Episode: S03E02
Date: 23/01/2016

The video begins and we see what looks like a television or movie set in the background, although quite what set it is isn’t entirely clear due to the focus ensuring that the background is slightly blurry. What is entirely clear however is the man in the foreground, standing larger than life in the middle of the picture with a confident look on his face.

“Hallo der, I ahm Arnold Braunschweiger, the Austrian Death Machine, and you might remember me from such moovees as Cohen the Barbarian, Pre-School Cop and The Exterminator,” the extra special guest star says in his trademark thick Austrian accent. “Today I ahm here to introdooce you ahll to The Chapel Show and to wahrn you to support Wicked Intent, or I’LL BE BAHCK!”

There’s a shriek of excitement from off camera. Arnold looks over to his side as Lexy Chapel rushes on to the shot and wraps her arms around him excitedly, evidently being the one who let out the Arnold Braunschweigershriek. She hugs him for a moment before stepping back and looking up at him in amazement. “Fuck me, you’re huge,” she says before pausing for a moment and thinking about what she said. “Well, don’t actually fuck me. Then again, if you really want to…”

“No, no, no, there will be no fucking,” Nate proclaims from behind the camera.

Lexy shrugs her shoulders and looks back up at Arnold again. “I’ll give you my number anyway, you know, just in case,” she says with a mischievous smirk before looking past the camera, presumably at Nate, and shrugging her shoulders. “What? He’s on my list!”

“Whaht leest?” Arnold asks in confusion.

Lexy blushes a little. “Oh, you know, the list of famous people you’re… err… allowed to… um… you know,” she says before looking over at Nate and smiling innocently, then looking back up at Arnold. “Seriously, I have seen all of your movies. I am such a huge fan. I still can’t believe you agreed to do this.”

“Ov cowerse I would ahgree, I ahm a beeg fahn of Wicked Intent,” he says with a smile. “You ahre both my mohst fahvourite tahg teem, other thahn my brothers in The Dependables. We wahtch you evehry week!”

Lexy stares in disbelief at him and then at Nate, her mouth open ever so slightly. “Holy fuck, he knows who I am,” she says excitedly before hugging him again. “Seriously, dude, I think I am be in love with you right now. And, you know, any time you want to hang out or something…”

Arnold smiles and nods. “I will reemembah,” he promises before smiling at her. She pulls out a card and pen and scribbles something on it and then looks as innocent as she can as she hands it to him. Arnold looks at the card and smiles before putting it in his pocket and kissing Lexy on the cheek. “Now I must be going…”

“Ok, but can you do one last thing for me?” Lexy asks before encouraging Arnold to lean down a little so she can whisper in his ear. He smiles at her and she shrugs again before grinning. “Sorry, but I’ve always wanted to hear you say it…”

“It is nawt a problem,” Arnold insists before nodding. “Now I have to get to tha choppa! Asta la vista, Lexy.”

Lexy shrieks again all excitedly and fans herself with her hand a little as Arnie leaves. She stands there, presumably watching him walk away, before we hear Nate clearing his throat from behind the camera. When that doesn’t get her attention he gets more direct. “Lex?” he asks before speaking considerably louder. “Lexy!”

“Oh, hi,” Lexy says, spinning around to look at him. “Sorry, I was just… err…”

“Oh I know what you were doing,” Nate says in disapproval. “And just so you know, I’m not jealous. I mean sure, he looks good for his age and everything, but I bet age has not been kind to his junk. I bet those balls probably reach down to his knees…”

“I’d be willing to find out…” Lexy says before smiling innocently again. A moment later there’s a roaring sound of a motorcycle starting up and a few moments later we see Arnie driving past on a 1990 Harley Davidson Fat Boy with a leather jacket and sunglasses on, in a moment not too dissimilar to a classic movie moment. Lexy stares in disbelief before turning back to the camera. “There really was a chopper! Seriously, I am actually in love right now…”

Nate mumbles something under his breath that sounds not unlike the fact that he thinks he could take Arnie in a fight as we fade out.

