Episode: S02E16
Date: 26/09/2015

The video begins and we see what seems like the inside of a hotel suite, presumably in New York City, where we find a room service cart with an empty bottle of champagne on the top. We see not far from there a counter top where we find two champagne glasses and as the camera pans around we see Lexy and Kat, both with champagne glasses in their hands and both looking very drunk. In each of their spare hands they have their IWC Tag Team Championships and both look exceptionally proud. When they realise that the camera is filming they both smile. Obviously in a pre-planned moment music Kat Kellybegins playing that’s quite obviously a classic rock song by Queen. It’s possibly a karaoke version however as there are no lyrics, and in place of the normal lyrics the Wicked Intent duo start singing happily.

“We’ve paid our dues, week after week,” Lexy sings proudly. “We’ve been criticised, but it’s still mayhem we wreak!”

“And some mistakes, we’ve made a few,” Kat sings, joining in merrily, “we’ve had some assholes spit insults in our face, but we’ve come through!”

Both put their arms around each other and sing together. “And our reign will just go on and on, and on, and on cause WE ARE THE TAG CHAMPIONS, OUR FRIENDS,” both sing as loudly as they can, “AND WE’LL KEEP DEFENDING ‘TIL THE END… WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS…”

“WE BEAT THOSE LOSERS,” Kat states proudly.

“AND I PINNED THE CHAMPION… OF THE WOOOOOOOOOORLD,” Lexy adds before both drunkenly raise their IWC Tag Team Championships and hug.

Kat laughs before continuing the song. “We’ve taken the punches, we’ve captured the falls,” she continues as the music keeps playing, “and you’ve shown us no respect no matter who we’ve beaten, so fuck you all!”

“But we still hold the titles,” Lexy says as both of them raise the belts again, “still got the gold, we consider it a challenge from the whole of IWC and we ain’t gonna looooooose!”

Once again they put their arms around each other happily. “And our reign will just go on and on, and on, and on cause WE ARE THE TAG CHAMPIONS, OUR FRIENDS,” both sing as loudly as they can, “AND WE’LL KEEP DEFENDING ‘TIL THE END… WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS…”

“WE BEAT THOSE LOSERS,” Kat says, unable not to laugh this time.

“AND I PINNED THE CHAMPION…” Lexy adds proudly, nodding at the camera, “OF THE WORLD!”


Both start laughing and hug each other as the music ends. They clink their glasses together and both take drinks before turning to the camera and bowing jokingly. “And yes, we are available for public performances,” Kat tells the camera jokingly, “but I’m not sure you can afford us. We’re the Tag Team Champions bitches, we don’t come cheap!”

“Damn right we don’t,” Lexy says happily. “But, you know, as awesome as we are, as awesome as we are, we do need to take a moment and pause here to pay appreciation to the most important person in the world right now. I mean, really, I just want to take this moment and say thank you to the person I wouldn’t be here without… Kat Kelly!”

Kat acts completely shocked. Whether she is or not is debatable. “Me? You want to thank me?” she asks, shaking her head. “No, I want to thank you! You’re the best, girl! You’re the best damn tag partner in the world.”

“No, you’re the best damn tag partner in the world,” Lexy tells her. “You’re just the best.”

“You’re the best,” Kat replies again. The two of them hug again and behind the camera we hear Nate breathing heavily.

“Ok, this is Nate Chapelgood stuff, this is good stuff,” he tells them both excitedly. “Now, you know what would make this even better?”

“We’re NOT kissing,” Kat tells him, glaring past the camera disapprovingly.

“Goddamn it, you ruin everything,” Nate complains.

Lexy looks at him sympathetically. “Aw babes, don’t worry, I’m dying to celebrate and I’m in such a good mood I’ll even do that thing you like…”

“You will?” Nate asks excitedly before rushing over and shoving the camera into Kat’s hands. She struggles to hold onto it and turns it and we see Nate practically dragging Lexy toward the bedroom in their suite. “Night Kat, see you tomorrow. Lex, babe, you’re the best wife in the world!”

“I really am,” Lexy agrees with a smile.

“And the best partner,” Kat calls out happily.

“I’m just the best,” Lexy says jokingly before she gets dragged into the bedroom and the door shuts behind them. The video fades out there.

The Chapel Show

We cut to the bedroom of Lexy and Nate Chapel at the home they share with Kat Kelly in Thousand Oaks, where we find as normal our hostess sitting on her bed in her underwear and a shirt that reads ‘Stop Undressing Me With Your Eyes – Use Your Teeth’. Beside her on the bed, as normal, is the IWC Tag Team Championship and she takes a look down at it and smiles before looking back toward the camera again. “Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s still here…” she says happily before patting it proudly. “What’s up fLexy Chapeluckers? I’m Lexy Chapel, this is the Chapel Show, and last week Kat and me held down two jobs on the same night. We were part Tag Team Champions, part repo-women, and like all good repo women we walked into a house that we promised we’d repossess and we followed through, and you guys saw it all live! You witnessed your World Champion tell the world that it was ‘her house’ and you saw what happened when she came up against Wicked Intent, am I right? For the second time she gets a shot at becoming IWC Tag Team Champion and for the second time Wicked Intent knock her back, and ladies and gentlemen do you realise what that means? I mean honestly, do you realise what happened last week? No, I’m not talking about me pinning the World Champion again, although I did. I’m talking about… this…”

She picks up the IWC Tag Team Championship and holds it up in front of the camera with a grin on her face. “What you witnessed last week was this championship, this belt right here, becoming the title around here! When Wicked Intent first stepped into IWC and we told the world that we were going to become the IWC Tag Team Champions I honestly don’t think many of you even cared because what did you think? ‘Oh, it’s just the Tag Team titles, who cares about them’, right? Yeah, because before us the Tag division featured such highlights as… one guy getting a tag title shot, then switching teams mid-way through the match and winning it with his opponent. Before us the Tag division featured a whole bunch of singles wrestlers who couldn’t cut it in their respective divisions deciding they wanted to hold some gold and challenging for, and normally winning, the Tag Team Championships. The Tag division was in chaos. The Tag division was disrespected. And then Wicked Intent came along and everything changed,” she says with a smirk on her face before patting the title again. “And now it doesn’t matter the division, in singles or in tag matches it’s Wicked Intent who are making waves, and these belts around our waists have become the most defended in the company and the one that everyone knows they can fight for, but they can’t win.”

