Episode: S02E14
Date: 26/09/2015

The video begins and we see Kat Kelly in what seems to be a hotel suite in Japan. When the video was filmed exactly is unclear but Kat seems to be in good spirits as she carries a box that she places down on the counter and looks toward the camera. From behind the camera we hear the voice of Kat KellyLexy Chapel as she looks at the box and obviously has doubts. “Ok, so we’re having sushi again?” she asks before letting out a disappointed sigh. “Seriously, we couldn’t order pizza or something? I mean I know it’s Japan and we should be experiencing the culture and everything but I’m not sure I can put up with another night of Nate complaining about the sushi.”

“It is getting pretty annoying,” Kat agrees before opening the box and looking at the food and then looking up at Lexy with a concerned look. “Oh, I think they gave us the wrong box. Or I ordered the wrong one. This isn’t what I thought…”

“What’s wrong with it?” the redhead behind the camera asks, moving closer to her tag team partner curiously. She focuses the camera on the box of sushi as Kat holds it a little to make it more visible to the camera. We see inside a selection of different types of sushi, with Kat pointing at one particular item. Inside we see a selection of different hand rolls but there is also what looks like Wasabi that Kat is pointing at. We hear Lexy sounding worried. “Oh god, you got Wasabi? Do you remember what happened last time? I swear I can’t take that again. I thought I was going to die. And Nate thought it was so damn funny as well.”

“Yeah, I mean it was pretty funny but at least I tried to help you. You should get some payback on him,” Kat suggests before an evil smile forms on her face. “Actually, you know what? You should get some payback on him. He’s always saying how bland and boring sushi is, right? Well maybe we could make his hand rolls a little less boring…”

Lexy seems shocked. “You’re suggesting that we spike his hand rolls with Wasabi? That’s evil; do you know how hot that stuff is? That is so unlike you,” Lexy tells her partner, seemingly disappointed, before she begins to giggle happily. “I’m so proud of you right now!”

Kat just laughs. “Yeah well, after everything he’s done…” she says before picking up one of the hand rolls and beginning to stuff it with the Wasabi. She gets about half way finished when we hear the sound of the door opening and Lexy spins the camera around to show her husband returning to the hotel suite with a grin on his face. Kat greets him surprisingly casually. “Hey. Dinner’s almost ready.”

“Oh god, it’s not sushi again, is it?” he asks before letting out a sigh. “I swear to god I can’t wait for this goddamn Japanese thing to be over. Seriously, who decided it would be a good idea to have all these shows in Japan all two weeks apart? As if the flights back out here aren’t annoying enough whenever we do come out here all we seem to eat is raw fish!”

“It’s called embracing the culture babes,” Lexy tells him.

“It’s raw fish,” he says again with a shake of his head. “You have no idea what I’d give for a nice burger.”

“Oh, like that Nate Chapelone you get when we’re at home?” Lexy asks happily. “The one with the Jalapeno peppers that you said would be even better if they served it with hot sauce…”

“Hot sauce,” Nate says happily, nodding his head. “That’s a great idea. If we’re having sushi again where’s the hot sauce?”

Kat tries to suppress a smile. “You want hot sauce?” she asks before reaching down under the counter and pulling out a small bottle with red sauce inside it. “Sure, we’ve got some hot sauce…”

Lexy also sounds like she’s trying not to laugh. “You’re giving him hot sauce?” she asks. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Sounds like a great idea to me,” Kat suggests happily before serving up the sushi onto separate plates. “You know what? I think I may even join you. I could do with a little hot sauce on mine, you know, to add a little something extra to the sushi. It is kind of bland after all, right?”

“It’s raw fish,” Nate says again in disdain. “But you want hot sauce? Give it here, I’ll show you how to do hot sauce…”

Kat pours a little on the side of her plate and Nate, seemingly trying to one up Kat, pours a large amount on his before picking up a bit of fish and dipping it in the sauce before taking a bite. He makes satisfied sounds as he chews. We then see Kat picking up one of her hand rolls and dipping it in the sauce before taking a bite. She seems to be really enjoying it. “Oh wow, these hand rolls are incredible,” she says happily. “Lexy, you’ve got to try these…”

“Amazing?” Nate asks before rolling his eyes. “Yeah, I’ll be the judge of that…”

He reaches over toward the plate that is obviously Lexy’s and Kat slaps his hand. “You’ve got your own,” she tells him before moving Lexy’s plate out of the way. Nate huffs before picking up one of his own hand rolls and dipping it in a ton of sauce.

“Err, babes, you might not want to—” Lexy begins but before she can stop her husband he’s already covered his hand roll in hot sauce and he pops it in his mouth and chews. “Never mind…”

“Pssh, you worry too much babe,” Nate tells her confidently. “You know that I love it when it’s hot. This sauce isn’t even that hot either.”

“You really like the hot food, huh?” Kat asks with a smile.

“The hotter the better,” Nate replies confidently before dipping another hand roll in hot sauce and popping it in his mouth. The moment he bites down this time however his bravado and confidence begins to fade as he almost stops immediately. He chews a little more slowly, then even more slowly, before we see tears forming in his eyes, but he continues to try to pretend that he’s ok, speaking with his mouth full. “Mm, delicious…”

His eyes continue to tear up as he chews again. Kat just smiles at him while Lexy zooms the camera in. Nate, however, continues trying to sit there confidently even as his nose begins to run and the tears begin rolling down his face. “What’s the matter?” Kat asks confidently. “I thought you liked it hot…”

“Err-ferr-merr-ferr-derr,” Nate replies, with whatever he tried to say lost on the fact that he’s apparently unable to swallow the bite of hand roll he’s taken. His face starts going red before he wipes his eyes and finally swallows before looking up at Kat and then Lexy and then back to Kat again before scowling. “I hate you both. What the shitting fuck is in this?”