The Chapel Show

We cut from that moment to the bedroom of the Chapels at the home they share with Kat Kelly in Thousand Oaks. On the bed we see Lexy’s IWC Tag Team Championship belt, and sitting front and center, in her underwear and a t-shirt which reads ‘BEHOLD THE PENFISH’ with a drawing of a fish that looks like a pen, and underneath reads ‘MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORDFISH’. In her hands is the IWC Evolution Championship, which she smiles at before looking up into the camera. “What’s up fuckers? I’m Lexy Chapel and this is season three of the Chapel Show, and before we begin… you saw who we met recently, right?” she asks before letting out a little giggle in excitement. “Sorry, but that moment was… too freaking Lexy Chapelcool! And, you know, if you fuckers don’t want to support Wicked Intent apparently he’ll be back, so… you know… keep hating y’all! Keep hating all this gold you see right here, and especially keep hating the fact that I told you so. I told you so when it came to Kat Kelly last week, didn’t I? I mean, I don’t mean to steal her moment or brag or anything but I did say she was leaving with the belt and… well, we all saw what happened. Wicked Intent defied the odds once again. Wicked Intent defied your expectations. And now we have even more gold to celebrate with come this week on Riot.”

“Honestly, it’s lucky we’re not alone, at the rate we’re going we’re going to need more people just to carry all the gold we’re acquiring for us, because… well, if you’ve never held one of the actual championships, rather than those cheap knock-off things that so many of you carry around playing pretend and wishing you could touch the real deal, you’d know that they’re heavy,” she says before smirking. “And I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that I shouldn’t complain because I’ll have one of you taking at least one of the belts from me pretty soon, if not both, am I right? Yeah, but I’ve heard that before. And while I’m absolutely confident that all of you feel the same way, and all of you honestly believe you could walk in and take the belts from me whenever you so wanted – probably even think the only reason you’ve not yet is that the powers that be are holding you back by not giving you a hundred chances already, am I right? You know I am – I want you to know how very, very wrong you are. ‘Mr Entertainment’ didn’t upset me last week, and no matter what combinations people have found to throw at Kat and I the only way that Uprising could get themselves a pair of matching belts was to make up their own, which of course resulted in two new pairs of champions being crowned the first week and people claiming that it proved how ‘competitive’ things are.”

She laughs and shakes her head, putting the Evolution title down on her lap and grabbing the IWC Tag Team Championship before holding it up. “Wrong,” she says, shaking her head while looking at the belt. “All it proved is that the two you had in the original match could only win themselves a pair of belts because they weren’t facing Wicked Intent, and they couldn’t last one night, let alone six fucking months! That’s what we’ve been doing. So, you know, while you guys have your knock-off championships on the secondary brand just remember that the tag team in IWC remain on Riot, remain your tag team champions, and with the roll we’ve been on lately who knows what might happen next. I mean, you guys know it’s just thirty-six days until Last Stand, right? And right now Wicked Intent are your reigning IWC Tag Team Champions, your IWC Evolution Champion, your IWC No-Holds-Barred Champion, and after Last Stand is over and Wicked Intent celebrate one year as a part of IWC officially, we may also be making it a double celebration as who knows, maybe Kat or I will get to officially call ourselves the number one contender to the IWC World Championship as well, right? Obviously you guys are going to tell me I’m wrong, but don’t you get tired of the same old shtick? Don’t you get tired of you saying it won’t happen and us proving you wrong?”

She smirks again before putting down the IWC Tag Team Championship and picking up the Evolution Championship from her lap, placing it over her shoulder with pride before taking in a deep breath and patting the belt a few times. “But, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. You guys know what is going to happen first. I know what’s going to happen first. Let’s not skip over anything. I wouldn’t want you thinking that I’m not taking this Monday night very, very seriously, because I am. You see I’ve heard the whispers,” she says, whispering a little and leaning forward as she says it. “I’ve heard the way you guys talk. I see you looking at me and going quiet the moment I get too close. And I know why that is. You think it’s only a matter of time, don’t you? You think it’s only a matter of matches. You think that the bubble is soon to burst. You think that my run in 2015 was a fluke, and that sooner or later I’m going to be exposed as the jumped up rookie I am, the egotistical bitch who’s success has gone to her head, and you think when that happens you’re going to see me not only lose the IWC Evolution Championship but crumble to the floor as well. You think everything that Wicked Intent have done is going to blow up in our faces. You think that it’s only a matter of time before it all goes wrong… and we lose everything.”

