Episode: S02E04
Date: 22/03/2015

The video begins and we see the inside of the Chapel apartment in Anaheim, California. All doesn’t appear to be well. While the part of the apartment we can see behind the couch isn’t exactly bare it’s not filled with all the normal signs of life either. In the middle of the picture we see the couch and sitting on the couch, with her legs crossed and a smile on her face, dressed in a t-shirt that reads ‘Dinner, drinks and a movie, $200. This shirt off, priceless’ sits Lexy Chapel with her normal, optimistic smile on her face. “What’s up fuckers? I’m Lexy Chapel, this is the Chapel Show, and here’s… the truth,” she says before the smile fades away. “See, I could begin this video the same way I’ve been beginning them this year. I could Lexy Chapelbegin this video the same way I began them last year. I could do the whole sexual pun thing. I could make a joke about fucking. I did that for a while, didn’t I? I did it because I wanted you guys to like me, and nobody likes a girl more than when she’s being sexually suggestive. So that’s what I became. I became the sexually suggestive, smiling, doe-eyed little bitch because I figured that it was what you guys wanted the most and getting attention from you was all that mattered. That’s why I did the whole funny thing. That’s why I bought a whole bunch of t-shirts like the one you see right here. And do you know where that got me?”

She pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath before letting it out as a long sigh. “I did all that stuff and it got me absolutely nowhere. I was the fun little flirty girl who was struggling to make any kind of payment every month because she was earning a bullshit salary from a bunch of self-involved mother fuckers who got all butt-hurt when I politely told them to take their job and shove it up their asses,” she says before smirking at the camera. “That was fun as well. For you guys who follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen the tweet without doubt. I thought I was being pretty polite, actually. I decided I’d send the kind of tweet that you see a lot in this business when you’ve been rejected. I decided I’d send the kind of tweet that you see a lot in this business when you’re deemed worthless. I wished my former employers the very best in their future endeavours. Apparently people got all upset over it. There was so much passive aggression.  Then again, when isn’t there so much passive aggression? When aren’t there people with an opinion to give on everything, especially the things that they don’t even understand? Because my former employers didn’t understand me! A whole bunch of people that I followed on Twitter that I hoped would respect me didn’t understand me either. They weren’t there for me when I needed them. They weren’t understanding of the troubles in my life. Did you know my mother died, and not a single one of them gave a damn?”

She shakes her head, looking down from the camera for a moment; the smile and the cheerful look replaced with a far angrier one. When she looks back into the camera again the look she has is almost unrecognisable from the Lexy Chapel we’ve been seeing for the last year and a half. “You know what? Every day I watch you. I don’t watch you in person, no, no, no, that would be really weird and creepy and quite frankly I have a lot of things that are more fun than stalking some self-indulgent assholes who think that the world revolves around them. So I don’t watch your personal lives, I watch your public personas. I watch the things you say on social media. I watch the things you tweet. And do you know what I’ve discovered about every single one of you? You’re all fucking retards,” she says before smiling again for a moment, like it’s a joke, but as the smile fades once more we realise this is far from a joke. “Let me ask you a very serious question. Do any of you take the time to read the things you say? No, because you’re fucking retards. Hell, some of you I’m shocked are even capable of writing one hundred and forty characters. Genuinely, I’m actually shocked that you’re capable of spelling your own fucking names to sign up in the first place. But when you get past that, and you start to read the things you want to share with the world, you start to see stupidity beyond the boundaries that you can even imagine.”

“Do you guys know what a text message is?” she asks as though she’s genuinely intrigued. “I only ask because some of you – well, let’s be honest, most of you – seem to prefer to share your thoughts with twenty thousand followers and the entire world who stand in judgment of you rather than share your thoughts with the one person that they’re intended for. I mean, why invite someone to dinner via text when you can do it for the entire world to see, right? Then I asked myself what kind of fucking idiot would invite their girlfriend to dinner, or to a show with them, and WANT the entire world to see it? I quickly got my answer. A needy one! One who’s desperate for the eyes of the world to be on them! One who’s so desperate for attention that they’ll do anything to get it! Is that why you tweet pictures of yourselves? Are you so desperate for their attention that you’ll put that content out there for them to gobble up in the hopes that they’ll love you more because of it? Is that why you embarrass yourselves? Is that why ‘monsters’ send tweets about being in love or how vulnerable they are? Is that why former champions spend hours upon hours whining and complaining about everything they think they deserve? And you don’t do it to your friends. You do it in front of the world. You put yourselves on display for the entire world to see… because you’re all petty, desperate, pathetic little whores.”