We can see Lexy’s hand pointing at Kat. “It was her idea,” she says accusingly while laughing. Nate begins wiping his tongue with his sleeve before grabbing at a bottle of cola and beginning to drink from it before struggling. He then gets up to the sink and almost throws up. Kat continues laughing, moving away from Nate as he’s clearly suffering. Lexy seems more sympathetic. “Aw babes…”

“Don’t,” he says, shaking his head. “Oh god that’s hot… that’s so fucking hot…”

He starts running the tap and taking drinks of the running water, spitting it out into the sink as Kat continues laughing. Lexy keeps filming him for a few more moments before we fade out.

The Chapel Show

We cut to the home of Lexy Chapel, Nate Chapel and Kat Kelly in Thousand Oaks where we find ourselves in our regular location, which is the bedroom of Lexy and Nate Chapel. Lexy sits on the bed with one of the IWC Tag Team Championships next to her in a shirt that reads ‘THINGS TO DO WITH MY PUSSY’ along with three suggestions, all involving pictures of cats, that read ‘Play With It’, ‘Shave It’ and ‘Lick It’. Despite the fact that she’s dressing in her normal style however Lexy looks far from her normal, happy self. “What’s up fuckers? I’m Lexy Chapel, this is the Chapel Show, and this week is a pretty huge week for me,” she begins before letting out a sigh. “It’s a pretty huge week for me because two weeks ago, let’s be honest, didn’t exactly go the way it should have. Right now I should be celebrating. Right now I should be patting myself on the back having picked up the biggest win of my career in the biggest challenges of my career, one on one with the IWC World Champion. Anyone who beats the World Champion should be Lexy Chapelcelebrating that fact, right? Except two weeks ago while I may have beaten the World Champion it didn’t much feel like I did. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity of a lifetime to make my name in this company and prove to the world what I was capable of. But the story of two weeks ago wasn’t about me, was it?”

She shakes her head slowly, clearly upset. “No, two weeks ago wasn’t about me. Two weeks ago should have been very different, but it wasn’t. Two weeks ago should have been about Kat Kelly having the opportunity of a lifetime for her in the first round of the Number One Contendership tournament, an opportunity she gave everything she had but an opportunity that she couldn’t quite get done. That left Wicked Intent with one more chance to make an impact when I went up against Katelyn Buehler, a woman I should have pinned several weeks ago when she challenged Wicked Intent for the IWC Tag Team Championships, but that was stolen away from me as well, and two weeks ago I had the opportunity to beat her straight up, but that turned into a clusterfuck. That turned into a story of outside interference. That turned into my night, my opportunity becoming all about Taylor Chase,” she says, shaking her head slowly. “And two weeks ago I got to lay in the ring while people I called my friends didn’t even acknowledge me, people I called my friends forgot I even existed, and then I got to check the IWC Twitter feed and find that those same friends, those same people that once told me that I was the future, apparently once again failed to remember I was even there. Let’s just say that two weeks ago had me questioning a few different things…”

“Two weeks ago I went out to that ring with a plan to take the IWC World Champion and drop her on her head. I’ve done it before. I was intent on doing it again. Instead I put on the match of my life, the biggest performance of my career, I went toe to toe with the supposedly best this company has to offer, and the only person who gave a damn about any of it was Kat. And if that’s the way it’s going to be, if that’s what being ‘the future’ is all about, maybe I’m not so keen on the idea anymore. In the aftermath it wasn’t just the wrestlers who were all talking about one thing, it was the fans as well. The entire world witnessed Lexy Chapel beating the IWC World Champion, and the entire world collectively looked the other way. And after that experience maybe I don’t want to be the future. Maybe I’m not happy with the way things are right now. Maybe I’d rather be the present,” she says before nodding her head slowly. “And you know what? This week I have a chance to take a step in that direction. It’s kind of ironic as well, after all until two weeks ago I felt like I had nothing to prove. Until then I was happy with where I was. Until then I was completely in support of Kat advancing in the tournament, I was content with simply being one half of the best goddamn tag team this company has never known. Until two weeks ago the only thing that mattered to me was this…”

She picks up the IWC Tag Team Championship and holds it up for a moment, looking at it for a moment before looking back to the camera. “Until two weeks ago this was the only thing that mattered to me, and then I was disrespected by the fans, disrespected by the roster, disrespected by the commentators, and disrespected by even those close to me. Now, all of a sudden, being one half of the IWC Tag Team Champions apparently gets you nothing but disrespect, and if that’s the case then that means this week is the first round of an opportunity for me to force that respect,” she says with an anger in her tone. “Until two weeks ago I had no desire to even be a part of the World Championship tournament. I wasn’t on Twitter whining and bitching that I wasn’t part of it, I was showing support to my teammate and willing her on. But where Kat fell short, in spite of her best effort to the contrary, I’m now more determined than ever to succeed. That’s why this week I’m going to get back into that ring and I’m going to fight. That’s why this week I’m going to get back into that ring and I’m going to win. That’s why this week I’m going to get back into that ring, and while Kat fights for the Evolution Championship and brings more gold to Wicked Intent I’m going to be fighting as well to fly the flag for Wicked Intent as well by taking a step toward another match with the World Champion…”