She shakes her head. Wrong,” she says confidently. “You see I know where you’re coming from. I’m not stupid. I know that I’m holding this belt right now for one reason, and it’s not that I was able to go up against someone like Andre Jordan, beat him conclusively and take the belt. I’ll give you credit for that though, you’re right. I faced Andre. He beat me. He had to use the title belt as a weapon and his bitch manager as a distraction to get the job done, yet still hailed himself as the greatest of all time and not as the fraud that he was for being unable to put away a younger and less experienced Lexy, but who am I to complain about that? You guys know I have no problem breaking the rules. It’s not like he’s twice my size—oh wait, he was. It’s not like he had a ton of experience as champion—oh wait, he did. And it’s not like he’s—oh who am I kidding; you guys know where I’m going with this. But you’re right; I didn’t beat Andre to win the belt. I didn’t do that. And I didn’t beat its former holder either. I didn’t beat the man you’ve all randomly gotten behind over recent months, having obviously forgotten that he’s the guy who drugs women, but that was a good thing, because I didn’t want to have to put Scott in an awkward position, I didn’t want to have to put Chris is an awkward position, but it remains true that I didn’t take the belt from the former champion.”

“You know what that means though, don’t you? You think it means that I’m not deserving to have this title over my shoulder. You’re wrong. You think that it means that I’m not proven as champion. And you’re… right. I’m not. I won this title as my final act of 2015. As my first act of 2016 I beat a guy who watched wrestling in the 90’s and thought that repeating what he saw on television would get him called edgy and controversial. It might have been then. It isn’t now! But what I haven’t done is prove myself as Evolution Champion. What I haven’t done is take the person in front of me, who’s coming for this belt, and send them back to the locker room again with a frown on their face and a pain in their face. But, fear not true believers, because all of that is about to change,” she says before winking at the camera. “It changes this week where I beat Mya Denton and I take the first step toward establishing my legacy as the Evolution Champion. Now don’t worry, my primary focus remains where it’s always been, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun, it doesn’t mean I can’t establish a new legacy for myself, and it doesn’t mean that I can’t prove everything I’m capable of, and you guys are about to learn what I’m capable of. But we’ll talk more about that in a moment. In the meantime this week I wanted to give back a little to you, the fans. Enjoy…”

The Chapel Show

We cut from the bedroom to a shot of what seems to be the living room area of the house, and evidently is some time in the recent past. Lexy stands in the living room, dressed in a black top and blue jeans with her hair tied back, alongside her husband, who is wearing a shirt that he’s trying to cover up. Lexy smirks at the camera. “What’s up fuckers? So, we recently celebrated Christmas, and all that good stuff, you know? And we exchanged a lot of gifts with all the people who meant so much to us. But there’s one Nate Chapelset of people we didn’t get gifts from and that’s you, the people. And that’s a pity because, quite honestly, we’ve given you so many gifts over the past two years.”

“We’ve given you the gifts of us,” Nate says proudly. “And really, that’s priceless…”

“It really is,” Lexy says, nodding her head in agreement. “But that’s why today is so special, because today is the day that we present to you guys, for only the second time ever, an interactive experience with you. It’s our gift to you, while we get gifts from you. Really it’s win-win. That’s why today the Chapel Show presents…”

Nate pulls his hands away from his shirt, revealing a custom shirt with the Chapel Show logo transformed to be made up of an envelope in the background, with the new wording reading ‘CHAPEL MAIL’. “That’s right, it’s Chapel Mail,” he says with a huge grin. “And for this very special edition we’re not alone…”

Lexy points to the side as into the picture walks none other than Kat Kelly with a bemused look on her face. “I don’t know how yet but I know I’m going to regret this,” she says as she smiles. “Ok, so you guys have done this before, right?”

Lexy nods her head. “We have indeed. We did this in the early days of the Chapel Show, back when we had a ton of letters from adoring fans the world over,” she says before giggling to herself. “Oh the old days, when people used to adore me. You know, a little bit of me actually kind of misses those days… and then I think back to what their adoration actually got me, which was beaten up, looked down on, kept at the bottom of the pay ladder and taken advantage of by so-called ‘booking geniuses’ who ran companies that could barely fill bingo halls, and I get over it pretty quickly.”

Kat smirks at Lexy’s response. “But yet people still write to you?” she asks curiously. “In fact, having helped you sort out the mail, a lot of people still write to you.”

