as most of them!”

“I don’t know if—” Lexy begins before Nate cuts her off.

“Nah-ah-ah-ah-ah, let me talk,” he says before turning back to the camera. “This girl is humble beyond words, but there’s something you need to know about her as well. She’s also passionate. She cares more about this company, and about succeeding here, than she’ll EVER tell you guys, so I’m going to tell you instead. After every win she’s had she’s back watching the tapes and she’s never happy with any of them. It doesn’t matter who she’s just beaten she’s still thinking that she didn’t do well enough, that she could have done more. And every loss she takes to heart. Every loss forces her to train harder, to work harder, to look within herself thinking that she needs to do more. You know there’s a reason I wanted to make a documentary about my wife and yeah, it’s because I love her and yeah, it’s because she’s sexy as fuck, but it’s also because I genuinely believe in my heart that there is NOBODY in this company more deserving than she is, even if she herself won’t ever say that.”

“And Abby, Abby fucking Park, damn girl we’ve both been impressed by you. You’ve got talent. You’ve got skills. You won the big one girl. You achieved what most thought you never would. But I’m sorry – and Lexy is sorry – but your time in the spotlight is going to be over even quicker than Chris Strike’s was,” Nate tells the camera confidently. “It’s going to end quicker than your former friend Johnny Cannon’s did. And that’s not a reflection on you. That’s not because you’re a terrible competitor. That’s simply because you got some of the worst fucking luck of any champion in history because you got drawn against the one woman in this company who’s better than you are, and that’s my wife. You got drawn against the one woman in this company who’s more passionate than you are, and that’s my wife. You got drawn against the one woman in this company who DESERVES this more than you do. And I’m sorry about that, I really am. It fucking sucks to be you. But on Monday night the Japanese fans are going to witness history when my wife becomes the first person in the history of the Chapel or Adams family to be able to call herself the CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!”

Lexy sits there almost blushing before he turns to her and kisses her again and she takes a deep breath and nods her head. “Now I don’t know if you’re right—”

“I’m right,” Nate says, cutting her off.

“Well, I don’t know if you are right,” Lexy continues, “but I want you to be. You guys know that in November my lost my mum. She was the one who always believed in me. When I was six years old she was the one who told me one day I’d become a World Champion. I didn’t believe her. I mean, she was my mum, right? She has to say those things. I wanted to beat Christian Kane and show her that she was right about me, but I failed. Twice! I wanted to beat Chris Strike and prove that she was right and I couldn’t do that either. But this Monday night, right here in Tokyo, I’m going to that ring and my dad is going to be there watching and I don’t know if my mum will be looking down on me or not, I don’t know if there is a heaven and I don’t know if she’s watching me from it, but I hope there is and I hope she is because she always told me that I could do anything... and on Monday I want to become the EXODUS Pro World Champion and prove her right!”

“And you’re going to,” Nate tells her confidently.

“Yeah, well, you’ve got to say that as well or you might never have sex again,” Lexy says jokingly.

“Hey, I’m not saying it to get in your pants babe. If I want in your pants I’ll just do that dance you love and you’ll take them off for me,” he tells her playfully and she blushes again. “I’m saying it because I know in my heart it’s true. Since the day you arrived they’ve been saying you’ve got potential. Even the crazy nut job psycho Frost bitch from (R)Evolution Wrestling knows you’ve got potential. But on Monday nobody is going to say you’ve got ‘potential’ anymore, they’re going to say that you’ve PROVEN your potential, that you’ve PROVEN your ability, and that you’re now the BEST IN THE WORLD! You’re going to do what others never could. You’re going to do what Kerry Windsor came to EXODUS Pro to do and never could. You’re going to take on the reigning and defending World Champion and you’re going to BEAT her and you’re going to take that title, and do you want to know why? Because you’re LEXY FUCKING CHAPEL, you’re the greatest damn International Champion in the history of EXODUS, and you’re about to become the greatest WORLD Champion in the history of EXODUS as well.”

“I know you’ve got doubts,” he tells her lovingly, “and I know that you look at Abby Park as someone you respect, someone you admire, someone you want to be just like, and that’s one of the things I love about you. That’s one of the things that the fans love about you. But babe, when that bell rings on Monday it’s not time for admiration, it’s not time for respect, it’s not time to be a dreamer and see someone you admire, it’s time to be a fighter, it’s time to be a warrior, it’s time to put that respect to one side and prove you’re BETTER than her because I know you are. You’ve beaten her before, you’re going to beat her again, and I don’t care how long it took her babe, I don’t care what she’s been through, all I care about is that on Monday night every doubt you’ve got about yourself gets proven wrong and those fans get what they want to see. On Monday night Lexy Chapel becomes the World Champion in Tokyo, Japan, and when you do there isn’t going to be a single person on that roster who’ll be able to say you’re not good enough.”

Lexy smiles at him again and nods her head slowly. “I want it,” she admits to him. “I want it more than I can put in to words. Abby Park is incredible. The reaction for her in Los Angeles was incredible. She deserves it. But this Monday I want it, and I’m sorry Abby, ok? I need you to know that. What you think may not matter to a lot of people but it matters to me. I don’t want to end your title reign after two weeks. I don’t want to take it away from you before you’ve even really gotten to enjoy it. But I may never get another chance at this. I may never get this opportunity again. It took you two years to get another shot, right? I don’t want to wait two years! And I promise you, I PROMISE YOU, that if I beat you – when I beat you – it won’t be two years. I’m going to give you the rematch that you deserve. But this Monday I want to beat you, and as good as you are Abby... as good as you are, on Monday night I’m going to prove I can be better.”

“Yeah, that’s my fucking wife right there,” Nate says excitedly before raising her hand. Lexy just laughs. “It’s going to happen. Lexy Chapel, EXODUS Pro World Champion! It’s going to happen.”

Lexy smiles at her husband and nods. “And you know what guys?” she asks as she turns back to the camera. “If you guys want to see it happen then you know what to do, right? Hit that like button, show your love. And if you believe it will then hit that subscribe button as well. We’ve got a crazy amount of subscribers right now and maybe, if it does happen, we’ll do a competition for all those who believed. So hit the like, hit subscribe, show your love, leave a comment, and then tune in on Monday night when EXPRO on FX hits episode 29 and I get my first ever shot at the World title. I want to win guys, I really do. And I’ve got people who believe in me. So until next time I’ve been Lexy Chapel, this sexy bearded wonder next to me has been Nate Chapel, and this has been your Chapel Show! See you next time, fuckers!”

She goes to motion toward the camera but Nate grabs her and pulls her down on the bed and she bursts out giggling instead. The video then fades out and ends as the replay button flashes up on the screen.

The Chapel Show

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