She pauses for a moment before laughing and shaking her head. “Now I could sit here and I could complain that I’m not immediately getting rewarded for beating the World Champion. I could sit here and I could complain that the company isn’t immediately revolving around me. I won’t do that, because I now have something to prove, and I’m going to use this tournament to do exactly that. You see I’ve always had a great deal of confidence in myself, and my own abilities. Even when I was back home in England I used to aspire to great things. I came to America originally because I believed in myself and because I wanted to do things that nobody else in my family had ever done, and I will. I’ve experienced the main event scene now. I’ve gone toe to toe with the World Champion. And every week is a fresh opportunity to learn,” she says before grinning. “But every week is a fresh opportunity for you to learn something new about me as well, and if any of the Kayl family fans out there are hoping for great things this week then this is a fresh opportunity for me to disappoint a lot of you. By showing me disrespect you’ve given me motivation now, since apparently I wasn’t motivated enough before. I was motivated by something else, however. I was motivated to figure out exactly who I am, something that’s been an on-going quest for me in recent weeks.”

“When your life gets turned upside down, when you find out that the man you’ve always looked up to as your father isn’t your father at all and your parents have lied to you your entire life, it can definitely have an effect on you. It did have an effect on me. It left me wondering who I was and wondering where I came from. It left me with a determination to find out who my real father was, and to figure out what to do with that once I did. Well, I got the answer to the first part of that, but not the second part. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with the information I have now. It’s not like you can just walk up to someone and introduce yourself, is it? So I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with that, and then came an opportunity to distract myself. In truth it was an opportunity that was more than welcome,” she admits, nodding her head gently. “It was an opportunity not to go home after the last show, but to go somewhere else. It was an opportunity to get away and clear my head. It was an opportunity to go home, to see my brother, and to celebrate a moment in his life that he never got to celebrate in mine. When he called me, when he invited me home, when he told me that he’d popped the question and he and his new fiancée were going to throw an engagement party to celebrate, I hesitated at first. I haven’t seen anyone in my family since I learned the truth. But I figured it was about time…”

The Chapel Show

We cut from Lexy’s bedroom to what seems to be a busy London airport as Nate films Lexy as she walks through the airport with sunglasses on, pushing the trolley in front of her on which all their bags are stacked. “Are you wearing those because you’re worried someone is going to recognise you, now that you’re a main eventer?” Nate asks playfully from behind the camera. I tired looking Lexy sighs and glares at the camera disapprovingly and Nate just laughs. “Ok, still don’t want to talk about it?”

“Do I want to talk about being considered an afterthought by my mentor, and being completely ignored by everyone else besides Kat?” Lexy asks before shaking her head. “No, I really don’t.”

“Ok then, do you want to talk about your brother instead?” Nate asks. He gets a similar response from his wife. “Damn, we should have discussed a list of topics you are ok with on the plane.”

“In fairness you’d probably have missed the discussion since you slept basically the whole way,” Lexy reminds him. We can make out her rolling her eyes in spite of the sunglasses she’s wearing. “But ok, you want to talk about my brother? Obviously I’m happy for him, that’s why we’re here. But it’s a little weird still, you know? We haven’t really talked since the hospital and… that whole thing.”

“Well you talked to him last week,” Nate reminds her.

“Yeah, we talked on the phone about him proposing to Charlotte and her saying yes. We talked about the engagement party, and what he wanted as a gift. Which reminds me, you did get the gift, right?” she asks with concern, looking at their luggage. “Because if we show up to the party without a gift…”

“I thought you said that he didn’t want anything,” Nate reminds her again. “You said that he said that just coming to the party was gift enough. So even if I had forgotten, which I didn’t, but even if I had, we still would have come with the right number of gifts.”

“It was nice of him to say he didn’t want anything but c’mon babes, if it was our engagement party and he showed up without a gift you’d be pissed at him,” Lexy says before laughing. “Not that we had an engagement party…”

“We didn’t even have a wedding party, unless you count you dancing with that Elvis impersonator who tried to feel you up,” Nate says, clearly unimpressed. “You know if anything I’d say both your brother’s owe us presents…”

“You can bring that up with them tonight if you want to,” Lexy tells him playfully. “I’m sure they’d just love to discuss that with you, and discuss why they didn’t buy the guy who ran off with their little sister any presents.”

“Oh, you think I won’t?” Nate asks, like it was a challenge rather than a playful remark. “I’ll talk to them. I’ll be like ‘oi, Damien, you son of a bitch…’”

“Err, babes?” Lexy says, trying to interrupt him.

“Shh, don’t interrupt me while I’m making a point,” Nate tells his wife. “Where was I? Oh, right, I’ll be like ‘oi, Damien, you son of a bitch, how dare you—’”

“How dare I what?” the voice of Damien Adams Junior asks from behind the camera. Nate let’s out a squeal that sounds exceptionally feminine Damien Adams Jrand almost drops the camera, but thankfully Lexy is on hand to catch it and hand it back to him. The camera then spins around to show Lexy’s oldest brother, Damien, standing there in an Arsenal baseball cap. He laughs and reaches out to obviously pat Nate on the shoulder or the back. “Wow, that was… not a good moment for you as a man there bro.”

Nate clears his throat. “I, err, don’t know what you mean,” he says innocently.

Lexy, meanwhile, rushes over to embrace her half-brother, wrapping her arms around him. The two hug for a long moment before she lets go and looks up at him. “We were just talking about you.”

“Yeah, I heard. Your rough tough husband here is going to give me a talking to,” Damien says with a smirk on his face. “Do I even want to know what it’s about?”