“Yeah well, I have charisma, I have passion, I have a good sense of humour and a hell of a sexy voice… plus I’m basically the star of my own YouTube show… and I have these,” she says, using her upper arms to push her breasts together. “I think a lot of it is to do with these…”

“And I get to play with those,” Nate says before nodding proudly and staring at his wife’s chest. After a few moments he snaps back out of his trance and looks around. “Err, what were we talking about?”

“Chapel Mail,” Lexy reminds him.

Chapel Mail,” Nate repeats excitedly. “Yes, the second edition of Chapel Mail, and if you missed the last episode this is the time when we read your letters, open your gifts, and answer your questions. And earlier today we sorted out all your mail to us…”

We cut to previously recorded footage of Lexy, Kat and Nate all sorting out packages, letters and boxes into three separate piles. There does seem to be a lot of mail that they’re sorting through and before long we see the mail is sorted into three rather large piles. “Yep, and it took a while as well, because you guys did send us a lot of crap… and I say crap in a somewhat grateful way,” Lexy says over the old footage before we cut back to the normal footage where we see Nate standing next to a curtain. “But now we shall reveal the letters, packages and parcels we’ll be opening today on Chapel Mail!”

Nate pulls back the curtain and, while in the previous footage we saw three equally large piles of unopened correspondence now we see three piles, two of which are considerably smaller and seem to have been opened, and one that Kat Kellyremains the same. Kat looks at the three piles in confusion. “Err, did you guys… open yours already?” she asks uncertainly. “When did you guys open yours?”

“Well, I told you we did this before, right?” Lexy tells her partner. “And, err… the last time we did this I found a lot of stuff that… wasn’t exactly fun to open. So this time Nate and I both decided that we wouldn’t be making that mistake again and we’d pre-open the stuff this time and get rid of the crap nice and early.”

“Oh, so it’s just me who has the crap then?” Kat says, looking at the piles and letting out a sigh. “Oh fuck, I’m definitely going to regret this…”

“Sorry babes,” Lexy says sympathetically. “Anyway, let’s get on with this, shall we? Who wants to start? Shall I? Oh, ok then, and I’ll open this one…”

Lexy grabs a package and tears it open excitedly before looking at it with a bemused smirk. Nate, meanwhile, practically squeals in excitement and snatches it from her. “Holy shit, someone sent us a BB-8?” he asks excitedly before beginning to open it. “Oh man, this thing is so cool. This is what I told you about babe, remember? Someone sent us one!”

“Yeah, I remember,” Lexy says, rolling her eyes and turning to the camera. “Um, thanks… I guess. He really wanted one for Christmas but they were sold out…”

“I did, and I’m fucking playing with this later,” he says happily before pushing it to one side and looking at his small pile of letters and packages, picking up one of the letters that’s already been opened and skimming over it. “Ok, this one is from some guy named Rodney who lives in South Glasgow…”

“Oh, that poor guy…” Lexy says sympathetically before looking to the camera. “I’m sorry Rodney. Being Scottish must be terrible.”

Kat smirks and shakes her head. “What does Rodney want?”

“Well, Rodney wants to tell you both that he’s a massive Wicked Intent fan, and he doesn’t think it’s fair how you two get treated. He thinks it’s a travesty that you’re forced to keep defending the IWC Tag Team Championships against the ‘unworthy gals and fellas’ – he actually wrote gals and fellas – that keep challenging you,” Nate tells them both. “He wants to know, however, who you’d most like to fight for the titles, and what you think the ultimate challenge would be.”

“Well we’ve already fought… basically everyone, right?” Lexy asks Kat.

Kat nods in agreement. “We really have,” she says. “But what I’d like to see is actual tag teams in the tag team division. You know the kind I mean, right? I don’t mean just Katelyn Buehler finding yet another partner to come at us with, I mean actual tag teams fighting as teams, bonding as teams, working as teams and earning their shot as teams.”

“Oh, so you want to see TAG TEAMS?” Lexy says while laughing. “Yeah, that would be kind of cool. I mean they are out there, right? But then we’ve beaten a few of them already. I’d like to see that too, but you want to talk about challenges? Well, we’ve already taken on one challenge already, we’ve already gone to SCW and kicked their tag team champions’ asses, but what about that… other… company? You know the one I mean, right? The one that… well, the one where the employees are now looking for new jobs! They must have had some tag teams. It seems only fair that they be given a chance… to earn a shot at us.”