She starts laughing again before looking down at her t-shirt. “And oh look, so was I,” she says before putting a finger in the neck of the t-shirt, then grabs it with both hands and pulls as hard as she can. There’s a small tear in the neck of the t-shirt which gets bigger and bigger as she pulls it apart. Underneath we can see a t-shirt with just a fist with its middle finger raised. “I was a whore as well, and I wanted you to like me. I wanted that so very much. All I cared about was your opinions of me. I wanted your love. I wanted your attention. I wanted more followers on Twitter. I wanted more friends. I wanted a million views of every view with just as many likes. I was a whore just the same as all of you, but the difference was that I didn’t know any better. Now I do. Here’s the truth: I don’t need you knowing my every thought. I don’t need you knowing my every feeling. I don’t need you to know what I think I’m worth or what I think I deserve. I know what I’m worth and I know what I deserve, and you know what guys? I’m sick and tired of waiting for it to come to me. I’m sick and tired of hoping that one day I’ll be worthy of your love. I’m tired of thinking that I need it, because I don’t. I don’t need your love to validate me. Do you want to know the best part about that statement? I’m not Brittany Lohan, so in two days time I’m not going to be jumping on Twitter begging for people to adore me because I’m not a bi-polar whore.”

She waves at the camera before laughing again. “Hi Brittany, did I get your attention just now? Don’t worry girl, I know all about you. I know how desperate you are. I know how needy you are. And don’t worry, I’m going to give you a chance to be that desperate, needy bitch all over again because soon enough I’m taking that title belt you’ve got away from you. Yeah, that’s right, Kat Kelly and me are going to become IWC World Tag Team Champions and we’re going to take those titles because we can. And I’m going to be taking a lot more than that as well, because I can. And guys, you wanted to know why we superkicked the crap out of Generic Tosser Number 1 and Generic Tosser Number 2 last week, right? Well, now let me answer that question for you: we did it because we could. We didn’t do it to anger them. We didn’t do it because we felt upset by them. We didn’t do it because someone told us to. We didn’t do it because we wanted a match with them. Hell, I’ve faced enough generic wankers in my life that I could actually do without that match, if I’m being honest. But we did it because we felt like it, because we wanted to, and because we could. That’s why we’ll take the IWC Tag Team Championships. That’s why we’re changing the company,” she says before grinning happily. “There’s a lot of talk about the future, but the future is right here. And I’m not going to bullshit you. I’m just telling you the truth, and the truth – just like a superkick to your jaw, tends to hurt.”

“The well-informed, however, may know that I’m not exactly a fan of the rich kids in this business who’ve done absolutely nothing to get here. The well informed may know that I’m not a big fan of the people who’ve never slept in the back of their car because they couldn’t afford a hotel room. The well informed may know that I had to bust my ass, that I had to pretend to be a whore for the tiny percentage of t-shirt sales that were the difference between me going hungry and me being able to buy food to eat in the back of that car before I slept there, while I was busting my ass for zero money trying to make my way up to a contract that actually pays,” she says before laughing again. “So the well informed amongst you are probably wondering what the hell I’m doing with someone like Kat Kelly, someone who seems to represent every single one of those things that I despise, another spoiled little rich kid with a silver spoon in her mouth that I should want to turn and shove up her ass.  Well, those asking that question are perhaps not as well informed as they’d like to think they are. Everyone needs allies. I just happened to have found someone with a chip on her shoulder, someone with something to prove, and someone who’s not a two-faced whore like all of you. So before I give you a little insight in to my friendship with Kat let me give you a friendly warning. Watch your backs because everything that you tweet endlessly about which you think you deserve can be taken from you in the snap of a finger. Welcome to the Superkick Soiree, come on in, let’s have some fun!”

The Chapel Show

“C’mon Lex, I promise you that you’ll have a good time,” we hear the voice of Lucas Knight saying as we switch from the lounge of the apartment to what seems to be the bedroom on a different day, possibly one several weeks ago. Lucas’ voice isn’t coming from the bedroom however, it’s coming from the other side of the door. “How do you know you’re not going to like this girl if you won’t even meet her? I’ve told her a lot about you. She wants to get to meet her future partner.”

“You never said that any of this was about finding me a tag partner,” Lexy says defiantly. “You said this was about helping me get on my own feet, about launching my own career, about making some money for myself, not sharing everything with some rich bitch who probably doesn’t know a headlock from a hair-tie.”

We hear Lucas laughing. “Oh, trust me, once you meet this girl you’ll understand how wrong you are about that,” he says confidently. “For a start, I think you’ve got the wrong impression from the very beginning. What exactly are you imagining?”

“If she’s anything like your girlfriend I’m imagining an overhyped bitch who wants the world to know how pretty she is,” Lexy says before letting out a long sigh. “Seriously Lucas, you know I love you and you know I appreciate everything you’ve done for me so far, but I’m not you, ok? I don’t want to wrap my entire career around some shallow bitch. I don’t want to be known only as the one who associated with people like that.”

“Ok, first off, do you really think of me as the guy who only associates with people like that?” he asks, apparently offended. “You’ve known me for my entire goddamn career, if you honestly think that—”

Lexy cuts him off before he can finish. “It’s not about what I think Lucas, it’s about what everyone else thinks,” she says. We hear her walking around the bedroom and when she briefly walks in front of the camera she seems to be dressed in workout gear. “And you know I love you, you know I do, and I definitely owe this opportunity to you, but Jesus fucking Christ Lucas, do you even know how to be Lucas Knight anymore? Seriously, do you actually know how to be yourself without being Mr Regan Street, or Mr Alana Starr, or now Mr Trinity Street? Your entire life has become about whatever rich bitch you’re associated with. Everything about you depends on everything about them. You’re unable to exist without them being in every part of your life. I am NOT becoming that.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Lucas asks in disbelief. “If you actually believe that shit, come out here and say it to my face.”

