Episode: S03E03
Date: 08/02/2016

The video begins and we see what seems to be the outside of a studio, with large numbers of crates stacked up in various places. The camera slowly pans around the stacks of crates, stopping and slowly lifting to reveal a man doing the splits across two large stacks of them. The scene fades out and we fade back in to reveal the legendary action hero still doing the splits, but now we’re on an even level with him and can look straight into his eyes.

“Yes, I’m Von Doome,” he begins. “Many years I felt lost. I had no direction. I was about to give up on everything. And then I heard of a legend. They told me that there was an Internet show that was changing the world. They told me that there was nothing better than this. At first I did not believe, Jacques Christophe Von Doomebut then I had to investigate for myself. I fought many battles. I overcame many obstacles. I wore very tight pants. But in the end I found it. It was The Chapel Show.”

“Ok, cut,” says a voice from behind the camera that we recognise. Jacques Christophe Von Doome looks irritated that his performance has been cut short. We cut to see Nate Chapel shaking his head on the ground beneath. “Sorry Jacques, but that wasn’t what we agreed you’d say.”

“I liked it,” Lexy says reassuringly from behind him. Lexy is dressed in a pair of jeans and a pink shirt. Nate, meanwhile, is wearing a leather jacket, matching hat and sunglasses and looks like he’s trying entirely too hard to look like Steven Spielberg, clearly taking his role as the director as far as he can. Nate looks at Lexy disapprovingly and she just shrugs. “What? It was pretty epic.”

“We should do it again,” Nate says, shaking his head. “Let’s set it up again and go from the top.”

“No,” Von Doome says, pulling his legs in and dropping down to the ground. “I have done my performance. It was perfect.”

“It was pretty good,” Lexy says in agreement.

“I’ll tell you when we’ve got it perfect, and I don’t think that was perfect,” Nate says, shaking his head again. Von Doome just glares at him, clearly unhappy with his ‘director’. “It needs more—”

“Muscles?” Von Doome asks before ripping off his shirt to reveal his physique.

Yes,” Lexy agrees immediately, just staring at his naked, muscular chest. “I mean no. No, it was perfect. But muscles are good. Hi, I’m Lexy. I don’t think we’ve met.”

“I’m Von Doome,” Jacques Christophe says, taking her by the hand as she smiles playfully. “And you, mademoiselle. You have good taste.”

“Well I’m a big fan,” Lexy tells him, nodding her head. “I’ve seen all your films, even the… great ones! I really wanted to meet you. You know when people get married but sometimes they make a list of other people they’re allowed to—”

Lex,” Nate says, shaking his head as he interrupts her. “I told you, if you wanted to come on the set you had to be calm. Besides, we still have another take to—”

“No, my performance was perfect,” Jacques Christophe tells him again before turning back to Lexy again. “Tell me more about this list.”

“I, um… well it’s got some names and… err… I’m sorry but can you do that kick?” she asks, clearly excited to be hanging out around the legendary star. “I’ve always wanted to do it, and I tried once but—”

“I will teach you,” Jacques says, holding up a hand as Nate once again tries to interrupt him. Jacques steps behind Lexy, running his hands down her body as he gets her in position. “First, you must centre yourself. You must get in position. And then you spread out your legs. You ready yourself. And when you are in position…”

He runs his hands down Lexy’s thighs, positioning her before stepping away from her and taking up the same position himself. “Oh for god’s sake, this is ridiculous,” Nate says, shaking his head and storming toward Von Doome. “Listen, bro, this isn’t some crappy beer commercial, and I’m the director here, and I think—”

Von Doome leaps up, with his eyes completely locked on Lexy, obviously trying to impress her, and performs a spin kick, smacking Nate in the face and sending him flying into a pile of crates. Lexy shrieks and runs over to her husband as Von Doome looks around, unsure what to do, and the last we see of him the camera pans to reveal him running off before turning back to Lexy tending to her unconscious husband.

The Chapel Show

We cut from Lexy trying to revive an unconscious Nate to our normal location, the bedroom of Lexy and Nate Chapel in the house they share with Kat Kelly in Thousand Oaks. Sitting in the middle of the picture, with the IWC Tag Team Championship on one side of her and the IWC Evolution Championship on the other side of her, is Lexy Chapel, dressed in just her underwear and a shirt, which reads ‘There’s No Need To Repeat Yourself, I Ignored You Fine The First Time’. “What’s up fuckers? I’m Lexy Chapel, and this is season three of the Chapel Show,” she says before grinning and picking up the Evolution Championship. “And this, if you didn’t know, is the IWC Evolution Championship. Yeah, that’s right. What? I mean c’mon, you didn’t really think that I’d lose it last week, did you? But I’m not a complete bitch, despite what some of Lexy Chapelyou might think, and I’m all about giving credit where credit is due. As a result I’m going to give Mya Denton plenty of credit right here, right now, because she’s earned that. Last week I went into that match and I knew she’d put up a fight. I knew she’d give everything she had. But just how much she had is worth pointing out. Mya Denton fought the match of her life. She gave everything she had and then a little bit more. And she almost beat me. I heard the way you people reacted as well. You wanted to see me lose, didn’t you?”

She nods her head, while a less than impressed expression spreads across her face. “When I got my face planted on my own title, when Mya thought she’d knocked me out, when the referee slid into position and counted, you all thought that it was done, didn’t you? You thought that it was over. I’d love to say that I waited until the last possible microsecond to get my shoulder up to wind you all up, to tease you all, just to make you think you saw the end coming and then rip it away from you, but I didn’t. In truth there’s only one reason I got my shoulder up after that, and that’s the fact that my entire life has been about this business. It’s in my blood. It pumps through my veins. And when that referee was about to count the three my instincts took over and I got my shoulder off that mat but Mya… she came close,” she says, nodding her head again, showing a serious amount of respect for her former opponent. “And to beat her I needed to do something big. To beat her I needed to go to another level. She went to another level to take the fight to me; I needed to go there as well if I was going to put her away. And last week I did go to another level. Last week I dug deep and showed the world what I can do when I need to. And I’ve told you all a bunch of times that I’m still learning, but last week I learned I have what it takes to go to an extreme…”

She smiles proudly, pausing for a moment before nodding her head happily. “Yeah, c’mon, give it up, you know you were impressed. And I’ve watched the replay over and over and over again, and… have you seen anything that beautiful before? You guys may not appreciate Wicked Intent NOW, you guys may only see the negative, you guys may want to see us fail because we beat your heroes, we kick them in their mouths and we watch them fall, but one day you’re going to look back on the rise of Kat Kelly and Lexy Chapel and you’re going to tell the people around you that you were watching when Lexy Chapel beat Mya Denton, when Lexy Chapel jumped from the middle rope and took Explicit Content to an entirely new level to retain her belt, and proved herself as a singles champion for the first time,” she says before smiling proudly. “You know my dad always used to tell me that winning the belt made you the champion but retaining the belt made you ‘the man’. Well, I guess that means when it comes to the Evolution title I’m now the… woman? When it comes to the IWC Wicked Intent were already the team to beat, and now Lexy Chapel is proving week after week why she’s the woman to beat! And if that sounds egotistical, if that sounds big-headed, if that sounds like I’m bragging and running my mouth then… fuck you, you doubted me and I proved you wrong.”