“I said a few weeks ago that Wicked Intent were going to take the IWC Tag Team Championships and make them WORLD Tag Team Championships not just by defending them in other countries – anyone could do that – but by making them THE titles around here, and last week when we pinned the IWC World Champion we did exactly that. We became the bitches that you all loved to hate on when we introduced you all to the Superkick Soiree months ago and every time you promise that you’re going to bring the party to the end, but the 2015 IWC Tag Team of the Year haven’t had their party ended. And is it any wonder that after the match was done we wanted to celebrate? Because we have a lot to celebrate right now! We’re the breakout stars of this company, justifying all the work that went into keeping us together when the draft tried to separate us. We’ve gone from overlooked and undervalued to main event level superstars, and we’ve done it as a team! Kat and me are a team, and we stand by each other no matter what, especially when we face controversy, like take this crap that’s come out this week,” she says before shaking her head. “They’ve suspended Kat Kelly this week? Really? You suspended her for sticking up for herself? You suspended her for standing up to your sexist, overly aggressive, idea ruining production staff?”

She shakes her head again, tutting repeatedly as she does so. “Honestly, what were you thinking? Now you’ve gone from a Fatal Four Way match that would be all about Kat Kelly to a Triple Threat match featuring… err… you know what? I don’t even remember who’s in the match, that’s how little it matters without Kat,” she says before shaking her head disapprovingly. “But whatever, am I right? You can suspend her from this week and you’re only hurting yourselves, but she’ll be back for the next show, she’ll be back when Wicked Intent are once again back in the ring, and Wicked Intent will do what we do best when we ‘up the ante’ against the Queen of the Ring and… err… what’s her partner’s name again? You know, the weird one who follows her around and bows and whatever else? Eh, her name is unimportant because the former IWC World Champion you all feared will just get to watch helplessly as Wicked Intent school his rookies, walk in as your Tag Team Champions and walk back out again with our belts on our shoulders, smiles on our faces and champagne glasses once again in our hands having proven ourselves once again the greatest goddamn tag team in IWC, and quite possibly the greatest tag team on the planet! I mean ok, so I don’t know every tag team on the planet but… you know… based on recent evidence would you doubt that we’re the best?”

She smirks at the camera again before shaking her head. “If you would then you’d likely be wrong, but then what’s new there, am I right? You fuckers have doubted us at every turn. You’ve forever told us that we’re not good enough. You’ve forever assumed that we would fail. And we just love to disappoint you all. Honestly, disappointing you is the best damn aphrodisiac imaginable! Every time it makes me want to find my husband and rip his clothes right off. We had fun disappointing you last week, we’ll have fun disappointing you at Upping the Ante, but this week it actually isn’t about Wicked Intent, for a change. I mean ok, it is still about Wicked Intent because like I said, we’re a team and we support each other through thick and through thin, but this week it’s about Lexy Chapel representing the team in what is arguably the… second biggest match of my young career in singles matches,” she says, nodding her head and smiling. “I mean no offence to anyone involved here but it is a little hard to top my first main event against the IWC World Champion, isn’t it? And I’m by no means taking this match lightly. I’m by no means assuming anything going into this. Now I admit that you might think otherwise when I tell you that The Chapel Show is returning from it’s little hiatus last time around this week, but you’ll quickly change your mind back when you see the show!”

“You see here’s the thing about Wicked Intent, and the thing that you all need to remember. We’re good. We’re damn good. We’re two of the best in the company. And we look hawt. But we’re also young, we’re also still training, and as I’ve told you all before we’re also still learning. We’re not the finished articles yet ladies and gentlemen. We’re not as good as we’re going to be. And if we’re this good now, can you imagine how good we could become? Our trainers can. Lucas Knight has always had faith in how good I could be, but Lucas is a busy man, Trinity is a busy woman, and while they’re always willing to give us the benefit of their wisdom and experience in this business they’re not there for the day to day, they’re not there for the training sessions, they’re not there to help us through every moment, but there are others who are,” she says, nodding her head. “And the thing about Kat and me, as much as we like to have fun, is that we’re not those egotistical bitches who think they’re untouchable. Oh no. We know we’ve got weaknesses, and we’re busting our fucking asses week after week to work on those, to turn those weaknesses into strengths, to get better and better, and this week I want to take you a little bit behind the scenes and show you some of that. I want to show you that we’re not all about drunken partying but that most of our lives are about training, working hard and getting better. So that’s what we’re going to do…”

The Chapel Show

We cut from the Chapel couple’s bedroom to what appears to be the inside of some kind of training room. We see the room has various pieces of fitness equipment and weights around the outside and in the middle of the room there’s a wrestling ring set up. It seems to be a full size ring as well. In the ring we see Kat Kelly running the ropes and shaking out her arms as the camera records her and from across the ring we see Nicholas Jaxx, former professional wrestler and Order of Chaos member, along with former tag team partner of Lucas Knight, who claps his hands to get the attention of the camera. “Did I say you could film this?” he asks in his Canadian accent, shaking his head disapprovingly. “Have you finished your reps yet? If you haven’t why are you wasting time? And if you have then maybe we need to talk about you doing some more…”

“No coach, I’m sorry coach,” Lexy says playfully in almost a military-style. “Seriously though dude, I’m just taking a break for a moment. I’m thinking what we should do is film a Nicholas Jaxxdocumentary. Nate’s always trying to get me to do documentaries, but most of his are focused on the idea of me pole dancing or his plan for the ‘Chapel Show Sexumentary’.”