“What’s the matter, did I hit a nerve?” Lexy asks, defiant once again. “C’mon, you know it’s true. And I love you, but I’m not letting that happen to me. I’m not getting sucked in to that shit and I’m not playing second fiddle in my own orchestra. I’m not being the sidekick in my own fucking life. No way dude, that is not happening to me!”

“So you’re not even going to give this a chance?” he asks, a little anger in his voice. “Do you know how hard I worked to set this up?”

“Don’t you mean how hard Trinity worked, or do you just do all her donkey work for her?” Lexy asks. She pauses in front of the camera for a moment when she says that, almost hesitating, before shrugging her shoulders and walking back out of the picture again. “Seriously, when was the last time you actually did anything without her approval? And you think I’m letting myself in for that shit? Nuh-uh, no way! I’m Lexy Chapel, and I’m staying Lexy Chapel!”

“You do realise that that would have a lot more impact if it wasn’t your husband’s surname you’re quoting at me,” he reminds her.

“Yeah, well Nate can’t tell me to be some fake, shallow, Twitter-obsessed whore either,” she responds proudly. “I’m so far beyond that that it’s not even funny. He’s on there more than I am anyway. Trust me dude, this is not happening. I’m not becoming another faceless puppet in their… err… puppet show?”

“And you think that’s what I’m asking you to be?” he asks angrily.

“I think that’s what I’ll end up like, yeah,” she replies. “Besides, I don’t need their money, ok? I’ve busted my fucking ass to get this far. I’ve slept in the back of my car. I’ve made one sandwich last for four meals because I didn’t have the money to buy anything else while I was on the road. You gave me a fantastic opportunity and I’m totally going with that, but I’m not becoming another faceless puppet. Not now, not ever.”

“And that’s what you’d be if you even met this girl?” Lucas asks, the anger in his tone growing. “So you’re not even going to meet her just in case?”

“Ok, let’s run down her list of accomplishments,” she says before remaining silent for a moment. “And we’re already done! See, that was easy. This girl has done NOTHING! The only reason she’s even got this opportunity is because she was born in to the right family, which is fucking typical really. And I know you’ve got a soft spot for this entire self-indulgent group of asshats but I haven’t, ok? There’s only one brand I’m looking to build and it’s not Brand Street, it’s Brand Lexy!”

“Shouldn’t that be Brand Chapel?” he asks in a derogatory tone.

“You just criticised me for using my married name, so if I said that then you’d point that out again, and if I said Brand Adams you’d likely tell me all about my dad and my brothers, so I say Brand Lexy and I’m still getting shit from you? You’re fucking unbelievable Lucas. You’re just fucking unbelievable,” she says, pausing in front of the camera again. This time she’s fully dressed, she seems to have her hair tied back, and she looks like she’s about ready to hit the gym. “I can’t win with you, can I?”

I’m the one who’s unbelievable?” Lucas asks before letting out a loud scoff. “I’m not the one who’s being a stubborn bitch. God, you clearly get that from your mother.”

We see Lexy seemingly lose it as she storms over to the door and pulls it open. Lucas almost falls in to the bedroom, obviously leaning against the door before she opened it, but before he can she pushes him back angrily and then slaps him. “Don’t you EVER talk shit about my mother,” she says, the level of anger in her voice way surpassing the frustrated anger in his. “You don’t have the—”

He catches her hand before she can slap him a second time. “Ok, wait, that was a mistake, I didn’t mean it like that,” Lucas says defensively. “I just meant—”

“I know what you meant, asshole,” Lexy snaps at him.

“Hey, look, you know I loved your mum, ok,” he says in a more apologetic tone. “You know I did. My dad loved her too. She was a fantastic lady. But she was also one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met in my entire life, and… well, I think she passed a lot of that on to you.”

“Yeah, well you don’t have the right—” she begins again before again Lucas stops her.

“I know, and I’m sorry,” he says again. “Hey, look, let me make it up to you, ok? Let me make it up to you. Let me give you a ride to the gym. I know it’s only a few blocks, but let me do that for you. And while we’re on the way there, let me tell you a little about Kat because trust me, she’s not whatever you’re thinking she is.”

“She’s one of them,” Lexy says, shaking her head. “I don’t want one of them in my life. I don’t need one of them in my life.”

He nods in agreement. “I know, I know, you’ve made that incredibly clear already. You don’t need anyone in your life, you’ve made that clear. But you’re wrong about me, Lex. I know exactly who the hell I am. I haven’t lost my identity with them in my life.”

“Dude, please,” Lexy says, just staring at him. “Hell, I look at you and I don’t even recognise you anymore. You’ve completely lost everything about yourself, and that’s because of them.”

“There’s a hell of a lot more to it than that,” Lucas confesses. “Give me a chance to prove to you that you’re wrong, ok? Just a ride to the gym, and if I can’t convince you by the time we’re at the door that you should at least give this girl a chance then I’ll never bring it up again.”