She holds up the belt again before grinning and placing it down before taking a deep breath. The expression on her face changes quite considerably from a happy one to a far more frustrated one. “But, ladies and gentlemen, the story last week wasn’t just about Lexy Chapel versus Mya Denton, was it? Now I want you to know that I would like nothing more than to stop talking about last week right now, to move on, to tell you what we’ve got in store for you on the Chapel Show, to talk about the upcoming match I have at Riot 43, but I can’t do that, and the reason I can’t do that isn’t because I have a giant ego that means I can’t help but run my mouth endlessly. The reason I can’t do that is because last week, after the bell, I was assaulted. Last week, when the match was done, I was ambushed. Last week, when it was all over with, Katelyn fucking Buehler decided to attack me from behind,” she says, clearly with anger in her eyes. She shakes her head slowly before taking in a deep breath, as though she’s trying to calm herself before she says or does something she’ll regret. “Last week I had the match of the night. Last week I had the match that stole the show on Riot 42, the one the fans should have been talking about on Twitter after the match, but instead of talking about Mya Denton and Lexy Chapel they were talking about that bitch instead.”

“Now we all know that I’m no stranger to controversy, don’t we? We all know that I’m no stranger to occasionally making my presence known. We all know that I’m no stranger to doing what I need to do in order to get attention. And there’s a very good reason for that. Well, actually there are two very good reasons for that. The first one of those is that when I came into this company a year ago I was nobody. When I came into this company a year ago there wasn’t a single person on the roster that gave a damn about me. Sure, a few of them had heard of my parents as ‘those British indie wrestlers from the 80’s’. A few had even heard of my own time on the independent circuit. But there was not ONE of you who gave a damn about me when I walked through the door, and you know it. So I did what I needed to do. I stooped to levels that perhaps you could say my parents wouldn’t be proud of, in order to get my name out there, in order to get the fans to know who was I, and in order to get the kind of opportunities that were going to those with half my charisma and a tenth of my talent. I did what I needed to do. But there’s another reason that’s far simpler than that,” she says before grinning and shrugging her shoulders. I’m a bitch. You know it. I know it. The IWC management knows it. I’m a naughty, no good, conniving bitch. What’s Katelyn’s excuse?”

“Last week your WORLD CHAMPION attacked me from behind. Last week the woman who is supposed to be the LOCKER ROOM LEADER, who is supposed to be a ROLE MODEL, who is supposed to be the GOOD GIRL who the fans are supposed to adore, attacked me FROM BEHIND and in one moment proved that she’s NONE of those things! She’s not a role model. She’s not a leader. Katelyn Buehler is a coward who attacks those who are supposed to be beneath her from behind. That, ladies and gentlemen, is who your World Champion is. I pinned her, twice, and she reacted like this. She can’t handle the fact that I beat her. She can’t handle the fact that I upstaged her. And last week she tried to leave me lying in that ring,” she says, shaking her head slowly. “Now, thankfully, not everyone is a coward like she is. Thankfully not everyone is a bitch like she is. Thankfully there are good people in this world, good people like my good, close, personal friend and my new bodyguard, Reggie. Now I know what you’re thinking, and yes he does have muscles on his muscles… but, err, actually what you were thinking is that it’s clichéd to have a bodyguard, right? It’s done to death. But, as it turns out, it’s also NEEDED to protect me from little bitches like Katelyn Buehler. I want you to know that she’s responsible for this, ok?”

“So, you know, the first person who tells me that Reggie is a thug, that he shouldn’t be there, that he shouldn’t be around me, that he should be banned from ringside, that he should be forced to stay in the back… just remember that he’s NECESSARY because YOUR World Champion forced this to happen. This wasn’t my idea. I was out there minding my own business! But no, Katelyn had to attack me… and now she’s going to have to pay the price. And I want you to know that what I do to her now wasn’t my idea either. I pinned the bitch, twice, and I proved my point. It’s her that’s the problem. It’s her who can’t let it go. It’s her who’s forcing my hand here. And what happens next is entirely on her head,” she says in a very serious, almost menacing tone before the smile that we’re used to reappears. “But, that’s for tonight, that’s for Riot 43, that’s for the future, and I want you to know that I’m not like her. I’m not all about attacks. I’m not all about scheming. In fact, there’s nothing more that I like than to have some fun. You guys know that. That’s what the Chapel Show is all about. And what’s more fun across America than the Super Bowl? So, ladies and gentlemen, strap yourselves in because the Chapel Show is about to present it’s Super Bowl Special, it’s first in a new annual tradition, and long-time fans might see a similarity to the past right here… enjoy.”

The Chapel Show

We cut from the bedroom to the living room of the house. The camera seems to be set up statically, and it’s pointed at Nate and Lexy as they both sit forward in anticipation, and then both throw their hands up in disappointment. “Oh goddamn it, how close can you get?” Nate asks, clearly Nate Chapeldisappointed. C’mon Arsenal, you can do this. Get a third. Finish this mother fucker off.”

Both continue watching and we watch as they both react again before nodding their heads as the sound of the final whistle comes across on the TV. “Not bad, not bad, we’re back to winning ways,” Lexy says happily, nodding her head in approval. “And c’mon, that wasn’t a bad game. We looked good. We’re back to even with those damn dirty Spurs. And we’re just five points off the top again. And, I mean… that’s close enough, right? Because, I mean, it’s Leicester. And… they’re not ACTUALLY going to win the league, are they?”

“No, no, it’s Leicester, man they were bottom of the table most of last season, they… they…” Nate says, looking as uncertain as Lexy does. Both just look worriedly at one another before Nate shakes his head again. “No, they won’t. This is our year. We’ve got this. I mean sure Leicester are the plucky newcomers, the underdogs, but it’s not like underdogs actually win, right?”