Jaxx smirks. “What the hell is a Sexumentary?”

“I’m not completely sure, but I think it has to do with filming ourselves having sex in different cities that we go to,” Lexy explains before letting out a sigh. “Yeah, I haven’t agreed to it yet. I mean it could be fun, but I’m thinking more that when I pin Katelyn again, next time becoming the IWC World Champion in the process, people are going to want to see my rise to the top and everything, right? And I can make you a star again Nicky!”

The smirk quickly fades from his face as he shakes his head. “Just for that I’m doubling your sit-ups,” he tells her. We hear Kat laughing and Lexy turns the camera back toward her again. Nick looks up at her disapprovingly as well. “You think that was funny?”

“No coach,” Kat shouts in the same militaristic style that Lexy had done earlier.

“You two are pissing about way too much today,” Jaxx tells them both before shaking his head. “Ok, so you got the big win last week, but you know why you got that win, don’t you?”

“Because we’re awesome?” Lexy asks curiously.

“Because Katelyn is really, really lame?” Kat suggests as a possibility.

“Because we’re the best damn tag team in IWC?” Lexy suggests as a third option.

“Ooh, ooh, I like that one, I’m going with that one,” Kat says playfully.

“No, because you were prepared,” Jaxx tells them both. “Think about everything we did last week. You went into that match prepared and ready, and you showed just how much that preparation paid off. But it’s not going to get any easier. You both might want to make jokes about Upping the Ante but you’ve both got to be prepared for that, and Lex, you’ve got an even bigger challenge before that.”

“He has a point,” Kat tells Lexy before letting out a little sigh. “You beating Serenity would be pretty huge. I mean can you even imagine it? You could be a Number One Contendership Tournament semi-finalist!”

“Yeah, I know, but if you’ll recall it was supposed to be you who was in this position,” Lexy reminds her tag team partner. “You were supposed to be the Wicked Intent choice for World Champion. You were supposed to be the Wicked Intent representative in this whole thing. You know the only thing I care about is what we’ve already got…”

“Yeah, I know, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of the opportunity now that they’re practically throwing it at you,” Kat reminds her partner. “And Serenity is going to be tough. You should listen to Nick. You’ll be in the best possible fighting shape for next week, and then we’ll get to throw another party after the show and celebrate all over again… but this time maybe we can do that without Nate suggesting more threesomes.”

“You know he’s never going to stop suggesting that until you agree, right?” Lexy tells her partner with a laugh. “It’s like his wildest dream. That said, next Monday is my birthday and it would make a pretty awesome birthday present to Superkick a bitch in the face and move on to the next round…”

“Oh hell yeah, twenty-second birthday fun,” Kat says excitedly. “We’ll celebrate with cake and champagne and candles in the shape of you owning Serenity.”

“That would make a hell of a good cake,” Lexy agrees before laughing. She then turns the camera back to Jaxx again who’s looking at the two of them curiously. “Aw, don’t worry Nicky, you’re definitely invited to the party. Feel better?”

“Thanks, but that’s actually not what I was thinking about,” he says before laughing. “I was just thinking about the two of you in a threesome…”

“Oh god, not you as well,” Kat groans.

“No, what I meant was… you two aren’t sleeping together? At all? That probably makes you unique in the Triad. But I’m not surprised that your husband wants to get in her pants,” Jaxx says before winking at Kat. “Who wouldn’t, am I right?”

“Well obviously,” Lexy agrees immediately. “And seriously, if I was ever seeking a carpet to munch then Kat would be my first port of call, but I just can’t help the way I was born. I like me the penis.”

“And the men of the world are all grateful for the hope,” Jaxx tells her before looking at his watch, “but last time I checked you had sit-ups to do and Kat has some sparring to do, so would you put the camera away? I don’t know what footage you’re really hoping to get. If you want to film some stuff for a montage we can definitely arrange that for next time, but you’ve got a match to prepare for…”

“Fine, dad,” Lexy groans before walking away from the ring. She sit down with the camera before turning it around on herself and looking into it before moving it away from her and positioning it so that the camera films her lying there. She’s obviously checking out her position in the viewfinder and moves the camera a few times until she’s happy before she lies back down again and begins her crunches. She gets a few into them before stopping as we see a pair of legs standing over her. “You know I appreciate the view babes, but now isn’t exactly the best time for tea ba—”

“Cheers for the offer love but normally a like to meet someone before slippin’ mi nuts in their mouth,” a new voice replies, and clearly not the one that Lexy was expecting.

“Oh, well that’s your loss, you wouldn’t believe how good I’d be at making those balls feel good,” Lexy says flirtingly before we see a hand reach down and help her up. She grabs the Ryan Watsoncamera before getting up and spins it around, pointing it at her unexpected guest and we see former SCW United States Champion Ryan Watson standing there. Lexy sounds somewhat happy to see him. “Wait just a second, I know you. You’re—”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t say it love,” Ryan says playfully. “A know what you’re gonna say but ya just shouldn’t. A mean, you’re gonna say you’re that incredibly sexy god of a man, an’ I am, it’s true, but Nick is rate over there an’ he’ll just get all jealous and a literally just got here, so really it’s best if you just don’t say anythin’.”