Lexy looks up at him, a little more encouraged. “You mean that?”

“You want me to sign a contract to that effect?” he asks cheekily.

“You don’t need to, I have it recorded,” Lexy says, motioning over her shoulder to the rough position of the camera. Lucas looks over at it, gives it a good look, tilts his head to the side a little as he looks at the camera, and then lets out a sigh. “What? You should know by now, I like filming stuff.”

“You film your arguments?” he asks in disbelief.

“I film pretty much everything dude. What makes the cut for the videos is a whole different thing, but you can’t plan out stuff to happen, you know? And I would hate for something awesome to happen and there be nothing to show for it,” she says before shoving him back again. “Besides, why should I give you a shot after that cheap shot at my mum?”

“Still a sensitive area for you, huh?” he asks apologetically again.

“No, not when people who never even met her decide to give me their stupid opinions on her, then I treat them for what they are, worthless trash talk from some idiot who doesn’t know a fucking thing,” Lexy says bitterly. “But you did know her, and…”

Lucas nods. “Yeah, you’re right, I did know her, and she was a great lady,” he tells her with a smile. “But you and I both know that she’d tell you that you shouldn’t turn down an opportunity without first exploring it as a possibility, and you’re not exploring this one Lex, you’re just dumping on it because you think you know this girl before you’ve even met her. Trust me, she’ll surprise the hell out of you.”

Lexy goes quiet a moment before looking up at him again. “What car have you got here?”

Lucas smirks. “The Bentley, why?”

“Because if you’re going to give me a ride and change my mind then you’re not going to do that if you’re driving some lame station wagon,” Lexy tells him before heading back in to the bedroom and grabbing what looks like her gym bag and then picking up the camera. “You’ve got until we get to the gym, ok? You better have something amazing to say as well, because if not then I don’t mind getting out and walking…”

“When do I ever let you down?” Lucas asks before shaking his head. “Ok, so let’s start with this insane idea you’ve got about her being some bimbo who’s more interested in blowing her inheritance on clothes than she is in wrestling because trust me Lex, you couldn’t be more wrong about that. This girl isn’t like that at all. She’s absolutely committed to making it in this business. And so what if she doesn’t have to start at the bottom, that doesn’t mean she’s like the others…”

“She better not be,” Lexy says defiantly once more. “I swear, if she’s like ‘oh my god, I just got the nicest shoes’ I’m going to punch her in her face, and then I’m going to punch you in your face.”

“Well then I have nothing to fear, and neither does my face,” Lucas says happily. “She’s a lot like you actually. She’s got a lot of moxie.”

“I’ve got a lot of moxie?” Lexy asks in disbelief. “God Lucas, when the fuck did you get so old?”

The Chapel Show

“Ok, seriously, explain to me how I look this bad and you still look that good?” Lexy asks in disbelief as she seems to be examining her own appearance in what we imagine to be the viewfinder of the camera she’s using to film herself. “I mean sure, I did those extra reps and whatever, but seriously you look like you just walked out of a fucking salon. Please tell me you snuck off and got your hair done while I was getting showered?”

As we continue to see Lexy examining her own appearance we can see a large sign in the background. Lexy is blocking most of it from view of the camera but we can see that it’s definitely the sign for a gym somewhere. The response comes from another British female voice, one we’ve not heard on the Chapel Show before. “Oh please, I’m a mess and you look amazing,” the mystery woman tells Lexy confidently. “Besides, what happened to not caring what you looked like and only wanting to focus on busting your butt?”

“That was before I did bust my butt and you left the gym looking like you just stepped out of the salon and I left looking like some kind of freakish blotchy monster,” Lexy says, examining her appearance a little closer, although her own self-depreciative comments seem completely unfounded since she looks neither blotchy nor like a monster. We can see, however, that her hair is a different shade of red than it was before, and her blonde roots are no longer showing as they were beginning to in the bedroom, which implies that this video was recorded more recently than the last one. “Seriously, how the hell do you look that good after that workout?”

“Would you stop? And would you please stop filming every damn thing you do? I don’t get your obsession with filming everything, it’s creepy,” the woman says. Lexy turns the camera toward her and we see that it’s none other than Katrina Kelly. She immediately holds up her hands toward the camera and tries to cover her face. “Argh, seriously, don’t film me! You know I’m not signing a release for this!”

“It’s a tiny little Internet show, you think I make anyone I include in it sign a release?” Lexy asks before scoffing. “Tell you what, if you don’t like it you can sue for everything I have, which at this point is a few weeks wages and I think, I think, a fresh can of dolphin safe tuna. And… that’s about it.”

Kat laughs. “Ok, so clearly we’re not going back to your place for lunch,” she says before letting out a sigh. “You want to go somewhere else, pick something up?”

“Looking like this?” Lexy asks, going back to examining her own appearance again. “Um, how about no!”

Kat laughs. “‘How about no, you crazy Dutch bastard’,” she says happily before immediately shielding herself again as Lexy turns the camera back on her. “Fuck, what did I JUST say?”