“Yeah, I mean it’s not like their Wicked Intent…” Lexy says before looking uncertain again. “Ah fuck, we’re screwed aren’t we?”

No, we’re not,” Nate states more certainly. “Like you said, they’re no Wicked Intent. And we’ve got this. Arsenal are winning the league, I’d bet on it.”

“You’d bet on it?” Lexy asks with amusement. “You know I’m almost willing to take you up on that, but that means betting against Arsenal and I don’t want that.”

“No, no, you don’t want that but… oh shit, yeah, it’s the Super Bowl tonight,” Nate says as a commercial on TV clearly draws his attention. “Damn, we should do something to celebrate it. You know, like we should throw a Super Bowl party or something. We should do something memorable. We should make a Chapel Show Super Bowl Special to celebrate this momentous night. I mean, it IS Super Bowl 50, and what could be more worth celebrating than that?”

Lexy just smirks at her husband. “Babes, do you even know the RULES of American Football?” she asks with a laugh. “A Super Bowl themed Chapel Show isn’t a bad idea though. I mean, it’s all about the marketing, and you’ve got to give the fans what they want, right…”

“Exactly. EXACTLY! That’s why we should do it. I mean its pretty short notice but we could put something special together, right?” he says, nodding his head and seemingly pondering it for a moment. “So, you’re in? Chapel Show Super Bowl Special?”

“Sure, why not?” Lexy asks before shrugging. “But what can we do?”

“I’m SO glad you asked that…” Nate says, his pondering look turning into a devious smile as he walks over to the wall. Lexy looks up at the wall, apparently for the first time, and notices something on it that’s just out of shot of the camera. “You see, and this is just TOTALLY off the top of my head… we should play a game in celebration of it.”

“How long’s that banner been there?” Lexy asks in confusion. Just then Nate reaches up and unhooks it and it falls down, revealing in large letters the words ‘STRIP SUPER BOWL’. Lexy just stares for a moment before sighing. “Ah fuck. I should have seen this coming. How long have you been planning this…?”

“Oh, not long, I just thought of it…” he says, completely unconvincingly, before pulling out a fully printed and bound book with the words ‘STRIP SUPER BOWL RULE BOOK’ on the front. He smiles innocently at his wife. “What? This? Oh, I just happened to have this lying around…”

“I hate you,” Lexy mutters.

“I love you too babe,” Nate tells her with a smile before opening up the book. “And as will become the tradition of the Super Bowl, now it’s time to pick the teams. And you know what? You say I always rig these things against you, so you know what I’m going to do? I heard on television last night that the Panthers have the best offence, that they’ve been the most exciting team to watch all season, so I figure it’s only fair that YOU get the Panthers, right?”

Lexy looks at him suspiciously, clearly not knowing much about the situation. “They’ve got the best offence?” she asks. Nate nods his head, looking at her honestly. “Like, honestly, the best offence? You’re giving me the team who score the most points? And this isn’t a trick or something?”

Nate shakes his head. “No, honestly, it’s true,” he says, pulling something out of the book he hands to her that must be statistics or something as Lexy looks at it and begins to nod her head. “So this is legit? They really are the higher scoring team? And I get them? What’s the catch? You only have to remove half as many clothes as me or something?”

“Would I do something like that to you, babe?” Nate asks lovingly. “No, I’m serious. You want the Panthers or not? Because, you know, I’ll HAPPILY take them, you know how much I love when you’re naked in the first five minutes of these things…”

She shrugs her shoulders. “Ok, sure. But I can’t help but feel like this is a trick,” she says. “You never give me the good teams…”

“What? I’m not allowed to love my wife?” Nate asks her. “I’m not allowed to do something nice for you?”

Kat walks into the room at that point, looks up at the banner, and immediately sighs. “Strip Super Bowl? Oh hell no, I’m NOT playing this,” she says, Kat Kellyshaking her head before looking at Lexy. “Tell me you didn’t agree to this.”

Lexy shrugs. “Normally I wouldn’t, and I know I shouldn’t, but he did take the Broncos…”

“You took the Broncos?” Kat asks before letting out a sigh. “Why am I not surprised you’d go with the best defence and the team everyone struggles to score against?”

Lexy just screws up the piece of paper she’s holding in anger. “Oh son of a bitch,” she screams.

Nate smiles proudly. “Ok, ok, maybe I tricked you,” Nate says with a devious smile. “But I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you a chance to get revenge, how’s that? Because I wanted to do something that makes Strip Super Bowl different to the Strip World Cup! I wanted to do something that makes this game REVOLUTIONARY, that will make sure that every year the world joins the Chapel Show in celebration of the Super Bowl, and in celebration of the biggest sporting event in the world… you know, in the same way that this is a ‘World’ Championship even though it’s just teams from one country. So, how’s about I give you a chance to get payback? We’re going to have a bonus round, and if YOU win this then I’ll not only strip down, I’ll do a dance for the camera.”

Lexy and Kat both laugh. “You’ll do a dance?” Lexy asks. “Ok… I’m listening.”

“Ok, here are the terms. If I can’t accurately predict the final score, I’ll strip naked and dance for the world,” he tells her, nodding his head. “But if I CAN accurately predict the score, you have to agree to the single most beautiful bet in sporting history… we have a deal?”

“The single most beautiful bet in sporting history?” Kat asks with worry. “Oh Lex, I don’t like the sound of this…”

“You have to accurately predict the final score?” Lexy asks suspiciously. “That’s the game?”

“That’s the game,” he says, nodding in agreement. “You in?”

She sighs, looks at Kat, sighs again before nodding her head. “Ok, fine, I’m in. What’s happens if I lose?” she asks. Nate points at the wall behind both women. They both turn around and look up slightly, again out of shot of the camera, and Lexy looks confused. “How many banners did you hang up without me noticing?!”

Nate walks under this banner and clears his throat before looking into the camera. “Ladies and gentlemen around the world, get ready for the most amazing thing since the invention of pizza hot pockets! God those things are delicious. Get ready for the game you’ll ALL be playing with your wives and girlfriends from this year forward. Get ready for…” he says before unveiling the banner. THE SUPER BOWL JOB!”