“He was upset that we had to buy you a gift for your engagement when you didn’t get us anything, and I was trying to explain the fact that it was a little hard for you guys to buy us anything when we eloped to Las Vegas,” Lexy says before smiling at her husband. “But that didn’t mean that I didn’t want to get you something, although I was crazy busy so it was actually him who went out and got it…”

“You didn’t have to do that,” Damien says before hugging her again and then offering out a hand to Nate, who shakes it. “Thanks guys. That’s really good of you. We would have just been happy with you showing up after… you know. But hey, been watching the show, you’ve been… making some progress.”

Lexy nods her head nervously. “You could say that, yeah. It’s definitely been… a little weird.”

“So, did you talk to him yet? I mean, properly, since you found out…” he asks. His little sister shakes her head. “Yeah, I guess that’s going to be a difficult conversation, right? I mean it’s not like you can just walk up to him…”

Exactly,” Lexy says with a nod. “In truth when you called I was relieved, I guess. I mean I didn’t even know where I was going to start, and if I’d had to go home and deal with everything… you actually couldn’t have chosen a better time to pop the question.”

“Well it was the anniversary of our first date,” he explains. Lexy lets out a little ‘aw’ in happiness as her brother just laughs. “Yeah, that was kind of what I was going for. We even talked about getting married on the same day next year, so it’ll be our wedding anniversary, our engagement anniversary and the anniversary of our first date. It’ll be a day that’s all about our relationship. And, you know, I spoke to… err… I spoke to… um… nobody. I didn’t speak to anybody!”

Lexy lets out a sigh. “Is that how it’s going to be from now on? Whenever we’re talking and you’re about to bring him up you hesitate and pretend like you weren’t going to?” she asks before sighing again. “You know you can say it. You spoke to the old man…”

“I spoke to dad,” Damien tells her, putting a lot of emphasis on the word was though he’s trying to say that he’s more than just his father but hers as well. Lexy, however, shakes her head in response.

“He’s not my dad,” she says angrily. “He lied to me, Damien. He lied to me my whole life. He knew I wasn’t his daughter and he kept it from me. You have no idea how that feels…”

Damien nods his head in agreement. “You’re right, I don’t,” he admits. “I have no idea how it must have felt to find that out. I have no idea what that must have done to you. And you wouldn’t tell me about it because you branded us all as liars and you took off as quickly as you could. You didn’t even hang around to give anyone time to explain…”

“Was it there to explain?” Lexy asks defensively. “He’s going to explain why he and mum lied to me my whole life? He’s going to explain why he let me think he was my father, why he tried to control my life, why he tried to force his stupid rivalry with Victor Chapel on to me and wouldn’t let me even get to know Nate all the while not telling me the truth about the fact that I’m not even part of his stupid rivalry at all? Yeah, because he’s got an explanation for any of that…”

Damien lets out a sigh. “I don’t know if he has or not, but you didn’t even give him a chance. One minute you’re willing to give up your career and give up a kidney for him, then next you’re not even willing to ask how he’s doing after the operation…” her brother reminds her. That clearly has an effect on Lexy as well as she looks away guiltily. “Hell, you didn’t even ask how Harry was doing…”

“I read about it online,” she says before sighing. “Plus I did send Harry flowers.”

“You did?” Damien asks uncertainly. “Oh. He didn’t tell me that. In fact I asked him about whether he’d heard from you and he said—”

“I told them just to put ‘Get Well Soon’ on the card and that was it,” she admits before shrugging defensively. “What? I couldn’t order them online, and there’s an eight hour time difference so the store was practically closing when I rang, and it was an international call, and… and I was still really pissed off… and… I probably should have asked, shouldn’t I? I’m sorry. This was never meant to be about you and Harry. How is he doing?”

“He’s fine,” Damien says with a nod. “I think he’s a little upset about the career setback that came as a result of it, but he was the one who insisted it be him. I volunteered. You know I did. Dad’s doing fine as well, in case you’re interested. He’s—”

“I’m not,” Lexy says, shaking her head. Her brother goes to say something to her and she cuts him off before he can. “What? I’m not interested, Damien. Ok, sure, I feel guilty about not caring more about you and Harry and everything Harry did. And I admire Harry for doing it, I really do. But as far as I’m concerned that man lied to me for my entire life. He had plenty of opportunities to tell me the truth and he never did. So as far as I’m concerned he’s dead to me.”

“Lex, that’s not a nice thing to say, he’s still your father,” Damien insists.

Lexy shakes her head again, getting angry now. “No he’s not, Damien. He’s not now and he never was,” she snaps angrily at her brother. “Now can we stop talking about him, please? The last thing I want this week is to talk about him.”

Damien lets out a sigh. It’s evident from his expression that he wants to continue the conversation, perhaps even that he wants to convince his little sister of any redeeming facts about his father that could help change her mind, but instead he just nods his head in agreement. “Ok, fine,” he says softly. “Where are you guys staying? You’d normally stay at the house, but I’m guessing that’s not an option, so…”

“We’ve got a hotel room at the hotel that you booked the room in,” she tells him confidently before grabbing the trolley. “Just please tell me he’s not coming. You promised me he wouldn’t be…”

“He’s not,” Damien says with a nod. Lexy then starts pushing the trolley as they all begin heading toward the exit. Damien slows down however and seems to slow Nate down as well before letting out a sigh and asking him quietly. “Do you think she’s ever going to get over this? I mean it’s going to be pretty hard to pick between my kid sister and my old man for the wedding if I can only invite one of them…”

“I don’t know. She was really hurt when she found out. She started questioning everything about her life, questioning who she even was, and I think that’s something she’s still struggling with,” Nate admits to his brother in law. “I don’t think it’s something that she’s ever going to just brush over. Plus… well, you know who her real father is, right? She wants to meet him. She wants to get to know him. But she knows if she does then… well, she’s already having problems with Lucas at the moment because of this whole thing. She’s having problems with everyone else as well, and after what happened on Monday… this whole thing has been a shit-storm, and it’s only going to get worse. You ask me, it’s probably best just to let it go until she figures stuff out…”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right,” Damien says before letting out a sigh. “I just hope nothing happens at the party…”

“Nothing like what?” Nate asks nervously. “Bro, you told your old man not to come, right? Because I don’t think lying to her right now is the best idea!”