“You quoted Austin Powers at me, you giant nerd,” Lexy tells her before laughing. “And yes, I know the quote, but only because Nate quotes those movies all the freaking time. Seriously, I don’t even need to see them now to know every joke in them because he says them all the goddamn time!”

“Well, clearly your husband has great taste,” Kat tells her happily. “Then again, I should have known that already, look at who he married.”

“Buttering me up isn’t going to stop me from filming you,” Lexy informs her. “Seriously, you wanted to hang out with me then this is the price you pay for it. I don’t get why you’re so camera shy anyway. You didn’t seem to want to hide from the cameras when we were kicking people in the face last week.”

“Yeah, but that’s different,” Kat shoots back defensively.

“It is, that’s TV and this is a tiny Internet show,” Lexy replies coyly. “What, you just don’t want the pervs on the Internet seeing you? They probably already pause the video of the pay per view to see if they can see anything they shouldn’t. If you’re worried about geeks furiously masturbating over every clip of you then girl that ship has sailed!”

Kat shudders at the thought. “Oh, great, that’s an image I won’t get out of my head now.”

“Welcome to my world babe,” Lexy tells her happily. “Why do you think I don’t read the comments section anymore? They’re all from said horny geeks who want something more to masturbate over. Why don’t you flash them something they’ll enjoy?”

“Why don’t you hurry up and get to the car so we can go grab some food, rather than wasting time filming or worrying about what you look like?” Kat asks sternly. “Trust me, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you look. You’re stunning. Now, what do you want to do for lunch?”

Lexy lets out a sigh. “Meh, I’m not in the mood for going out,” she admits before turning the camera back on herself. “And it’s not just because of how I look, ok? I’m just not in the mood to deal with people. Come back to mine, we can chill out, drink whatever Nate hasn’t already drunk and eat cold tuna from the can.”

“Is that meant to be enticing?” Kat asks, shaking her head as Lexy turns the camera back to her again. “Cold tuna from the can isn’t really my thing.”

“Ooh-la-la, somebody’s too good for her friend’s poor lifestyle,” Lexy says dismissively. “Let me guess, if we go back to your place we’ll be served caviar by your butler while your personal chefs make whatever we desire? Ugh, you rich people…”

“I don’t have a butler or personal chefs,” Kat says defensively.

“But you’re not denying the caviar, are you?” Lexy shoots back playfully.

“Have you ever actually tried caviar? That stuff is disgusting,” Kat says, pulling a face that seems to indicate that she didn’t much enjoy her last caviar experience.

“No, I can’t say I’ve ever had the upper class dining experience I’m afraid,” Lexy says before laughing. “Nate’s idea of upper class dining is any restaurant that doesn’t have an ‘all you can eat’ buffet.”

“Ugh, well I’m more of a fried-egg sandwich kinda girl than a fish-eggs one,” Kat tells her before grinning at her. “And ok, so you don’t want to go out, and I don’t want tuna from the can, so you know what the other option is? You can finally come and see my new place. You can’t keep putting it off forever Lex. Eventually I’m dragging you over there.”

“Yeah, well, no offence babe but if you take me to your mansion in the hills, or wherever the hell you rich types live, it’s only going to make me want to DDT you through the glass living room table that I imagine cost ten times what I’ve made in my entire career so far,” Lexy informs her. “So, if you want to preserve our friendship, and you don’t want me to murder you and steal your stuff to sell on the black market – and by your stuff, I mean your kidneys, because I’d imagine I’d get some decent money for those – then I think it’s best I avoid seeing whatever insanely overpriced house you’ve just moved in to on your own, without having to do anything for it…”

Kat looks at her defensively. “Hey, look, I’m not going to apologise for having money.”

“I know, and I’m not asking you to,” Lexy tells her, a little defensive herself, “but you know how I feel about that stuff, ok? Not all of us were born in to luxury and can afford whatever the hell we want. Some of us grew up in a terrace house. And, since you’re the rich type, that’s the kind of house that—”

“I know what a terrace house is,” Kat tells her.

“Yeah, but you don’t know how it feels to grow up in one,” Lexy shoots back. “I like you, ok? What Lucas told me about you was completely right, you are fired up and determined and you do want to prove yourself and I’m not going to hold it against you that you got straight in to the big time and I had to bust my ass to get this far, but that doesn’t mean I need you rubbing your richness in my face.”

“That wasn’t what I was doing,” Kat tells her, defensive once again. “I just want you to see the place. It’s not as bad as you think.”

“How many bedrooms does it have?” Lexy asks.

“Four, but one of them I’m making in to a home office come chill ou—”

“Yeah, well my apartment has one, and it’s small, and I don’t get to make a home office anywhere but on the desk next to the couch, or by typing on my laptop in bed,” Lexy tells her, a little bitterness in her tone. “And ok, I know you’re not planning on being like ‘ooh, look how rich I am, I’m so fabulously wealthy, don’t touch my things you poor little scummy girl’ but that’s the way I’ll feel. So can we just not?”

“Ok, fine, we can not,” Kat says before letting out a sigh.