“Oh, is that what I was going to say?” Lexy asks with a laugh. “And here I thought I was going to say that you’re Ryan Watson, that guy who ran out on the big stage at Rise to Greatness like a wimp.”

“Oh, a wimp?” Ryan asks defensively. “Ya know that my old man were practically on his deathbed, and you’re fuckin’ callin’ me a wimp?”

“Oh, I, err—” Lexy says hesitantly, obviously a little taken aback by the fact that Ryan responded so aggressively.

Rather than continue the aggression however Ryan just starts laughing. “Am just fuckin’ with ya love,” he tells her with a huge grin. “It really is best that ya don’t mention my good looks too much around the Canuck though. Ya know how jealous they can get.”

“Yeah, but it’s going to be hard. I mean if I wasn’t married I’d be jumping your bones right now,” Lexy tells him before letting out a sigh. “Damn those teenage weddings and this cursed ring…”

“Well just do ya best to resist, eh?” Ryan says with a laugh.

“I think that’s probably for the best. What would your wife say?” Lexy asks. The response she’s expecting isn’t the one she gets though and Ryan lets out more of a huff than a response, which causes Lexy to once again hesitate. “Oh, I said something wrong, didn’t I? What’s the matter champ, want to talk about it?”

“Not particularly love, especially wi’ the camera on,” Ryan says before looking into the camera. “Why are you filmin’ your workout anyway?”

“It’s kind of my thing,” Lexy explains nonchalantly. “I like filming stuff. I put the best bits together, throw them on the Internet, let the fans see a behind the scenes of the life of their future favourite wrestler. You know, I consider it a charity project considering how fucking brutal most of the videos that wrestlers post online are, and then there’s me being funny and naturally gorgeous lighting up their lives…”

“An’ a damn good job ya doin’ of it, a might add,” Ryan tells her with a wink.

Lexy laughs before pausing for a moment. “Ok, dude, as fun as it is to finally meet you in person… what the hell are you doing here?” she asks curiously. “I mean I like being ogled by retired guys as much as the next girl, but…”

“Lucas didn’t tell ya?” Ryan asks curiously. “Hmm, a swear he said he were gonna talk to ya both about it. He asked me to drop by, see what a could do to help you out. Told me all about your match this week. It’s a hell of an opportunity for ya.”

“Why do people keep telling me that like I don’t already know it?” Lexy asks before letting out a sigh. “I know I like fucking around but I also know what a huge opportunity this is for me.”

“‘Cause It really is, love,” Ryan tells her encouragingly. “And ya know what? You weren’t too far off the mark with what you said earlier. I did cut out—”

Lexy cuts him off. “I was joking,” she tells him honestly and a little guiltily. “You know I don’t really believe that, right?”

“Well that’s nice of ya to say love, but ya were right,” he tells her with a nod of his head. “Truth is a could’ve stayed for the match but a didn’t. A had my reasons. Some will agree with them, some won’t, but a could have stayed and a chose not to. My head weren’t in it at that moment, an’ in truth that weren’t the only time in my career either. I’ve been guilty over the years about takin’ it a little easy, about gettin’ overconfident, about not takin’ things as seriously as a could have, an’ a think that’s why Lucas wanted me to talk to ya. He knows just like I do that a know a thing or two about this kinda stuff. An’ ya know what? Maybe a can help you out.”

“So what, you’re going to be my focus coach?” Lexy asks jokingly.

“A was thinkin’ more like I’d just be ya friend, yeah?” he says with a smile. “Although one thing, from one friend to another… the whole ‘filmin’ everything a say’ thing is gonna get real annoyin’.”

“Yeah, I guess, so, you want me to turn the camera off?” Lexy asks, moving the camera a little as though she’s going to before laughing and pointing it back at him again. “Nah, I don’t think so. You should have told me earlier that it annoyed you, I’d have made sure to meet you a long time ago!”

“Thanks love,” Ryan says before letting out a sigh.

“No problem dude, no problem at all,” Lexy says playfully. “So, other than encouraging speeches about how you fucked up and you don’t want me to, you got anything else planned?”

“Well that depends. Let me go talk to Nick for a moment an’ am sure between the two of us we can come up with somethin’ to help you get ready…” Ryan says teasingly before walking across the room. Nick walks over to him and the two guys slap hands and hug and start talking. Meanwhile we hear footsteps next to Lexy and she turns the camera slightly to show Kat standing there staring across the room at Ryan.

“Is that…?” the Englishwoman asks almost in disbelief.

“Yep,” Lexy replies confidently, as though she’s completely unfazed by meeting him.

Based on the sound in Kat’s voice however Kat is clearly more affected. “Damn, I mean I knew he was hanging around a little but… you’re going to introduce me, right?” she asks, clearly something of a Ryan Watson fan based on the excitement in her voice. “What’s he doing here anyway?”

“Dunno,” Lexy replies casually. “I think Lucas sent him to babysit me.”

“Damn,” Kat replies before pausing for a moment. “Pretty awesome babysitter though, right?”