“I told him, sure. But you know my dad,” Damien says before letting out a sigh. “I swear he’s never followed an instruction in his damn life.”

Damien walks off to catch up with his sister as Nate lets out a long sigh. “Ah fuck, this isn’t going to be good…”

He shuts off the camera then as we fade out.

The Chapel Show

We fade back in to the midst of a social gathering. It’s not the biggest party but there’s music playing and a whole bunch of people filling a neatly decorated room. The camera focuses on Lexy and her brother Harry as they’re sitting at a table talking. Lexy has a bottle of drink in her hand, while on the table in front of them sits a glass that presumably belongs to Harry. Lexy takes a drink and laughs as the camera approaches. “Hey babes,” a slightly intoxicated Lexy says happily as she smiles up toward the camera. “Are you having fun?”

“Yeah, it’s a good party, except for the fact that I don’t know anyone here,” Nate replies a little playfully.

“You should have said, I’ll introduce you to some people,” Lexy says happily before looking at her brother guiltily and then back toward her husband and the camera. “If I’d known you didn’t know anyone I wouldn’t have spent so long talking to Harry.”

“Nah, it’s ok, I figured you guys had things to catch up on,” Nate says happily. “How’d it go? Are you feeling any better than earlier?”

“Well I’m drunker Harry Adamsthan earlier, so that helps,” Lexy tells him before giggling. “But yeah, I am feeling better actually. We’re good, right Har?”

“Yeah, we’re good,” Harry says happily. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, there are people I need to talk to, and girls I need to flirt with. You’d be surprised what donating a kidney can do to give you a reputation as a good person…”

“Is that right?” Nate asks, as though he’s actually considering the idea in order to get himself some good favour with the ladies. Lexy just looks at him disapprovingly and he laughs innocently. “Oh c’mon, you know I could do with the positive reputation. You’re always telling me I should try to make better friends…”

“Yeah babes, but I meant by being a better person, being more considerate, listening more, and not running out on conversations whenever you get a new movie idea,” Lexy says disapprovingly.

“Well I need to write them down before I forget them or it’ll be our trip to the Statue of Liberty all over again. I swear if I could just remember that idea I’d make millions. It was so good. I remember it had something to do with the statue. Maybe she came alive… yeah, what if she came alive and started terrorising New York, and only a ragtag group of—”

Lexy clears her throat loudly enough to draw his attention. “Babes, you’re doing it again,” she says before letting out a sigh. “And nobody is going to watch a movie about the Statue of Liberty coming to life…”

“You don’t know that,” Nate tells her defensively. “For all you know the American public is crying out for a good action movie with hundred and fifty foot metal woman trashing New York City. Oh yes, maybe she could fight Godzilla! Can you even imagine the money that would make?”

“Yes…” Lexy says before laughing and rolling her eyes. “Yes I can. I think I probably have more in my purse at the moment than that movie would make…”

“You underestimate the value of the idea,” Nate tells her. “It would make the Statue of Liberty into a sex symbol. Obviously we’d need to make a few changes, maybe give her more cleavage…”

Lexy just stares at him, obviously in disbelief. “Babes, are you even listening to yourself?” she asks as though she can’t believe what she’s hearing. “You want to give the Statue of Liberty more cleavage?”

“Well she is pretty flat, like even flatter than Kat is…” Nate replies, shaking his head. “I guess it was a different time back then, but if the statue was designed today…”

Lexy continues to stare at him unable to believe she’s actually part of this conversation. It’s not clear whether Nate is actually seriously considering this as an idea or if he’s now just winding up his wife. Either way he’s about to say something more when there’s commotion on the other side of the room and Nate turns the camera over to that side of the room where we see Damien Jr. seemingly trying to calm everything down. Lexy stands up so she can see what’s happening, and obviously sees what is happening before the camera does because she noticeably groans. “Let’s get out of here,” she says before getting up off her seat. She obviously wants to leave but Nate continues filming the disturbance. We just about catch a glimpse of what’s going on, as it seems Damien Jr. is attempting to run interference with his father, before Lexy grabs her husband and almost pulls him along with her. “Aren’t you listening? I said let’s go.”

“You don’t want to know what’s going on?” Nate asks. “It could be important.”

“I know what’s going on, and it’s exactly why I didn’t want to spend long at the party in the first place,” Lexy tells her husband as she almost drags him along toward another exit to the room, out the back toward the garden area. The garden is quiet, and obviously more than a little cold as Lexy noticeably shivers. She continues down the pathway though with Nate behind her until he stops. She continues a few paces before realising he’s no longer following her and turns back. “What are you waiting for?”

“Is this really how it’s going to be?” Nate asks before letting out a sigh.

“Is this how what’s going to be?” she asks angrily. “Can we not do this right now? Can we at least go up to our room before we have this conversation? Seriously, it’s cold, I don’t think I want to have this conversation out here in the cold in the middle of the night… can we just go upstairs and talk about it?”

“No because when we go upstairs you won’t talk about it,” Nate tells her sternly. “Look, babe, I know you’re angry at your father, ok? I know that.”