Kat grins and nods her head. “Hey, who knows what’s in store… it would be nice to show them that we’re not just the best damn tag team in IWC, but in the whole of the Triad and beyond,” Kat says, nodding her head in agreement. “And what kind of champions would we be if we didn’t give people a chance to earn a shot at us?”

“We’d be pretty lousy champions, and we’re anything but lousy champions,” Lexy says with a smirk. “But then that’s not the only challenge I’m looking forward to. I mean I pinned the World Champion twice.”

“No fucking way,” Kat says, feigning shock. “You pinned the World Champion, twice?”

“She pinned the World Champion twice,” Nate says in agreement…

“Twice,” Lexy says again in agreement. “And I figure, even if that doesn’t earn me a shot at the big prize, it at least earns me the right to think about the future challenges, right? So who knows what future challenges I might have…”

“I could pick a few,” Nate says with a nod.

“And speaking of picking…” Lexy says before looking at her partner. “Aren’t you overdue to pick something?”

Kat looks at the large pile of envelopes and packages. “Ok, what am I going to get?” she asks before picking up a letter. She hesitates before opening it and beginning to peek inside before letting out a sigh. “Oh god, someone sent us a picture of their penis…”

Lexy nods. “Yeah, I got a lot of them,” she admits before looking at the envelope. “Is it just the picture, or did they include an envelope and ask for you to return the favour? Because I normally send them back a picture of Nate’s dick. They don’t seem to find it funny, but I do.”

“Having seen Nate’s penis I can see why they wouldn’t find it funny,” Kat says, nodding her head.

“Hey, hey,” Nate says defensively. “In my defence it was cold that morning…”

Kat puts the envelope down and shakes her head, picking up another one and opening it before letting out another sigh. “Oh for gods sake,” she mutters in disapproval, putting the second one with the first one. “There’s got to be something here…”

Kat starts looking through her pile of post as Lexy grabs another one off her pile. She opens it up before looking down the letter and nodding her head. “Ok, this one is from George. He seems nice. Very complimentary! You know, this is how you talk to us. You don’t send us pictures of your dick. You send us nice letters like this,” Lexy says in approval. “But George wants to know if there’s anything we regret in our careers so far, if there’s anything we’d do differently, and if there’s any advice we’d give. Babes, you want to go first?”

“Well, things I regret in my career?” Nate asks before shaking his head. “Well, my career didn’t last long.”

“Two matches,” Lexy reminds him. “Your career lasted two matches…”

“Yeah, and the thing I regret most from those days is falling out of a window,” Nate confirms. “And, what were the other two? Things I’d do differently. Well, I wouldn’t fall out of a window. And… advice I’d give? Don’t fuck around with windows.”

“That’s some good advice,” Lexy says, trying not to smile. “Kat? What about you?”

“I would advise people to shout very loudly before entering rooms which Nate could be in, because he doesn’t like to wear pants,” Kat says before mumbling under her breath as she opens up another letter and quickly discards it again. “What were the other questions? Things I regret? Err… there’s not much. What about you, Lex? You’ve got to have some regrets, you’ve been doing this longer than either of us. What do you regret most?”

“What I regret most is… probably thinking the only way I could have success was to suck up,” she admits before shrugging. “You didn’t know me back then, but basically that’s how I started my career. I, err… I wanted to be successful. I wanted to get ahead. And, while I didn’t lie exactly, I did kind of stretch the truth when it came to people I respected. You know, I grew up watching a lot of wrestling, and it was an honour for me to fight some of the people I got to fight in the early days, but… well, let’s just say I may have kissed a bit of ass to get them to like me. The thing was though all that got me was involved in their battles, it got me fighting their fights for them, and the moment I took my lips off their buttocks they stopped giving a damn about me. So the thing I regret the most is being that person, being naïve and gullible enough to believe that they’d ever like me for being who I was and not just for kissing their asses. And what would I do differently? Well… I guess not much. I mean without them taking advantage of me I wouldn’t have had Lucas getting me this job, and I wouldn’t have Wicked Intent…”

Kat smirks. “Yeah, I guess it does all work out in the end,” she says with a confident nod at her partner. “And they do say everything happens for a reason…”

“Oh, I don’t believe that,” Lexy says, shaking her head. “I don’t think there’s a reason that a whole bunch of mother fuckers are going to meet the soles of our feet this year, other than ‘because we’re us’.”