“The Super Bowl Job?” Lexy asks before hearing herself say it out loud and sighing. “Ah fuck, it’s a blowjob, isn’t it? Hmm, actually that’s not so bad…”

“Not just ANY blowjob, this is the SUPER BOWL JOB,” he says before reaching into the book of rules again and pulling out a form he hands to Lexy. “Read it. Sign it. Agree to it. THIS is the biggest bet in sports…”

Lexy looks over the contract and sighs. “There’s no way you’re predicting the score,” she says before grabbing a pen and signing it before handing it back and snatching the rulebook. “Ok, before we do this I’m reading this thing. There’s no way you’re twisting the rules on me like you always do. And you’re writing the score down and sealing it in an envelope.”

“It’s already done,” Nate says, pulling out the envelope. “This is going to be my greatest victory…”

“No, it won’t. You always win these things by tricking me. This time I’M winning,” Lexy tells her husband competitively. “You’re going DOWN, Chapel!”

“Oh no babe, YOU’RE going down,” Nate tells her before pointing to his crotch and winking at her.

The Chapel Show

We cut to sometime later. The build up to the game can be heard coming from the television as Nate sets the camera up in position. He looks at the camera, and we then cut to another camera positioned in the room that he looks into and nods. “Ok, we’re ready to go,” he says in approval. “Fucking Von Doome, I’ll show him who’s a quality director. This is going to be my greatest moment. Chapel Show fans get ready, you’re going to want to watch this episode over and over…”

“Are you serious with these rules?” Lexy asks from outside the room. “We lose an item of closing PER POINT? Not even per SCORE? You know how the scoring in American Football works, right babes? It’s like six points for a TOUCHDOWN! We could both be naked before half time…”

“Six points for a touchdown?” Nate asks, looking down at the clothes he’s wearing. “Mother fucker, seriously? Ah well, it’s worth it. I’m game if you are, babe. You DO have the best scoring team in the game, and I know how much you love seeing me naked. It’s win-win for you.”

“So, the winner of Strip Super Bowl is the person who’s still got clothes on?” Lexy asks, clearly having read the rules. “It doesn’t actually matter what the final score is, it’s all about the first one who ends up naked?”

“Yep. That’s the rules. That makes it interesting, don’t you think?” Nate asks her. “I mean the final score DOES have meaning. It’s THE SUPER BOWL JOB on the line after all. But in traditional Strip World Cup rules, the person who’s naked first loses.”

“Ok, then I’m ready,” Lexy proclaims. We switch camera angles again and we see Lexy standing in the doorway. She’s obviously changed from earlier in the day, and she actually looks hot already based on the fact that she seems to be wearing MULTIPLE layers. She has at least four shirts on, and those are just the ones that we can see. She reaches up to the controls for the air condition and turns it up high before smiling at her husband. “Let’s do this!”

“Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, that’s not fair,” Nate says, shaking his head. “It doesn’t say in the rules—”

“I read the rulebook babes. You CLEARLY said on the third page that the game commences with whatever the person is wearing at the beginning of play and… well, they’re just about to kick off,” Lexy tells him before grinning at him again. “Best defence? Fuck you, Chapel. I’m winning this thing!”

“Oh, that’s the way it’s going to be? THAT’S the way you’re playing this?” Nate asks before shaking his head. “Ok, I’m setting a maximum clothing items limit for the Strip Euro 2016 tournament… but if THAT’S the way it’s going to be then bring it on babe. You’re going to look SO damn hot on your knees…”

“I’m going to ENJOY watching you dance, bitch,” Lexy tells him playfully before fanning herself with her hand. “Jesus… this better be worth it!”

We see our happy couple sitting down to watch the beginning of the game. We see their reactions to everything that happens as the footage speeds along, until four minutes in when we return to normal timing and we see Nate leap up off the couch in celebration. YEAH! YEAH!! Field goal, baby,” he says happily. “I have no fucking idea what’s going on, but that’s THREE POINTS!! Show me some skin, babe!”

“I’ll show you some feet,” she says, kicking off her shoes. “That’s two…”

“No, it’s one,” Nate tells her smugly.

“Wait, last time—” Lexy begins before Nate shakes his head.

“Yeah, last time YOU were the one that said shoes should count as one, remember?” he reminds her with a smirk. “C’mon, shoes are one… show me something else, you sexy bitch!”

Lexy frowns and removes one of her t-shirts, and then stands up and pulls down the jeans she’s wearing to reveal yoga pants underneath. The expression on Nate’s face changes from smug to annoyed. “Oh no, OH NO, it’s not that easy babes,” Lexy tells him before flicking her jeans at him and breathing a little sigh of relief. “Ok, at least my legs are a little cooler now…”

Nate rubs his arms, despite the fact that he’s wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt. “Yeah, well you’re lucky I don’t turn the damn air-con off, it’s fucking freezing,” he tells her. She smiles at him and he sighs. “I’m changing the rules on that. We’re setting a room temperature limit next time.”

We continue watching as the video speeds up again, slowing down a few moments later for Lexy to slam her hands down on the couch in annoyance. “Oh c’mon Cam Newton, what the fuck are you doing, throw the goddamn ball,” she shouts at the TV as Nate does a little happy dance. Lexy looks disapprovingly at her husband. “I hate you. You know that, right?”

“Ok, you’ve GOT to tell me that when you’re naked and looking up at me with those big, gorgeous eyes,” he says mockingly. “The world is going to see how good you are with your mouth babe!”

“No, the world is going to watch YOU dance,” Lexy tells him confidently.

 Once again we return to the super speed footage, slowing down again as Lexy begins shaking her head and Nate starts cheering. “Yeah, yeah, fucking do it…”

“Get the ball, get the fucking ball,” Lexy screams, covering her eyes as Nate leaps off the couch and throws his hands in the air. “How is this even happening? Seriously, what was that? Does that even count as a touchdown?”

“Six points, six points, six GLORIOUS points,” Nate screams proudly before encouraging Lexy to stand up. “C’mon babe. C’mon, stand up, take a twirl, show the Chapel Show fans what you’ve got under ALL those clothes! That’s six. That’s SIX glorious items, and the conversion will be SEVEN!”

Lexy frowns, clearly not happy, and begins removing her yoga pants to reveal… more yoga pants underneath. She takes off three t-shirts as well, revealing even more underneath, including a crop top and tank top, and, as Nate fist pumps as the conversion clearly goes over, Lexy pulls down her second pair of yoga pants to reveal she’s wearing several pairs of underwear underneath. “That’s seven,” she says, tossing the second pair of yoga pants in a small pile of her clothes on the floor. “This is unbe-fucking-lievable. Cam, you better score. I will find you and I will CUT you if you don’t fucking score…”

Nate just laughs at her and snaps one of the pairs of underwear she’s wearing. “Goddamn, how many pairs do you have on?”