“He’s not my father,” Lexy snaps angrily.

“That’s the thing though, because he is,” Nate tells her softly. She shakes her head and he lets out a long sigh. “I haven’t wanted to have this conversation with you. I’ve wanted to support you. I’ve wanted to try to support every decision you’ve made since you found out the truth because you were right, it sucked that you found out the truth, and it sucked even more that you found out like that. But Lex, what’s the plan here exactly? You’re going to keep running from this forever? You’re never going to be in the same room as him again? Do you realise how crazy that is?”

“It’s hardly crazy. It’s not like I’m home much anyway, and when I am—” she begins before Nate cuts her off.

“When you are it’s for good reasons, like the fact that your brother got engaged and he wants to celebrate that fact with his friends and with his family, of which you’re both a part whether you want that to be true or not,” Nate tells her softly and supportively, but with something of a stern edge. “And ok, let’s say that you avoid him this time. He wanted to come to his son’s party—”

“He wasn’t invited,” Lexy points out. “He was told not to come!”

“Which one of you is going to come to his birthday?” Nate asks. “Which one of you is going to go to the wedding? Which one of you is going to go to the Christening if they have kids? Is it always going to be you or him and never both?”

She looks lost for a response for a moment. “That’s not fair,” she tells her husband angrily. “You know that’s not fair! What, I’m not allowed to be angry with him? He lied to me my entire life!”

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t be angry at him,” Nate tells her supportively, “but I am saying you can’t avoid him for the rest of your life.”

“I don’t need to avoid him for the rest of my life, just for the rest of his, which with the way he takes care of himself won’t be long anyway,” Lexy snaps again.

“Yeah, and let’s say you’re right about that, do you really want your last memory of your dad to be you running out of a party to celebrate a huge moment in your brother’s life in order to avoid him?” Nate asks, seeming to genuinely care. Lexy hesitates again before sighing, clearly having second thoughts. “Look, I hate to be the mature one here…”

“The mature one?” she asks before scoffing. “You were just talking about the Statue of Liberty being flat chested…”

“In my defence that’s a brave conversation and a point that someone had to raise,” he says, although it’s evident from his tone even he doesn’t believe that. “I’m serious though babe. You can’t avoid him forever. Like it or not you’re going to have to talk to him at some stage, and all I’m saying right now is that there’s no time like the present. I mean he’s here, you’re here…”

The redhead hesitates again, looking over her shoulder toward the exit before looking back toward her husband. “I’m not sure I can.”

She’s about to say something else, or looks like she is, when her attention is drawn away from the camera but still in the same direction. Nate spins Damien Adamsaround and we see Damien Adams Sr. standing not far from the doorway that Lexy just practically dragged Nate out of. Nobody says anything for a moment before it’s Lexy’s father who breaks the silence. “You know I’ve been trying to talk to you for weeks,” he says before taking a deep breath. “I’ve tried leaving messages, sending texts, I’ve calling lord knows how many times...”

Lexy sighs. “I blocked your number one my phone,” she admits softly. The look on her father’s face is obviously one of pain at that fact. Lexy seems unapologetic. “You lied to me. You and mum both lied to me my whole life. What did you expect me to do, treat it like it was no big deal? It is a big deal da—no, no, you’re NOT my dad!”

“Yes, I am,” Damien tells her sternly.

“No you’re not,” Lexy says immediately.

“Yes I am,” Damien tells her even more sternly. “Am I your biological father? No, I’m not that. But in every way that matters I am your father, Alexandra! And all I’ve wanted to do for weeks was talk to you about all of this, was explain it to you, was to help you understand any of it, because I know this has been hard for you, but it’s been hard for me as well.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s been so hard for you,” Lexy replies sarcastically.

“You have no idea,” Damien says sternly again. “If they’d have let me get on a plane after the goddamn operation I’d have flown out and found you and forced you to talk to me, but they wouldn’t let me fly for a while after and then I was never sure where you were. But I’ve tried calling you EVERY day. I’ve left god knows how many messages for you. Have you listened to any of them? I just want a chance to explain, Alex.”

Nate switches the camera back to Lexy who’s got tears in her eyes. “Then explain,” she says angrily. “Explain why you’re a fucking liar!”

He lets out a long sigh. “I wanted to tell you. We both did. But… how do you even approach that conversation with your daughter? When your mother got sick it’s all we talked about. We wanted to find a way to tell you before she… but it all happened so fast and when she passed… when she passed I didn’t want to lose you as well,” he says emotionally. “But you’re right, biologically you’re not my daughter. When your mother and me got back together we found out she was pregnant and we were so happy until we worked out the dates and we realised that there was no way that you were… mine. Neither of us knew what to do. She must have been a few weeks pregnant when we got back together, and we didn’t know how to handle it. I didn’t want to know who the father was. I told her not to tell me. But she told me that she called him, that she discussed it with him, and… she didn’t want him to be a part of your life. As far as we were both concerned you were my daughter.”

“Yeah, but I’m not,” Lexy says, tears streaming down her face now. “I’m not your daughter, dad. And I had to find out like that!”

He nods apologetically. “I know. Believe me, I know. I tried to do everything I could to stop them from doing the tests on any of you. Damien volunteered, I wanted it to be him because… well, as sickening as this is to say out loud he’s the only one of you I knew for certain was mine,” her father confesses. “We split up before Harry as well, the dates added up but… well, we were never completely sure, and I didn’t want to do a paternity test because if I found out I wasn’t his father… but with you I knew that going in, and I didn’t love you any less! Ok, so I’m not your biological father, but I’ve still been there at EVERY big event in your life. I was there on the night you were born. I was there to hold you in my arms then, and every goddamn night when you were little. I took you to school on your first day. Do you remember that? I took you to your first dance. I remember your first step, your first word, your first everything, Alex. Maybe we deceived you about your biology but make no mistake about it we never lied to you about who your parents are!”