Kat nods in agreement. She opens the letter in her hand and immediately sighs and discards it. “Goddamn it, these people are sick…”

The Chapel Show

We cut back to the bedroom where Lexy sits, still with the Evolution title on her shoulder. “Ok, so maybe we didn’t answer all of your questions,” she says before shaking her head, “but honestly guys, Kat went through those letters for half an hour and the amount of pictures she found of random guys sending us shots of their dicks, and the ‘presents’ of dildos and condoms ‘that we’re gonna need when you meet us’, were just… eh, we’ve done that before. And besides, nobody ever promised that you’d get responses or you’d see us unbox your crap if you sent it to us. But there are things that I will promise. That one letter I got asking about regrets, things I’d do differently, and advice I’d give… it actually got me thinking quite a bit. Lexy ChapelAnd I do regret that person I used to be, but I didn’t know any better. I honestly thought that that was the way you got ahead in this business. But while I was naïve then I’m not anymore, and there’s something I still believe in now that I believed in then, and that’s paying your dues. I still believe in earning your spot. I still believe in fighting your way up the ladder. I still believe in honouring the traditions of this business. It would be hard to think otherwise given the background I’ve come from, wouldn’t it? And I do still want to make my mother proud of me, no matter how hard it might have been for her to keep her legs closed.”

“You see back when I started my career I was wide eyed and people took advantage of that to make me fight their fights, to make me kiss their ass and get nothing back in return, but in the past year I’ve smartened up. And if you guys want to know the answer to the things I’d change… well, maybe I wouldn’t change much in my past, without risking me never learning those lessons, without risking me never getting to where I am right now, without risking me not being part of Wicked Intent and us having the success we’ve had, and hell I may not have done everything I wanted to do last year, I may not have become the number one contender to the IWC World Championship when I wanted to be, but I wouldn’t change that either because without that I wouldn’t have this,” she says, patting the Evolution title with pride. “But there is something that I’m going to change moving forward, because I’m not that naïve kid I was when the Chapel Show started, I’m not that naïve kid I was when I first opened your letters and saw your dick pics, saw you treating me as a sexual object, saw your requests for nude selfies and home sex tapes and everything else, but I’m also not the naïve fool who approached IWC last year either. I’ve learned. One full year in this company and I’ve learned so much about the way to get things done, and what I need to do.”

“I’m not going to demand a shot at Katelyn. You don’t think I’ve earned that by pinning her? That’s fine. I’m not going to demand a shot at the winner of the next World title match, or at any World Champions, but what I am going to do is I’m going to go out to that ring and I’m going to honour tradition, I’m going to honour this championship on my shoulder, and I’m going to make it so that those whispers I mentioned earlier all go away. I know what you think about me, but I’m going to prove to all of you how wrong you are. I’m going to become the kind of champion in the Evolution division that I’ve been in the Tag Team division. I’m going to take on every challenge, no matter how ridiculous, and overcome it, and I’m going to laugh each and every time one of you says I can’t,” she says before grinning. “And that’s all starting this week with my first Evolution title defence, and it starts with poor little Mya Denton, because I know what you think about her as well. To some of you she’s a hero. To others she’s a joke. Some of you adore her for everything she’s done in this company. Others of you look at her as someone who’ll never get anywhere. But when I look at Mya Denton I only see one thing, and it’s not a hero, it’s not a joke, and it’s not even a revenge filled bitch coming to hurt me because of who my friends are. No, I don’t see any of those things when I see her…”

She pauses and smirks again at the camera. “Do you want to know what I see when I look at Mya? She might see me as a member of the Monarchy and therefore responsible for everything wrong in her life, but that only proves how naïve she is because you guys know I don’t fly the banner for the Monarchy like others do, I fly the banner for Wicked Intent. I don’t intend to promote those guys over in SCW with my every breath, I plan to promote Kat Kelly and Lexy Chapel, I plan to promote the people closest to me, and when Mya comes after me looking for revenge what she’s going to run into is a Lexy Chapel on a mission to beat her into the mat, to knock her down so hard she won’t get back up again for quite some time, to pin her in the middle of the ring and to use her as a message to everyone else who’s whispering, everyone else who’s thinking it’s only a matter of time until they take this title from me, because this title isn’t going anywhere, boys and girls,” she says before grinning happily and patting it again. “When I look at Mya Denton I see the first woman who’s falling in my quest to prove myself as Evolution Champion. When I look at Mya Denton all I want is for someone to warn her that this week Lexy Chapel comes with an Explicit Content warning!”