“Enough,” she tells him with a smirk. “Enough to beat you!”

“We’ll see, the Broncos are on a ROLL right now. You’re going to be naked before half time, and you KNOW it,” Nate tells her happily. “You know, once you’re naked, you’re going to have to do forfeits for the extra points…”

She crosses her arms in annoyance and sits back down again as Nate continues grinning. We once again speed up the footage. We see Lexy covering her eyes again at one point, Nate cheering happily at another, and then finally we see Nate beginning to look nervous as Lexy begins shaking and cheering. We slow down just as she throws her hands in the air in celebration. YES!! FINALLY,” she screams happily. “God, you BEAUTIFUL men. You BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL men! Jonathan Stewart, I don’t know if you’ll hear this but YOU are responsible for my husband getting naked. C’mon babes, ‘show me some skin’.”

“Oh, we’re MOCKING now?” Nate asks, shaking his head as though it’s something he would never participate in. He stands up and kicks off his shoes. “That’s one.”

“C’mon babes, five more… six with the conversion,” she says before grinning at him. “Oh, and babes? Once you’re naked, you’re going to have to do forfeits for the extra points.”

“The only one getting naked around here is YOU,” Nate tells her before removing a sock, and then another. “That’s two, that’s three…”

“Whoa, hang on, SHOES count as one but SOCKS count individually?” Lexy asks in disbelief.

“Well, you didn’t think to put on socks… so yeah,” Nate says before smiling. He takes off his long-sleeved t-shirt and throws it on to the pile for four, revealing a vest underneath that he also takes off for five. Now with his chest naked he rubs his arms a little, obviously still feeling the effect of the cold room from the air-conditioning being so high, and then takes off his watch and tosses it onto the pile. “That’s six…”

“Your watch isn’t clothing,” Lexy says disapprovingly.

“Oh, I think it is, so let’s consult the judge,” he says before turning away and then back again, pointing at himself. “Judge, your opinion? It’s clothing, it counts! That’s six… and… shit…”

He slips off his pants and puts them on the pile, leaving him just in his underwear. “Oh, look at those boxer shorts,” Lexy says mockingly. “One more point babes. One more glorious point…”

“I have one word for you, babe. DE-fucking-FENCE,” he tells her before smiling. “My dick is completely safe in the hands of those boys. Wait, that came out wrong…”

Lexy bursts out laughing as we return to watching the Chapels watching the Super Bowl. We slow down again on almost eight minutes of the second quarter as the field goal flies over and Nate fist pumps in happiness. “Yeah, that’s it, that’s the shit right there,” he tells the TV happily. “You boys are getting my wife all naked for me…”

“You guys SUCK,” Lexy tells the TV. “You SUCK!”

“No babe, no, YOU’LL suck,” Nate tells her before winking at her. She hits him before standing up and removing her final top, revealing several bras underneath. She slips off one of the bras and one pair of underwear, leaving considerably more still on, before sitting down again. Nate grins. “Ooh, just look at those clothes…”

We zoom on a little more before we see Nate throwing his hands up again and Lexy once again covering her eyes. “Oh god, a fumble? What is WRONG with you people. How did you even GET to this game?” she asks in disbelief. “C’mon, I need one point. Give me one goddamn point before half time…”

“I’ll tell you what I’ll give you at half time, something to put in your mouth,” Nate tells her playfully. She’s about to hit him again when he stops her. “Whoa, whoa, I’m just saying we should order pizza. What did YOU think I meant? You’ve got a dirty mind babe!”

We continue zooming forward and clearly get to half time. We see the couple laughing and Lexy shaking her head. We see Nate turning down the air conditioning, as sitting there in his underwear he actually looks like he’s shivering at times, and then we see Nate walking around on the phone for a moment as Lexy talks to him. As we return to normal speed we see Nate sitting back down again, looking at the clock. “How long did they say?” Lexy asks. “I’m hungry…”

“I’ll give you all you can eat later, babe, don’t worry,” Nate tells her before grinning happily at her. “God, I love you.”

“…you’re so lucky I love you too, or I’d kill you right now,” Lexy tells him. The duo still seem to be waiting for their pizza to be delivered when we return to normal speed as Nate once again starts celebrating and Lexy once again sighs. “Ok, this is ridiculous now, how can they concede this much? I mean seriously, these guys DO know they’re playing the most important game of their lives, right? They’re CHOKING!”

“Well, if it helps, I’ll make sure you get a good mouth full, but I promise YOU won’t choke,” Nate tells her playfully. She just looks at him and he smirks. “What? I love you, babe. I don’t want you choking…”

“You’re SO considerate…” Lexy tells him sarcastically before letting out another sigh and removing another two pairs of underwear and another bra, still leaving her quite a few left. We continue on as the game continues and Nate ends up grabbing the phone and clearly phones the pizza place to complain about the slow delivery of their order, which shockingly still hasn’t come. We slow down again just as we see Lexy leaning forward, crossing her fingers. “C’mon, please score, please score, please score…”

“Miss, miss, miss, miss, miss…” Nate wills, and then we see Lexy jump up happily as Nate’s head hangs. “Goddamn it. I was sure he’d miss.”

Lexy keeps celebrating and then stops for a moment as she realises she’s done it. “Oh my god. Holy crap. You know what this means? That’s three points; you’ve got ONE item… I WON! I ACTUALLY FREAKING WON,” she proclaims happily, throwing up her hands. “This is… I… wow, I don’t even know what to say. I mean, I DO know to say ‘show me some skin, bitch’, but other than that…”

Nate looks down at his underwear. “You know, now I think about it, I don’t think YouTube will allow me to—”

“Oh no, OH NO, they’re coming off. They’re DEFINITELY coming off,” Lexy tells him. Nate sighs and stands up, hanging his head shamefully as Lexy pulls down his boxers. We don’t quite get to see Nate in all his glory as a large box appears over his most sensitive area to shield it, and ensure that this video doesn’t violate any terms and get our couple in trouble, but Nate clearly no longer seems happy. “Oh babes, your dick never looked so good to me.”

“Yeah, well, it’ll look even better in your mouth sweet’ums,” he tells her before there’s a knock on the door. Without even hesitating Nate walks around and answers the door. “It’s about damn time! I mean god, what took so long? Do you know how long ago we ordered this?”