“Excellent,” Lexy says happily. The scene jumps forward a little then and we see a pissed off Lexy filming herself while sitting in a car that is clearly Kat’s. “I seriously cannot believe you brought me here when I just said—”

“Would you just get out of the car and take a look?” Kat asks defensively. “I know you’re bitter at the world for the way you grew up, ok? I get that. I don’t even blame you for it. And I know you think this business is just full of rich assholes who don’t care, but I’m not one of them Lex. You go over to Lucas’ all the time, right? How is this any different?”

“Because I… because it’s… shut up, it’s different,” Lexy says angrily. She continues to sit there sulking before we see her reaching forward and by the looks of her arm position start adjusting the viewfinder on the camera as it slowly pans to the side and we see the shot of the house from the car window. It’s impressive to behold, even from the dodgy angle that Lexy is holding the camera, but it’s far from the mansion in the hills that she was clearly imagining. She keeps filming the house for a moment before letting out a sigh. “Ok, fine, I’ve seen it. Can you take me home now?”

“Alexandra Chapel, get out of the freaking car,” Kat says in a harsh tone. Lexy turns the camera back on herself and she has a surprised look on her face. “Seriously, out of the car now. I’m done with this. You’re seeing my new place. I’m excited about it and you’re sucking all the fun out of it.”

Lexy lets out a huff and continues sulking before finally throwing her free arm in to the air wildly. “Fine, I’ll see your freaking house,” she says bitterly before grumbling to herself. “Never worked for anything in your life and you—”

“You know that’s not true, would you stop sulking?” Kat says defensively before she ‘helps’ Lexy out of the car with a little more force than is perhaps entirely necessary. “You know damn well I’m not my sisters. You know I had a job in London before any of this happened. I worked nine to five like a regular person.”

“Yeah, but if you didn’t feel like going in to work one day then—” Lexy begins before going quiet, obviously after seeing the look on her friend’s face. “Ok, fine, just show me the stupid house.”

“You really know how to take the fun out of everything,” Kat tells her angrily before Lexy turns the camera around to see the house in more detail and Kat walking up toward it. Lexy clearly follows her up toward the house and through the front door and starts filming the inside of the house. It’s not as impressive as Lucas’ house, but it’s still a damn lot more impressive than the apartment that Lexy shares with her husband. We hear the sound of Lexy’s shoes clicking on the floors as she pans the camera around the impressive interior before stepping in to the lounge and letting out a sigh. We hear Kat sigh as well. “Oh look, no ridiculously expensive coffee table. No insanely overpriced anything. This isn’t anything like you said it would be. You can apologise to me whenever you’re ready…”

Lexy lets out another sigh, this time though it seems more one of defeat. “Fuck, this is so not fair,” she mutters softly. “You know I could fit my whole apartment in this one room, and you’ve got like fifty more of them.”

“How do you think a four-bedroom house has fifty rooms?” Kat asks in disbelief.

“Shut up, I’m exaggerating for effect,” Lexy admits before letting out another sigh. “And look, I am sorry, ok? I am. I know you’re not doing this to show off about all the money. But you’ve got to understand how totally unfair this is. I’ve struggled my whole life for money. My dad never had million dollar contracts, ok? My family used to struggle to pay the bills half the time. Nate and I are so used to struggling to pay the rent that when I actually paid on time this month my landlord looked at me like he wasn’t even sure if the money was real. We’re from two entirely different worlds, you’re from this crazy fantasy world where you’ve got money coming out of your ears and I’m from a harsh world where literally every penny counts. And it’s not fair.”

Kat stands there for a moment before Lexy collapses on to the couch. “Your landlord seriously thought the money was counterfeit?” she asks. Lexy is filming her, not her response, but based on Kat’s reaction it would seem Lexy nodded. “Wow, that’s…”

“Sucky,” Lexy finishes for her. “And no matter how well I do in IWC or anywhere else do you have any idea how long it’ll be until I can afford a house even half this size? And I want this, ok? I’m tired of working as hard as I work and getting nothing for it. I’m tired of being the poor little girl that people take advantage of. I’m just freaking tired of all of it. And the worst part is I’m never going to be able to start a family, or any of that stuff, because I can’t afford to save money because if I want to save money we’ve got to stay where we are, since if we move out we’ll end up having to spend all the money on a new place and—”

Kat sits down next to her friend. “You think about that stuff?”

“What stuff?” Lexy asks. “Money stuff?”

“No, family stuff,” Kat says before letting out a sigh of her own. “I guess I never really think about that stuff.”

“Yeah, well, I’m not going to be wrestling forever. I want kids one day, and a proper family, and a proper house, and not to have to struggle every month to make money,” she admits softly. “I just don’t know how to do all of that with the crappy money I have been making, and if I spend all my IWC contract on fine living then—”

“I’ve got an idea,” Kat says, cutting her off. “You’re going to say no, but think about it first, ok? Think about it for a moment. Why don’t you move in here?”

“I don’t need your pity, or your charity,” Lexy tells her sternly.