“I’ve had worse,” Lexy says a little happily. “You know we could have fun with him, right? I mean, nobody likes throwing a Superkick quite like Ryan Watson. And sure we’ve already got Alistair, but if he’s still all barfy maybe we could use someone else…”

“You’re thinking evil thoughts, aren’t you?” Kat asks excitedly. “You know I like when you start thinking evil thoughts…”

“What can I say? I’m wicked,” Lexy says teasingly. As both Ryan and Nick look over toward the tag partners however we see Lexy turn the camera slightly toward a mirror and we see both members of Wicked Intent smiling innocently at the two more experienced pros while giggling to each other at whatever it is they have in mind…

The Chapel Show

We cut back to the house in Thousand Oaks, but not to the bedroom, rather to a hallway in the house where we hear voices from behind a closed door. The voices are those of Ryan Watson and Lexy Chapel, and Lexy sounds like she’s groaning and moaning almost erotically. Outside the door the camera, and whoever is holding it, is pacing back and forth a little. As he walks past a mirror we get a glimpse of Nate Chapel holding the camera and we hear more of what’s going on inside the room.

“Oh my god, that feels incredible,” Lexy groans happily. “Ok, I swear to god nobody has EVER made me feel like this before.”

“Oh a know. Kennedy used to love it. A never got any complaints,” Ryan tells her proudly. “You’ve got to really get ya legs into it to get the most out of it though. Can you feel that deep down there?”

“Oh yeah, I can definitely feel that,” Lexy tells him happily. “Oh my god, if we keep doing this you’re going to make me so sore tomorrow!”

"Gotta go nice an' deep love or it's not gonna hit the spot,” Ryan tells her.

“Ok, sure, but do you have to go so fast?” Lexy groans again, letting out an almost euphoric moan in the process. “Oh yeah, wow, that’s intense! You’re making me so sore though.”

“Yeah, ok, now roll over an’ get up on all fours,” Ryan instructs her. “Yeah, that’s it. Now lift your ass up like this. Really push up, ok?”

“Mother fucker,” we hear Nate grumbling from behind the camera as he paces some more.

“That’s it, like a bitch who’s on heat, face down an' arse up,” Ryan instructs again, “that's how that annoyin' song goes, aint it?”

“Oh god, stop, oh god,” Lexy groans again, “it feels like you’re going to rip me in two!”

“That’s because ya so damn tight,” Ryan tells her.

“Ok, that’s it,” Nate mutters angrily before pulling open the door. What we see behind the door is clearly not what Nate was expecting to see. We see Ryan Watson, dressed in a shirt and sweatpants, standing behind a bent over Lexy, who’s dressed in a crop top and matching yoga pants. They’re both bent over a yoga mat and Lexy has her head down and her butt in the air as Ryan is pushing down on her back. Nate hesitates as he opens the door and both of them turn to look at him. “Err… hey.”

“Oh hey babes,” Lexy says happily and innocently as she smiles up at her husband. “Oh my god you should try this babes! Ryan is INCREDIBLE! I swear five minutes with Ryan pounding on you and you’ll feel like a different man!”

“Yeah, I think I’ll pass,” Nate grumbles. “So, how’s everything going in here? You two having fun?”

So much fun,” Lexy tells her husband happily. “Seriously, how did I ever get ready for a match before Ryan? It’s been what, like a week and a half and I swear to god I can’t even IMAGINE you not helping me out anymore!”

“It’s good to feel wanted again,” Ryan tells her with a wink before looking up at Nate. “An’ trust me mate, ya gonna thank me once ya get her in the sack. Am doin’ ya love life a favour.”

“Yeah, err… thanks for that…” Nate grumbles again before Lexy rolls back to a seated position and smiles at her husband. “So, you two almost done? I’m making tea is all, wondered if you both wanted something…”

“Oh definitely. I don’t think I can take any more of Ryan’s bending and stretching. I swear that one time when you were behind me and I was bent over against the wall, it felt so good that I think I may actually be pregnant,” Lexy tells him jokingly. Ryan laughs and Nate kind of chuckles nervously. “Seriously, how the hell did you learn all this stuff, and where have you been my entire life?”

“You’d be surprised what ya can pick up,” Ryan tells her playfully. “That’s not the only thing a’ve learned since a’ve been out either.”

“Oh I bet. You’re just full of surprises, isn’t he babes?” Lexy asks happily. “So, have you thought any more about my offer? I didn’t get to ask you yet.”

“Don’t rush the guy Lex,” Nate says before Ryan can answer. “He’s been out of the business for a while. He probably needs time to think it all over and process it, right bro?”

A smirk flashes up on Lexy’s face at her husband’s immediate interruption and then quickly disappears again. “Oh yeah, I know, I’m not trying to rush him, I just love spending time with him,” Lexy says, reaching out to Ryan who pulls her back to her feet and she seems to purposefully fall into him so he’s forced to catch her and she smiles up at him. “Oh wow. You’ve worked on me so much I’m all unsteady on my feet. God, between the yoga and the epic blowjob I had to give you before to get ready I’m just exhausted!”

“You WHAT?!” Nate asks in disbelief.

Lexy bursts out laughing. “Oh god, I’m fucking with you babes,” she tells him, unable to stop laughing. “Oh wow, you’re SO jealous right now! It’s so cute!”

“What? No I’m not,” Nate protests.

“Aw, it’s ok babes, I think it’s cute,” Lexy tells her husband lovingly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just came up to see if you wanted something to drink, that’s all,” Nate tells them both innocently. “How’s about you two finish up here and I’ll meet you downstairs, yeah?”

Nate leaves as Lexy laughs and says something to Ryan that the camera doesn’t quite pick up. We travel down the stairs again with Nate and into the kitchen, although he’s not so much filming now as just carrying the camera without turning it off. We hear him mumbling as he walks around the kitchen before the door opens and we see Lexy standing in the doorway with a smirk on her face. “Are you ok, babes?” she asks her husband lovingly. “You know that nothing is going on with Ry and me, right? We’re just hanging out. We’re just friends. Lucas wanted him to help me out, get me focused and ready for Monday night, and that’s what he’s been doing. And we’ve been having a lot of fun. If you’re feeling left out—”

“No, I’m not, I’m not,” Nate protests again before letting out a sigh. “It’s just… well, he’s been here a lot in the last week.”