Lexy turns away from both her husband and her father. Damien tries to take a few steps closer to her and Nate blocks his path. “Don’t,” he says in defence of his wife. “If she wants you to come closer she’ll tell you.”

“Get out of my way son,” Damien warns Nate sternly, “this has nothing to do with you.”

“She’s my wife,” Nate reminds him. “This has everything to do with me!”

Damien looks like he’s about ready to say something else when Lexy interrupts him. “You didn’t know who he was?” she asks nervously. “Mum really never told you?”

He shakes his head. “I had my suspicions, of course,” he says hesitantly. “But no, she never confirmed them. I told her not to. It didn’t matter to me who she’d been with, because as far as I was concerned they didn’t matter.”

“But she called him?” Lexy asks nervously. “He knew about me?”

“She said that she did. She said that it was her choice that he not be a part of your life, and I never fought her on it,” Damien admits softly. “I’m sorry we didn’t tell you, Alex. I wanted to so many times…”

We see Lexy wiping her eyes and when she turns around again it’s obvious that she’s still tearing up hugely. “You should have told me,” Lexy tells him. “I had a right to know.”

“You’re my little girl,” he says apologetically. “I didn’t want anything coming in between that. I didn’t want to lose you. I couldn’t even imagine losing you. I’ve always believed in you. I’ve always had such hopes for you. I’ve always believed that you were capable of anything and I wanted to be the one who shared that with you. I wanted to share your successes, not some other guy who was never there. I’m your father Lexy. I always have been, and I always will be…”

The redhead continues crying as she doesn’t seem like she has any idea how to react. Finally, after much hesitation, she embraces Damien and the two of them hug. Nate lets out a long sigh and shuts the camera off as we fade out.

The Chapel Show

We cut back to Lexy once more in her bedroom in California. She looks at the camera, then at her title belt, and finally at the camera again. “You know it’s a difficult task in this business to be the person you want to be, while also living in the shadow of all those around you,” she begins. “I grew up in this business. My mother, the man I knew as my father, they were both wrestlers, both on the road, and I got to witness their highs and their lows, but growing up I was always Alexandra Adams, always their daughter, and later on I was Damien Adams Junior’s little sister, Harry Adams’ little sister, and I was never just ‘Lexy’. I was always associated with one of them, you know? I think that’s partly why I liked the idea of running away with Nate, of starting our own lives, so that I could finally stop being just one of the Adams’ and Lexy ChapelI could be myself. I could be more. Then of course I became Mrs Nathan Chapel, which had it’s own set of problems, until Nate got injured early on and then… then I finally got the chance to be me! And being me was hard. It was hard work. Nobody gave me anything. I had to bust my ass week after week. I had to try damn hard. I may have grown up in this business but I never used that as a shortcut to avoid the hard work, I went through hell to establish myself in this business and when I finally got to the IWC it was because I deserved to be here!”

“Now I know I’ve got a few problems with who I am right now. It’s a difficult subject for me. But after two weeks ago there’s no difficulty in me knowing who I want to be. Let me share that with you now. When I came to America, when I broke into wrestling, I wanted to be the biggest success in my family. Those were hardly the biggest aspirations in the world, after all my family weren’t exactly the biggest successes in the wrestling business, but that was my dream. When I came to IWC, when Kat and I started Wicked Intent, we just wanted to be the best that we could be. Pretty soon though, when we realised the potential, our aspirations expanded and we wanted to be the greatest. We wanted to be the best tag team of all time. We’re already the best tag team in IWC today, the best tag team in IWC in 2015, but we want to be more than that. We want to prove ourselves as the best tag team ever. But again after last week, after everything that happened, after being disrespected, after being ignored, after being overlooked, and after taking the World Champion to the limit and walking away with the win, I realised I could be so much more,” she says proudly. “And now with everyone talking about who should and shouldn’t be in the tournament, who should and shouldn’t get a title shot, who should and shouldn’t be in the spotlight, I’m going to prove beyond doubt I should be!”

“My opponent this week knows a little something about coming from a wrestling family as well, doesn’t he? Unlike me however my opponent can’t say that he busted his ass to make his name in this business, mostly because he stole his name,” she says before shaking her head and laughing. “You know it genuinely shocks me that he got away with it for as long as he did. It shocks me that he was able to go around the wrestling world pretending to be someone else, living off of that name, and never quite reaching the same levels that his cousin had reached. His cousin is, after all, the decorated one, right? He’s a former World Champion, a former Tag Team Champion, a success in this business, a veteran, while Devon is a fraud that couldn’t bring himself to fight for himself so he tried to take a shortcut. That’s not surprising though considering how many other people have taken shortcuts. There are seemingly an unlimited number of men and women in this business who’ve taken the cheapest possible route to success. If at first they don’t succeed they don’t try again, they don’t go away and improve, they look for the easy way. They sell out their principles. They turn their backs on their beliefs. And then they hold out their hand and they demand that the world be placed into it. Are you going to try to tell me Devon Kayl is different?”