Lexy pokes her head around the corner and bursts out laughing. We hear Nate slamming the door and returning with the pizza boxes as Lexy continues laughing. “Oh god, that driver’s face…” she says, holding her sides and continuing to laugh. “He is NEVER delivering here again! I can’t believe you answered the door like that.”

“What?” Nate asks before looking down proudly. “Do I look like I have anything to be ashamed of? I may have lost the game, but you’re STILL getting naked, babe.”

We go back to the game and once again we see the super speed footage as we continue on. The couple are eating pizza, laughing, joking, at one point Nate stands up and thrusts his crotch toward the TV, with the black box covering his groin moving back and forth entirely too suggestively as the censorship continues. And then we approach the end of the game and we see Nate celebrate again. “Goddamn it, you couldn’t just let me have this, could you?” Lexy moans before taking off three more bras and three more pairs of underwear for the six points, and then looking at the screen. “…wait, they can go for two?”

“They can go for TWO?” Nate asks excitedly before snapping Lexy’s final pair of underwear against her. “Oh yes… OH YES!! IT’S ON NOW!!”

“No. NO! Just kick it. One point is good. One point is enough. JUST KICK THE STUPID BALL, IT’S CALLED FOOTBALL,” Lexy screams at the TV. “This is not happening…”

“This is it, these are my boys, I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME,” Nate proclaims happily.

“Oh god, he better not get this…” Lexy says with concern. We see she can barely even watch as the ball is snapped and Nate leaps up, the black box again whipping around suggestively to cover his manhood, as he dances in celebration. “I don’t believe it…”


“I… don’t… I…” Lexy says before letting out a long sigh. “This isn’t fair. I won already.”

“Mrs Chapel, you know the rules. You owe me some beautiful, beautiful, nakedness,” he says happily. “C’mon babe. Take them off. This is the moment THEY’VE been waiting for…”

Lexy sighs and continues sitting down, crossing her legs as she pulls down her final pair of underwear and flicks them onto the pile. She keeps her legs crossed though and the position of the camera means while we can see she’s clearly wearing nothing down there, we don’t get a special view. Kat walks in just as Lexy begins to take off her bra and groans as she looks at Nate. “Oh god, you’d think I’d be used to it by now…”

“Kat, babe, just in time. You’re about to see THE crowning moment in the history of the Chapel Show,” Nate tells her happily. “This is it babe. Take it off…”

“Wait, hold on, Kat, can I ask you something?” Lexy asks, encouraging Kat to come closer. Kat leans in and Lexy whispers in her ear. Kat sighs and leans over the back of the couch, cupping her hands over Lexy’s breasts as Lexy undoes the bra and flicks it aside, with Kat proving to be the greatest partner a woman can ask for as she provides a hand bra for Lexy. Nate looks on in disbelief before shaking his head. Lexy shrugs. “What? It’s not in the rules that this is illegal…”

Nate looks as though he’s about to protest, but we see the black box covering his manhood move up a few inches as both girls groan and look away.

The Chapel Show

We cut back to the room sometime later. Lexy is now dressed in a dressing gown. She’s tidying up the now empty pizza boxes as we see Nate skip into the room, still with only the black box covering him. Lexy just turns and laughs. “Still didn’t get dressed, huh?” she asks before laughing. Nate walks over to the camera and picks it up, now hiding himself officially behind the camera. He films Lexy as she continues tidying up before she turns to look at him. “What? I’m not taking it off again. You’ve had your fun. And I still won…”

“Yes, yes you did, and I applaud you, Mrs Chapel. You won the game, and you even managed to keep the world from seeing those beautiful melons of yours,” he says before laughing. “But there’s ONE thing you’re forgetting…”

“There is?” Lexy asks uncertain before looking where we can assume Nate is pointing, although with the way the camera moves it’s debatable whether he points with his free hand or another useful appendage. Lexy looks over at the large ‘SUPER BOWL JOB’ banner and sighs. “Oh, you still want to do that? It’s fine babes; I wasn’t ACTUALLY going to make you dance for the world. Besides, I’m pretty sure we’d get kicked off of YouTube if we actually put that up…”

“Well, here’s the thing. I was thinking about the score, and about the fact that I WAS very generous in letting you get away with that stunt at the end. And it wasn’t like Kat agreed to provide me with any coverage, even though I asked her REALLY nicely…” Nate tells her. Lexy just laughs again. “So, I was thinking, in exchange for that act of generosity, you should give me one of your own. You should give me 5 points either way on the final score.”

FIVE points?” Lexy asks before laughing and shaking her head. “Oh hell no. You lost babes, fair and square…”

“Ok, how’s about three points?” Nate asks.

“No,” Lexy tells him, shaking her head. “Seriously, drop it, ok? It was a funny idea, but we both knew you couldn’t ACTUALLY predict the score, and I’m not letting you change the rules this time. I won. The Super Blow Job will have to wait for another year…”

“That’s Super BOWL Job, and I’m filing for copyright tomorrow,” Nate corrects her. “But c’mon, TWO points either way. You’ll give me that, won’t you babe?”

Lexy looks at the envelope, which is still resting where it has been the entire evening, sitting on the mantle underneath the banner. Lexy looks at it and then shakes her head. “No, no points, no cheating, and you know what… maybe I’ve changed my mind. Maybe I DO want to see you dance…”

Nate suddenly sounds worried. “Wait, you do?” he asks with concern. “Nah, you wouldn’t do that…”

“Wouldn’t I?” Lexy asks, walking over to the envelope and picking it up. “You know, in this envelope is a lot of power, babes. And we don’t need to post the video on YOUTUBE; I mean there are other video sharing websites. We have our OWN site we could post it on. Maybe I DO want to see you dance…”

“No, you don’t,” Nate says certainly. “Don’t be crazy, babe. Would you want to humiliate me like that?”

“You tried to get me naked AND wanted to film me giving you a blowjob,” Lexy reminds him, running the envelope through her fingers. “You know what? I kind of think I DO.”

“No, you don’t,” Nate tells her again. “Babe, don’t be silly, ok? You don’t want to do this… Don’t open that envelope. We signed a contract! If you open it…”

“Yeah, I know, and if I open it…” she says happily before ripping it open and removing the piece of paper inside, taking one look at it and then just glaring at the camera in disbelief. “No. Fucking. Way.”