“Well it wasn’t like it was my idea. Lucas is the one who asked him to help,” Lexy reminds her husband before pouting at him innocently. “But he has been helping me. He was right about me getting focused. And thanks to everything Ry and me have been doing I’m ready. I’m ready for this Monday. I’m ready for one of the biggest opportunities I’m ever going to get in my career. And I want Ryan to stick around. But if you’re not ok with that…”

Nate turns to her. We can just about see him in the edge of the frame as he lets out a sigh and shrugs his shoulders. “I’m fine with it,” Nate says before grunting again. “No, really, I’m fine with it. If he’s helping you then that’s great! You’re on a roll babes, I don’t want to see anyone end that, and Ryan might just be the answer to any problems you’ve got. I just want to know why he’s around so much, and what’s with all the private jokes?”

“Well he can’t really help me get ready if he’s not around, right?” Lexy points out before smiling innocently and walking over to her husband slowly. “But I promise you babes while Ry and me might be spending all this time together the only person I’m coming home to is you.”

She kisses him before grabbing the camera and giggling before leaving the kitchen. We see her pointing the camera now as we see her walk from the kitchen and through into the lounge where Ryan is staring at the art work hanging on the walls. He turns around and sees the camera in Lexy’s hand before looking at her disapprovingly. “A should’ve seen this coming,” he says before shaking his head. “You an’ that bloody camera…”
“I told you, it’s my thing,” Lexy says playfully.

“Yeah, yeah, a know. How’s the hubby?” Ryan asks before smiling a little. “He’s not actually jealous, is he? After everythin’ you’ve told me about him…”

“Aw, it’s cute, and besides it’s kind of nice that he cares enough to get jealous,” Lexy says happily. “Speaking of caring enough, however… and sure that’s a terrible segue but bite me… have you given any more thought to my offer? I mean it makes sense. You’re looking to get your foot back in the door again, you’re a veteran, you’ve been doing this a long time in England even before you came over here, you’ve got the experience…”

“Oh yeah love, it makes sense without doubt, but… a don’t know. Don’t ya think you’ve already got enough help?” he asks before raising a curious eyebrow. “A mean you’ve got the Monarchy watchin’ ya back, you’ve got Alistair…”

“Yeah, ok, I’ve got those things, but you said it yourself, you’ve been where I am right now. You’ve got the experience with that, none of them have,” Lexy tells him encouragingly. “And don’t get me wrong, it’s incredible learning from Lucas and Trinity, but they’re so busy with SCW, they’ve got their own things going on, and… well I like Alistair, don’t get me wrong, but he’s got his own thing, he’s got his own plans, and… Look, I’m not asking you to join ‘The Monarchy’, ok? I don’t think I’d have the authority to ask that even if I wanted to. That’s their thing, you know? And Taylor and Orlando, they’re the centrepieces of the Monarchy right now, but Kat and me… we want you to join Wicked Intent!”

Ryan looks at her a little surprised. “Ya want me to do what now?”

“You heard me,” Lexy tells him happily. “We want you to join Wicked Intent. We want you to join the party. We want you to come throw the most wild nights and the greatest Superkicks.”

“Ya want me to join Wicked Intent?” Ryan asks again in disbelief.

“Can you imagine the fun we’ll have?” Lexy asks excitedly. “C’mon dude, you said you wanted to get back in the business, right? Are you seriously going to get a better offer than this? You can help keep me focused, you can help me achieve my potential, and you can get back on the horse at the same time!”

Ryan lets out a sigh. “A did say a wanted to get back into the business,” he says before hesitating. “But… ya want me to join Wicked Intent?”

“We can be the Three Musketeers… if the Three Musketeers really liked Superkicking bitches,” Lexy says proudly. “You can be the veteran jelly in our Wicked Intent sandwich. C’mon, you’re not seriously going to say no, are you?”

Ryan hesitates. “A don’t know,” he asks, looking at the camera. “Why do ya always have to point that bloody thing at me?”

“Because the world wants to know,” Lexy tells him encouragingly. “You could call it an early birthday present to me!”

“A birthday present, eh? Ok, ya want an answer. I’ll give you an answer. My answer is…” Ryan says before snatching the camera out of Lexy’s hand. “Gimme that! Now, how do you turn this bastard thing off?”

He obviously figures it out quickly enough because the scene abruptly ends without Ryan’s answer being revealed as we cut to black momentarily.

The Chapel Show

We cut from that back inside Lexy Chapel’s bedroom where Lexy is sitting on her bed still just as in the beginning with a proud smirk on her face. “Oh yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but… yoga is really, really fun! Oh, and yes, that IS Ryan Watson. Lucas thinks I need to get focused. He wants me ready for this Monday. He doesn’t want me distracted with thoughts of Upping the Ante or Lexy Chapelthoughts of celebrating my birthday when the show is over. And I can tell you that on Monday night I will be looking to celebrate… but not until after I’m done with this match, make no mistake about it,” she says with a smirk spreading across her face. “And anyone who’s watched the Chapel Show in the last few months knows a few things about me for certain. They know, for example, that nothing in this business means more to be than being one half of the greatest tag team going in IWC and nothing means more to me than being one half of the IWC Tag Team Champions. It’s what I get up for every morning. It’s what I hit the gym for. It’s what I train for. It’s what I focus on. It’s what I think about every goddamn day. Nothing means more to me than being one half of the best tag team in the company, and I’ve NEVER asked for anything more. I want to stress that last part because that last part is really important. I’ve NEVER asked for anything more!”