“It’s not either,” Kat tells her immediately. “I’m lonely here. This house is huge for one person, and… I mean, why do you think I wanted you to come over so badly? It gets really lonely when you’re on your own. You’d be doing me a favour. I don’t have a whole bunch of friends here, and I’m still getting to know my family, and you need a place, and I need a roommate, and if it makes you feel better I’ll charge you rent, and I promise I’ll never think it’s counterfeit.”

“Knowing Nate one month it probably will be…” Lexy says softly.

Kat laughs. “Well then just warn me before I spend it, and we’re good,” she says happily. “Seriously, you’d be helping me out.”

Lexy turns the camera so they’re both in the shot and looks at her friend awkwardly. “This is a little weird,” she admits. “You know I’ve only known you like a month…”

“I’m not asking you to marry me,” Kat says defensively. “I’m asking if you want to be my roommate.”

“Nate would love it if you asked me to marry you,” Lexy says with a laugh. “He keeps making all these suggestions that we invite you to a threesome.”

“I know, he’s not exactly quiet and I’m normally in the next room,” Kat tells her with a laugh. “But that’s not what this is. This is one friend helping another friend out. You’re helping me out, ok? Will you at least think about it?”

Lexy nods her head and smiles. “Ok, I’ll think about it,” she says softly before grumbling more in a playful way this time. “God, you rich bitches and inviting poor people over to their mansions and offering them a cool place to stay like you’re some kind of awesome person or something…”

“I know, I’m horrible,” Kat says playfully back to her before looking in to the camera again. “We may have to discuss you filming everything though…”

“You’re not taking this away from me,” Lexy says defensively, bringing the camera in close as if she’s hugging it. The picture goes black but the sound continues. “You know what they say. You can take the, err, YouTuber out of her shithole apartment, but you can’t take the, um… something out of the YouTuber. You know what I mean!”

The Chapel Show

We cut back to the same location, and the same scene, that we began the video at and we find Lexy sitting cross-legged on her couch. “So, by now you probably know a little more about me, a little more about Kat, and a little more about our relationship. I’m not going to lie to you, we’re hardly the very best of friends in the whole wide world, and while on the surface Kat may seem like someone I should truly hate one thing I’ve learned about her is that she isn’t like any of you,” Lexy says before smirking coldly at the camera. “There’s something else that I know about her as well and that’s that she’s got my back, which is pretty useful this week since we’re both making our proper debuts at New Age this week and we’re both looking at this as a hell of an opportunity. Now I can’t speak for her, I don’t know her well enough to speak for her, but I can speak for myself and tell you that I don’t like to lose. It doesn’t matter who I’m Lexy Chapelfighting, I really don’t like to lose. So this week, when I step in to an IWC ring as an official IWC star, not as a special guest debuting in a battle royal, you’re going to find out the lengths I’m willing to go to in order to assure I don’t lose, because my very first opponent is also a very large challenge. And SHE is everything that I despise in this business. She’s a jumped up beauty queen come wannabe actress who’s real good at blowing opportunities.”

“Hi Marina, I’d say it’s an honour to fight you this week but I’d be lying because it’s really not. I won’t pretend that you’re one of those that I despite the most, however. See it doesn’t take much to research your career, it doesn’t take much to know the path you’ve walked down, it doesn’t take much to know the experience you’ve got in this business and in that ring, to know the people you’ve fought, to watch hours upon hours of videos of your matches on YouTube, and to know that on paper this week you’ve got every advantage over me. See I’m pissed off that I’ve been in this business for over a year and this is my first real opportunity but look at you, almost thirty-one years old, been in this business a lot of years, had a ton of opportunities, and on paper that means you’ve got all the experience over me, right? That means you know all the tricks and you’ve seen a thousand people like me before, right?” she asks, smiling and nodding before stopping and shaking her head, the smile disappearing. “Trust me Marina, the first thing you need to know about me is that you’ve NEVER met ANYONE like me before. I’m not your cookie-cutter, desperate wannabe movie star. I’m not your uppity overhyped little desperate wrestler chick. And you think you’ve been in the business for a while? Bitch I was quite literally BORN in to this business! So the tricks you know, I’ve seen them all thousand times.”

“Now I don’t doubt you’ve got the ability. If you didn’t then I don’t think you’d be standing across the ring from me as the Queen of the Ring Champion. I heard about that. I guess congratulations are in order. I didn’t actually see it live for myself, I was too busy superkicking bitches in the face, but you know, I heard about it and I watched the replays and I’ve got to say that people were SHOCKED that you won the title. Hell even YOU looked shocked that you won the title. That doesn’t exactly scream ‘great champion’ to me when even you’re not sure you can believe you won,” she says before laughing a little and shaking her head. “Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’ve just given you the motivation to come out and kick my little butt and show me what a great champion you can be, right? Maybe I’ve just given you the motivation you needed to prove what a superstar you really are. Oh, wait, sorry, that’s ‘All-Star’, right? Yeah, you’re an ‘All-Star’! I’m not sure what that’s meant to mean, but I do know that you’re a star of the big screen. I actually remember seeing your movie… poster… because I don’t think anyone actually sat through that entire dog shit movie. Hell, based on the reviews I saw I don’t think the critics even sat through the whole thing. I’d say something funny like ‘don’t give up your day job’ but honestly I’m not sure you’re very good at that either.”