“Are any of your friends with her on Twitter? I know you are. I see you tweeting her. I see you encouraging her. I see you validating her. I see you cheering her on. That’s cool though, because for once that’s exactly what I want. So, all of you, do something for me right now, ok? Tweet her. Tell her that she’s got a chance this week. Tell her that she’s just hours away from becoming the Evolution Champion. Tell her that she can be the one to beat me, to take this title from me, and tell her how little I deserve it. Go ahead. Do it. Tell her in public all those things you whisper about me behind my back, because I want her to think that she can,” Lexy says with an evil smirk forming on her face. “I want her to think that the entire world is behind her. I want her to think that she’s on the verge of something special. In a way, she is. She’s certainly on the verge of Something Wicked. You get it? Of course you do. You see I want her coming at me this week with everything she’s got inside her, because I want a fight this week. I want a fight that’ll be remembered, and when it’s over I want to be standing in that ring with this title held over my head, and that title held over my head, with my music playing loudly and with every single one of you reacting. I don’t care if you cheer or boo, but you’ll react this Monday night, because what you see happen to Mya will get a reaction!”

“None of you thought I could match up with Katelyn, did you? When she got her tag title shots that was supposed to be it for Wicked Intent. She was supposed to be the one who took our titles away. But that didn’t happen. When I went one on one with her she was supposed to show me what a World Champion can do, and I pinned her in the middle of the ring. Maybe it wasn’t all I wanted, but facts don’t lie. Now you’re all whispering again, and I’m growing bored of it. So right now the whispering stops. If you’ve got something worth saying, how’s about you come say it to my face?” she says proudly before smiling again. “You know, that is if you’re not a little too afraid that you’re going to leave with part of yours broken. When I saw this match this week I didn’t complain. I didn’t cry about it. I didn’t state how unfair it was that I was being forced to defend the Evolution title. I could have. I would have probably had a case, too. But no, I didn’t see it as punishment; I didn’t see it as something negative, I saw it as a chance to be very, very wicked in front of the world and to make those whispers all go away. That’s what’s going to happen. And we’re going to have some fun while it does, aren’t we? Because Wicked Intent do enjoy having fun! We’re the PARTY HOSTS after all. And this week, Mya Denton, you’re on the guest list. Welcome to the Superkick Soiree!”

She laughs before patting the Evolution title, and then reaches over and grabs the IWC Tag Team Championship and places it across her other shoulder, pretending their both really heavy for a moment before just smirking at the camera happily. “You see this sight? Get used to it. Get used to hearing my name. Get used to hearing Kat’s too. Hell, get used to hearing Ryan Watson’s name as well, while you’re at it, because you’ll be hearing that a lot as well. Get ready for a 2016 full of shocks and surprises. Get ready for an invasion from abroad, because we know that there will be people coming and they’ve got invitations drawn up to the Soiree as well. But most of all just get ready to join in the smiling, because we’ll be smiling a lot… and they won’t be smiling very much at all. It’s hard to smile when you’re holding your face in pain. It’s hard to find something to laugh about when Wicked Intent is rising above you each and every week,” she says before nodding her head slowly and meaningfully. “I hear you whispering, and I really don’t mind, because all you do when you tell us we can’t is motivate us to prove you wrong. This week I prove more people wrong. It’s a New Year after all, and it’s time for a new look to the IWC main event, don’t you think? Like, share, subscribe and all that good stuff if you enjoyed the show, because Season 3 is just getting started, and come back next time for more exciting and fun guest stars, more smiles, more laughs, and just as many championships! I’ve been Lexy Chapel and this has been the Chapel Show. Until next time, fuckers!”

She smiles at the camera again, patting the Evolution title with one hand and then the Tag Team Championship with the other before winking at the camera. We fade slowly out on the image of Lexy holding both her belts with pride, and as we do the video ends and cuts to black, with the replay button flashing up on the screen.

The Chapel Show

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