Nate clears his throat, his voice going from desperation to extreme pride. “Well, what have we here…” he says proudly. “Like you said, we DID sign a contract…”

“There is no way. You switched the envelopes. I know you did. There is NO FUCKING WAY you predicted 24-10 Broncos…” Lexy tells him, slamming the now opened note from inside the envelope down. Nate zooms in on it to confirm it DOES in fact say 24-10 Broncos on it. Lexy glares at the camera as Nate zooms in on her. “You cheated.”

“Prove it,” Nate says proudly.

“You… I… mother fucker…” Lexy exclaims in disbelief before letting out a sigh.

Nate laughs evilly. “You should know by now babes, when you’re betting with the best, I ALWAYS win,” he tells her before continuing to laugh. “And you know what this means?”

Lexy sighs. “I know what this means…”

“Your winner, AND SUPER BOWL JOB CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOOOOORLD…” Nate proclaims himself with pride before Lexy just sighs. “C’mon babe, let’s do this.”

“I don’t believe this,” Lexy says, holding her head in disbelief before letting out a long sigh. “Seriously I… you cheated, didn’t you? Just admit it. You cheated.”

“You were betting against the house babe,” Nate tells her confidently. “And the house always wins! God you’re beautiful. You look even more beautiful on your knees…”

Lexy holds her head some more before sighing and looking around. “You want to do it right now, don’t you?”

“Unless you want to see if Kat is still up so she can watch,” Nate says playfully. The look on Lexy’s face answers that for him. “Ok then, maybe not, but yeah… let’s do this thing. I mean I’m naked, you’re gorgeous, and I have a camera and your mouth is just so sexy…”

Lexy slowly begins to get down on her knees. Nate films her, zooming in and running the camera up and down her body. We can’t see anything exposed because of the dressing gown, but he enjoys himself nonetheless, before focusing on her face and her mouth. “I can’t believe this is happening. I hate American Football.”

“Weird, it’s just becoming my new favourite sport,” Nate says happily. “Now, tell me what you want…”

“I want to kill you,” Lexy tells him before sighing and rolling her eyes. “I want to give you your prize.”

“Tell me I won,” Nate says teasingly.

“You won,” Lexy says, clearly embarrassed.

“Tell me I’m the Super Bowl Job Champion,” he says playfully.

“You’re the Super Bowl Job Champion,” Lexy tells him.

“And now tell me what you want,” he says joyfully.

“I want to suck your—”

But before Lexy can finish the picture freezes. We see Lexy still kneeling, looking up at the camera, as we see a fully clothed Nate, in a Chapel Show t-shirt, walking into the frame from the left. “Hello Chapel Show Fans. I’m Nate Chapel, the creator of the Strip Super Bowl, winner of the 2012 Strip World Cup, and victor of the first ever Super Bowl Job. But, fans, this video is just TOO GOOD for normal airing. I’m sorry, but if you want to see what happens next, you’ve got to do something for us…” he says, nodding his head. We see a fully clothed Lexy, shaking her head, walk in from the other side. “Tell them what to do, babe.”

“Hi boys,” Lexy says, a little teasingly. “Do you want to see how good I REALLY am with my mouth? Then we’ve got a competition for you. And to win this competition, all you’ve got to do is… like our video. I mean, you DID like our video, right?”

“You’ve got two weeks,” Nate tells the camera. “If we get enough likes before the next episode, then the Chapel Show will proudly present the full, beautiful and uncut video of what happens next. You DO want to see what happens next, don’t you?”

“I think they do,” Lexy says before looking into the camera and licking her lips teasingly. “So c’mon boys, show us those likes…”

“It’s down to you, Chapel Show Fans,” Nate says with a wink. “Don’t let us down.”

The Chapel Show

And with that we cut back to the bedroom and back to Lexy sitting on the bed again with a huge smirk on her face. “Ok, so, what did you think, guys? Were you impressed by the first ever Chapel Show Super Bowl Special? DO you want to see what happens next? Because sure, it’s embarrassing, and I fucking hate to lose, but let’s be honest with one another for a moment, this is all about marketing, isn’t it? It’s all about attention. It’s all about getting your name out there. And Chapel Show fans, you’re going to NEED to get our name out there if you want to see this video. It’s not a joke. This is guaranteed. If we hit the number of likes we want, then YOU see the video. I’m willing to swallow my pride, and swallow… other things as well… if you’ll do your part,” she says before laughing and winking at the camera. “You see a few weeks ago I faced a guy who thought he understood controversy. But I’m not giving you controversy. I’m giving Lexy Chapelyou what you want. But I want something in return. And that’s what I’m all about. You want action. I give you action. You want to see moves you’ve never seen before; I’ll show you that. Ask Mya. The fact is that while Katelyn Buehler’s desperate to get MY attention by attacking me from behind, I don’t give a damn about HER attention. I want something far, far more than that. I want that spotlight…”

“Think about it for a moment. Look at what happened to Uprising. They started out as the B-show, but they didn’t WANT to be the B-show, and look at them now. They’re branching out. They’re trying to make a stand. They’re trying to form something of their own. They’ll ALWAYS be second place to Riot, we all know that, but they’re trying their damnedest nonetheless. And while Uprising is breaking out on it’s own, so is Lexy Chapel. They don’t want to be in the shadows, and neither do I. I want to branch out. I want to step up. I’m not happy being in ANYONE’S shadow. And this week, I’m going to show you exactly what that means, because this week you’ll be watching me and every time I lick my lips I know what you’ll be thinking about,” she says, licking her lips slowly and teasingly before winking at the camera again, “but while you’re thinking about what might go in MY mouth, I’m going to be putting my foot in the mouth of Andre Jordan. Because this has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? This has been a LONG time in the making. Andre, I’ve been waiting for months for this opportunity because I haven’t forgotten what you did to me. I’ll give you credit, you got the job done the last time we fought, and you and I have been on a parallel path ever since. But this week those paths clash, and your head meets my foot, and then you get exposed to Explicit Content!”

She laughs to herself and shrugs her shoulders. “You know what? Explicit Content is kind of what this week is all about. Last week you saw the most spectacular finisher I’ve ever pulled off on Mya Denton, now you’re dreaming about all the explicit you can handle, and yet on Riot you’re going to get even more explicit fun,” she says before grinning proudly. “But, for those of you who are late to the party, for those of you who don’t know the history, for those of you who DON’T know the story, let’s talk about Lexy Chapel and Andre Jordan, shall we? Let’s go all the way back to when Andre Jordan called himself the Evolution Champion, when Andre Jordan thought he was THE MAN, and he came up against a little upstart with his title on the line. Now we all know the end result. Lexy Chapel loses. Andre wins. But it wasn’t that simple. Andre Jordan, BIG, STRONG, TOUGH Andre Jordan, a man twice my size, a man ten times more powerful than me, a physical specimen of the highest order, took on a LITTLE GIRL new to the company in her first EVER shot at a major singles championship, and did he show class? Did he show talent? Did he show why he’s THE MAN? No. Andre showed why he’s good, he’s talented, he’s got all the tools… but deep down under it all he’s not the man, he’s just a pathetic little BOY who needs his babysitter to help him.”