“If it helps at all I can appreciate why he’d do it. Trust me, nobody in this business knows how difficult it can be more than me, especially when it comes to living in the shadow of another person. I imagine Devon saw the hard path in front of him and he knew the comparisons that people would make. I imagine that he knows the comparisons that people make today, to his cousin, to his sister, and they’re not exactly favourable comparisons, are they? After all, wasn’t it Devon Kayl who lost a few weeks ago to Ricky Holt? Yet if you were to believe the hype before the match, if you were to believe everything they said about him, you’d have believed that Devon Kayl would knock away Ricky Holt like he was a bug, after all wasn’t it Devon who was hyped as the ‘biggest free agent signing in IWC history’?” she asks before scoffing and shaking her head. “Why, because he was champion in the GCW? I can respect that, I suppose. He wanted so badly to be a World Champion he stole someone else’s identity, and he finally accomplished it, he finally got what he wanted, and people then started to believe… but is that why he’s in this tournament? Is he part of this tournament because he’s a former GCW Champion? Is that how IWC shows respect to competitors, by rewarding them with opportunities because of the fact they did well somewhere else?”

She rolls her eyes. “Well Devon gets to step into the ring this week and go up against Lexy Chapel and test himself there, and the questions are going to be asked. Can the Kayl family black sheep come good? Will he be the one who advances in the tournament to find the next number one contender? Will he get to live his dreams again and compete for the World Championship? Well Ricky Holt tried to make that a resounding ‘no’ last week, and now it’s my job to give the same answer this week,” she says before nodding her head. “This week there’s only room for one of us in the tournament, and while the world may tell me Devon Kayl has something to prove in the IWC I tell him to wait his turn! That’s something that historically it would appear Devon has a problem with however, so we’ll see how well he handles that this week, won’t we?  The fact is that while all the hype around Devon Kayl is because of what he did somewhere else, it’s been Lexy Chapel who’s been proving herself here. I’m the one who pinned Selena Frost in the middle of the ring. I’m the one who stood toe to toe with the Evolution Champion with the title on the line, only beaten in the end thanks to him needing help, and a shot on the championship. And I’m the one who stood toe to toe with the World Champion and this time came out with the victory. And yet it’s him who gets the hype?”

“I am tired of hearing about how great everyone else is. I am tired of hearing about how great they are and then getting no respect when I stand up to them. That’s going to change this week. I’ve never been scared of the hard work. I’ve never been scared to put in the commitment. I won’t be scared go do whatever I need to do this week either. If I have to go toe to toe with the ‘hottest free agent signing’ in order to prove myself I will, because the spot in the next round has my name on it. I would have been happy to see Kat succeed. I wanted to see Kat succeed. I would have been happy playing cheerleader. I would have been happy hyping her up and cheering her on week after week as she was the one who advanced, but as hard as she tried she couldn’t get the job done, and now the legacy of Wicked Intent in this tournament will not be two first round eliminations,” she says with passion. “This week you won’t witness the ‘Kayl-KO’ knocking me down, the only thing being knocked anywhere will be a few teeth being knocked loose when Devon gets his personal invite to the Superkick Soiree! It’s the hottest place to be right now as well, it’s the biggest party in town, and it’s going to continue to be the hottest ticket in IWC until I get the respect I’ve more than earned, and then I get another shot in that ring to prove myself at the top level.”

“Do you think you’re the only one with dreams, Devon? Do you think you’re the only one who saw the bright lights and the big opportunities and thought that that was where you were born to be? You’re not. Every single person in that locker room has those dreams just the same as you. You’re not the only one with big dreams and you’re not the only one with pressure on them. There is something about you though that I’ll be more than happy to make true. I’ll be happy to make you the biggest hyped up failure that IWC has ever seen. I’ll be happy to ensure that the ‘biggest free agent signing’ goes his first two appearances without a win, and suddenly that tag they gave you starts to look really out of place. See, I remember when they said something similar about Lucas Knight, but there was a definite difference between you and Lucas. Lucas delivered,” she says with a smirk. “Right now it’s my job to make sure you don’t. Right now it’s my job to send you home disappointed. And when it comes to that I’ve discovered I’m pretty damn good at it. Don’t believe me? Ask Selena Frost. Ask any of the ragtag groups who’ve come after Wicked Intent and come after the IWC Tag Team Championships. And better than that just wait a couple of days, look in a mirror and ask yourself because trust me Devon, this week I’m bringing my best shot, and if you’re the type with the nervous disposition you should probably know that my best shot contains Explicit Content.”

“Last time out I had everything to prove, I got the win but I didn’t get the respect that went along with it. This time around I’m on a quest to get that respect, even if it means I’ve got to take on the very best that IWC has to offer in this tournament to get it. A few weeks ago if you’d asked me what I had any interest in anything else I’d have told you no, the only thing I wanted was this right here,” she says, lifting up the IWC Tag Team Championship again and patting it proudly, “but now all of that has changed. This Monday night I’m bringing my best to Kashima Stadium, this Monday night Wicked Intent are going to bring our best and this Monday night Wicked Intent could well be leaving having done the unthinkable, when the best tag team in IWC prove ourselves as the Evolution Champion and the bitch in the second round of the World title tournament. This Monday night you may never look at Wicked Intent the same way again, but I promise you this Monday night it’ll be the last week I’m disrespected by the fans, the commentators and the locker room. Last week I pinned the World Champion, controversy and all, just as I promised I would. This week I vow to take down the hottest free agent signing IWC has and show them that they don’t need to look outside for the best stars, they need look no further than right here! And you know that already if you’ve subscribed. If you haven’t then click the button and come back next time, because for now I’ve been Lexy Chapel and this has been the Chapel Show. Until next time, fuckers!”

She puts the IWC Tag Team Championship over her shoulder and pats it proudly as we fade out.

The Chapel Show

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