She nods her head. “And I could have,” she says before taking the IWC Tag Team Championship and placing it over her shoulder. “I could have complained endlessly when I got screwed in a match against Andre Jordan. I could have complained about being screwed out of the Evolution Championship in my first and only singles championship match in IWC, and I think I would have been entitled to, don’t you? I mean Andre Jordan needed outside interference to get the advantage over me. Andre Jordan needed to drop me on his title to beat me. Andre Jordan needed to go to extreme lengths in spite of the huge size advantage, the experience advantage and the fact that I went into that match not looking at it as do or die but looking at it as a gift that I never expected. I could have complained after that and whined and bitched until I got a rematch against him but I didn’t, I simply raised this title on my shoulder over my head and told the world that what I cared most about was being one half of the IWC Tag Team Champions. After that Kat and me took on Selena Frost, the then-reigning Queen of the Ring Champion, and Marina Valdivia, the former Queen of the Ring Champion, and guess who pinned the ‘undefeated Queen of the Triad’? I’ll give you a clue. She’s one half of Wicked Intent, it’s her birthday on Monday and she’s got two thumbs!”

Lexy points at herself in an over-exaggerated way with both her thumbs and grins at the camera. “And after that, after pinning the Queen of the Ring, does that not make me a top contender? Does it not make Kat Kelly a top contender? And yet did we whine and bitch and complain about a title shot? Nope. We raised these belts over our heads and told the world that what we cared most about was being the greatest damn IWC Tag Team Champions you’ve ever been privileged enough to watch,” she tells the camera before nodding her head and mouthing the words ‘we did, we did, and you know it’. “And when we were done with Selena, when we were done with that match, who came up against us next? That would be the current reigning IWC Heavyweight Champion of the World, and who beat her in a singles match? That’d be this girl! And who pinned her AGAIN in a tag team match? That’d be this bitch right here! And yet do you see me tweeting about how I should be the World Champion? Do you see me asking every thirty seconds on Twitter ‘where’s my title shot? Where’s my title match? Where’s my title match’? No, you don’t. Do you know what you do see? Videos of Kat and me drinking and celebrating being the greatest mother fucking tag team on the planet! Because THAT is what I care about most in this business, THAT is what I was born to do…”

She pauses for a moment before taking a breath and smirking at the camera. “So, if you’re thinking that I’m going to reverse all of that and I’m going to sit here and demand my opportunity against Katelyn Buehler then ladies and fuckers of the Interwebs you couldn’t be more wrong. But while I may not be doing that, while I may not be demanding a shot at any singles title, make no mistake about it I know EXACTLY what stands ahead of me when IWC once again rocks New York City on Monday night and I know just how important a match one on one with the former World Champion can be for me. I knew it four weeks ago when I qualified for this match. I knew it two weeks ago when I pinned Katelyn in the middle of the ring. And I’ll know it on Monday night when I storm down that ramp looking hot as hell and I blow your minds and blow Serenity right out of the water,” she says before laughing confidently. “And if I didn’t know it before then I’ve got Lucas calling me and reminding me, I’ve got Trinity texting me and telling me to do the team proud, and I’ve even got Ryan Watson coming to motivate me, coming to train me, coming to help me get in the right mind-set and be as prepared as I could possibly be. You see just because you don’t hear me whining and complaining, and just because I’ll tell you how important THIS belt is, doesn’t mean I don’t want this!”

She holds up the IWC Tag Team Championship again, shaking it a little when she says ‘this’ to demonstrate the point. “Like I said in the introduction, Wicked Intent have gone from the overlooked rookies that none of you gave a damn about to the hottest commodities in IWC today, but as meteoric as our rise has been we also know how quickly it could all come crashing down. That’s why I’m not looking past Serenity this Monday. That’s why I’m not assuming a goddamn thing. You see I know what a threat she can be. I know how good she can be on her night. You don’t get to be the World Champion if you’re not talented. You don’t get to rise to the top of the company if you’re not exceptionally good in that ring. And Serenity is good in that ring. She’s got the pedigree. She’s got the brains. She’s even got the teammates. She knows how to play the game with the best of them and she climbed the rankings just like Wicked Intent have done. When she held that title it was the greatest thing she’d ever done. When she held that title it put her on the map and ever since she lost it I know that she’s been lusting after it, she’s been craving it, she’s been thinking about it every moment and thinking about getting back in that ring with Katelyn because who wouldn’t? And Serenity has ever reason to want Katelyn as well, doesn’t she? Because they have… history!”

Lexy laughs and shakes her head. “You know when Nick said that Kat and me may be the only female tandem in the Triad who weren’t licking each other’s crotches he didn’t know how right he was, but it’s not just tag teams! Oh no, Serenity and Katelyn have a long history of boosting each other’s egos and munching each other’s carpets, and then it all went wrong, and there was so much sadness… from them. From the rest of us… now, ok, it may just have been me but really did anyone else give a damn? Seriously, does anyone else give a fuck about their history, or the sad little tweets they send to each other? ‘You sold a piece of yourself to become World Champion. I was right in the end, all you cared about was the belt, not me’, oh boo-hoo,” she says mockingly before rubbing her eyes in an over exaggerated way. She then looks around before reaching out for apparently nothing, checking it over, picking it up and apparently putting it under her chin before beginning to ‘play’ the imaginary thing. “You see, Serenity? Right here, this is the world’s smallest violin playing the world’s saddest song just for your heart-breaking story! But is it really that heart breaking? That’s a question that’s been bugging me. I mean, is it really that sad at all, because didn’t you move on already? I’m sure I heard about you moving on, yet you’re still crying over Twitter to your ex?”