“Do you want to know what you are though, Marina? You’re a veteran. You’ve got the experience and the pedigree. And you’re an opportunity. You were an opportunity before you won that title, you’re even more of an opportunity now! Because you may have noticed from the videos earlier but I’m not exactly a superstar myself, although I have met a lot of superstars, I’ve been in the ring with a lot of superstars, and when push came to shove I’ve shown the superstars that being well known doesn’t mean shit to me when I’m better than you are, and quite honestly ‘All-Star’ I think I am better than you, and it seems like the IWC booking fairies want to give me a chance to prove that. You’re an opportunity to me Marina, and nothing more! Imagine what it does to the fledgling career of little unknown quantity Lexy Chapel when she superkicks the Queen of the Ring Champion in the face. Imagine what it does to the unknown quantity of Lexy Chapel and Kat Kelly when we make an impact on New Age, when we rock people’s misconceptions of the two of us, when we give IWC it’s very own British invasion, and like so many before us we shoot all the way to the top of the charts,” she says before smiling confidently. “But this is the part where reality sets in. This is the part where I’m told that I’m nothing and you’re the star and I don’t have a chance. And this is the part where the old Lexy Chapel used to let that get under her skin, but I’m growing up.”

“I grew up in this business watching my brothers, my father and my mother perform. I grew up watching the opponents they had, admiring everything they could do, and learning. And girl, I hate to tell you this but I’ve seen a thousand Marina Valdivia’s in my life. I’ve seen a thousand girls who thought they were the biggest bitch in the world, who thought they were the top of the food chain, who thought they would walk in any company and dominate it like it was nobody’s business. I’ve seen a thousand of them come and I’ve seen a thousand of them go, but I’m not like you. I’m not a dime a dozen, sweetheart. I’m the real fucking deal! I’m not the ‘beautiful’ one who thinks she’s on top of the world, who thinks that she’s unstoppable, who turns away movie deals like they’re nothing thinking that there will always be another one right around the corner. You can tell me you’re not that girl anymore either. You can tell me you’ve been humbled. You can tell me you’ve learned from your mistakes,” she shakes, shaking her head slowly. “But I can tell you that I’ve seen a thousand Marina Valdivia’s and they all used to say that exact same thing, and one after the next they all proved that they’d never learn. You’re the champ, and that feels good, right? But it’ll end. It’ll end real soon. And when it does, will you be one of those who works your way back up, or will you be another whiny bitch who tells the world what you deserve, like last time?”

“What is it they said on commentary, that you’ve been whining about an opportunity for months? No shock there, look at the company you’re in. You’re in a company FULL of whining, complaining little bitches who don’t know what it means to earn ANYTHING! But I’m not going to whine, Marina. I’m not going to complain. I’m not going to beg. I’m not going to plead. I’m going to superkick you in the face, and if that statement doesn’t speak loudly enough I’ll find another girl just like you and I’ll superkick her in the face as well, and I’ll keep going, I’ll keep knocking you all down until there’s nobody left whining about how much you deserve anymore, there’s just me standing in the middle of you all with the thing that you all want,” she says before grinning at the camera. “I’m hungry Marina, and not because all I have in the cupboard is a tin of tuna. I’m hungry in a way that you’d never understand because I don’t have your name, I don’t have your reputation, I don’t have your history, all I have is the path in front of me, and I’m going to carve my own history in that path whether whiney bitches like you believe that or not. You’re the QUEEN OF THE RING, which is an ironic name for the drama queen bitches around here, but that can end so very quickly, and when it does then what are you? A failed actress! A failed wrestler with a publicist! Seriously, you’ve got a fucking publicist? You and me could not be more different. But that won’t matter in that ring.”

“How’s she going to spin it? How’s Allison going to spin it when I kick your teeth in, quite literally, on New Age? What’s she going to do to save your public image when little unknown Lexy Chapel makes the biggest impact of the night and gets her name in the big time by beating the Queen of the Ring on her debut? And I don’t give a damn what I’ve got to do to get that done. You know the kind of people I’ve learned from, right? Lucas Knight would never worry about tarnishing his public profile if it meant beating some little bitches ass, and neither do I. I’m going to beat you in the middle of that ring, Little Ms Mainstream, and then the newspapers, the tabloids and the gossip magazines will have something new to talk about, won’t they?” she asks before grinning. “So, you want some advice Marina? Hit the subscribe button before this video is done because girl, you’re going to be seeing a LOT of me and I wouldn’t want you to miss the best parts. And that goes for the rest of you as well. Hit subscribe, sit back and watch as The Chapel Show goes places it’s never gone before, as Lexy Chapel sets the IWC on fire, and as the Superkick Soiree kicks in to overtime. I’m Lexy Chapel, this is the Chapel Show, and believe me that’s something you won’t want to miss from here on out. Until next time, fuckers.”

She grins at the camera again before the scene fades out and the video comes to an end with the replay button flashing up on the screen.

The Chapel Show

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