“Is that what she is, Andre? Does she hold your hand when you cross the road? Does she pat you on the head when you do a good job? Does she give you a lollypop if you don’t complain when the big doctors look at you after the match? I don’t know, but I do know that I NEEDED the doctors to look at me after our match, because NOT ONLY did you need that second-rate Alicia Silverstone knock-off to distract me, big boy, but you also needed this,” she says, picking up the Evolution Championship to emphasis her point. “You needed THIS Andre. You needed to drop me on this belt. You couldn’t get the job done against a little girl newcomer to the company in her FIRST major singles championship match, and despite all your celebrating after the bell the fact was that you needed every trick in the book to beat me, and quite frankly I find that sad. I find it sad that someone like you, who thinks so much of himself, needed to get so desperate. But I didn’t come after you. I thought about it. I thought about kicking your head off. I thought about humiliating you. But… well, there was so much to do, and do you have any idea how in demand Wicked Intent have been? So I moved on. I set my sights on bigger fish. But I never forgot. And then came the Number One Contendership Tournament, and your name came back into my world again…”

“You did good, big boy,” she tells him before winking at the camera. “You did real good. You overcame one of the favourites. You reached the semi-finals. And you approached the pay per view in the same way I did. You started to dream, didn’t you Andre? You let yourself imagine what it MIGHT be like if you went all the way, what it MIGHT be like to win the whole thing, what it might be like to make it to the final, to win the whole thing, to go on and face that bitch Katelyn, and I know you thought that because I thought the same thing. It was so close for both of us… and in the end, neither of us could get it done. In the end neither of us could deliver when it mattered. In the end neither of us could take that final step. We both fell in the semi-finals. The eventual winner knocked you out, the runner up knocked me out, and we both drifted back away again while everyone talked about them. How did that feel, Andre? Did it get under your skin? Did it upset you to have everyone talk about Marina as a future World Champion, and you as… just that other guy who was also there? I mean shit, you were the only one in the final four with a Y-chromosome, and you couldn’t get it done? Damn, that’s got to hurt in the old man-stakes, right? How embarrassing must that be? Did you see the looks in the eyes of all those guys in the crowd who couldn’t even look at you after?”

“You’re meant to be the man Andre, but YET AGAIN you proved you’re just a little boy. That had to hurt! That had to have you questioning so much. And when are you going to get another chance like that, my man? When are you going to get another opportunity THAT big? I know, I know, you’re not used to handling BIG things, we’ve all seen the posts on Twitter with the ladies assuring you that size doesn’t matter, but c’mon, we both know that that moment was HUGE for you! So where do you go from there, huh? Oh, I think I know…” she says, looking at the Evolution title and smiling. “Yeah, I think I know, Andre. I think I know what you’re thinking about. I think I know what you want. And I think I know how you think you’ll get it. You beat the Evolution Champion; you earn another shot, right? And after you lost the belt before let’s be honest, you’ve felt the weight missing from your luggage, haven’t you? But here’s the moment you can turn that around. You can beat the Evolution Champion. You can get back on the horse. You can move back toward the big time. It’s got to be an exciting week for you, Andre. But it’s an exciting week for me, too. Because I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen on Riot, and it won’t be Andre rising to the occasion. Nope. Sorry. It’ll be Andre flopping back to the mat again, because this week I’m getting my payback.”

“Now this is NOT the part where I tell you that I’ll do it honourably and strongly and I’ll show you how good I am and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, because c’mon Andre, we both know when YOU had the chance to do the same you HAPPILY took the cheapest possible route to success. So do you know what that means, big boy? It means this week I don’t even need to PRETEND I’m going to play nice. I guess you could say this week what’s good for the gander is good for the goose, right? And believe me, this goose is going to do everything she has to do this week. Because I know going into this match what I’m up against. I do. I’ve seen what you can do, Andre, and it’s impressive. You’ve got the size. You’ve got the look. And you made it all the way to the semi-finals, and as a semi-finalist myself I know how hard that is, I know what it took, and I’m not going to disrespect that accomplishment at all. I may mock you, but we both know that you got there on merit. You got there the hard way. You got there by knocking out one of the biggest names in the whole thing, right? So you’re good, Andre…” she says before looking at the Evolution title again and putting it over her shoulder. “…but this week I show you I’m better! We fought before and I was learning the ropes, I was getting used to the company, I was still a glorified nobody, but now? Well, this week you’ll find out how far I’ve come.”

“Hell, this week you’ll ALL find out how far I’ve come. This week you’ll find out how much fun we can have, as well. Because I meant what I said! Uprising is branching out, Uprising is stepping out of the shadows, and show is Lexy Chapel. This week is going to be an adventure, boys and girls. This week I have unfinished business to take care of OUTSIDE of the ring and I have unfinished business to take care of INSIDE the ring, and I’m intending to come to Riot and take care of BOTH! Now you can think I’ll fall, I’m fine with that. You can think I’ll tumble and get walked straight over, and I’m good with that. You keep thinking that. You keep thinking I’m not good enough. You keep telling yourself that this week is about Andre Jordan earning respect, about Andre Jordan showing how good he is, or about Katelyn Buehler showing why she’s the ‘World’ Champion, but come Riot you’re in for a rude awakening, and come Riot you’re going to learn exactly Lexy Chapel is the FUTURE LEGEND,” she says before grinning and slapping the Evolution title. “So you know what time it is now, right? It’s time for us to go. It’s time for another exciting week of Chapel Show Goodness to end. But don’t forget, like the video, tell your friends to like the video, tell the world to like the video, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get what you all want. Maybe you’ll see what a good girl I can be when I’m on my knees… and come Riot you’ll find out how dangerous I can be on my feet! I’ve been Lexy Chapel. This has been the Chapel Show. Until next time, fuckers!”

She winks at the camera before licking her lips again teasingly as we fade out on that image and the video comes to an end with the Chapel Show logo being the last image seen before the replay button flashes up on the screen.

The Chapel Show

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