“In the ring you’re dangerous, girl. There’s nobody doubting that. But outside of the ring I feel like you should be dying your hair black and going around like one of the emo kids in South Park. Honestly, is that why you hooked up with the current group? Because woe-is-me, the world is death, I’ll go drink some blood and be an evil little girl, or whatever the fuck those lunatics do. Or did you just REALLY like the no-eyeball thing? That’s pretty cool I’ve got to admit. Do Eve and the other chick have that shit going on? If they do that might be a little scary. Hang on a sec…” she says before walking over to the door. “Hey Kat? Do Eve and that other chick have the whole creepy no-eyeball thing going on?”

“Don’t think so,” we hear Kat calling back.

“What about Serenity and her buddies? Do they have that shit going on?” Lexy calls out.

“I have no fucking idea,” Kat calls back. “Does it matter?”

“Not really. I just thought it looked pretty funky. Plus I was wondering if I kick her in the face hard enough if I could cure it for her on Monday,” Lexy calls back before shrugging her shoulders and sitting back down again. “What can I say? It’s a pretty cool look but meh, it stopped being bad-ass when the nine hundredth person joined in the whole creepy party. And that’s kind of your problem, Serenity. You’ve got this weird geek thing going on, you used to spend a whole bunch of time reading books on your Kindle – other eBook reading devices are available – and yet what are you really but a weird quasi-follower who cries over the fact she got dumped? And I’m supposed to be intimidated by that? Nah, I’m just… I’m just not. I mean I’m TRYING to be. You look at me with no eyes and that would creep me out a little. You gather up your little friends and try to intimidate me and that could be a little spooky – it’s Halloween soon, this is like the PERFECT time of year for you guys, right? Do you all gather around cauldrons and try to cast spells on people? Meh, knowing you you’d only fuck up that anyway and try and cast a spell to get anyone to give a fuck about you, but honestly girl there isn’t enough magic in the world to pull that off – but if you bring your friends to the party then I’ll just warn you that I’ll bring mine and trust me, my friends are way, way cooler than yours.”

“See I’m not here to campaign that I should be the IWC World Heavyweight Champion. I’m not here telling the world that I should be given a shot now-now-now. The fact is that I HAVE what I want most in the world, I’m holding the belt that MEANS the most in this company right now, but yet this Monday on Riot I have an opportunity in front of me that’s too good to turn down. I have an opportunity to cement my name. I have an opportunity to make sure that there isn’t a single fucker left who DOESN’T respect me. And there are still those who don’t respect me. Heh, look who I’m talking to, there’s not a single fucker who DOES respect you so you know where I’m coming from, right? You know how it feels to be overlooked. You know how it feels to be looked down on. You know how it feels to be mocked, to be whispered about, to be told that you’re not good enough, to be told that you’ll never be the TOP dog, and that PISSES you off, am I right? It pisses me off! I pisses me off when I pin the World Champion and nobody seems to notice. It pisses me off when I knock that bitch down from the tag team high horse and she just goes and finds someone new and gets a second shot. But this week I have an opportunity to move another step closer to being the number one contender to the World title, and while I already have ONE title belt I still have another shoulder, you know what I’m saying?” she asks jokingly before looking at her shoulder. “See!”

“This Monday night I have an opportunity to go to New York, to rock New York City, and to bring the Superkick Soiree into town once again. This Monday night I have an opportunity for the Swami of the Superkick, the FUTURE LEGEND herself, to move another step closer to a shot at the prize you ALL wish you could have, and I have the opportunity give myself the greatest birthday present you can give yourself in this business. I have an opportunity to gift wrap respect and recognition, tie it up in a little bow, and hand it to myself on the grand stage of Riot in front of the viewing world. This Monday night I have an opportunity to take another step on the long, long road to recognition and they’re telling me all I’ve got to do to book myself a spot in the elite final four is to kick your teeth down your throat and drop you on your head in the middle of the ring then Serenity, girl, you better hope that that Kindle has on it somewhere an instructional guide entitled ‘An Idiots Guide to Recovering From An Ass-Kicking’ because you’re going to need it,” Lexy tells the camera with confidence. “Like I said to you before, Serenity, you’re good. You wouldn’t have gotten to the top if you weren’t good! But I’m better and this Monday night I’m going to prove it. And who knows, if you’re game planning for Kat Kelly, if you’re game-planning for Alistair Taylor, maybe you’ll want to look over your shoulder because Something Wicked could be coming your way girl. Just sayin’.”

She winks at the camera. “So on Monday night join with me as I celebrate my twenty-second birthday. There will be singing. There will be dancing. And there will be Superkicks. OH HOW THERE WILL BE SUPERKICKS,” she says before laughing happily. “And isn’t that just the best kind of birthday celebration of them all? Plus there’s Lexy Chapel versus Serenity for all your viewing needs, and my chance to pin a former World Champion. There’s just so damn much happening on Monday night, so to make sure you don’t miss any of the action just click that ol’ subscribe button and come back next time for more Chapel Show excitement, more Chapel Show drama, and more Chapel Show singing… maybe. We wouldn’t want to spoil you with the singing. As always I’ve been Lexy Chapel and this has been the Chapel Show. Until next time, fuckers!”

She kisses the IWC Tag Team Championship before holding it up to the camera as we fade out on that image with the video fading to black before the replay button flashes up on the screen.

The Chapel Show

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